War Thunder – Surprise Butt Sehks, Leopard Glass Cannon!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

– Leopard Tank, Tier 5
Request series! Tier 5 German Tanks!

Thanks watching!


  1. Leopard 1 <3

  2. 1st, always wanted to do that..

  3. The Flying Dutchman

    Yess, a new vid. Thanks Baron!

  4. play M60 or no freedom

  5. LOL that snow camo on begin xD

  6. play ZSU 57 in tank battles! … kill leopards and Bulldogs!

  7. The Flying Dutchman

    Play the mighty KV2

  8. Nice video baron

  9. Play the KV2/ISU152/SU152. Destroyer lineup

  10. The M18 Black cat PLS!

  11. #neverstopthefacecam

  12. Your face looks funny.

  13. m103 plzz i got over 110 last time plzzz

  14. What the f*** was that 2:16?

  15. Please play the Js-2 or stalin will be sad

  16. I like the facecam, also create a squad of mice

  17. Play some 6.7 tanks until they get next to useless in the next update….

  18. Stug III A! The Lil’ B*tch of Mr. Adolf!

  19. yay under 301 club

  20. 20th comment

  21. play m42 duster

  22. Play the KV2/ISU152/SU152. Destroyer lineup

  23. Baron your beard has about 10% more memes then phlys

  24. M103, 120mm of American freedom!

  25. Play the is-4 or you know what…

  26. Baron, why u no play realistic battles, why u scrub?

  27. play the m6a1

  28. i think War thunder devs ar Russian thats why they dont go

  29. dat BEARD DO :p

  30. Play IS-2 or go to cremlin to apologize to stalin and zhen gulag

  31. @Baron Germany has a chancellor, not a prime minister :)

  32. 428 views, missed the 420

  33. Merkel is a Chancellor of Germany, not the Prime Minister, which is de
    facto very similar.

  34. b17 and t32

  35. hay baron do you think that smoke is a good ting in war thunder and do you
    think that war thunder will put it in the game one day.
    ps can you play the IS2


  37. Play da m60 m8

  38. That’s a nice face, Stalin approves.
    *You still go to gulag*

  39. *StuG LIFE*, So yeah, could you please play as the StuGie-III? It’s been a
    while x3

  40. M-46 Patton or Alcatraz

  41. what comes between sex and fear…….


  42. I hope the face-cam doesn’t become a regular thing, it’s distracting from
    the gameplay. I really don’t like it, it’s the main thing that puts me off
    watching vids from youtubers as a rule when I’m looking for people to

  43. Jagdpanther or you will be Rommeled!

  44. m4a3 105

  45. look at the guy in the back of the do 217 he is happy

  46. The turtle

  47. T-10M or Stalin will rape your ass that you voluntarily go to Gulag

  48. Hey Baron! Nice to hear you are going to start streaming 🙂 Do you have
    plans to make your streaming schedule EU friendly? :)

  49. Hey Baron! Nice to hear you are going to start streaming 🙂 Do you have
    plans to make your streaming schedule EU friendly? :)

  50. Angela Merkel is the Bundeskanzlerin of Deutschland. I´m from Deutschland

  51. Dat face, Dat voice marvelous!

  52. Sup baron, about that ideas on 1:30. I think it’s great changes to the
    channel. Pleased to hear that.

  53. Tiger II 88

  54. play csgo

  55. Dont stress yourself with daily videos you can take break everyday if you
    want to. And keep the facecam so I can look at you while waiting for you to

  56. facecam is fucking stupid.

  57. And do an Leopard SB if its avilable

  58. Love the new changes and the facecam!

  59. more war thunder pleezz

  60. I don’t think I ever seen you play the Panther tanks, try those baron!

  61. Baron pls play the m41a1 walker bulldog show off those SABOT rounds

  62. And again i must ask you baron to play with the T95, comon guys, help me
    here XD. We can do it.

  63. Merkel is Germany’s chancellor, not prime minister…

  64. WHOHOO !!! GERMANY !!

  65. Lets See M46 Patton, M46 Patton Tiger. American Muscle

  66. next t95 doomturtle

  67. whooohoooh more vids from baron

  68. kv 2 in tier 5 battle

  69. play the ME-262 C-2B

  70. Butt sehks Lol xD

  71. Stug 3 A

  72. we haven’t seen the m103 in a long time it wou;d be nice to use it

  73. Why are you sitting in the dark?

  74. The only Dwarf Digger (Amund Kiste)

    PETA announcment – People for Ethical Treatment of Armor. Stop the L7 105mm
    HEAT-FS rape.

