War Thunder – T95 “The Doom(ed) Turtle…”

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The Doom Turtle! This thing was such a heavy hitter the first few years it was added and I was curious if the big girl still has it. Sadly it appears the barrel has been made by the play-doh company and it’s unable to maintain its shape.

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  1. I think it’s safe to say some of us can relate to having days like this in War Thunder. On a serious note, we have been getting quite frustrated with the lack of a high fire rate Anti Air for the U.S. Line up in the 4.0 to 8.0 Range. I am hoping one day they add the rest of the U.S. Anti Air systems, LAV-25 with the autocannons, the Avenger, or the numerous World War 2 Solutions including the Sherman Anti-Air “The Skink” as an event vehicle. There are numerous options, just something to be more competitive across the Battle Ratings. To be honest, I think I saw an Arado stop at a McDonalds, get lunch, ate it, and then bombed me.

  2. My barrels out!
    Pretty much the dialogue 😂🤷‍♂️

  3. ApplePapelProductions

    17:15 what on Earth was that shot

  4. The T95 is the greatest paperweight of all time

  5. Wish my friends would game with me. But noooooooo they all want to be adults and have real mortgages and raise kids and go to train museums on weekends. Conformist bastards.

  6. I honestly have to wonder why they even bother putting a cannon on the T-95, unless the plan is to run the other team out of ammunition because they have to break your barrel every time you repair it …

  7. lol fuckin Sturm in Daimlers and Staghounds!

  8. “You wouldn’t believe it, but we can fit so many tracks in this thing!”

    I love Sturms 😂😂😂

  9. Bo you must do the tortoise next. Teenage ninja turtles are fun, but teenage ninja tortoise is better.

  10. LOL so much shaming

  11. Funniest clip in ages was when Sturms dropped the bombs at the m41 and Bo exclaimed: “That’s way too close…”
    You could hear him mentally face desking in exasperation 🤣🤣🤣

  12. This was nothing but TBT. Track and Barrel Torture. 😂😂 Despite the many bad games, you guys had fun with your banter and antics.

    Lovely video Bo and team.

  13. After playing as the turtle for some time I’ve very quickly found out that your main weapon as a T95 is your 1 50 cal on top. Nobody will ever understand how much it has saved my life from all types of hostiles

  14. I love how the decapitated tank turret on the right at 1:22 suddenly sank into the ground —
    Must be one of those new under-ground tanks they WT have been talking about introducing

  15. Barrels need to be MUCH harder to kill…it’s such a shitty cheap mechanic. Yeah, I get it, it’s a legit thing to do….but it needs to take 2+ hits to disable a barrel on any tank, and maybe 3+ for a casemate TD just to be fair. Not about realism, just about taking stupid annoyance out of gameplay.

  16. Quick question: what tank should I go for as I just started the Russian tree

  17. Love it. As I tend never to use my T95 in 7.7br or 8.0br uptiers, I’ve developed excessive faith in how tough it is! Thanks for reminding me that it gets smashed when you’re as brave as the TBLF!

  18. Karolina Luczkowska

    Sounds like a lawnmower

  19. new fvckn cheaters here:
    =CZAF= aischylos23 and =PzA66= Ventrixx bith cheating with aimbots and radar for 100’% sure

  20. Hey Bo I like what you did in the thumbnail with the banana peel going over your logo. You should do more with that

  21. Mediocre Aim Horizon Main

    what sound mod is that

  22. here again an aimbot cheating ahole fvcker : ^PZSF^ RedStarving

  23. Since when was the doom turtle, especially it’s barrel, so fragile?!

  24. Hilarious video, and the barrel over the logo was an awesome idea. Heck of a job lads.

  25. do people still play war thunder !!!

  26. Barrel repair simulator

  27. Everyone fears the Doom Turtle, but as always, I appreciate that I know both sides of the spectrum when it comes to playing tanks I don’t own and tanks I have yet to own, thanks to Bo and his comrades. My respect goes out to you guys, really.

    In other news, can we get an episode on the TBF-1C at some point? It’s a great plane, really, and I’d love to see you guys fly it after the episode you did all those years ago.

  28. – JGHF – SeeYou1337 next CHEATER here, BR 10.0 he got 7!!! Rockets in the side and had not even a scratch and was still firing and killing tank and then moved away like nothing!! fvckn cheater game

  29. That Pe 8 just wiped out all of TBLF

  30. One thing that World of tanks did get right was not having this stupid barrel nonsense. Stupidest thing ever for war thunder and immediately destroys the whole immersion. Ill watch you play BO but if the servers blew up id not think .0000000000002 seconds about it

  31. =137= VALIDEMARISCHE and MarioxX are the next discovered CHEATER fvckn aholes aimbot and radar cheating pos

  32. Bo I got in ur game I was against u I have pic proof

  33. the barrel on T95 is made of butter. gets broken so easily

  34. I love War Thunder FAIL videos…!!! 😉

  35. Oof! That shot on that IS-6 was a shot trap and a half!

  36. Danial ukasyah Idris (Damaiss)


  37. hey Bo Time, why you play not
    Crab game, I think you can try Crab game

  38. Sturmling sounds like Sheldon from big bang

  39. “now you’re shaming me for finishing too fast”.

  40. They seem to really hate your T95. Everyone and everything is shooting, strafing, and bombing you to death

  41. Poor Bo. :’D

  42. What was the last words of the L3?


  43. 2:27 minuets in and I am already dying. Great video guys. Thank you all for the laughs. 07 and <3

  44. this is probably the most pain ive seen bo in in a while. absolute blast of a video to watch even though it probably wasnt quite as enjoyable to make lmao

  45. record 6-7 turret hits

  46. I think Bo panics too much to remember that you have a 50 cal on a lot of American tanks…. Aka shoot their tracks when you have a visual.

  47. T-95 aka Barrel Repair Simulator

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