War Thunder – T30 “I Need A Supervisor!”

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Source: Bo Time

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has been a couple years since I have run the 0 for a video. The HE Buff is amazing with but the up tiers were out in force this night… as well as some bad gameplay by yours truly.

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  1. What vehicle would you say is the biggest letdown in War Thunder and why?

  2. Stickboy I personally would go to you-gi-oh cards right next to the Pokemon cards

  3. This is video was a pleasant surprise. Been awhile since I have played and seen one of these vehicles. It was an enjoyable watch.

  4. “You’re only paranoid if you’re wrong” LOL

  5. Chaos, panic, death
    “Hey mike, how ya doin back there?”
    Mike, completely unbothered by any of it: “I’m doin just fine.”

  6. jarrod skufca gaming

    Ahhh the T30 vs. Tiger II. WRESTLE!!!!!!!

  7. “there’s always another cat” is now my favorite variation of the phrase.

  8. universe nerdἒἒἒἒἒἒἒἒἒἒἒἒἒ

    10 hrs ago

  9. There’s always some good fun watching a video when you break out the tanks from the T29 program. It’s shocking how strong their armor is compared to most of the US tanks

  10. Could you play the fv4005 at some point

  11. Always such a fun tank!💯

  12. my most requested video has come! great video as always bo and crew, maybe play the is 3 or is 7 next?

  13. Playing this tank on WoT is painful, glad to see WT did it better as always

  14. I’ve seen a couple dozen videos in this channel and while it must be a lot of fun to be part of that squad, I cant imagine how frustrating it must be team member trying to play a match with a squad that sacrifices themselves for one player over and over and over and nobody caps the points.

    • Yea we definitely had some bad matches where we kept getting capped out. It’s hard with this big thing to push points with out big and exposed it as well. In terms of sacrificing themselves, I can assure you I never tell the guys to eat shells or to be a meat shield or something. In the past few videos I have uploaded clips of myself diving in front of games with a broken breech to eat shells. Just sometimes something silly we do… but in the case of this vehicle I tend to play it very reserve just due to the reload and being having the breech/barrel broken every time something spotted me. But yes it was a frustrating day for us as well when we recorded this one, we just couldn’t seem to win a match.

    • @Bo Time Gaming aswell as the fact somehow a 155mm couldn’t pen an 80mm flat piece of armour

  15. What’s with bo and mounting tigers?

  16. Foundation's Oversight

    Banging my head against the wall watching Bo cower in fear over a Tiger 1. You could’ve pushed out, shot him down, and had a shell loaded to deal with the SU that flanked you.

  17. Bo: Mike I eat things off of a menu that say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 I wonder what menu he’s talking about🧐😂 that had me dead😂

  18. “Get in there Jim! American Might!” “_.50 caaaaals…”_ “Capitalism! Bed Bath & Beyond! Taco Bell! Home Depot! Craigslist! I’m trying to motivate him by screaming American things at him…”

  19. wonder woman!

  20. 22:13 Bo, why are you waiting to shoot ? it’s just… THERE. just… DO IT !!

    • He wasn’t aiming at me yet and I really wanted a good angle on the left turret cheek where the gunner was. I had a hard time penning Tiger 2s that day with the AP shell. Sometimes you gotta slow down to make the shot you want… especially with a reload as long as that things.

  21. Nice video. See in next one.

  22. You guys should play the yak17. It is a yak3 with a jet engine strapped with tape to the bottom of the plane

  23. Love the ‘America: World Police’ reference, but I don’t think Graigslist was included. I need to double check that.

  24. Can u play with me

  25. I just want to one day play a round with these guys

  26. “american graveyard” i dont know looks more like an american schoolyard

  27. “Stick,you can’t go outside there with your six-shooter. You can’t be Butch and Sundance”. And then he was. 😉

  28. McMac the average Sunbro

    Today we watch Bo delete some baby tanks, and get slapped by tanks his own size.

  29. wouhou, i get a video for my birthday

  30. AMERICAAA!! F**K YEAH!!!!!

  31. Those 21 dislikes are the tanks that you destroyed

  32. i miss the Side Chat Podcasts

  33. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you

  34. I am reminded of Gyp Rossetti on Boardwalk Empire, ” What the f* is life if it isn’t personal?”

    When you shot that armored car in the beginning

  35. Gaijin: we fixed the driver port.
    Ameribois: 13:55 Um you sure about that?

  36. when u face hugged the Tiger 2 I would have just requested CAS on myself at that point. “STICK! Bomb me!”

  37. I gotta agree with Stick. U pushed him

  38. Great quote “there is always another cat”.

  39. Jim: “charcuterie board”
    Bo: “I order from menus with 1, 2, 3, & 4”

    Yes, I had to look that spelling up, charcuterie board!?

  40. Got to play with you guys on Normandy, love the videos. Can you play the t32?
    I was very let down by it because I thought I’d get a heavy tank and not a slow target for 8.0 vehicles

  41. 13:10 get gaijined

  42. Tiger II OP.

  43. There’s always another cat….. 😂😂😂💯💯💯🤘🤘🤘🍻🍻🍻

  44. 1. i can’t find you on steam
    2. tanking IS a sport its called “Sensha-do”

  45. I just subscribed last night and I already enjoy watching you and your friends playing war thunder and listening to your guys conversations and it’s funny to listen to you guys talking about crazy stuff

  46. Nathaniel Personius

    Jim: “I’ve got six guns!”

    The T29 and variants of it are like some of the sexiest tanks made.

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