War Thunder – Tank Controller?

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

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Were are back and using the Saitek Heavy Equipment controller for some tanks!

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  1. Seriously the hardest way to play war thunder would you want to see more?

  2. if it takes multiple ppl. why not have a couple friends over and control
    different parts on the controller?

  3. Awsome !

  4. Wow… second time you’ve saved me from literal death via boredom. I’m
    starting to feel special

  5. play steel beast with the tank controler

  6. man that would be so sick if you could hook up both joysticks pads and use
    them for DCS instead of having to click all the buttons in the cockpit

  7. It would be pretty cool if they made a tank controller for this

  8. hard but it still looks sim af

  9. devildog taking sims mode to the max

  10. Bro that’s fucken awesome

  11. hey devil why didnt you become an officer instead of a grunt you finished
    high school right?

  12. I always play with full controls over my tank using real point of views (I
    rarely use the view on the top of the turret) and believe me it’s not easy
    to control so many things on a keyboard.

  13. More ! 🙂 and next time try to play in M 22 Locust >:)

  14. MLG snapshot on that KV2 there devil 🙂 more please!

  15. Happy thanks giving I’m thankful for the men and women protecting our
    country and my family thank you devil for serving ??

  16. This was great. Really slows things down but this might also be cause its
    sim mode in WT? Its a little unfair cause no one else is this constrained
    in their control, so that could get tedious after a while. I would be more
    tempted to use this in single player games.

  17. Very similar to M242 joystick setup devs, I’ve had p;enty of exp on that
    and still had a hard time when i tuned my x52 very similar to yours but
    joystick twist was my left and right axis, throttle was fwd rev. even made
    a foot switch after watching fury out of a logitech touchpad, worked a
    treat but as you said — alot going on there, keep it up it gets more
    fluent as you persist. good snatch shot on the KV2 aswell hah !

  18. But its well worth it DDG. Because now you can tell people how to do it the
    pro way the realistic way lol. Cheer man.

  19. yeah devil let Mrs Devildoggamer play this in the planes and tanks like 2

  20. fucking awesome. would love to see you get good using this setup! more

  21. As cumbersome as the controller is it really does add to the immersion.
    When you do the give away on your extra I will defiantly will be coming
    after this bad boy for not just war thunder but many other games. Happy
    thanks giving and have a blessed day.

  22. If I was trying this I would be dead in a heartbeat.

  23. 10vs10 war thunder match with this controlers

  24. Thanks for placing the camera at the map dude thks so much

  25. Wouldn’t it work better with the half tracks?

  26. Terror437 LOL

  27. moar bitchizzle devuldawg

  28. I loved the reaction to the KV-2 snap shot.

  29. do it devil it was nice. you should try it on a light tank

  30. No lie, I love this setup

  31. did they make it easyer to catch on fire

  32. More War Thunder like this.

  33. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    Gajin needs to make 2 virtual controllers. A joystick for planes and a
    Logiteck G27 like wheel for tanks

  34. try to drive tiger h1 because it had in real life a steering wheel ,
    but(kv-1 not ( i actualy dont know about kv) (just try it). and it would be
    so cool to make steering sticks :D

  35. It would be neat if it was re original tank controls with 2 levers

  36. how tough is it?

  37. Is the KV-1 a soviet tank?

  38. I’ve got the KV-1B 756(r) also. A lil sluggish but fun to use

  39. Devil to op

  40. Drift a leopard 1 now!!!!!!!!

  41. That KV-2 kill tho. The flick. Wow… That shot.

  42. why would you even try ? tanks have multiple crewmembers
    (gunner,driver,…..) good try doh :p

  43. I have the same desk as you. Haha

  44. Hey DevilDogGamer, can you do more Operations on Exile like you do on Arma

  45. wow this good for play war thunder

  46. This is like watching a Vietnam Vet having a Vietnam Flashback while
    driving his tractor.

  47. Devil was this the thing you got in the mail?

  48. Do more please devil dog

  49. I think u should do more

  50. Just from the first minute i can tell its gonna be cringe worthy slow xD

  51. how do you view the gun barrel when in sniper mode?????

  52. jes is a best game

  53. Could you possibly get back into dayz devil I loved game play of that when
    u played that keep up the good vids always be the best gamer 🙂 ;)

  54. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    Super stuff but pointless when WT offers everything but NOT the historical
    matchups, with mixed nations all over and biased br’s making a lot of tanks
    go (surprise surprise – mostly german tanks) against it’s designed killers?

    Don’t take me wrong the controller is awesome. But totally pointless as
    much as it could be building the atmosphere – it wont when you have games
    with unhistorical matchups and allies fighting both side with germans and
    soviets going at each other. It totally ruins the feel of the game sadly.

  55. really nice with some new stuff!

  56. Howard “Hotshot199354” Nichols

    Happy thanksgiving Devil, i wish you and the miss a wounderful thanksgiving

  57. If or ember correctly Russian tanks used peddles to steer and in some
    pushing on the peddles stopped the tank instead of moving it. And German
    tanks shift and handle better then the their Russian counterparts.

