War Thunder T-10m, Stalin’s Not So OP Tank!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks – T-10m OP or Not?

War Thunder Patch 1.
New aircraft
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (VK-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. Germany: IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK.IV new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. : J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М18 Hellcat Germany: Pz-35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , SU-100Y , Т-34-100 , Т-10М

Thanks for watching!


  1. u wot m8

  2. aw shit son second comment +BaronVonGamez

  3. BARON UPLOADS OMG. awesome.

  4. Third comment… Yay ??

  5. A Russian tank the isn’t OP? What bizarre unfathomable universe have we

    • That’s some memories from history that didnt exist 😛

    • +chris gibson Basically theres too many tanks for everything to be
      balanced, especially when they’re too busy trying to bring in new players
      and not fixing what is already in game, its the business model plenty of
      companys use unfortunately. for everything you said, theres afew

    • +Bashfulfruit well yeah they usually arent the BIGGEST problem in the F2
      since thats THE most badass 3.7 tank that i know of, no point in bringing
      the StuG’s up since the american 37 can one shot that, i usually have fun
      shooting at T-34’s that think they are invincible from my F2.

    • +chris gibson When Im using the F2 or anything with a 75mm cannon I usually
      one shot the T34s, its pretty easy, just shoot at the gun mantlet.

    • +Bashfulfruit well no duh, those 85mm cannons werent really meant for Tiger
      ll’s and panthers just have that epicly sloped armor, but if i’m playing in
      a sherman or one of the lower tier panzers its just, go around the corner
      get one shotted by a T-34, get another tank go from another angle get one
      shotted by his buddy, and then if i try angling, it is just even worst

  6. Drive the M60, It was my first tank i drove in real life.

  7. DJ Gartin Marrix

    Super Hellcat next!

  8. x ImageBreaker x

    Tits in there pants?

  9. M60 and Leapord 1is my favorite.do the A 36 attacker

  10. T-10 M is the best:)

  11. I would take Leopard 1 over any other tank in this game.

  12. Roel Uytterhoeven

    su 100 y

  13. They upped the pen of the APHEBC to 280+mm

  14. Liek if u cried evry tym

  15. How long did it take you to get all the tanks that you have to date in

  16. Lets see the T34-100 the tiger killer

    • Dmitri Patronov

      +Sebastian David Rozo You never met me.

    • Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

      Nothing can kill a tiger that easily the tiger (if he wasn’t a complete
      dipshit) could kill any t-34 series tank with 1 shot (shoot it in the
      driver’s hatch) is-1 &2 shoot its turret cheek ,t-44 shoot in the side of
      the turret its not hard

    • Sebastian David Rozo

      The first time i saw a T-34-100, my tiger killed it. 🙂

    • Dmitri Patronov

      +Captain dead Every tiger tank I meet is send for scrap metal 😀
      And yes I used t-34-100, the gun is awesome.

    • +PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1 The Tiger himself said it people!

  17. Play T-34-100 please, I am not sure if buying it or not…

  18. fukk u baron u gay boi

  19. Play the super dooper hellcat because it is slightly better then dooper

  20. M60 Patton is the best!!!

  21. Su-122-54 or the t95 

  22. Baron, It’s IS-10 but it’s 8th IS model tank and after Stalin died, it was
    changed to T-10

  23. Baron Play the Su 100Y for Stalin plz :)

  24. The Leopard is the best. ;)

  25. T-34-100

  26. Leopard 1 VS KV-2

  27. Hey how is it with Sturmpanzer IV? Are they planning to add it into game?

  28. Plough? That reminds me that when it snows, my girlfriend gives the best
    plough-jobs in the world…

  29. leopard 1 and m41 walker bulldog are twins. they both got that silly ammo
    placement in the front

  30. Loved that alright alright alright reference

  31. my T-95 absorbes t5 russian shells all day

  32. The thing is all you really need to defeat the frontal armor of the t-10 is
    a HE round with 30-40mm of pen. Just put it between the gun and drivers
    hatch. Really frustrating when you play the t-10 and some guy in a Is-2 one
    should s you.

