War Thunder – T54E1 “The Fastest In The West”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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This HEATFS slinging monster a blast to play. In my opinion one of the best premiums I have picked up in a while. That second fight had me so stressed out I couldn’t tell if lag broke my reload, the drum was empty, or was I going insane.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. 3:02 the disappearing tank issue is not a lie!!!!!

    Seriously, tank winked out of existence the moment you had it properly sighted.

  2. Hey Bo. I will have you know, I still hate that M248 or Whatever its called, I dunno. I had a lot of fun in that custom battle. I also got the m6a1. Quite pleased and the secondary gun should be melted down for MOAR ARMOR.

  3. “Oh he took the cyanide pill” 17:35

  4. Iam new player just got to tier 2, and i will stay there for awhile so i learn more of the game, im right now in ussr bracket, what is your fav tank in Tier 2(rank 2)

  5. When do we see planes again??? Or helis

  6. I miss loli

  7. The last sentece always gets me 😀

  8. Did anyone else see the bounce on the object 120 upper plate at 14:47

  9. 6:40 I don’t understand the hullbreak mechanic. A tank without hullbreak can lose every part and be fine but if a tank with hullbreak loses a track its considered destroyed. Whats kind of logic is that?

  10. Oh, he took a cyanide pill…

  11. You’d think with all the hours of play Bo has that he would know how the ready racks work in this game.

  12. Vroom vroom

  13. Does strumling have a YouTube?

  14. Super warthog Scorpion

    Bo do a war thunder aircraft game

  15. who is this AT Jim ya’ll keep talkin bout

  16. Simmer down nah

  17. Hey that’s me! Lol I didn’t even notice I’m a big fan!

  18. Man you play like you have satellite internet or something.

  19. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Annexation of Puerto Rico? Is Bo talking about the Treaty of Paris? When Spain agreed to cede Cuba, the Philippines and Puerto Rico to the U.S. for 20 million dollars after the Spanish-American War, is that it?

  20. Still 10x better than my internet. Hellcats are fun though, can do donuts when the lag’s really bad.

  21. You should do a video on the leo 1

  22. Got to love the kidnappings xD man i missed ur vids bo.
    How is the move going? Everything settling down with the new place?

  23. 3:03 Russian tanks with stealth camouflage confirmed?

  24. even though I love world of tanks and hate war thunder I still love watching these videos!

  25. Outstanding video im so gad to see you back

  26. Little Giants Yes!

  27. Bo videos are back!! Yay!!!!

  28. I love how Bo always carries xD

  29. Stop bullying underage tanks

  30. oh, the casual depth to that comment at the end. “oh he took the cyanide pill”

  31. Grand Admiral Declann

    Please do more videos with Oscillating Turrets. I love the idea.

  32. Fumbleruski!!!!

  33. Take me to the river…wash me in the water…….

  34. I love you Sturmling!

  35. I still can’t find those damn BoTime decals anywhere 🙁

  36. I’m not gonna lie. I was hoping that the Pz IIH respawned and bombed you bullies!

  37. Imaging This tank shooting sabot

  38. T-54 in Soviet or T-54 in US???? BO???

  39. Hey bo can you make a vidio with phly daily that would be really cool thx

  40. Can you play more battle of Stalingrad?

  41. Can you do more air support game play? That vid of p47 and t20 was so fun

  42. Got say , Bo is a noob most of time

  43. You need to go to x ray see how many shells you have and then remember otherwise once you fire them all you can’t reload

  44. At about 10:10 it sounded like you said “That was terrifying. Are you gay ?” He he he.

  45. 16:25 what makes 3 outa 4 people happy?

    *gang rape*

  46. 0:10 bear’s turret flys up and hits bo. Nobody says a word about that. Love you guys. Keep up with the shenanigans, it makes my day.

  47. I can feel Bear’s salt. It hits too close to home (((

  48. you guys are so unorganized

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