  75. nice skill even when u have apds u spam heat like a pro :)) …. u’r a joke

  76. play Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. C (if Luchs could kill) and go n00b hunting.

  77. Company of heroes franchise

  78. Play maus or Auschwitz

  79. valter “Valle” nordkvist


  80. Baron show them the Hetzer life, for ze fatherland!!!!!!! Or concentration
    kampf for you…..

  81. German KV-1 please.

  82. My mum must watch your videos! I heard her talking about surprise butt
    sex…..not sure why the police would want to know about her warthunder
    gaming with Tyrone.

  83. Dont worry Baron, I always forget to change my camo and spend all my games
    in white thanks to the Finland map. Otherwise M103 pls

  84. baron you stole slick’s facecam idea:-)

  85. remove face cam please

  86. Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship

    dat nice face

  87. hey baron could you please play ‘valiant hearts the great war

  88. Do the Hawker Hunter on dev finally!

  89. Сергей Васильев

    T 26 and Mig 15

  90. IS 3 for stalin please

  91. Chancellor, there is no german prime minister

  92. Rens van der Hoeven

    If you’re such a big German football fan. Do you even know the 2nd name of
    the German national football team?

  93. G.Day mate. love ya Ozzie accent. Good on you, mate. anyways Baron. always
    enjoy your vids. youre one of a kind indeed.

  94. T34 85 Baron!!!!

  95. play the ZIS!

  96. Josef Stalin lineup or Gulag for YOU!!!

  97. Tiger II 105

  98. Mig 15 ? Is not a tank but…..for Stalin

  99. please for the love of god DO NOT NOT NOT do facecam regularly, its

  100. Nice baron!
    I remember commenting on your video, like 2 weeks back, that you should get
    a facecam on more videos to get more views and here you go! 😀
    Haga I know its not because of that, but Im glad and hope you will keep it
    for more videos!

  101. king tiger

  102. If ur going to do a face cam, u should get a better lighting and a better

  103. war thunder and world of warships everyday hype!

  104. The mighty J A G D T I G E R !

  105. Play Rust B.

  106. Love the idea of 2 videos a day, WT and WoWS is always a fun watch. Are you
    going to be doing more Forest gameplay with Royal? I want to see you do
    some damage with that sword! Also I’d be down for a blackwake video a day
    but not sure how feasible that is but hot damn if I don’t love watching
    you, phly, DDG, Onnerby, Squirrel, Slick, Royal and Abshre fuck shit up on
    the high seas!

  107. Barron, how many tries did it take for you to get into a low br match? Must
    be nice to have a “modern” mbt versus WWII era tanks. Heat vs ap so fair.

  108. IS-2 vs Leopard = it’s okay, balanced. Tiger II vs IS-10M = russian bias < logic gif >

  109. First of all, I dont like facecams and I hope it wont become a regular
    thing, but if it does, please get a better cam.

  110. What tank should I play next?

  111. You should play the Tiger II (P) next

  112. yo play T-10M

  113. i understand that you think you’re attractive and feel like showing off
    your haircut and beard to everyone but i watch your videos for the
    gameplay, not to see your aryan mug.

  114. hetzer please please please!!

  115. Construtive criticism – if you gonna keep the face-cam dont do it in a dark
    room its weird and try too improve the quality of the camera as well. Since
    i’m accustomed to watch your videos without a face-cam it’s a little bit
    weird but with time everything is going to be alright :)

  116. Baron could u also play H&G????

  117. johannes holzheimer

    m47 patton II make it happen

  118. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    dumbass in chat 20:06 bitching that they need remove arial support from
    tank battles.

