War Thunder – T92 “Tiny Tank In The Big City”

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Source: Bo

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First off, a wild Coffee appeared! I have actually never really played the much before. There are so many 6.7 U.S. tanks I kinda overlooked it. Yesterday I decided would be the day that we finally get a proper video of this HEATFS slinger on the channel! This thing can punch well above its weight and thank goodness with all the 7.7 matches we saw.

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  1. In today’s episode: Coffee returns, tiny tanks do big things,we witness the bravest little halftrack, and we see the start of the Italian space program.

  2. 6:41 uh… Flakpanzer 341 Bukkacoelian?

  3. Jonathan Powdrell

    That map is the test drive map when i test drived a tiger II tank also what map is that

  4. Who’s laugh was that after the Pe8 killed everything?

  5. Italian space program: verso l’infinito e oltre

    Buzz Lightyear: am I a joke to you?

  6. Can you ever have to much Coffee?

  7. So all thats left to show up are Mo and Cobey.

  8. At about 1:45 – 1:48 I lost it when I heard “oh, no”

  9. 0:07 he may had shot my turret ring but I took his life xD


  11. 1:42 That Pe-8 bomb was danger close, and killed as much allies as enemies lmao.

  12. Gian Marlo Benjamin

    Coffee is back!!!

  13. Welcome back Coffee!

  14. On today’s episode of “CAN YOU RAMP IT?!” we learn that you can in fact ramp it.

  15. For a second I thought the title said “T29” and was super confused

  16. Gian Marlo Benjamin

    Hey bo I’m planning to buy your Tshirts soon

  17. Awww, it’s so cute!

  18. this vid draws me to play T92 although I have to use APCR first

  19. Coffee welcome back 🙂 Now we just need to get Bismark back and through in a little Moe and all will be good.

  20. Ive got to say YOUR not the greatest safty instructor

  21. That pe8 lost so much SL

  22. Was trying to play war thunder but when I press play. It just a black screen and not responding

  23. Bo, great video! I like that in recent videos, you have kept the language much more kid-friendly. My kids just love your Human Fall Flat videos.

  24. what are his graphic settings tho.

  25. That bomber was like: they can’t gulag me if no one is alive to report…

  26. that RAMP then Pe-8 BOMB was HILARIOUS

  27. Yeah to Super Halftrack ???

  28. Merciless Thunder

    Coffee’s back yayyyy

  29. 8:25 Bo: “I appreciates that.” Is that a Letterkenny reference?

  30. alejo21_3 / zira_k

    next video: m47 patton with a pakistani camo…
    P.S. you have never made a video of the m47

  31. alejo21_3 / zira_k

    M47 with pakistani camo plzzz or any camo

  32. ROK army sink lol

  33. Did anyone else nearly die laughing when that “Fast Boy” went Dukes of Hazzard ?

  34. 1:43 FAB 5000 : does as much friendly casualties as enemies.

  35. Maus: Im unstoppable.

    Pe8: Hold my 5000lb bomb

  36. Hey Bo. That is an awesome looking tank you are Driving. I all ways liked the Tanks with more then one Turret, XD

  37. are going to order ghost recon breakpoint?

  38. Coffee’s back!!!!!

  39. Coffee is back wohoooo

  40. I have learned from experience that this little tank just loves punching above it’s class. This tank may be small but it packs a nasty right hook, that will have you waking up tomorrow morning wondering what happened yesterday.

  41. Hey is that the south Korean flag on Bo’s rear left bumper???

  42. Viva chile mierda

  43. I know im late but coffee is back
    The bomb collector ???

  44. Jajajjaj

  45. How can you play so well while screaming and panicking?

  46. Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have missed you.


    T92’s so cute

  48. dukes of hazard moment was so funny!

  49. great video, looks like a fun little tank

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