War Thunder – T26E1-1 “Super Pershing” “Press F To Pay Respects”

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I have always enjoyed the T26E1 now it is at a lower battle rating! Watch Sturmling have a couple breakdowns. Some decent Skyraider CAS. As well, as some clutch and moments.

All In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


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  2. I got my mom to start watching your podcasts, she loves them

  3. Poor strumming he need pamphlets

  4. Compilation video of best Loli screams, would be an instant hit

  5. Hey bo would you ever consider a face reveal I’ve been wondering what you cobey and moe look like

  6. Sturmling is awesome

  7. You can kill any tiger with an M22. For tiger 2 (any variant), shoot under his turret rear bustle where his turret ring has the least amount of armor. Shoot multiple times for desired effect as the sweet spot is rather small. If enough shots are applied, you have a good chance to kill it.

  8. War trophy!!!

  9. Oh Bo Daddy ?

  10. They forgot to add Non-super Pershing because it sucks

  11. porkypigdestroy ww2

    I think gig in should Add a veitnam map

  12. The king tiger just look at him like “Really dude?”

  13. Forgive my curiousity, gentlemen, but what is SRLF? Some kind of Liberation Front, but I am interested in SR’s meaning.

    Also have a heating summer! 😀

  14. Instead of lowering it BR, gaijin better returns all Super pershing goods such as armorrl, ammo. But they didnt. Thus this tank and t32 is still completely trashes

  15. tblf motto. calm down sturmling and take a breath

  16. The 225677th Fragment of the Man-Emperor of Mankind
  17. Can we get a highlights package consisting solely of Sturmling’s frequent panicking? That would be awesome fun!

  18. I love the teamwork from you guys. So hard to find folks to play with who can operate as a team.

  19. Is2 melts the frontal armor like a hot knife goes through butter

  20. i wish m26 should be change repair cost in RB

  21. What is with the “Press F to pay respects” Thing, can someone explain?

  22. Bo “sturmling, speak english” Sturmling :talking in histerics: bo :screaming internally:”what?” Another great TBLF video. you all are awesome

  23. Can u pls tell loli to change his name to nu2boy

  24. That ricochet off a Pz III…

  25. Bo you just shot me down with your bf110 and im so hyped that i met you

  26. Yo bo how is that nice yellow on the propellor i want that too can you reply plzzz

  27. Christopher Hanton

    good video

  28. Gripping!! Uh, I mean the content.

  29. Does loli have a channel?

  30. “pants already pre soiled” Class A bunch of tards lol

  31. Could you play any of the He-111 series, it is a plane I really like but I don’t see it often

  32. catherine cheung

    Taking fire from a cute little panzer fking adorable like a puppy kill it ! 😀

  33. @1:07 – You know spaced armor mechanics suck in War Thunder when it goes through a friggin’ Hellcat AND all the extra armor and boiler plate on the Super Pershing…. for real it feels like all that extra armor is worthless on that thing and its broken…

  34. When you tell a good joke in the comments and you get like 10 likes but then some guy says ”F” and gets top comment

  35. *”oh I’m prepared, pants are already pre-soiled”*

  36. Bo where is BFV!
    Plz make a vid of ur opinion on the game!

  37. I love the communication

  38. really wish i could join bo in the fun even if im over tiered like crazy XD

  39. Matthew Johnston

    Please stop with chat coming only through the right ear, pleeeaaassseeee

  40. Stompy Dragon Channel

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