    • Lol is2 blows major ass now. They down tierd the jadgtiger and the 10.5 and
      playing the is2 trying to get the is3 is so much anger. The op tiger and
      magical bouncing armor.

  33. B29 Flying Fortress 

  34. Im pretty sure Stalingrad (as a tank map) will be in the next update
    because on the day before 1.51 was launched there was an event on the test
    server that said Stalingrad and it allowed tanks only. i managed to play it
    for a couple minutes before the server closed and it was pretty awesome!

  35. Why do you take AP rounds when SABOT or how it is called has better
    penetration and the same fragnetation ? And finally u didnt take sooo much
    ammunition :D

  36. I am clear to say that I knew that it will not be the strongest of the
    patch. the tank made in the time where everybody used AT rifles or rockets
    such as the RPG or better versions of bazooka that has more than 600mm or
    700mm of penetration so armor doesn’t matter so much

  37. yes i have to say the t-10m is not that good but in your hands its great to

  38. ThelmmortalMortal


  39. Ashton Ernspiker

    I have the opeenes

  40. Please Drive out the m60!

  41. Erling Gundersen

    Baron!!! Play the SU-100y

  42. This APCBC pen and t54 rof buff totally needed. Good job gaijin!

  43. Everyone knows the nazis buried stalin on the moon

  44. Jeffrey Williams

    The IS-4M please!

  45. M-60 is the best in my opinion 

  46. su-100y plzzzz

  47. the leopard is deffinetly better

  48. M2 Frowning - Viola's personal type check

    Just hurry up and add the M1A2 TUSK to balance the American tree

  49. “it’s really not so bad” how much Gaijin pay you,baron?

  50. Dracarys Blackfyre

    If I remember correctly, the T-10 was originally designated the IS-X

    However, it was still in development when Stalin died, and due to the
    political frictions of the time, it was decided that the tank series should
    be renamed.

    It was also the last heavy tank produced by the Soviet Union. After the
    T-10, all further tanks were either support (Artillery, light tanks, ect)
    or Main Battle Tanks, like the T-90 and the Abrams.

    But that’s just if I remember it correctly.

  51. Dracarys Blackfyre

    I vote you play the best tank killer in the game: the German Sd.Kfz. 6/2.

    pop in some Armour piercing rounds, and dem T-34’s and Shermans will quake
    with fear

  52. team raging doom turtle

  53. How’d they get the snow effects on the tanks?

  54. 9:10 – Milliseconds from capping A a Maus arrives on scene, kills both
    cappers, wins the game effectively for the enemy team.

    The clutch is real for vendetta_oops

  55. Can you play the t-34-100 for the next vidéo thx

  56. su-100y
    The box tank!

  57. Lets make all high tear heavys useless by putting the reason why everyone
    stopped making heavy tanks in the game. Back to WoT and Armored forces

  58. what’s the point of stupidly slow heavy armored Maus when it goes against
    60s very mobile tanks that can penetrate it from the front no problemo

    • +Kevin Jack-Nunez HEAT may get no normalisation but it requires extreme
      angles to ricochet hence why it works well against angled armour. Even if
      standard apcbc shells had the same penetration values as HEAT they wouldn’t
      be as successful seeing as the angle required for a 100% chance of a
      ricochet are much greater.

    • Kevin Jack-Nunez

      +Kim Janek HEAT shells get no normalisation. Angling really hurts their
      ability to penetrate.

      +Shakeel Usmani Because the front of a T-54 is what, 120mm thick? Despite
      the fact HEAT preforms poorly against angled armour. It still has 200mm pen
      Vs 60 degree angled armour. In both WoT and WT it’s more or less the same.
      Yes, HEAT preforms badly Vs Angled armour. But against some tanks that rely
      too much on the angle and don’t have the raw thickness as well you can
      brutalize your way through because the base penetration values are so high
      that even if you lose 50% of your pen due to angling of their armour it’s
      still good enough to get through.

      A Maus is not as easy to pen as a T-54.

