War Thunder – T-34-85 (D-5T) “Amusing & Necessary!”

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Source: Bo Time

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Believe it or not, this is first time we have uploaded a video on the D-5T and that is so far due.

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  1. I haven’t uploaded a video all year! -Dad Joke Ends –

  2. I don’t even play this game. I just watch the videos because you guys crack me the hell up.
    Rock on, guys.

  3. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! Can’t wait for the next video man! We need more of the T-34/85 (D-5T) Goodness! We need an Entire Soviet Tankovy Battalon (Soviet Tank Company) of T-34/85 (D-5T) tanks!

    Battalon HQ: 2 T-34/85 (D-5T) tanks
    Combat Companies (Soviet Platoons): 2 Tankovy Companies of 5 T-34/85 (D-5T) tanks
    Weapons Company: 1 Tank Killer Company of 5 SU-100 Tank Destroyers
    Support Companies: 1 Heavy Tank Company with 3 IS-2 Heavy Tanks, 1 Assault Gun Company of 2 ISU-152 “Trollcannon’s”, and Air Support in the Form of Yak-9 Fighter-Bombers and IL-2 Sturmovik Ground Attack Aircraft!

    There you go Comrades of the TBLF Crew! You have just been assigned a Command as well as the Soviet Guards Honor. Wear the Badge with Pride and bring Glory to the Soviet People!

  4. You should play some hardened pasta launchers #italygang🇮🇹

  5. That’s a very nice looking thumbnail

  6. “You do that Keebler elf” you nearly made me choke to death on that one lol

  7. hmhm Loilicon

  8. “You saved me Papa … Bombs Papa!” dies

  9. more cas plz

  10. When no one except me understood the back to the future reference 😥

  11. The t34-85 is such a good tank. I love to play it, especially due to the one-shot-shells. The armor is a bit weak, but when you use the mobility and play it sneaky it is so much fun. Good choice for your video! Love it and fun to watch as always. Keep it up!

  12. Bo as a father ” i don’t have a favorite son, but i have a least favorite!”

  13. Bohica Ice: Father of the Year since 2017! 🙌

  14. 18:25 I was choking and thats when you said “are you okay” me like AHHH BLOODY HELLL NOOO

  15. I always get killed by those

  16. The mother T-34-85 leads her newborn chicks towards the dangerous world! Until they grow up to be ASU-85’s, the youngling ASU-57’s will be entirely reliant on their mother for protection.

  17. I was worried something bad was gonna happen but being a bo time video something bad was bound to happen

  18. Panzer J premium tank in 6.0 or 5.0

  19. Bo can you do the leapord 2A4

  20. First Time i see Sturms and Hamm in the same Squad. What a time to be alive.

    Thanks Bo and the Boyz, u r the best

  21. i love it

  22. I was hoping you would use the match I was in. The jungle. Always great to play with you guys.

  23. This tank is so good. The regular 85 at 5.7 is overtiered.

  24. I just woke up and now i am gonna ask it yet again.
    Po-2 video when???
    I may be perish of my hangover.
    Also happy new jear ya freaks.

  25. Sturmling – “Irrelevant. I don’t care about that one.”

  26. Zmaj od Bosne Bosnakca-Ejderha

    after playing this game again for a year after deleting it for 2 years, I discovered the same issues as before which made me delete it (which I will be doing again once eagles have gone ). the game is full of unfair issues, ghost units and bots that are activated by grid position, this includes ground and air units. all designed to fleece more money out of you. the graphics are tops but this is wasted on a game that the developers have no clue in game play. one of the biggest alarm bells is although a Russian developed game it is actually registered in Cyprus, the reason for this is because Cyprus has no laws that protect players and their accounts, including hacking of your details IE, player accounts and even bank details. in fact I know of accounts that have been stolen and sold to Russian players and Gaijin do nothing because no laws protect you and possibly because within Gaijin there are those who are behind this. Never trust any type of site registered in Cyprus. To Sum up, as any others have said, money is what is needed to play this game and you have no chance with out it, one Tank can cost you £60.00 but once you buy it you will find that your one is not the same as the ones you have been up against, although supposing exactly the same. Gaijin decide the out come of all games regardless of how good and how strong your team may be. the game is “Fake” and unfair. you have been warned.

  27. 18:18
    *Teamwork x5*

  28. First off, I’m never going to not call the M13 and M16 anything except a delivery truck.
    *Get devastated.*

  29. Nathaniel Gritzman

    We love to take the piss out of you Bo, but this battle showcases your tactical talent. You know when to finish a battle, take your wins and reset.
    Think its your biggest asset. You don’t suffer from rush of shit to the head syndrome.

  30. Just unlocked this tank today. This video was inspiring. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing though.😁

  31. Love the work .if you love warthunder ,must visit – https://youtu.be/VJ0nA5d_xlE

  32. Did I hear a “Left you moron”? 😀

  33. I like how protecting Sturmling is higher priority that the Tiger 1 in the trees. Sturmling being sassy even is the face of danger is quite funny

  34. he looks like a vileger form minecraft

  35. Sturmling is the voice of Eeyore

  36. I hate America so much

  37. Hey bo if you read this try playing the a5c pls i would mean everything to me

  38. Its chinese

  39. The Tank Commander

    That bit about a T-34 being followed by triplet ASU-57’s is so stupidly comedic! I nearly pissed my pants laughing!

  40. Sometimes I feel like this group gets contact drunk without any of the alcohol….. Lmao

  41. You should do leopard 2pl next

  42. Backyard deathtraps

    What ever happened to Commander lizard

  43. hi bo was wondering if you could react to my war thunder clip?

  44. When did sheldon cooper start playing war thunder?

  45. A happy and a Healthier 2022 to u and your crew. Keep up the unbelievable Immeasurable funny vids of u all playing WT.
    Greetings from Holland.

  46. Love your team work/play. The teams I run into are ducking idiots!

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