War Thunder – T28 – “Turtle Pass!”

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Source: Bo Time

The T2 Super Heavy Premium that will strike fear into any enemies dead ahead of it. If they are behind, beside, or above, they just tend to giggle. Watch as Bo attempts to protect his squad mates but miserably fail every engagement.


  1. AGloriousPolarBear

    Buy the Luxury version of this super heavy tank and get the Early Warning Bear System (EWBS) and Squirrel CO. Cloaking Technology for free!

  2. I like fifty, he may return in your videos bo

  3. I appreciate the coordination you have when you do Tank vids. It gives me ideas when I play with my friends. Keep up the good work!

  4. These are predators that can only detect movement Bo.

  5. And this thing basically has the same BR as a Ferdinand and its 200mm flat Armor .
    Nothing wrong Gaijin, nothing wrong.

  6. Henrique Martinho

    14:48 the guy that killed/took revenge on you was called vingador that means avenger ( someone who makes revenge )in portuguese

  7. Why does Bo always survive the longest?

  8. A twin c-130 would be awesome! Just imagine a twin AC-130.

  9. That bomb placement tho XD

  10. No more realistic mode planes? I kinda miss those……but just do whatever u like…

  11. When is the next me 262 podcast coming???

  12. 6:05 got me crying so hard “its gonna be ok, 2 friends got mutilated” *random shell flys past* “Loli?”

  13. Tank name?

  14. How does one not see that behemoth?

  15. I groaned so loud from the Star Wars quote that I woke everybody in the house up.


  16. 6:00 *Loli:* “I don’t want to be here anymore.”
    *Bo:* “It’s gonna be okay! I mean our two friends got mutilated…”
    _Turns to see Loli’s tank in flames._
    *Bo:* “…Loli?”

    12:00 *Loli:* “I found the way to keep up with you and protect myself.”
    _Points tank backwards._
    *Bo:* “What, you do circles?”
    *Loli:* “No, this:” _Pew_ “Oh god.”

    Yeah, I enjoyed those bits to the point I had to quote them.

  17. I just stated to play WT and I’m really enjoy it from what I have played so far

  18. I was in that first game. (The pz iv G) I saw you and was like nah.

  19. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    that poor innocent TD! you evil man you… hahaha

  20. Definitely BO TIME cloaking technology.

  21. Sebastian Halo Ahlo Eldo

    Your voice sounds so much like GAAYYYYYYYY

  22. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    AH! StarWars… good times

  23. Are you guys going to be playing a game called skull and bones? Its like war thunder and blackwake in one

  24. Looks like Bo found my team mates in every recent match in RB.

  25. I think they think that you are a friendly for some reason.

  26. Tamren Starshadow

    Does having half the tracks of the non-premium version have any effect other than a smaller hitbox?

  27. Hello I’m fairly new to the game and had some questions. If I have br5 British tank on my crew tab but I’m playing a br2 German tank what is the highest ranking tank I will have to fight? Thanks for any help

  28. Bo pls do a premium tank buying guide I would appreciate it since I am gonna be buying a premium tank soon and can’t decide which one

  29. “Foxhole and Chill” needed to be more of a highlight.

  30. It must have been International Ignore Bo day

  31. Hey Man Love the Channel One Bo to Another Id love to get your Feedback on my Channel

  32. Nice video Bo! What do you think about going air after dying in your tank? Would be fun to see both tanks and planes in tank RB 🙂

  33. Ever seen the show Naked and Afraid? That’s how I imagine Bo when everyone around him dies

  34. Hey Bo, been watching you for Twoish years now ever since the first WT fail montage. I was wondering if you’d ever played men of war assault squad 2. It’s a great RTS if you give it a try and it’s ww2 based. I thought it’d be cool if TBLF made some vids on it.

  35. PLEASE do a video on the M18 hellcat

  36. Hey bo time! I just wanted to say thank you. You’re the one that made me go into air RB. I’m not any good at it but it will come around. Keep doing what you do and stay awesome! 😀

  37. 4:30 _”Just gonna stand there and watch me burn. It’s all-right because like the way it hurts…”_

  38. he gone now

  39. im a small country tank i dont know this city I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!BLAAAM

  40. so this tank is the premium one, and the only other turtle is the t95?

  41. ok last one: is the Bo Time from the restaurant “bojangles”? and do you have a warth under username called Cpt.Bojangle

  42. could u do more fail montoge

  43. Wow – what`s going on here during the last few days? – only my favorite vehicles do see combat: T-35, T28… now please go on with another episode of the almighty “Maus” 🙂

  44. Can u do t29

  45. To anyone who is wondering how to kill the turtle tank, shoot the commander or drivers hatch.

  46. I just wish my fucking game worked!! FPS dropping and lag. I’ve contacted Gajin I’ve tried to do coding I can’t fix it and i’ve went through HELLLA withdraws…

  47. American stealth technology

  48. 5:00 star wars reference

  49. Noice m8… that cringey reference tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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