War Thunder – T28 “What are you the Death Star?”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The Super … for all your big cannon needs. Also some P-51H action as well.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. William O’Neill

    Hi bo

  2. The mighty KV2 😀

  3. Don’t sub to him he just a asss hole with a fuck up admin team on discord they banned just for joining a room and then they say stuff that not true

  4. Underbird [former X8X8]

    13:06 So it doesn’t only happen to me!

  5. 100% not american bias

  6. Haha The KV-2 Never Cease To Amaze Me

  7. Yay, Sturmling in the M22. The carefree locust cares not the dangers of charging a Panther or sitting behind a reversing death star.

  8. this reminds me of the old board game, turned computer game, called “Ogre”.

  9. Frederik van Rooyen

    Plz do the panther2 plz

  10. Sturmling’s voice dropped?

  11. my favorite tank in the game next to the Chi-nu II

  12. At 9:18 I swear I thought Bo said the n-word … just listen to what he says at low volume. Sorry Bo

  13. That ending tho

  14. 2019 IONIQ Hybrid

    wtf was that shot? 1:25

  15. They need to bring back the original 50cal sound fx. It sounds so shit.

  16. We were falling away
    You left me with a bittersweet taste
    But when I send my round your way
    It bounces off the walls you made

  17. Just love how at one point, Bo is panicking but Sturmling is just singing/humming like everything is ok, lol

  18. Bo you must have xray vision. I could never see half of the tanks you do.They are hidden well and you seem to see them on the move. Check out 0:43 I dont see a tank. Does anyone else? lol Great job Bo

  19. Just a tip for better title, commas.

  20. @Bo Time & friends. Don’t say AFFIRMATIVE for “I understand,” say ROGER.

    AFFIRMATIVE/NEGATIVE are used to respond to yes or no questions.

    “There is a Tiger in the field.”

    “Do you have eyes-on the Tiger?”

    “Can you bomb the Panther?”

    Thanks and happy gaming

  21. “Brave soldier called airstrike on himself, attempt to destroy enemy near him during his last moment”

  22. 3:21 What is that eerie noise??

    • That’s the sound of the nearby loudspeakers activating. If you’re closer or your game volume is up enough, a voice will also come from them afterwards

  23. Great vids, always funny to watch with Sturmling in his Locust, would like to see you play the Chieftain MK10

  24. What type of mod you Are playing?

  25. I never have full ammo load because you much easier if you do

  26. When I play it’s a m3 lee or m2a4 every time I play

  27. Bo can you use the ISU152 in your next video?

  28. m22 best tank of the war, say otherwise i will respect your opinion?

  29. Do T95


  31. Please make some memes out of Stermling in his locust

  32. Blitzar Kritzar

    Sturmling for this whole video:

    “i see this as an absolute win”

  33. Sturmling is so CUUUUUTE hahaha

  34. Every other Youtuber: Hey look at all these new vehicles!
    Bo n’ Friends: Hey remember this vehicle?

  35. “we made a deck of cards while u were gone”
    That’s even funnier for me because a classmate of mine made a UNO deck, and played with them during testing.

  36. American Jäger

    It feels great to receive the honor of being killed by sturmling in this video

  37. oh geez, MY life flashed before my eyes at the end when that KV2 popped up!

  38. 2 Tanker, 1 Thief, 1 Mage
    What is this, RPG game?

  39. YEET

  40. Hey bo it’s me again you should take out Maus into high tier MBT’s with your friends (try #8)

  41. Did anyone else notice the transmission somehow causing a fire on the German tank?

  42. Always makes my day when I see Bo playing the T28 or T95.

  43. Sturmling killing that Panther reminds me of a match I was in recently where a BT-5 Killed my Conquer.

  44. Is that P-51 skin a “Gunfighter” skin?

  45. Anyone else feel like the t28 should be a few miles faster?(maybe 15 or 16mph)
    All it is is a t95 without the extra tracks(and weighs 30 tons less), so it should be faster.

  46. I got a new pc but it had some hard drive issues…. So my friend gave me a new hard drive so now I can’t wait to install WT again

  47. hey bo, it was me in that panther A on that game at el Alamine. I was in the right place in the right time and ended up killing a few of you guys and i also killed 5 planes. thx for being a good opponent : )

  48. We love you Loli…….

  49. Strumling is so brave,he’s my hero
    # I (heart emoji) Striling/Strumling 🙂

  50. Bo, you sound like you came straight outta Adventure Time

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