War Thunder – T32E1 “I Might Have Overkilled…”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The T32E1, it has been well over a year since the last time I played this when it was introduction. How does the armor hold up at the new battle rating? Also I hope you enjoy the stalking of a armored car and me trying to use the F-89D's rockets in air to air combat.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What is your current favorite high tier tank to play?

  2. ive heard your voice before do u have another yt channel

  3. Headshot = The Discount Moeevil. The Moeevil you get when Moeevil is unavailable.

  4. They’re in the trees. Lol

  5. Headshot took a Ham shower, also…did that T-54 you shot in the lower plate have hydraulics? cause I could swear I saw it jump off the ground!

  6. Headshot is just Moe with a lower quality mic it sounds like

  7. 7:41 damn you made that guy’s crewmember’s pelvis explode

  8. I would pay cash money for Headshot and Moe to be in the same video with Bo.

  9. Thanks for the entertainment Bo, lmao like us I usually do, karm
    a is a B!

  10. Christopher Hanton


  11. Christopher Hanton

    and bo got nuke

  12. that opening scene whos first thought was why would you do something so evil?

  13. If Colby still liked you, you could get mo and head to stereo colby wolby constant and watch his head explode while playing spin tires

  14. EpicGamerGuy YaLikeJazz?

    Hey Bo I got a new idea for a plane vid. Do the J1N1. I play this plane and it out speeds other planes, obliterates bombers with not only its 20mm but also when you go right in front of it with your gunners. I hope you read this comment and do the idea! Thanks! (Please do it again)

  15. I remember when Headshot first came around. It was a great day when Headshot and Moe first talked to each other and hilarity ensued

  16. 5:45 Begun, the Clone Wars has…

    This is getting out of hand, Now there are two of them

  17. There is nothing more comical than a PE-8 bomb implanting itself in the earth right next to someone… After falling while whistling for 15,000 feet.

  18. I like to think that they have always been here and that once one go burnt out of WT the other took over the original Moe’s spot and just said he had a cold or something…as Headshot sounds exactly like Moe just perhaps with a slight head cold

  19. Headshot is the sequel we didn’t know we wanted

  20. no high tier yet.. my highest is the 8.3 M48A2 G (i think) that used to be the 7.7 for the germans.. currently working on my 8.3 line.

  21. 5:34 oh that Moe and Headshot comparison. Them swapping roles midway through and bamboozling Hambone. ??? Brought back memories of Moe hearing Headshot speak over Twitch for the first time.

    Moe: “I challenge new Moe to a duel!”

    Headshot: “Pistols at dawn?”

    Moe: “What the hell he sounds like me!!”

    Bo and chat: ????

  22. So anyone else thing Bo Ross sounds more like George W than Bob Ross?

  23. Moe’s bro, Bo and Bone !

  24. wait wheres the little m22

  25. Hey Bo Time, can you play the IPM1. I thing this get funny.

  26. Huh… I picked up on an intrinsic dip in headshot’s voice pattern, even if they have similar personalities theres always some telltale if one listens closely enough…

  27. Damn how are you seeing the tanks? I watch the video and can’t see the tanks that you shot at long distance.

  28. It sounds like Headshot has a cold here.

  29. Just curious mate what happened to sturmmling??

  30. “I want a 10/10 fly-by”
    10 seconds later

  31. Emotions???

  32. Really enjoyed it

  33. This is weird as I literally just unlocked the t32

  34. You big bully ?

  35. Hey can you do the m1a1 and m1a2 Likr you did with the m1 and ipm1 you dont have to but i would like you to for you are one are my favorite youtubers love ya bo

  36. 0:11 poor lil tank ??

  37. “You are such a bully… OMG!!” – first 30 secs

  38. Yay an F-89! I have really wanted to see someone play it since it came out.

  39. 8:20 ya’ll should play Dino D-Day sometime. The Germans DO have Velociraptors you can even play as.

  40. You guys should play GTFO

  41. That was one the best and funniest videos you’ve made.

  42. Double the Moes – double the fun!

  43. When a jet is sturdier than a chopper

  44. Low tier is the best

  45. That PE-8 stood no chance

  46. Lmao Bo Ross!

  47. Hambones flyby was hilarious

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