War Thunder Superior Soviet Firepower! Soviet 85mm Guns!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks watching!


  1. first

  2. please kv2

  3. second

  4. Hi baron

  5. Early af

  6. the premium m8a1

  7. coll my name on war thunder is a gamerica

  8. first

  9. 360p what?

  10. odin sekkingstad håbrekke

    play the soviet doom turtle

  11. I was so close to being first :(

  12. only 360p ???

  13. Play Panzer IV H or J

  14. Nova Brent (Nova4Games)

    Is-2 without the machine gun though

  15. Nova Brent (Nova4Games)

    Is-2 without the machine gun though

  16. M4A3E2 JUMBO

  17. Play the Chaffee!

  18. Baron have you got any Info of the british tanks? pls awnser in a next vid
    bacause i woulnd be Able to find my comment

  19. Doom turtle it shall be

  20. Kv 85 has to be my favourite tank right now 

  21. +BaronVonGamez well at last u can make proper video not blsh1t with
    fagdaily ..

  22. All t34 line up!!!

  23. Do the Maus!!!!!!!! :D

  24. Попробуй M4A2 (76) W (премиум танк)

  25. how about you play something you haven’t played before? :D

  26. M42 Duster, ‘Merican Pew Pew :D

  27. Just got the kv-85 show me what it’s capable of Baron.

  28. panzer h1

  29. The Derpy StuH 42 G!

  30. Joshua Willingham

    can you make sure that when you post the videos can they be in HD not 480p

  31. Matchmaking was fair?!? Wow, that’s uncommon.

  32. The Power Maus in ze Haus!

  33. T95 you buttlicker :P

  34. Panzer 3 ausführung f please

  35. You should do a series with combo of tanks/planes that have similarities
    such as the pz4 and hs129b3 75mm gun combo or double hellcat

  36. would love to see some is8

  37. M4 105 you titty fish! I’ve been asking for it for, literally, some time.
    Don’t let me down.

  38. Rockets will be a mix feeling in game, in 1 side they are fun, they are a
    lot and they are powerfull, by other hand they are anoying and balancing
    them may proof to be chalange

  39. did anyone else scream at the end when he aimed for the slope on the kv-85?

  40. hetzer. make it hetz

  41. T95 Baron!!

  42. You sold it at bikini model. I’m watching now!

  43. Of course when Barron plays the is1, he never gets into an up tierd/Br
    match. Lol any other joe has to use an is1 vs tiger 2 h.. Lol

  44. Baron you got a lot of view on the videos but less like on it.. Maybe next
    time tell the others to dont forget to leave a like.

  45. powerhausgamig is great, but its hard to understand everybody

  46. Love these tanks and it’s guns. Amazing.

    Play some America, I join the jumbo guys.

  47. whats your name on ps4 plx

  48. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    is3 n is4 plz

  49. The kv 1!! or gulag!!!!

  50. M41 walker bulldog please, btw baron you are the best xD :D

  51. will war thunder ever come to consoles like WOT did?

  52. Whats your current graphics card?

  53. panzer iv j i never see that tank on teh battlefield

  54. Hetzer. Or su122-54

  55. Plz t95 plz

  56. 14:25 tank wash-o-matic ?

  57. Stop playing AB , Start playing RB

  58. The STRONKEST tank of all time, the one hit wonder, the KV-2!

  59. I suck at tank play. :(

  60. i hate Russians

  61. use the m4a3 76 fury

  62. M4A3(105) Sherman plz

  63. tiger 2 (p) i wenna see dat

  64. panther II

  65. panther II

  66. Is-4 m

  67. does anyone know when they are going to add another tank tree to this game
    or at least advanced through the cold war to maybe like the 60s

  68. pros and cons of world of tanks and war thunder tank plays?

  69. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    coelian forma fue sin that doble 37 is awesome

  70. MuffinToast1 -Gaming and more!

    Josef Stallone – Juan
    Is the best truck ever with its machine gun

  71. play the Tiger 2

  72. Baron friend me on ps4 when u want to play warthunder user name is gamer11r

  73. Russian tanks are so OP

  74. Su-122-54

  75. Please play the panzer 4 H !

  76. More Gulag?

  77. Bust out the ninja again!

  78. play the pershing

  79. ‫אייל ח'רבאוי‬‎

    king tiger

  80. That epic escape!! You crawled out of your grave and was killing them for
    putting you there!

  81. KV-1. Baby-derp is hungry Baron.

  82. Maybe panzer 2

  83. PLAY T34 1942 or i will do nothing

  84. Shadowland Studio

    M22! Peas!