  119. Baron just a tip i saw you firing fin Stab heat shells at tanks tracks and
    fences.How HEAT works it explode on impact so it wont do anything shooting
    at tracks and fences.Apcr or ap apcbc or any ap sgells will go through
    however.Another tip hesh explode on impact too

  120. When is 1.53 coming out?

  121. Doom turtle :D

  122. baron get a better camarah

  123. +BaronVonGamez please play the little Panzer 38 (t) Ausf G ooor the Hetzer!
    Hetzers must hetz! So let’s hetz! and may the Turtle Team precision be with
    you! (*any possible reference to Girls und Panzers is totally casual…
    maybe…*) :P

  124. Freak out for about 2 seconds on that face cam, it’s real dark room :P

  125. Plz play the tiger1H in sim or rb because there’s nothing more satisfying
    than long range ownage

  126. Move face cam to the right side of the corner, it won’t be distracting for
    us that way

  127. plz no face cam

  128. I really hope that you wil do war thunder “challenge series” for your

  129. I like facecams. There, I said it. Come at me bro!

  130. Take Pz Ic)

  131. play warframe plz

  132. you should put your facecam in the middle left, the same as slickbee

  133. Yeah Deutschland! Greetings from Germany!

  134. Keep the face cam on

  135. Fucking op heatfs

  136. IS-1 or gulaf

  137. stronk gaming headset! we should raise money for baron to buy himself a
    good headset :D

  138. The leopard looks better in the winter camo

  139. Yo Baron, Merkel is the Chancellor

  140. Come to us to Russia on Igromir expo. Gaijin are always there.

  141. heck yeah Baron, like the ideas about the changes man, love the world or
    warships most man. just keep up the great work man!

  142. Baron is OBI WAN !!

  143. no king tiger surprise butt sehks on a kv-2

  144. Murican Duster AA!
    i rarely see people play that!

  145. t10m please

  146. Dave Mustaine (The ruler of Metallia.)

    merkel is our chancellor

  147. Baron, it’s bad for your eyes playing in total darkness:((

  148. if you posted 4 videos a day, they would all get liked and watched.

  149. i ome from germany and merkel is not very nice

  150. What was that sound at 2:16?

  151. you must say leo !pard must say with o

  152. Great game, but it just show me how broken 6.7 will be when gaijin
    unleashes 8.0 tanks on us.

  153. You look really weird when you’re doing the British voice. Seriously creepy

  154. The M4 105 howitzer tank! Me berfdee’s on the 21st, so you know… I’ve been
    asking for literally 5 months.

  155. Ragnar Lothbro driving a Leopard… nice!

  156. Merkel was really a dick concerning the Greece referendum issue.

  157. Play the mighty T-10 M and deal death!

  158. kv 4 plz

  159. Tomás Francisco Barbosa Ramos

    Godammit the world cup, it was here in Brazil and that big shit happened.

  160. Am I the only one who thinks barons beard and moustache looks like Lenin’s
    beard and moustache

  161. are you still playing war thunder

  162. Sure, you can pick up your aircrew.

    In a ziplock bag.

  163. jagdtiger für das vaterland

  164. Please try the HESH rounds please

  165. Bazzle - GTA, Indie, comedy And more

    When baron said 2 videos of world of warships and war thunder
    ??????????. Jizztastic

  166. Martijn van Boeijen

    The Big Bad Boy m103

  167. m24 duster AA!

  168. baron, id love to see you try mechwarrior online!

  169. Baron please for the love of god stop playing arcade tanks. I just cant
    take you seriously and i can barely stand to watch your videos and having
    to watch all the arcade noobishness going on around you.

    I really want to support you and give me my views but please try to at
    least do both RB and AB in the same video so that all of us can enjoy the

  170. pz 2 h

  171. IS-2 or gulag baron

  172. T 95 plz

  173. Go Frag Yourself™


  174. Play the M26E1 Pershing and Deliver Freedom so much if you can! Because its
    the M26 T99 Rocket Launcher Pershing incoming in the next Patch for more

  175. hetzer or kv2

  176. Hey Baron you should check out Wargame Red Dragon. It’s an RTS based in the
    Cold War. Super steep learning curve but could be really fun with the guys.

