War Thunder T-62 CONFIRMED! (War Thunder 1.61)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

T-62 Soviet , 115mm 440mm Pen!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Ганс Адольфов

    “TOVARISCH siksty-two” – Lol.))

  2. They should just add more tiers and take it up through the modern age :)

  3. russian biad is really ruining this game

  4. Meh, overkill. T-54 1-shots my M-60 from the front now with stock rounds.
    Look, now they have a 440mm shell that probably will cost less than my FS
    round in my M-60 that has a nasty habit of not working at all sometimes. Oh
    well, guess I got to remember not to play any US tank over 5.7 if I want to
    earn any SL.

  5. does anyone notice when baron gets his second kill as the bomber he kills
    slick as well

  6. With every patch this game gets more and more broken.

  7. more and more Russian Bias to complain about when you die in game

  8. What a pileofshit tank. And people complaining about Russian bias… Russia
    will get, AGAIN, the worst tank in tier V. Like the Leo1 is not op at all,
    with 65 km/h top speed and a gun depression of -10, plus fucking 7 sec
    reload. Cmon fuck off Russian bias

  9. The T-62 was everything the T-55 wishes it was. Rather go toe to toe with a
    55 then a 62

  10. Might as well add a M1A2 and a F-22

  11. Wow so suddenly they started to stop working on WW2 vehicles and goes for
    modern tanks now? why do they love to ruin they game so fcking much ?

  12. I’m not at all worried, I think the long reload will put the tank at a
    position similar to the T10, so I think it will be balanced

  13. There is so much Russian bias I can’t even

  14. gun sound is total garbage. It’s not a 122 wtf gaijin. Hope they fix that
    before release.

  15. now where the god dam IS-7

  16. Here we go again, see, this is why this game was completely removed from my
    computer, they just keep fucking over EVERY fucking nation except Russia,
    and it’s fucking stupid, this game is gonna go under FAST if this shit
    keeps up, and look, it already has.

    The quality of this game is fucking terrible, and the Graphics? If you look
    at certain other games, they are clearer, crisper, and cleaner in terms of
    Texture Quality.

    I dunno why I even argue about it, but you know what I have to say Gaijin?
    Fuck you, fix your fucking game and then maybe you won’t have to dedicate

  17. T-64 is way scarier than the T-62 and IMO is probably one of the best if
    not THE best Tank of the 60’s and even into the 70’s mainly because of its
    composite armor.

  18. Hard to decide between Baron and PhlyDaily but i think Baron Takes The

  19. P-51H! Cmon Warthunder

  20. What bugs me is the “Hype” of 440mm of pen….what is the big deal? The
    ATGM’s in the game pen more then this. The thing I’m looking forward to is
    the APFSDS, they said it would get two types….one will be ok the other
    may have very high pen on 60 degree armor because APFSDS gets a better
    modifier vs 60 degree armor.

  21. ENOUGH,need the M1A1 to balance the war thunder qi

  22. E96x - наблюдение

    Why does the video of it sound like the Seinfeld Theme?

  23. RandomSpaceManInSpace

    440mm penetration…. Can’t that pen a Maus?

  24. Killerbill54 Gaming


  25. Ze Naughty Company


  26. Gaijin give us the Abrams plez!!!!

  27. a new OP tank got in the war thunder!!

  28. Kaloyan Katzarov

    Honestly baron the T-62 was made to counter the Chieftain not ‘Murican
    tanks. Also the T-62 wasn’t nearly as successful as war thunder team
    attempts to make it seem.

  29. Wasteland Wanderer 1216

    I don’t think the UK had tanks that fired HEAT unless some of the Centurion
    variations had it.

  30. Jesus Garcia Lopez

    u can see is a rusian game

  31. gg War Thunder just keep add russian bias totally balanced tank, adding
    Japanese tank or Italian tank and plane is too hard

  32. nicholas prayudi

    wow thanks gayjub rip german top tier player

  33. Tony Andre Karlsen

    if they gonna add t-64 and t-72, they need to make a whole new tier for

  34. I want leopard 2

  35. t14 ! when ?

  36. Aaaand thats why i playing a lot br 4.7 / 5.7 …playing 7+ with my Tiger
    II 105 agains more and more post war tanks is not much fun XD my faouvirite
    tanks like jagdtiger are so easy to kill with post war ammo i only get more
    br in that tank (7.0 to 7.3) and now is 1k more expensive +/- from 14k+ to
    15k+ in reparations (who can use that TD and maus in the same match? is
    like 30k in reparations an when u see for example russian tanks…5k max
    all top tanks XD )
    So…3.7 – 5.7 and sometimes 6.7 are the real WT WW2 game 🙂
    BTW stop crying about gun depression in russian tanks…any soviet tank
    cant aim low =P t34 poor,kv1 poor,ISU/SU bad,IS1/2/3/4 cant too,T44-/54 bad
    GunDep. too ,its normal if u put a huge gun in a tinny turret

  37. T-62 is piece of shit with same armor as T-54 plus 19 seconds reload. Also
    worse maneuverability.

  38. Why aren’t the germans getting any love at all?

  39. 6:48 he tked slickbee!!

  40. baron please sabot and hesh is beastly u are just to inexperienced to know
    how they work

  41. I wonder when they will give russians a Metal Gear

  42. Joshua Erhardt (ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳરιקקξરҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ)

    War thunder 2023: T90 vs Tiger 2 with tiefighter Support and atat’s

  43. Do you get upBRed to 8.0 if you use the IL-28 along the T-54?

  44. And T54 no difference

  45. lalalalalalalalal

  46. Leonard Gužiňák

    t62 m60a1 leopard1a1 bee added like a oponnents to chieftains

  47. im waiting for all russian tanks to be nerfed

  48. give them germans already some new tanks or they will never stop crying
    like a bunch of twats

  49. Bernardo Benedicto

    I hope Gaijin can apply Explosive Reactive Armor, the T-62 (Chonma HO IV)
    and T-55AMV with Bastion ATGM had those :3

  50. I wouldn’t be so concerned about playing against the vehicles from the 60′
    but only until the moment it puts me against them when I play fucking Tiger
    I or IS-2. There’s fucking 20 years between them. They keep adding more and
    more vehicles but they don’t care they have absolutely broken BR system.
    This game used to be good.

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