  85. Aufklarungspanzer 38(t), tier I puma

  86. play the m36 please

  87. War thunder is on ps4 and pc

  88. Do again the mouse or the t35

  89. T-34-85E and T-34-100

  90. I’d like for the Flakpanzer I to be featured, if it hasn’t already.

  91. Play the tiger II (p) or (h)

  92. Jagdpanzer IV plz, not one gives it love.

  93. How does he one shot everyone?

  94. PANZER G

  95. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    SU100Y squad
    that thing is hilarious

  96. CompanionProduction

    katuysha missile truck/ BM13 XD I wish!

  97. the gun on kv1 cant kill anything. anytime i see a enemy one i just laugh
    let him hit me than pause for few seconds than booom

  98. Stalin never dies

  99. Tiger II (P)ness!!!!!

  100. russian tanks op

  101. Is-3

  102. Is-3

  103. Dragon Gaming (EnchantedChrome)

    Baron, can you drive the Panzerbefehlswagen IV? Tier 3 Medium beast?

  104. Play “M15 CGMC”

  105. What about the kv85

  106. SU100Y derp gun Plz

  107. It’s painful to watch you play sometimes. It’s how you shut your own dick
    in the door. All the tanks to your right that you shot rockets at, but you
    turned left.

  108. M4A3E8

  109. t-35 for the glory of stalin’s traverse speed and multi turret tactics!

  110. pls T32!!

  111. Panther Series! And Show, what “advantage” the different versions have!
    Greetings from Germany,

  112. t32

  113. omg that first match was ridiculous the other team was so ridiculously bad
    its no wonder they got annihilated

  114. Panter ^^

  115. Play the m18 for murica

  116. Generic_Potato Gaming

    Play the Sherman and talk about the upcoming British tanks because of love
    to hear your opinion on them! Keep up the vids and the good work Baron! :D

  117. Is that a KV-13 because it has a 85mm, short body , thick front armor
    looking like a IS-1

  118. You had a gangbang with Kayla? Nice.

  119. joseph racioppi (creepmon11)

    For combined arms tiger1e and The bf109 doesn’t matter which one

  120. joseph racioppi (creepmon11)

    For combined arms tiger1e and The bf109 doesn’t matter which one

  121. Hey Q-tip why did you guys pick pink? of all the places and all the colors
    you picked pink. Nice job. It takes real men to pick pink

  122. play the T54

  123. Macho Man Randy Savage

    T44 or I’ll elbow drop you

  124. t-54 plz

  125. Will world of warships come to Xbox one like WOT did?

  126. Either M4A2 Jumbo or M4A3 (76) with the Fury custome skin

  127. the only thing your missing in your new dwelling is some coke and half
    naked chicks. At least that’s how it used to be for me back when
    battlefront first came out.

  128. the milk truck

  129. stug II for one shots

  130. Please take the Tiger 2 out!!!!!

  131. Play the king tiger

  132. potxman007 “unaitian5” wot/minecraft


  133. Please play the Tiger H1 next time

  134. kv-85, I hate that thing

  135. T34 1941? Plz

  136. m42 duster

  137. Do a video about the pz IV H

  138. any chance you could switch to Realistic battles? arcade tank battles are
    just not fun too watch

  139. The M46 tiger to stop ZE GERMAN advance.

  140. Doom turtle

  141. Anyone see PhlyDailys video when he threw his monitor off his balcony? It
    was his Favorite Plane video.

  142. Tiger 2 please Baron

  143. U know what i want warthunder………

  144. Иосиф Steelin

    16:54 noo-*best* shot ever

  145. Use the M103 with the AP SHELL YOU MUST SUFFER

  146. Aemilius Paullus Gaming

    Panzer IV/70 or some low tier Panzer F2

  147. kv-2
    the king derp

  148. Baron play the t54 or else I’ll do something threting

  149. Alessandro Cattabriga

    do the KV2

  150. T32!!

  151. these tanks require no skill whats so ever, point and shoot.


