War Thunder – T28 Slow And Steady Wins The Fight

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

I purchased this tank a while back and finally took some time today to try out in . Its kinda fun to just sit there and be shot repeatedly with no effect.


  1. I thought it was the Russian T28??

  2. Do people not know to shoot the commanders hatch?

  3. Is the t28 OP? or is Bo overpowerd.

  4. No luck with the ASU-57 I saw you in few days ago?

  5. CrispyBacon Parr

    finaly another ground fourses videos

  6. Theora323 Lastname

    Bo what if you put the t29 behind the t28 to cover the weak frontal armor
    of the t29, and use the high profile and strong turret armor to make an
    unstoppable, double 105mm machine with one turret

  7. I didn’t like my Tiger anyways ;_;

  8. Reminds me of a match I was in on Carpathians; this tank’s big brother, the
    T95, was sitting on top of a mountain with a line of fire on practically
    the entire map. Enemy kept shooting at him but did practically nothing to

  9. See? ducks really do like Brits!

  10. Staniszewski Wojciech

    From personal experience when playing against T95/T28, you can actually
    destroy it frontally rather reliably.
    All you have to do is shoot the cuppolas, so that when the shot penetrates,
    it detonates above the ammo storages on the sides.

    So far it worked every time I was forced to do that.

  11. I am amazed they didn’t kill you immediatly into those shot traps aka

  12. I think you should be shooting upper glacis of the panther – easy
    penetration and easy kill with that gun.

  13. Crusher BR -Nicolas Heineck-

    Damn the Germans are nerfed as fuck

  14. No matter how meany times people shoot at the t28 from the front they never
    shoot for the Coppola the one and only place they can pen.

  15. Slooow n’ Steady! “20 minutes latuuurhh”

  16. Slooow n’ Steady! “20 minutes latuuurhh”

  17. Der Nudelexpress

    in soviet poland water burns you

  18. You should of titled the video “Slow and Sturdy Wins The Fight” because
    this tank is a seriously hard nut to crack, unless you catch it’s sides.

  19. Kittie

  20. benjamin wehrle

    Is the T28 worth the GE ?

  21. showww theee enddd screaan withhh theee earrninngg anddd stufff

  22. I can’t believe the IS2 didn’t team blast you at the very end. I’d have
    lost money there.


  24. I have a problem: (specs: gpu GTX950, cpu Core i5 6400, screen 1920×1200
    60Hz) I can only see 2x and 4x anti-aliasing settings in War Thunder’s
    settings! But the 4x AA just isn’t enough… I can see jagged edges, and
    distant (50+ meters) trees are full of some weird, small bright pixels and
    they look a bit pixelated (Some kind of “noise”)(I had same problem in WoT
    without AA, but AA solved the problem) in ground forces AND planes. My
    lower-mid-range gpu GTX 950 runs WT GroundF at ultra graphics (all maxed)
    at ~50-60fps and planes at ~70-150fps, and lowering AA doesn’t really
    affect the fps much, so 6x or even 8x AA shouldn’t be too much. I have
    tried using the NVidia control panel, but it has no effect!! Plz help me! I
    have had these problems always (bought this PC 8 months ago)! I have almost
    stopped playing wt because I can’t enjoy the awesome graphics because of
    these problems :'(

  25. I lost it at 1:26 with KOOL AID MAN

  26. Kim-jong-un #NUKD


  27. T95 > T28

  28. What you never know is I see videos 5 minute after they’re published and
    choose the wait until an good bit of time later to watch….

  29. Francisco Vergara

    The T28 and T95 don’t get much love, i think they are great tanks. Great
    video ??

  30. Bo do you have the T29 yet?

  31. we really need the T28 Prototype in the game, even if it is only a premium

  32. BR + – 1 is just stupid. I wish they would lower it to .7 or.5 . Anything
    is better than this. The spread is too great.

  33. +Bo Time Gaming I sent you a few F4U replays, just want to make sure you
    got them (I have same username in WT). Also, I have a challenge for you:
    Fly out OS2Us and try and get kills (RB)!

  34. it looked like bo T28 was docking with the tiger

  35. More Gta please

  36. Furious Sherman

    Happy Canada Day from a Canadian fan of your videos. I remember when this
    channel had less than 1,000 subs.

  37. No one knows where to shoot it from the front *Facepalm*

  38. Brendan Fatheree

    Where is cobey and moe???

  39. I’ve never seen someone play this tank on youtube

  40. could u do T-34 ” Sotka”. that was name which in finland they know that

  41. Are you ever going to do rainbow six again?

  42. Maybe do the Me263 next?

  43. Ohhhhh

  44. 1:40
    I just noticed a skull on the front of that Panther.
    Pretty cool.

  45. Swear the back of those Doom Turtles look like the fuel tanks are exposed

  46. 4:12 – 4:31 Haha :D

  47. crazymadjoe13 Gaming&Music

    omg GameConsoleMad sounds like he’s a descendant of Woody The Woodpecker at
    2:28 xD

  48. Серега Петраков

    is 2 master

  49. WT doesn’t have T28 Proto does other

  50. What if they named the Tiger the Prairie Dog?

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