War Thunder – T55E1 “What Am I Driving!!!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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new Battle Pass is among us! I went ahead and purchased the T55E1 to see what it is like… and the experience was interesting. There are things that make me smile and laugh while playing this vehicle… and then things that want to make you scream.

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  1. T55E1, Love It or Hate?

  2. Fun fact: the German 88mm can’t penetrate this

  3. somethimes i think Bo is a magician…

  4. 4:02 What a nice ghost shell

  5. Shouldn’t the front 4 wheels turn together like a set of wheels on a train? I feel like after looking at the model in game that that would make alot more sense as with how it is now when turning the chain clips through the wheels

  6. You are driving a budget T28 superheavy

  7. A Generic HECU Marine

    Weaponized mars rover.

  8. now, warthunder going toward bullshit land… rather sad

  9. It’s the 75mm gmc older brother

  10. Per Wikipedia, this thing should have a .50 and the wheels should turn independently in 2 sets of 4, front and back. If that was the case for this thing it would still be a glass cannon, but an OP glass cannon and incredible ambush predator.

  11. When I run into a german tank two thoughts come to mind. 1. run away if you can 2. shoot its barrel then flank it from the side then get shot while trying to retreat.

  12. united states: finds oil on mars
    us army and marine corp:lets send T55E1 it will give us tactical advantage

  13. Do the E-100, or do whatever you want to do

  14. Not sure how BaghMama is gonna feel about Mike’s budding relationship with the train

  15. 3:21 they just let mike hit a building and drove off

  16. “I’ll take that chance, he is a little bulbous” the awkward silence afterwards was beautiful

  17. Ms. Frizzle takes the class to World War II

  18. The T55e1 has no armor. I was in a Stug3G and shot it center mass. It did nothing. It killed me. I’m upset now.

  19. 5:13 Bo’s lucky Pierre!

  20. at 18:05 when Ham gets executed from your left that’s completely your fault for not allowing him to reverse.
    Seems like a common situation. You bully Ham. Ham dies. You blame Ham.

  21. Leagueofleagues 123

    The flattest tank and the weirdest tank by the looks of it

  22. #bringbacklolidragon

  23. Jonathon Rodriguez Thomas

    The dislikes are from the 36 people who always get killed by the T55E1

  24. You should do M56 or T92 they look silly

  25. Токсич Токсич

    B1 ter tanking shot from 76mm????????? Trash game

  26. I admit I watched the train collision 2x but you guys continuing to talk about it at the end of the match makes it clear you have a one track mind.

  27. I think that tank is good prey for aircraft.

  28. 0:00 0:01 0:02 0:36 0:63 2:24 3:33 12:45

  29. What IS that thing? Lol its amazing.


    sad that this is not a free pass vehicle, would have been fun having it.

  31. Mike Vs. Train: who will win? Keep watching to see the conductor sue him for being him late!

  32. 10:54 That plane didn’t just scrape the ground, it knocked down a tree!

  33. Bo always makes me smile 🙂

  34. Pretty dumb they immobilize you by breaking 1 of 8 fucking tires. So far I enjoy the speedy little thing, although I use it to get into a good firing position rather than Tokyo Drift in close quarters.

  35. I didn’t realise the newly added tanks were around for a short time :/

  36. I finally got to be in a match with those guys, I killed hambone but I just wish o could’ve killed Bo.

  37. Nice to see u soldier again in battle

  38. Hambone was actually useful for once…

    That camo tho..

  39. Bo, how much caffeine do you ingest to be talking so fast?

  40. Hi bo you haven’t doen a bid on the m60 ambt

  41. LMAO, Bo’s most used line: I Did Nothing! 😀

  42. Needs some soft racing tyres

  43. that is the most hideous looking warthing, it has two officers having a sun tan and bath at the same time at the back.

  44. Your just the american breda 501 or the less manuverable r3

  45. what of the sound pack you are using ???

  46. This is Crossout advertisement?

  47. you know its going to be a good day when the m22 is the heavy armor.

  48. surrounded by enemies, still gets tk’d by teammate with arty, sounds like tblf

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