War Thunder – T-72M2 Moderna “Surviving Because Incompetence!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Sorry, it took a while to get this tank featured on the channel. The T-72M2 Moderna from Slovakia was a recent crafting event vehicle. This modified T-72 features a different ERA package as well as a cannon strapped to the side the turret! I hope you enjoy these rounds of chaos from our Sunday afternoon of gaming.

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  1. What country would you like to see more vehicles added to the game from?

  2. I demand russian clown car airplane.

  3. 16:42 your on fire

  4. Great video.

  5. Amazing video as always!

  6. top tier feels rather……interesting

  7. Chat is back : D

  8. A Beast Made Of Steel

    Hey, bo killed PanzerKnaker

  9. Should be BR 1.0 since Ukraine be taking these out with spitwads

  10. Cold War Russian tanks don’t have depression because you were not allowed to be depressed in the soviet Union

  11. ami garver tarnate

    Soon you will see flying tanks when the game ends

  12. 15:42 What is the angriest vegetable?

  13. best game play ever help your Team about time

  14. Finnigann Petering

    hope you enjoyed ya weekend bo, cheers for the everlasting entertainment

  15. Is there anyway i can get the moderna tank missed the event can i buy somewhere or somehow get it

  16. Grim_Reaper3145

    Gotta love a bit of top tier chaos every so often

  17. Yeah the Slovakian T72… but the joke is, she never exist, just like the country.

  18. A comment a day keeps the doctors away

  19. donovanstogner65

    As you guys were worried about small german boi, there was an enemy to your right just chilling covered in bushes lol noice.

  20. Ikv 74 video?

  21. tandem mai please, time to do some star wars s**t again. XD

  22. Ngl i love the modern its a very enjoyable tank it may not be completely meta but its still a fun tank.

    i love how you guys have so much fun kinda makes me jealous

  23. Golden Freddy Fun time Freddy

    How does this guy survive a uptied battle

  24. Great video Bo! Pardon the late watch.

  25. Somewhere there’s an American with a ceiling fan lasing this position

  26. Lovely video, the moderna is a really fun tank for sure, keep up the good work guys

  27. 21:26 did the turret blow off the body?!

  28. btw how to mix nations vehicles in one loadout? i want to use a ju 87 G that is a german dive bomber but i want to use soviet tanks

  29. We want that Tandem Mai video

  30. 20:35 your on fire again

  31. Paul Krysztofiak

    Really enjoy your channel sir. Purchased Tiger SLA through the link recently and got the Bo decal. Now I can die in War Thunder proudly.
    Keep the content up how about JU 288 vid if you haven’t done one yet.

  32. Puff MagicDragon

    “to shreds you say…” thank you for that Sturm if you were quoting Prof. Farnsworth

  33. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! Can’t wait for the next video man! That Battle after Sturmling took a shot through the crack was just taken completely out of context LMAO!

  34. Anybody see the XM-1 hiding across the street from the weasel?

  35. 12:43 “and incompetence. Don’t forget that” lol

  36. 3:56 my god its like a warzone out there….

  37. Wasn’t that another tank on the other side of the road when he killed the weasel

  38. I could tell Sturmling was channeling his inner Stickboy with large amounts of high pitched panic

  39. I love Sturmling so much

  40. “have no fear, Bo is here” – 2 seconds later – “have fear, have fear !!!” LMAO

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