  153. The doom turtle. ? it’s cannon is OP

  154. T60. I just wanna see the torture of using it.

  155. Any light american tier 1 tank

  156. luchs 50 mm tier 2

  157. m4a3e8

  158. way to op…

  159. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    do realistic tanks with combined arms Baron, arcade tanks really are just
    not entertaining…

  160. Jag panther plz :D

  161. how about the shermin 105mm?

  162. Plez do the stronk t 28


  163. t95 doom turtle again pls, that is my favourite episode

  164. Dam baron you guys are like the new team crafted. It’s only a matter of
    time before u get a million subs. Play the m2 medium horny devil! Get it?
    Cause it’s got machine gun horns? Hehe

  165. Play the first tiger tank next

  166. T-54 1951

  167. Panzer III je

  168. Plez-SU-152

  169. Walker Bulldog

  170. Walker Bulldog

  171. SU-122

  172. Tiger 2

  173. M-18 American tank destroyer

  174. Play Tiger 1 or Tiger 2 in realistic. USSR tanks are op, please don’t play
    them :'(

  175. THe streaming thing is cool and all but when I get off work and get home,
    around 11pm, it is never streaming you guys.

  176. Blah blah blah. War Thunder give us bomber cockpits. Nuff said.

  177. DAMMIT BARON AT 16:50 WHY U AIM AT THE SLOPE!?!??!??!?!??!??!

  178. Baron plz do the Sherman Jumbo it’s the best especially with the 76mm gun
    it’s a good tank plz use it I’ve used it in the world of tanks blitz
    version for iOS and I bounced IS 122mm gun like 15 times before a tiger 1
    got me I guess the building I used wouldn’t let the IS see my side

  179. Should play some WOT blitz iPhone or ipad

  180. T34-57 pliz!!!

  181. tiger 1 e

  182. Austin Carrion (Cocomoe1002)


  183. Su152

  184. you should do for the German line the tiger 2 or tiger p for the ground
    forces for the air me262 and he162


  186. Do live vídeos

  187. Shoots most angled part on KV-85 :)

  188. nikolai larsen (HEAVYCAT)

    Play the Jagdtiger

  189. Nikos Zaharioudakis

    superhellcat 90mm killer

  190. Kv-1

  191. the gaz 7,6mm!

  192. M4 Sherman

  193. t54 or zsu-57-2

  194. Baron play the JadgPanther

  195. Darwin De La Cruz

    P-51 Arcade battle

  196. Darwin De La Cruz

    plissssssssss. IS-3 or T-54 √

  197. Darwin De La Cruz


  198. Joseph Stalin show… I would watch the hell out of that.

  199. I see the word soviet and already it’s too glorious 4 m3.

  200. F2H *Kappa*

  201. Please play the KV-1B 756 (r) premium next!

  202. Because it makes sense that the M4A3 is 5.7 🙁
    Hey Baron…take out the M4A3. Feel my pain. FEEL IT. (luv u)

  203. I like the idea of the stream, but whenever I check it out it’s always CoD.
    I just close the stream instantly.

  204. i think Russian tanks suck

  205. Tiger 1

  206. Jackson plz

  207. some advices baron,
    1.use camera to check corners, u should be able to see wt around corners
    without exposing ur tank (but enmey indicator may not work,so u ganna watch
    2.surely, u can shoot through fence, but also, enmey indicator doesnt work
    for those who hiding behind fence.Seems u rely too much on that indicator,
    just a little reminder, dont rely too much on it.
    3. same question, even u aim pretty carefully, the ” point of impact” of
    shell still drop slightly from your aiming cross, i have seen many times u
    aimed well but shell exploded on ground, just elevate aiming cursor a
    little, even it shows red.

  208. Play ze tiger 2 with ze 105

  209. With rockets you have to offset your crosshair to compensate for the
    shallow convergence. It’s difficult but awesome once you get the hang of

  210. m 103

  211. Baron, ze Fatherland calls for blietzkrieg with ze pz4F1!

  212. I wish the rocket tanks weren’t only available for golden eagles, i would
    love to get one D:

  213. I’d say, no tank but tips/tricks video, OR just a sick awesome gameplay

  214. Id like you to drive my mum.

  215. Panzer 4H (one with skirts!!) The German work horse

  216. Hey, can u play SU 122-54 please

  217. Tits or BT 7

  218. T-10m for mother Russia

  219. Captain “deadman” dead

    tiger 2 (P)

  220. Yes u can face IS2 and Tiger 2

  221. The sherman jumbo Cobra King

  222. T 44

  223. Play the Leopard 1!!!

  224. Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B (H) Konigstiger !!!!!