  58. Can anyone tell me what type of tank that was? it was a beast?

  59. That’s a cool set up maybe I wish I could try and that war thunder would
    allow a setup where there is a position in the tank like gunner and drive

  60. That was amazing. it may be difficult, but it looks fun as hell. You get
    more involved instead of just sitting back pressing a few keys.

  61. Yes, would love to see more like this

  62. I feIt the same way when i was going full speed in the middle of a field
    and randomly shot at a tank in the woodlands and got a one shot kill.

  63. Happy Thanks Giving Devil

  64. TheDevildogGamer, you need to (if they exist) get some tank lever controls,
    and then have someone else join you as the driver while you gun. go all
    tank crew realism on it

  65. God this is so fucking cool.

  66. Is there a mod in this game that allows you to have five people controlling
    the one tank. Like in the movie Fury. I think that would make the game much
    more realistic.

  67. LOL This looks insane!

  68. I tried controlling the turret with a joystick and it’s actually pretty

  69. Ark suvival evolved more plz

  70. that was sick! Most dope killing spree in WarThunder history

  71. Happy Thanksgiving, Devil

  72. Try mounting two joy sticks to your desk, one for the left track and one
    for the right track controls. Then you can really drive like it’s a tank!

  73. Kv1b is a good tank just a bitch to steer

  74. Do you think there will be arma 4

  75. I use an N52 gamepad for all my games. Really helps.

  76. DevilDog: Can you set a pair of buttons to adjust sensitivity in game for
    close and far engagements?

  77. hey devil i seen how hard it is to use with tanks what about the aircraft

  78. This would be awesome if you could have each crew spot operated by a player
    instead of trying to fill 2-3 roles at once.

  79. devil i downloaded war thunder nut the update wont finish downloading can
    you help me

  80. Very interesting to watch. Slows down Warthunder to an interesting pace.

  81. Dude that was amazing. Epic vid dude

  82. This just looks way to difficult. It would be nice if you could do
    something like arma where you could have a driver and gunner.

  83. TheGreenRobotProduct

    DDG why not get a Actuall Tank Controller? because its easier to drive

  84. hahahaha that’s so cool
    That KV-2 kill

  85. It’s official devildog really is a demon

  86. This looks like a fun way to play the game!

  87. I want to see you use this setup with the fastest tank in the game lol

  88. May be interesting to try this on EuroTruck with Squirrel just to see the
    universal capabilities. Enjoyed seeing this though, I thought it was going
    to be tougher.

  89. It would be cool if a second person took over gunner controls. Of course,
    one person wouldn’t be able to see what was going on, since you can either
    fallow the tank for the driver or the turret for the gunner, but not both…

    (…unless I’m wrong…)

  90. lol im having trpuble with this game no graphics but downloading, i
    downloaded it the first time no trouble 3 weeks ago played on movie/max
    settings easy, stopped playing for two weeks opened up the war thunder
    launcher and it said i had to download 7.4gigs found it pfd because that
    was 3/4 of the game itself what could happen in a week right lol anyhow it
    got to 1.4gigs then it said the client crashed and a fatal error occurred i
    was like okay so i uninstalled and downloaded again never finished got to
    7.2gig launcher crashes again with another error my storage is a 3tb HDD

  91. 9:10 double shot.

  92. This is where a coop mode would come in handy to have a driver and a gunner
    in one tank lol.

  93. Guys has anyone watched the recent polenar tactical video about the Euro
    union’s ban on semi auto rifles. It is really troubling for me to see this
    kind of shit going on all around the world, as the libtard disease spreads
    far and out. Please sign the petition!

  94. i like the control cam its a good change up for this type of game play
    actually enjoy watching when you play with this.

  95. I like to see more,also I know after awhile playing with this setup that
    you will destroy all!!!!!

  96. devil o ya more

  97. Hey DevilLove the tank action. Would love to see more of it. Now about the
    comments below. If any of you fuckers never been in the military you have
    NO reason to ask any questions or assume anything. In other words SHUT up.
    I was in the Marine Corps and I was a grunt. I was in mortars. I wouldn’t
    want to be a grunt. But we are all trained as grunts. Doesn’t matter what
    your MOS (job) is in the corps. So if you haven’t been in go join and then
    come back and tell me why you weren’t an officer or have some stupid
    question like that. PEACE

  98. That thing is not meant for war thunder …..you piggly sumbitch

  99. I can’t imagine the look on their faces when they know that They were
    killed by DDG using Farming simulator controls

  100. the obvious American

    Devil could you play planes with a joystick on here because im thinking of
    getting one and i want to know how it plays

  101. Ahh.. what a sweet setup :)

  102. was devildoggamer a marine? or .

  103. Fucking loved it.

    Is your control setup giving feedback as well?

  104. This was so coool

  105. i can see it becoming better than mouse in board.
    if you spent enough time on it and in tanks…..

  106. How the heck you could see those hellcats?! ITS INSANE!? I can never see
    shit untill I got shot. Then I dead.

  107. it look so fun.

