War Thunder – T28 “Karma Sucks!”

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Source: Bo Gaming

The T28 Heavy Tank, one of my favorites in the American Tech Tree. In this Bo tries to be clever, Sturmling like a basset hound, and Bear becomes a monument.


  1. Bo’s video has 1.2k likes and 6 dislikes. He’s too pure for the dislike trolls.

  2. didn’t know the name of the fox dog but i knew the sound it makes and sturmling got it right.

  3. monument out of bear, more like a monumental disaster!

  4. I want him to do a video on a landkreutzer P.1000 ratte mod

  5. I love how that guy at 9:07 is crying russian bias in the chat cause he was killed by an su-85… while he was in an m16.
    It’s so representative of american tree players in this game, if they can’t destroy a tank with their .50 it’s op.

  6. Sound of Basset Hound….make me lol…. Great one!!!! Thanks

  7. that act in the end… thats how m22:s are made

  8. basset hound.exe has stopped working ;P

  9. Bo? Is that description of the video your attempt to sound like Jeremy Clarkson? GT/TG anyone?

  10. The amount of Freedom armor coming down that road… holy crap!

  11. That tank looks like my penis. Huge!!!!

  12. Great way to wake up 🙂

  13. I really like the squad gameplay of a light tank to spot and support, and the medium tank to help defend, with the T28s as the killing and wall power. Fun video

  14. That was clearly an American M10, not a panther.

  15. Somehow Sturmling beat Loli as the most adorable person in this video.

  16. Sturmling is running around like a kid in a fair “Mom i want this and this and this!”

  17. Joseph Stalin Mr Coin

    Hahha , your the one who is funny

  18. Plz play king tiger I just got it and don’t know if it is good or not

  19. 8:00 Thats a veeery strong wooden bridge right here

  20. Hey bo I may be the only one but could you add the footage from when you are in the plane after you die I like to watch that thanks

  21. Backyard Trailcam

    Only a fool would pay Gaijin to play WarThunder with their “game moderators” bullying players with lengthy bans simply because they don’t agree with a player’s opinion

    • You do have a point.

    • Backyard Trailcam

      Yeah I am on a 30 day ban now for not liking the German 4.3 high BR in the chronicles event and refusing to play it publicly when I realized it. Most likely I am done, they won’t remove the ban so no squad play or calling out targets. Support is just rude and the moderators got bitterness issues from being well non-paid moderators I guess. Anyway I’m hoping my creditor will dispute the last 30 days of charges with them as they aren’t providing the game play I paid for.

  22. 4:50 perfectly described my neighbors beagles. (they bellowed instead of barked and waddled everywhere.)

  23. ThatGuyAtomic 12324

    It’s told that if Bo pins this comment he likes his fans.

  24. Do a video with Italian tanks and say you’re handing out pizza and hardened spaghetti

  25. You kinda sound like ravic… is it just me?

  26. Thats what you get for Pay to winning and Pubstomping

  27. Most likely to cray during video ,Sturmling ??

  28. It doesn’t fit 😀

  29. Just turn your Bassett hound off and on again

  30. Samuel Leppämäki

    i haven an basset.

  31. You guys remember the panther video where Coffee stole the show? This was Sturmlings and his litol m22s turn <3

  32. Want to see them use the FV4005

  33. I am not sure who is the more adorable one. Loli or Sturmling. Great video as always Bo.

  34. Maus adventures???

  35. XxRebelxHellXx Samurai

    doom turtle

  36. what happened to moe and cobey btw havent seen them in a few videos lately

  37. leroyjenks6242 54321

    wire hair pointer

  38. Hey bro I was wondering if you and the guys could drive the leopard one with only Sabo because I can’t seem to get kills with that no matter how hard I try I don’t know if it’s bugged right now

  39. Nobody expects the sturmling inquisition!

  40. I get it that you only want to try to play a specific tank during a video but jumping in in a plane sometimes is very nice to see imo 🙂 Just some feedback!

  41. In the immortal words of Archer ……. Phrasing !!

  42. @Bo Time Gaming, i was just in an air rb match with you. It was a privilege, sir.

  43. Sturmling’s voice sounds like hes an M22. Hes the little baby bear helping mama and papa bear at work

  44. gasdorfic muncher

    that arty was amazing 2:45 epic revenge

  45. the m22 will soon grown into a t28 while male t28 become t95

  46. 16:16 “and that children is how baby tanks are made.. notice how, in their natural habitats, the male of the species is significantly smaller…”

  47. PTSD Pamphlet Company

    11:16, did you just assume Bear’s tank classification?

  48. Drives a Pershing going 15 km/h : looks really slow
    Drives a T28 going 7 km/h max speed : looked like a normal tank going at normal speed

  49. russian tanks

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