War Thunder – T-34-57 “When You Need A Bigger Cannon…”

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Source: Bo Time

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Hope you enjoy these moments from this silly night.

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  1. Who wants a War Thunder spin-off that we can modify tanks into horrible, horrible things like my T-34.

  2. foxy the pirate fox

    i put the mortar ontop of the fv4005 xD

  3. can you put a waffentrager cannon on the Hs 129 B-2??


  5. SvenandBex Ericksen

    How did you “sneak up” on the Chi-to with that thing on your deck!

  6. Maus, put it on maus

  7. gaijin let us have these its not an exploit it only disadvantages you and affects idiots who cant tell the difference between a giant anchor and a tank

  8. Well, Gayjin really hates his community doesn’t it. They got fixed this little big instead of working on bigger problems.

  9. 20:13 Task faild succesfully

  10. So have you been banned yet as Mike implied people would be if they “abused” this bug?

  11. Jan Jelínek-Navrátil

    Russian tank with loot. This game becomes more realistic. Next time add some washing machine or toilet.

  12. Nicolas Kielblock

    That looks stupid but i love it

  13. so apparently people who did this was causing others playing to crash to desktop, one of my games went from 150fps to 10fps bombing 2 tanks with naval decor on them

  14. Stick boy in the aa roll needs to speak to Human Resources again

  15. 8:40-9:11 I laughed so hard during those 31 seconds it hurt my tummy.
    12:02-12:34 That, too.

  16. How can you get this?

  17. Noah’s awesome vids

    Lol I would probably go wth is going on here

  18. It’s true log right there. Russian tank x tree forever

  19. I swear gaijin enforcement officer, its stock i can assure you

  20. I felt the 57 mm on the t 34 was very underpowered when going up against tiger h1 and tiger e’s.

  21. How the? What the?

  22. The Sherman’s backing away from the bomb on B, that was priceless lol

  23. Botime gaming be like haha this is funny also him realizes he can get banned

  24. Oh that’s fun, I’m in this one, first section me and my friends are the IS1’s and the Sav painted like a duck

  25. I can’t believe I got to push with that guy, I’m the IS-1 to the left at 1:27! The text on the side means “Relentless”

  26. Do you want ot play warthunder with me

  27. How do you get this?

  28. Possessed by a magical Crossong

    What if you make that canon on a tankette like the L3 or the ASU-57?

  29. I thought the thumbnail was for a PhlyDaily video, nope it’s Bo and yep it’s real! LOL

  30. “I hate myself as much you hate me right now.”
    You have no idea.

  31. Comically large cannon?

  32. Now I just want to see a m22 with a artillery gun mounted to the roof….

  33. What’s even worse then that contraption is MikeGoesBoom suggested people get banned for doing this

  34. I saw someone do this once, but it was in low tier… And they put the biggest decoration they could on the biggest tank they could. Pretty sure the name is the Ka-Mi, and it looked insane.

  35. Imagine putting that cannon ontop of the L33 LMAO just turn into a moving cannon

  36. did they fix this already and can I use it without getting into trouble?
    I’ve been hearing that people get banned for doing this bug. why I don’t know because it’s nothing but dumb fun. lol

  37. so how do we do this? i wanna give my su-100y a massive top hat

  38. Classic Sturmling
    0:09 “Oh Godd@mn”
    5:09 “Oh wait, there’s a thing out there”
    5:39 “I did a thing … Yep, a sherman type thing, probably”
    6:12 “Oh God, it’s a a T-something”
    8:11 “A thing that way, directly in front of you”
    9:18 “An avenger, end of the thing”
    10:08 “I can’t help with that … Well, that’s unfortunate for us”
    15:10 “I found a thing”

  39. I cant do this bug bc I dont have 500 golden eagels

  40. Great to hear the gang. Bo can you imagine the reload time if that mortar thing actually worked?

  41. Bo, saying hot water heater is like saying ATM machine. Try practicing this week and see if you can get it together. This is America, not a toystore.

  42. Is the T-34 over compensating for something?

  43. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    i met you ingame while this monstrosity came at me… i have never panicked so much in warthunder my entire life!

  44. It would be super funny to take that giant cannon into like a reserve teir arcade match or something like that with noobs and just see what happens.

  45. Behold!
    The soviet navy

  46. I think the gun would look great on the back of the t 35

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