  108. Can someone please tell me that on strategic ww2 game DDG use to play

  109. this would be fantastic for one of the tank sim games that uses a full crew
    so you could just focus on the driving

  110. That was so sickk, yes would like some more content like this.

  111. BAD……ASS!!!!!

  112. you gotta try this in the MAUS

  113. This is something that we all want to see more of! Keep it up man!

  114. i would have thought a HOTAS and Track IR would be easier.

  115. u should get your wife to control the turret and you drive

  116. they made a control specifically for farming simulator? never expected that
    game to be big enough to get its own control.

  117. like you said thats why there are multiple people in a tank and it really
    shows you why, i didnt even know that thing(the when and stuff) existed lol
    its kinda cool

  118. Could you please try exile with this set up, or steal beasts. Love the
    videos mate, keep them coming. :)

  119. You could say that This is Better XD

  120. It looks tough to get used to, but I’m sure once you got use to it, it
    would feel amazing and incredibly immersive. Also you weren’t upshifting
    once your RPMs had peaked, so you were hovering at low speeds instead of
    upshifting to gain speed, just a bit of info id like to volunteer since the
    tank isn’t as “lumbering” as it appears, more of the operator than the

  121. That was fantastic, great ACE devil. I’d love to see more, I’d also like to
    see you and Onnerby/Upchuck being a crew. You’re the commander and driving
    while one of the two handle the turret.

  122. That was sick as hell Devil. Really shows the skull you’ve got in every
    game you play. most the big name gamers in stuff you play blow ass compared
    to you. haha you’ve got the critical thinking skills down.

  123. Nice snapshot on that KV-2

  124. oh gosh think how a plane controller would be XD. i would get one tho.

  125. Nope, just NOPE! And that HUUUUUUGE deadzone with steering the tank, holy

  126. This could be a great game for 2 friends, driver at stering wheel, and one
    as a comander/gunner (if only there could be a second screen with separate
    vision, you could also separate those roles

  127. hahaha awesome

  128. As you show nicely not sure War thunder is very friendly to sim level
    controller setups such as this. Would really like to see this used with
    some of the other sims

  129. Андрей Репин

    Мутатень дикая

  130. Gaijin featured this, lmao.

  131. Gerhard Schneider (Geri)

    This was actually great. It really felt tense. Great Job!

    That KV-2 on Stalingrad… Jesus… That “HOLY FUCK TURN YOU PEACE OF SHIT
    TURRET”-Feel… Yepp. Got that right.

  132. i hope WT does introduce player crew driver/gunner and commander i would
    love to play WT even more then

  133. Alessandro M. (R0mÆ)

    Devil, you know that you can use view from driver hatch?

  134. Ignar Åndersjøn the Husky (Kyle on Weed in disguise)
  135. Tractor wheel for a tank…


  136. Drive a Tiger 2 , better gears forward and revers add neutral pivot.

  137. Bring in a gunner using a different screen.

  138. That’s the hardest way to drive a tank. You could have gotten something
    that looked more like an interior of a tank, not like a car :p

  139. How is this supposed to be more realistic? You’re one dude trying to do the
    job of 5 dudes. The whole point of the mouse aim and automatic transmission
    is to make the game playable as 1 person and still have about the same
    efficiency as 5 people driving the same tank.

    What you’ve actually done is to make the game harder, underperformed your
    team, and made it less realistic. Good job.

  140. Komninos Maraslidis

    Gear switching needs more work. I think tanks turn faster with gear 2 or 3
    than 1. Also you need to change gears earlier to accelerate faster. You
    were hitting the limiter a lot.

  141. This would be interesting if they could setup multiple screen outputs e.g
    you as a driver with steering wheel one one monitor, someone sat near using
    stick to control turret on another, and another to look around with
    whatever the preferred controller is. I know other games have done it
    before e.g world in conflict one screen was realtime map other was ingame

  142. tanks have no steering wheel

  143. The only thing I was thinking of over and over while watching this:
    Y U NO RIFT DK2?!?

  144. This thing should be mandatory to play tank :P

  145. that KV-2 was probably like, “WHAT THE SHIT!”

  146. I neeed to get my own KV1!!!!!! The most OP German tank in the game!!!! and
    it’s Russian!!!!!

  147. This is innovative tank driving

  148. That KV-2 shot was… hacks.

  149. Don’t know if someone else mentioned this or not, but your tank will be
    MUCH more responsive if you map each track BRAKE to your steering wheel as
    well. Alternatively, you can do what I did and map the throttle to extra
    levers, the gear shift to buttons on the wheel (paddle shifters on a
    tank!), and map your track brakes to your foot pedals for that extra
    control when you need it. Great video, by the way!

  150. Димитрије Чевизовић


  151. GypsyDanger_ 1125 (kyle)

    Do it plz so cool. Take out the firefly if you have it, if you don’t have
    the firefly than do the M4A3E8

  152. 11:00 holy shit!

  153. Fucking tiger, isn’t even a 4×4… just a 2×2

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