  177. How about a change, pazer3 j

  178. M103 please Baron

  179. I favorited and retweted the tirpitz video two time swhy cant i get a

  180. KV 85 For the motherland comrade +baronvongames

  181. FACECAM, FINALLY !! Nice job baron

  182. Play the M4A3E2

  183. kv 1 l11 pleseee

  184. You Baron sometimes are making rookie mistakes

    And is it me or menu BR is fucked up like it shows 2.3 actually its 3.3

  185. m 42 duster

  186. play Tiger H, and do world of tanks videos plz

  187. Aleksander Hoffmann

    It is amaizing that in map Poland there are Polish words like APTEKA – in
    English it is pharmacy or drugstore.
    I’m proud of it!
    Btw nice episode!

    Maybe kugelblitz for next time?

  188. Dude. You should dress as Ragnar Lothbrok for Halloween. You’d rock it.

  189. m 103e

  190. and a isu 152 and is 7

  191. IS-3 plzzzz

  192. Павел Пономарь

    you’re asshole

  193. I don’t like the facecam. Its distracting and gets in the way of screen
    info. No offence but I don’t need to see your face to enjoy your videos.

  194. play with the Panzer M, the best tier 2 tank

  195. American M2 Tank FTW!

  196. Try Planetside 2

  197. Jacob “Mormo” H

    You should totally play some smite and be a god ;)

  198. Do falling bombs actually whistle like that?

  199. do the t 44 again dude you have not done it since tanks first came out


  201. Chanselor 

  202. or the tiger 2 105 PLS PLS :-)

  203. I feel like the Leopard is the t-34 85 of the Germans in its tier fast
    turret speed high mobility and a good gun to bet

  204. The next update should include, if the tracks get shot they should fall off
    and require a repair.

  205. play the M60 next vid baron or lady liberty and uncle sam will spank you

  206. Do the m103

  207. Play m1o3

  208. Hey, baron, you need to be careful of over saturation on your channel. It
    is known for people to get worn out on someone’s content if there is too
    much of it in a short amount of time.

  209. The M3 General Lee!! Or surprise butt smex!!

  210. You look way different than I expected based on your voice. Strange how
    that happens.

  211. We can now see barons beautiful face right before tanks sehks

  212. Plz play T-34 (Stalins fist)

  213. For the Zerg!!!! Locust Swarm!!!!!

  214. Make a mad max series

  215. Tiger H1, for old time’s sake!

  216. Leopard 1 for the Father land ??

  217. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    10.5 cm tiger for Germany

  218. T 54 for something that is funny

  219. Baron is so good, he don’t need no stinking camo! 🙂

    Just my personal opinion I would love to see more H&G videos.

  220. Tiger I/II Premium or death camps. Just do it.

  221. Su-85 ya titty fish

  222. KV-4

  223. You should try out Arma 3 could see you liking it because of its realism
    compared to others.

  224. M60 Patton with phly in arcade and realistic battles.

  225. Why you heff to copy slick?

  226. BT-5 an new game why not try company of heroes?

  227. The heaviest of American heavy tank destroyers! The T-95!

  228. вαяσи d༶o༶ t̆̈h̆̈ĕ̈ ʏακ9 ᴛ ρℓєz


  230. Could we see some Realistic Battles gameplay? I know you said you don’t
    like playing RB by yourself, but you live with two other War Thunder
    Youtubers now :P

  231. Baron be honorable and play the SU-122-54!

  232. baron do you think they will add warships to wt

  233. t-54 plz :)

  234. t28 plzzz

  235. The Call Of Duty Guys

    is-4 or you get gulag :)

  236. American T32

  237. American T32

  238. TiberiousThe Labrador

    man you have a beutifull face, lovin the neck beard :)

  239. Baron, Stalin request you ‘help’ people out of their tanks with 152mm of
    derp. The KV-2.

  240. how about games like chivalry medieval warfare, rising storm, red
    Orchestra, mech warrior online and total war games :-)

  241. How does baron get to much golden eagles?

  242. I click through the video, because honestly, I really don’t like face cams
    in general. I’m here for the game, not to see your reaction, especially
    because it’s not a game that requires a reaction.

  243. Maybe, for your channel, you could implement a community Friday. Where you
    could select a set squad/team/teams, that you could play with on War
    Thunder or other games. For another suggestion, you could create a Squadron
    or some sort of group gathering where you could randomly select players,
    granted they have a mic and such.

    I’d love to here your opinion on this, and as always keep up the awesome
    videos and streams! PS: I’d love to have my own streaming house, so cool!