    • So in your eyes as HEAT is ineffective against angled armour. May I ask you
      then why everyone is using those shells in leopards and m60s against the
      HEAVILY sloped front plates of t54s and is4s etc. May I ask you why many
      are saying that the new HEAT shells are essentially the best type of shell
      in the game. Are all these hundreds of people missing something or are they
      all just wrong and you are right that HEAT is terrible against sloped

    • TheJackalPhantom

      +Shakeel Usmani go into the su-122-54 ammo put your cursor on heat and you
      will see an angle normalisation of the impact penetration on certain
      degrees and its effectiveness HEAT in THIS game MIND THIS game IS not
      EFFECTIVE on angled armor…

    • +TheJackalPhantom HEAT does better than other shells against angled
      armour. Why don’t you go into the modifications and look at the angle of
      attack and ricochet chances for HEAT shells. You will find that they
      require much smaller/ sloped angles to bounce. It’s funny how you’re just
      puling random things out of nowhere such as the 50% bounce rate. Also if
      you want to make a point at least do it coherently. Your previous 20 line
      response clearly shows how you do not understand how angles work in this
      game. The game only takes into account the effective thickness and the
      angle of the armour itself. The game doesn’t take into account the angle of
      the armour and then the angle at which your tank is shooting that armour
      and collate the two together to make the angle even greater. If the shell
      exceeds the effective thickness for that particular angle it will no doubt
      pen. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t believe me why don’t you just
      test it out, that is if you have a leopard or m60 etc. I don’t disagree
      that the maus can’t take shots all day, it’s just that it can’t take HEAT
      shells all day. Against tanks like the is3, is4 etc i think the maus is a

  59. David Allexander

    You noobs failed to cap twice. :)), yes you had that !.

  60. 235th like. I want to see doom turtle. 3rd times the charm

  61. Sebastian Richter

    Who would like to see the IS-7 in War Thunder?

    • +wladimir lillo dude i know these are from cold war … thats why I said
      ‘ENOUGH’ of these post war stuffs … Gaijin gave Leo to germany for
      balancing purposes and added the M60 and T10 for the other nations too (so
      that there’s no whining) .. but no more is required … & FYI I gather
      adequate info before I comment. That IS7’s armor was invulnerable to almost
      all guns of that era even to its own 130 mm S-70 gun. Awright,bub?

    • and have a 130 mm

    • +Sayak Majumder thew IS-7 is from 1946 get more info

    • +Sayak Majumder i am really sure the leopard 1 is post war 1965 and so is
      the M60 that came about in 1961 and HEAT rounds dont care what era your from

    • +Sebastian Richter No one … Enough post war dis-balancing soviet heavies
      …. :-/

  62. 8:43 The reason you lost. You only had to wait a few more seconds.

  63. They removed the IS from the start of the designation because of the death
    of Stalin.

  64. su100y

  65. Play as the M-60. And remeber, when you do, wreck everything.

  66. Hey Baron, is there something going on in your house? It just seems that
    you’re talking a bit quieter. It’s not a problem or anything, but I just
    wanted to know.

  67. T34-100

  68. pzIV f2H please 🙂 no one has done a real video on it in about 8 months…

  69. or t34 100!

  70. +BaronVonGamez Actually the T-10M it was supposed to be the IS-8 but
    because of Stalins Death in 1953 and some other little political reasons
    They called it The T-10. And the T-10M is a modefied version of it With a
    new cannon and a new MG. Just to be notice.

  71. This thing is totally balanced.

  72. M60 please 

  73. How the fck did that pen…. 11:02 that was like a 75° angle

    • GrayAndAnime OwO

      +Kim Janek right sorry, i was thinking Wot where if you fire heat at sloped
      armour you do nothing

    • +GrayAndAnime OwO the game says heat doesn’t get deflected by angles unless
      its 80% or more

    • GrayAndAnime OwO

      +MrPanggs it was a leopard which have the armour of a paper bag on top he
      shot it with heat which contrary to what in game says don’t give a fuck
      about sloped armour

