War Thunder – T28 “Barrel Service!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Moe, Bo, Sturmling, and Loli, set forth to become heroes. Only to be met with more armor then you can sling lead at. I have always really like T28 and still can’t believe this guy sits at its battle rating. Over the past year, it has seen a buff to its ammo and an armor buff to its cupolas. Making it a very tough cookie to crack.

All Good In Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. Now introducing the quick change 105 mm barrel for the T5E1 cannon! Just a few twists and it pops right off for quick and easy battlefield replacement!

    ***DISCLAIMER*** Excessively large forearms required for barrel replacement. Following instructions may or may not work. Please do not contact our help desk, it merely consists of a dyslexic duck that we hired to admittedly play the kazoo pretty well.

  2. 6:40 if you hold s just the right track will move and you can turn

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  5. i hope some day in war thunder they add the ability to help other tanks with reloading

  6. 6:43 turn? question mark?

  7. Sturmling is the best combat medic I’ve ever seen dude should get a medal for that kinda bravery.

  8. Why don’t you just turn when your track is broken? You could’ve killed that tiger but you lost your t28

  9. Poor sturmling sounds like he had a mental breakdown at the end when bo killed the ferdy

  10. I don’t understand why T28 is 6.3 and the Tortoise is 6.7 ?. The T28 is more efficient than the Tortoise

  11. people never expect the Ferdinand Flank. thats why it is most effective

  12. Condorscondor Condor

    Sturmling is the best distraction.

  13. First time I saw Bo use range finding and the scope adjustment. Awesome to know I’m not the only one who utilizes these “cheats”.

  14. I am happy because i saw sturmling in a locust!!

  15. Make a new video for the hetzer for ze fatherland

  16. Protect the next generation Bo protect it from the panzers M22 must live

  17. I love the chaos of their battles.

  18. Gee, it’s good to see “race to the enemy spawn” gameplay isn’t limited to just highest BRs, he said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, as he tried to remember if there was ever any other meta to this game…

  19. Bo is the shark, Bear and Sturmling are the Remora fish.

  20. The Boulevard of Broken… I can’t think of a word for “gun” that rhymes with “dreams.”

  21. I love your videos guys you are so funny ^^

  22. 12:09 shout out to that helpful Chaffee, came up and deployed smoke and offered to tow Bo if he could. Such a good heart.

    Good stuff as always Bo. and “I lost my daddy!” – by Moe just had me chuckling.

  23. How do you use the rangefinder?

  24. I got that Linkin Park reference straight away.

  25. Hey Bo why haven’t y’all played He-177 yet??

  26. Moe!???

  27. Whenever I see Sturmling in a Locust, I have to giggle!

  28. remember: when a breach is damaged and in red condition. they can’t shoot

  29. I’d love to know why a broken barrel stops the loader from sticking the shell into an undamaged breech and why it reverses all loading progress thus achieved and reverts back to completely unloaded…

    Because Gaijin?

  30. Moe its so good to have you back….hello from Australia.

  31. I have killed only one 28 cuz i have only seen one enemy t28

  32. Why when you repair something but your canon breach is not damage you can’t reload?

  33. This look’s like the Mother Tank is trying to take care of her little cubs…NOT…

  34. Sturmling you sir deserve a beer… a large one.

  35. Tigers tigers everywhere!

  36. did Moe do a schlieffen plan? “theyre shooting back theyre shooting back!”

  37. Bo is daddy confirmed.

    sturmling: **sigh** yes

  39. Bo:* HELLO WORLD!*
    *gets shot and loses breach*

  40. Bo time gayming

  41. Bombs and Tigers Barrel Replacement Company.

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    need T14 armata

  43. javier pelletier jr


  44. I think Sturmling needs therapy again

  45. Sturmling sounded so greatful when Bo shot the ferdy


  47. Moevil is swiss?

  48. Is there a way you could join TBLF?

  49. Time to deinstall the bias.

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