  244. lol… That dude said Kuban is so biased for the other team. I’ve never
    lost a round there yet in that configuration.

  245. He looks like Connor McGreggor. Amazing

  246. War thunder failed to realize that the leopard 1 uses armour other than
    steel, I mean I think they used some type of “advanced” armour, advanced
    being relative to the time, but in game it acts like steel, I mean I bet if
    I put a paper tank with 500 mm of armour it would act like steel, also why
    does it explode when the fuel gets hit, the leopard uses diesel, in fact
    why do all the German tanks explode from the fuel, cause they all used
    diesel, god damn it, this game is only 99% realistic I want my money back!

  247. Ok. So historically speaking, there is only one recorded use of the F7F in
    combat…and that was a confirmed kill on two Po-2s.

    You know what this means…Po-2s vs. F7Fs.

  248. what is your job baron?

  249. T95 TURTLE TANK

  250. Another game you could play baron is mechwarrior online

  251. oh 2 vids a day, what a treat. WT and WoWs und ze face cam of heir
    Obivongames , stepping it up Baron I likez it!. Other games you say, its
    hard to suggest, whats worthy of the BVG Jibba jabba? and thinking wargames
    or branching out? Dont know but looking forward to it – Beard Hype!

  252. Baron, that MG on the Leopard is the Swiss MG-3, a direct copy of the

  253. This isn’t a tank request, but you should take a look at a game called
    Planetside 2. Free to play and i certainly think they could charge at least
    $40 for it. Try it please.

  254. Baron, would it be possible for you to pm me about getting the kind of
    account you have, because I want to start a channel much like yours and
    Phly’s, but I can’t manage the grind to tier V as I am a Junior in high
    school taking collegiate classes. Any help would be much appreciated.

  255. M36 Jackson

  256. I feel as if air battles need to be removed, im sick of being in my m103
    having a horrible time with the underpowered rounds and then some
    dickehead bomber drops bombes on only me. it tanks or planes warthunder you
    cant have both in arcade because the SPAA act like fucking tank destroyers
    and the fighters cant even catch up to the damn thing in time I could get
    so much more done if air battles were removed or made a lot harder to get

  257. spin tyers

  258. pzkpfw 38 (t) plz I want to see it

  259. Baron Senpai! Play M103 on Realistic battles or George Washington will
    throw you in the Delaware River

  260. ZIS-5? baronvongames

  261. @Baron, have you ever tried the Wargame series?

  262. hey baron how did you get that much golden eagles?

  263. I like the face cam actually its better than some mystery voice in the
    background all the time.

  264. oh and play the m103

  265. Baron play the ISU-152 pls 

  266. More blackwake

  267. Germany is my second favorite team as well. Swiensteiger is my favorite
    player in soccer right now.

  268. Unless nobody’s said it, (but I’m sure someone has.) When the turret popped
    off Baron’s Leopard, that’s called the Jack in the Box Effect, and happened
    a lot in the WWII tanks. Ammo detonation + pressure confinement + weak
    turret ring = Turret goes to the moon.

  269. Please play the M103 I just unlocked it today!

  270. @BaronVonGames Keep the face cam bro

  271. M10 Wolverine or you get 50 Shades Of Grey treatment.

  272. the MAUS

  273. 2:15 did I just hear a sneeze?

  274. Snow map on dev server? Which location is it? I would guess Bulge or
    Stalingrad, with Bulge being slightly more likely because of British tanks.

  275. kugelblitz please

  276. t 26 please :3

  277. t 26 please :3

  278. E100 GAMEPLAY PLS!!!!!

  279. More Forest with Royal!!!!

  280. BT-5 or bt-7

  281. hey baron could you play some tank realistic! if so, can you bring out the
    ferdinand? and maybe the kugelblitz?

  282. 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage M10

  283. Should have charged more for glory in the second game. Best strategy out

  284. “Are you guys alive ? “………..*shoot the wreck*……….well i quite
    sure if any alive , they will put some serious complaints to the Labor
    Uninon :v

  285. Please try the game rust it rocks. Or world of tanks rocks too.

  286. I think think the premium jagpather cos iam having fun with that at the
    moment and keep the face cam cos its cool

  287. if leopard 1 is in game we need t62a and maybe t64(a lil op) but the t62a
    and leo is on the same level

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