War Thunder – T-34-100 “No Exit Strategy!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The T-34-100 just went down in battle rating from 6.7 to 6.3! I have this for a while now and have always wanted to find the time to feature it in a video. I hope you enjoy the tank, the video, and then that beautiful Polish Skin.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)


  1. The channel passed 350,000 Subs this week! I wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of you for the support over the years and for helping make this milestone possible. Today on our Twitch.TV channel we will be celebrating this achievement! Stream starts @ 3PMCST over at http://www.twitch.tv/botimegaming

  2. how to put the yellow marker on the battle for allies in realistic battles?

  3. Luis Diego Mesén R

    8:48 GIBBY

  4. I saw this thing at 5.3 …….. spechless

  5. fvckn CHEATER: =Baffe=C1Buck the next level 39 player in BR10 who is constantly cheating with aimbots and radar

  6. 13:24 wait where’s the cover on the T26E5’s mantlet?

  7. huh….War Tetris

  8. I’ve noticed that every time stick boy gives bo a compliment or starts building him up disaster strikes heavy at bo duty

  9. This gun can go through the main upper plate of panthers

  10. Can you do a 2022 premium buying guide for warthunder

  11. When Stick or Ham said it was just friendlies in the tunnel.

    I expected the kill feed to light up with nothing but Bo killing everyone on his own team.

    I was very surprised he only got the Panther

  12. This was so good 😂 The crew did really well on this one

  13. how do you change you sights to the barrel?

  14. AND BY THE WAY:::HERE ANOTHER FVCK CHEATER: Sirist720 aimbot cheating scm

  15. So this is what armoured trench warfare looks like 🤔

  16. NO; IT DOESNT STOP, another cheater here: [KRETY] Phuwu aimbot cheating pos

  17. that last round, man that was fun to watch

  18. The fact this tank was even conceived is insane. It both works, and doesn’t work at the same time

  19. t-28 not t-95

  20. Love the Video keep it up 🙂

  21. “I am getting frisky with a train car” -Bo 2022

  22. Love watching these kids play, so funny

  23. Awesome Video as always, wished I could have joined your twitch stream. Keep up the good work!!

  24. Am I the only 1 who cringes in WT YTs who shoot places when they can out right kill or almost kill like Bo with the Ferdinand the T-34-100 I believe has enough pen with any round to go through the flat super structure

  25. that situation at the start, my god man XD

  26. LOL it’s the meatwall from the Battle of Thermopylae from 300. Accidental genius at it’s finest. 😂🤡👌

  27. It’s not the size of the barrel, it’s the penetration that counts.

  28. I knew this was a horror game and all with the jumpscares too! 8:43

  29. Pls play the m 56

  30. I am about to just quit war thunder, can’t play normally without a PC player herrassing me because I can’t afford a PC.

  31. POLISH HUSARZ!!! Greatings from Poland

  32. My friend, why don’t you do videos on aircraft any more? I miss those videos 🙁

  33. 8:50 raining tanks 🤣🤣 let the company get a cargo plane with full of tanks falling down the sky so you can shoot them out the death falling 😂😂😂

  34. 6:32 I once Had I situation like this butt i was in a PZ IV H2 a Sherman Was Pushing A dead Body To Try To Get To the point but I PUSHED it Back Then it became a REVERSE Tug Of War I won 😉

  35. LOL saw the orange smoke and the M41 drop from the sky and my first thought was “What kind of arty are you dropping?”.

  36. You can pen the Panthers lower glacis with the russian 100!!!

  37. Love your chanel, but please stop showing KV2 game, the tank is ugly and boring. SWE high tear tank please…..

  38. Hey Bo, I listen to Megalovania while playing now. It always fills me with determination. I’ve only lost 3 battles since I started listening to it.

  39. what a fucking massacre lmao

  40. You could shoot through the front plate of the panther I believe

  41. That tank pile up in the tunnel 😂

  42. i still cant wait for 1 million

  43. Video 7-you should play the He 112 A-O as cas with the cannon, you have not made a video on it yet i think

  44. Василь Пупкин

    Это русские напали на Украину?

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