  74. The new king of derp the SU-100y.
    Please play it baron!

  75. The premium Porche tiger I will not stop till it has been voted!!!

  76. T-10 wasnt a beast it was not used alot. T-62 at that time was the killer

  77. How are Russian tanks op? Is it for only tier 5? I play the tier 4 is2 and
    let me tell you how much that thing sucks ass. The gun is great, but almost
    every tank at tier 4 can penetrate it now. Also with the addition of the
    jadgtiger and the 10.5 the Germans got even more op. I was looking forward
    to the is3 being tier 4 but they moved it up to tier 5, now a cannon
    fodder. In tier 3 the tiger 1 owns almost every tank, except some magical
    us 75mm shit pens a tiger from 200m away. Tier 2, the t34 dominates, but
    the panzer f2 glass cannon melts people. Correct shots can render the t34 a
    match box. Don’t get me started on the magical armor properties of
    Shermans… Although shooting them in the turret ring and sides is like the
    only way.

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      +Drunken Ferret Yes there were, that’s because every Sherman driver that
      saw anything remotely “tankish” thought it was a Tiger. However there were
      only 3 actual encounters between Tigers and any American vehicle. The
      first one the Shermans won, the second one the Pershing lost, and the third
      wasn’t a fair fight because the Tigers were being put on a train.

    • +Oblivion’sLegend No, there were multiple accounts of Shermans facing
      Tigers during the war. This also depends on the Sherman variant.

    • Oblivion'sLegend

      +Drunken Ferret It only takes one Sherman to take out a Tiger, and Shermans
      only encountered a Tiger once during the entire war, and they won.

    • +Drunken Ferret I’m pretty sure that you watched fury:)

    • hardcoreminecrafter9

      +Ben S shoot the Jagdtiger in the lower plate, ferdi in the cheeks of hull,
      if you can not see the cheeks of the hull fire HE at the ferdi, works for
      me. i never have issues with the IS-2. i do great in my IS-2. you must be
      playing it wrong

  78. As a maus driver am I the only one who’d rather face an is4 than a t10?

  79. I play the M103 and M60, what i could say about the T10M is to make sure
    not to get shot first.
    If u got the first shot, he will be toasted. He is not OP at all.
    Its that bloody T-54 again with the faster reload now, 8.6 seconds is way
    to fast for a T-54.

  80. Ok its time already to add British and Japanese tanks 

  81. how do u activate binos

  82. Fly out the F8F plz and see how they nerfed it

  83. how do they have so many golden eagles? that must of cost a shit ton

  84. TheSlayerofevil3

    panzerbefehlswagen vi (p)


  85. Kasey kkirschling

    I think this tank is fine as is, its got good armor good gun but still kill

  86. I love the IS-8 in WoT. I do better in it than the beastly IS-7.

  87. Its not ants in your pants anymore…..ITS TITS IN YOUR PANTS

  88. Dat reload time on the main gun do

  89. Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) pls

  90. Its an IS-10, but re-named T-10 after the death (thank god) of Stalin. M is
    the up-amored version i believe, like the IS-4M or SU-85M….

  91. KV-2 

  92. Is 4 plz

  93. mubtasim rahman

    play the Pz IV F2 or related models please

  94. Purple cat, purple cat, what do you see?
    I see a Maus, shooting at me.

  95. james appleford

    “Tits in their pants, man”
    -Baron 2015

  96. T34-100 Baeron!

  97. This us an IS-8

  98. Play KV-2, King of Derp

  99. Binoculars? How do you use them?

    • Yea +alphaprawns they don’t care for the bindings…they expect us to find
      out and set the bindings ourselves lol. I didn’t even know about the
      binoculars, sight adjustment and driver view :l

    • One thing Baron doesn’t seem to know, when you see an enemy in binos, just
      left click and it automatically puts the cross hair where you are pointing.
      Then just zoom in and he’s dead center in your sights.

    • +GrayAndAnime OwO Which is annoying seeing as the game seems to reset its
      keybindings every other day. I just gave up after a while.