  225. Baron u should play the Ferdinand ur be is 6.7 and few spots people can pen
    in the front of u get under tiered

  226. kv2

  227. Microslayer gaming

    T 54 for the mother land!!!!

  228. Zis-30

  229. I want you to go more in depth on the leopard 1 in RB :-D

  230. Leopard 1.

  231. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    When I play the is1 I always get put against the is2 which pens pretty much
    everywhere and tiger 2s which are nearly impossible to harm

  232. M4A1 76mm :D

  233. you should have player the soviet national anthem when yli repaired the
    tank and drowe off in the first battle. Stalin stronk

  234. the thing with rockets is you musnt aim with the centre of your plane but
    with the wings . First rocket flies from your left wing, so aim slightly
    right etc. But as larger the wing the more you have to aim away from your
    target. Then you can kill tanks with 1 misile. That is killing potential

  235. Take out the M4A3 (76) w its so underpowered it will make you cry!

  236. Su-100Y Super stronk box tank of doom

  237. play the panther d

  238. no love for KV-85?

  239. I wanna see some of that sweet sweet T -54

  240. sigurdur gunnarsson


  241. xXMinecraftersXx | Gameplays & Diversión


  242. is4

  243. is4

  244. What happens when they add the Lowe in the game?

  245. TEE FIDDY FO!

  246. Play the Tiger E the under dog

  247. m60 patton

  248. Porsche King Tiger – You barely have any 88mm Tiger videos Baron!

  249. The 85mm is so sick in low tier

  250. PyrotechnicMailman

    Personally I think rocket vehicles don’t belong in-game

  251. PyrotechnicMailman

    Tee Fifety Fouhr

  252. Play panzer IV C
    Rocket tanks are great addition to the game, but Katyusha rocket launcher,
    8 cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer and Sd.Kfz 251 Wurfrahmen 40, would be
    brilliant on maps with 20 km wideness, for now maps are to compact for this
    vehicles to be interesting or effective.

  253. Time for some Blitzkrieg action with the JAGDPANTHER !!

  254. Geometry Dash Electroman

    stuh 42 105mm

  255. thanaporn buapool

    t54 f fffffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkkk

  256. thanaporn buapool

    and KV2

  257. The Pz. IV H, with the skirts. I find a difficult tank to master.

  258. Jagdtiger FTW

  259. Use the M5A1 Canadian 5th Armored Division

  260. the maus

  261. Can’t believe the M18 got nerfed man. It already has weak armor…. but I’m
    sad about the 5.0 rating on it because you got no chance against 6.0 tanks.
    If you want to be top of the tier in Real try out IS2-mod 44 or T-44. I
    1-shotted a Tiger 2 with the Su-100 was pretty sweet. Then next game…I
    got eaten up in 1 shot by a Pershing.

  262. Baron, take out the IS3 since I’ve heard it was nerfed and the BR went up.

  263. T34-100

  264. Play the Coelian! You’ve only made 1 video of that, and that was with Phly
    in a custom game mode.

  265. KV2!!

  266. matchmaking annoys me. baron gets perfect mm, but when I’m driving out my
    kv1/t34-57/kv2, I get matched against is1s, and I think I was against an
    is2 at one point…

  267. Play the M46 tiger

  268. KV-85 Glorious stronk tier 3 or MW2 GGGUUUULLLAAAGG

  269. that moment whend you see a kv-2 looking at you

  270. KV-85 or Siberia!

  271. christopher garcia

    just got war thunder on ps4 what tank tree is ok for starters for noobs.

  272. Jake van der Veen (Ur-Quan Lord 999)

    Doom Turtle or the King of Derp (KV-2)

  273. Airbrusher Games and art

    Hey Baron, my game has been lag locking lately too and it’s not my card.
    It’s their server.

  274. tommoproductions213

    Play the Jumbo next

  275. russian 4 x mg truck

  276. How you rotate camera without turret ?

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