    • Oh i see, thanks

    • GrayAndAnime OwO

      +Fox hound by default they are not bound to any key you need to do it

  100. Jesper O (RaDeus)

    You guys left A before it was captured…

    I suggest you slap your own wrists for that screw-up :P

  101. It’s a bug.


  103. Can you do the SU-152-54? I literally just noticed it on War Thunder now
    and I don’t think I have seen it before :O It looks like the bat mobile so
    I thought it could be a new Uber Gulag?

  104. Are you kidding me right now t10m is so much better than the lep1 and the
    m60!!!? It practically shoots the same rounds as them both heat and sabot I
    think it shoots sabot. It has over way better armor than both of them. It
    can keep up with there speeds almost it’s pretty fast. They even buffed the
    lower plate to 55 degrees. The reload may not be as good but it’s better
    than the is4m and is3 by a lot. But I really do think Heat has ruined war
    thunder tanks by a lot it’s not even fun anymore. I miss Germans vs
    Russains tanks. 

    • Yes true but your not always going against the lep1 or the m60. So that’s
      where the armor takes place. I see t10m always on top of the board in
      arcade and in realistic. Never once have I seen a Leopard do as good as a
      t10m. If anything the M60 is way better. Lep1 is still good but not as good
      as the t10 and m60.
      1st. T10m
      2nd. M60
      3rd lep1

    • GrayAndAnime OwO

      +RemPvP the t-10s armour dosn’t matter though because the heat rounds can
      pen it with out a problem that’s why the lep1 both in real life and in game
      is so much better

  105. AngryKolabear50 dove

    +BaronVonGamez play the Pz. IV

  106. Baron could u play more planes battles plz? especially RB

  107. I think it should be IS-10 (maybe m) but from political issuses (After
    Stalin’s death) it was changed..

  108. Hmmmmm, at this tier no tank is the best.
    Once the fin rounds start flying, its just a case of who shoots who first.

    Armour is utterly useless.
    I guess the other factor is crew, the Leo having only 4 is easily knocked
    A tank with 5 crew might be able to take a hit if he is lucky.

  109. genericusername769

    The T-10M not being amazing in pretty realistic, post ww2 heavy tanks went
    the way of the dinosaur to tanks like the Leopard 1 and later true MBTs

  110. Baron are you more activ on Twitter Or Facebook ?

  111. Even if the Is-8/T-10M is truly not overpowered, still, Gaijin having the
    audacity to implement this in the game really makes me shudder about them
    possibly implementing the Object 268. (For those who don’t know, both
    vehicles have the same chassis)

  112. A non OP russian tank? Guys, I think theres a problem at Gaijin

  113. MuffinToast1 -Gaming and more!

    The T-10 is a IS-10, but it was renamed because of the Destalinization of
    the USSR.
    IS in Russian is JS, meaning Josif Stalin (Josif is how it’s spelled) and J
    somehow turns into I so it’s also Iosif Stalin.

    Russia is confusing

  114. Take out the A-36 Apache! +BaronVonGamez

  115. Now that there are those cold war tanks, wouldn’t it be cool to see the
    Object 279 in the game? Or would it be just too op?

  116. Stern tiger 

  117. poor Maus

  118. MrJohnycomelately21

    Lag spike means they changed something in the Matrix! And Lo the Baron was



  120. any german tankers here sick of fucking t-54’s in tier IV/III?

    • +AJloverftw32 I just stopped playing Germany because I keep getting up
      tiered, best tank I have is Panther A and I keep getting put in matches
      with M46s and T32s and I can’t F***ing kill a T32 with the stock ammo,
      unless I get lucky and hit his lower glacis before he one hit KOs me.

  121. Honestly with Russian heavies they really don’t get much better than the

  122. Matthew Fielding

    FSHR. They should be called FISHERS. Pronounced like that too from now on.
    Better than HEATFS

  123. Why do everyone hype so much about Heat rounds?! The fact of the matter is
    that the AP rounds with HE filler are still way better, especially those
    with adequate/high pen coupled with high enough muzzle velocity/range which
    make this tank more versatile/combat- effective than your needle-firing leo
    or m60.. 

  124. Play the su 122

  125. The reason its called the T10m, is becuase the final iteration of the IS
    heavy tank series, the IS-8, was designed in the early 1950’s. However with
    Stalin’s death in 1953, the IS-8 was renamed the T10m, entering service in
    the same year. I think the M60 is the best one, but the T10m is a close
    second for me.

  126. Could someone explain to me what that round mirror-like thing next to the
    turret of the T-10M is? Does it have the same purpose as the mailbox on the

  127. are they going to bring the T-62?

  128. if we can get the T10M’s gun on the is4m that would be a scary tank

  129. barron would love to play some war thunder or WoW with you guys if it is

  130. it was called the t-10m becuase stalin was dead. and they were
    de-stalinizing everything.

  131. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    Yes RB battles, the real test for tanks in WT. Keep it up Baron, RB tanks
    is where its at! And the best tier 8 tank is the IS4M without a doubt –
    nearly invincible from the front.

  132. Do the Su 100Y aka, the box

  133. These new tanks are just ridiculous. WW2 tanks were built to face tanks at
    the time maybe even a little bit later. Do you honestly think it is fair
    putting tanks that are modern (M60 was replaced by the Abrams, though it is
    still used around the world today) against WW2 vehicles? If yes then hey
    why not the B-52 stratofortress? (entered service in the 1950s) Or why not
    the A10 warthog? (entered service in 1970s aka the Vietnam era)

    • Maybe they should add tier 6 where they can put the more modern tanks and
      planes like F-16 or Abrams

  134. Ilgars Eivazovs

    Thx baton u play realistic battles !:) ure best..

  135. How do you use the binoculars?

  136. T10m not op! what is wrong with you Baron!!! ALL OF THE USSR TANKS AND
    PLANES ARE OP!!!!!


    • Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

      No its just there aircraft and the is-3 and is-4 Soviet tanks are balanced
      if you know where to hit them t44- side of turret is-1&2 turret cheek
      ,every t-34 model drivers hatch all the su tds beside the gun mantlet its
      not hard

  137. NEIN

  138. You talk about the T10 all you want, but soon death will come and all
    capitalists pig dogs will cry tears of blood, red like stronk soviet union,
    for the T62 will come and all butts will be destroyed, in the name of even
    stronkest comrade nikita kruschev it shall be so

  139. kelsey strome (The Call of Duty Guys)

    can u and phly play the easy 8 m4 sherman

  140. How tired were you when recording the beginning? You sounded super tired

  141. Dimaria Dimaria

    What about iS-6

  142. I was sitting there like, y u no finish capping A?? when you rushed that

    Anyways, you guys should take out the T-126(SP), aka the most OP 2.7 BR
    tank ever.

  143. This is the first time I’ve actually seen him lose.

  144. Ha, a War Thunder ad while watching this

  145. Wow baron, that was some really undisciplined play and really poor
    awareness by you and phly. You absolutley have to know what kind of match
    you’re playing in. Who doesn’t see what type of match they’re playing? I
    think I’m more dissapointed by the decision to go find more kills rather
    than win the match. You guys didn’t even fire another shot when you left
    the cap circle. Cost the team an easy victory.

  146. M60 plz baron 

  147. ‫مزعومين بس مدعوسين‬‎

    is this IS-8 not T-10M

  148. Fly the Il-10 1946!!!!

  149. Its actually technically the is-10

  150. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    I like that gaigin made the t-10 balanced its not another completely broken
    Russian heavy like the is-3 and is-4 but we all know the leopard 1 and the
    m60 steal the show :)

  151. Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

    This tank is such a cash grab 

  152. It’s a *IS-10…*

  153. no one takes the time to look how fuckin awesome the snow is on the tank.

  154. TheSuperWinegum

    Pretty sure the T10 has spaced armour in the lower plate

  155. antonis manolakis

    T 54

  156. oy baron
    i found a post on war thunder live of this M 60 driver in WT who took only
    HESH shells and 1-shotted everything
    you should try to see if that is true

  157. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

  158. Tiger(P) vs IS-2

  159. Not so op can’t killed without 400mm heat round sure its not op at all, not like my tank always have a fire angle of 90° on it

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