War Thunder Tank Gameplay- Phly Goes Super Try Hard.

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Source: PhlyDaily

Thunder Tank Gameplay- Phly Super Try Hard.

Thunder BR Changes – http://tinylink.net/Ql5
Thunder TOP 5 Epic Show – http://tinylink.net/Mrw


  1. first

  2. xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx

    fack you am ferst

  3. Third!!! Awwwww :(

  4. clerkmaxwell does warthunder

    First. Best think of a joke. German tanks

  5. hi phly! Nice vid..

  6. hey Phly try blue mountain that is hands down the best coffee EVER

  7. Hey mate 😀 you should make a panther F gameplay, i want to hear your
    opinion about it.

  8. And I agree with phly, Coffee should be coffee, not a sundae. The only
    options I care for are the roast type, the coffee beans and wheter u should
    add cream or not.

  9. any1 else get tricked by the skype notification?

    no dislikes

  11. Phly why don´t you try tanks in red orchestra 2 with friends it is so much

  12. The Sherman that kills you at 24:00,was a idiot,you had him.

    He gave you the best angle! The corner of his tank that was facing you,was
    a easy pen,and would of been a ammo rack detonation!

  13. Was I the only one left clueless to why phly took the panzer IV F2 over the

  14. Holy shit, that was a great game Phly 

  15. He should do t54 and IL-28

  16. How do you have so man many golden eagles??? Plus how the hell do you get
    to lvl 100 I’ve been playing this game for like 5 months and I’m only a
    level 13 going on 14…

  17. How do you have so may golden eagles? If someone nodded your account let me
    get the hook up on ps4 account cause I can’t do anything with the shitty
    shit I have…

  18. Phly, real men drink black coffee, no types with fance girly names.

  19. The Doge Channel

    Hold my Thumbs Up.

  20. Great game!

  21. How do you get the player tags like that? The look like they are filled in
    with white

  22. Dont worry Phly i dont drink plain coffee either 🙂 But i don’t put a crap
    load of everything known to man in my coffee either. Kappa

  23. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    dang Fly, I felt I was Camping out when i watched that battle.

    yeah I went there In Tents.

  24. Phly, have you whatched jurassic world? Its amazing!

  25. Aaron Lee Kafton

    That was tense, I love games like that, but I wish they would create some
    sort of sudden death mechanism when the timer runs out.

  26. CrocodileTearsbro

    That 190 kill at 19:00 was fucking incredible.

  27. OMG Girls und panzer in war thunder xdxdxd

  28. Phy do U know that Panzer IV has a hull mounted machine gun???? Use it
    against the AA trucks

    • In War Thunder, that MG-34 doesn’t work. You only get to use the coaxial
      MG-34 in the turret, which BaronVonGamez suggested.


  30. Phly, You’re the real MVP bro!

  31. Good Game Phly! WP

  32. lol i just got 10 kills yesterday in tank rb

  33. Hey fly when your done researching the Tiger E can you do a review for us?
    I love the Tiger and I haven’t seen any videos of em from you. Thanks!

  34. All that extra flavoring and dairy leaves less room for caffeine. That’s
    why you couldn’t carry hard enough. Never let your caffeine levels get too

  35. They’re all vaccum cleaners when their guns are down. Dont be tankist.

  36. Why is AA able to kill tanks?
    Logic Gaijin

  37. Wow one hell of a game fly

  38. Slick almost sounds like Katy Perry ;)

  39. Ply, Baron and Slickbee together, does it get any more awesome? :D

  40. Badass game

  41. Stug Thug Stug for life.

    I can’t wait for the uk tech tree I want so use the Churchill 2 with the
    Hull mounted howitzer cannon so bad.

  42. Phly… you were on Fire… but then your tank burnt up.
    You have to do tha again. I love watching squad play

  43. Actually the H gets a better gun than the F2, slickbee.

  44. Phly, the M4 that u were shooting at the end of the game. you should shoot
    at its hull. there are parts that are rounded because its a M4A1

    • +WarChine he still coulda shot right under the turret, isnt that hard of a
      spot to hit at that range, its like 38mm.

  45. Awww phly that was so unlucky. I reckon that last tank was a coward

  46. Starbucks is pussy coffe, house made pure black coffe is real coffe. Im
    with you phly >:V

  47. bruh, where i live people only drink black coffee, normally with bread and
    butter in the morning.

  48. you had a perfect shot on that sherman and you wasted it on his turret.

  49. You guys trying to pronounce the German names is hilarious!

  50. Tiger :D (Tigertamer8)

    p-38 hawk ??????

  51. Crazy how many rounds you gave that AA truck and it kept going/thank god we
    live in America where we can drink coffee how ever the hell we want

  52. Awesome stuff man

  53. “we did it, we won!” fuck me that made me ball my eyes out in laughter!

  54. How bad does your back hurt?

  55. God the hetzer is a turtle and the panzer 4 is an angler fish ;)

  56. remember kids dont play warthunder while high or youll be seeing animals
    and coffee ingame hahaha

  57. #PhlyDaily how do you do the binocular view.

  58. That stregular coffee!

  59. The Fox Does Gaming (TheMinecraftAddict)

    What should i do with my new Po 2?

  60. 2:42 XD
    He’s A Bad One

  61. Mr. Popo the overlord

    For the combined Arms do some early stuff, so like A20G snd M3Lee

  62. You know some serious shit is about to go down when phly stops talking

  63. I am beginner in WT. What tanks and planes should I get first in Germany
    and USSR Tech trees? is KV-1 good?

    • crazycakemanflies

      how? the gun only pens 50mm, which is fine for bt-50’s and such, but due to
      the crappy BR system you’ll be versing shermans and t-34’s which will make
      the pz3 a much harder tank. especially when you consider that the thickest
      armour on the pz3 is a slightly slanted piece of 50mm armor which is crap
      compared to fully sloped 45mm of russian steel (which is effectively like
      60 mm.

    • +crazycakemanflies are you kidding me? pz3 is amazing, even before J1

    • crazycakemanflies

      +AAPelaaja Pnz 3 and 4 are fucking horrible until you get to the Pz 3 J1
      and the Pz 4 F2, then you get amazing guns and decent(ish) armor. and then
      soon you get tigers and panther and you’ll be stomping for sure.

      Everything russian is fucking OP, but i’d go for the Kv-1 as its amazing
      but the Kv-2 can be a little hard as its basically a fucking barn door on
      tank. So if you want continuously good tanks, go for the T-34’s.

    • +AAPelaaja russian tanks all the way

    • +AAPelaaja id suggest you to use the Stug 3 or the Pz3, Pz38.t is quite
      good too

  64. Phly, I have a computer question. I attempt to launch Battlestations:
    Pacific , and the launcher comes up, but the game doesn’t even start, and
    the launcher closes within 2 seconds.

  65. jennacampbell1984

    that’s how long RB battles should last no if they could just do something
    bout the rewards

  66. Wow, that has to be one of the best gameplays I’ve ever seen.
    Too bad you didn’t win in the end :/

  67. Best Warthunder gameplay I’ve ever seen from you! Good job Phly!

  68. Super try hard? and you aren’t using Russians? i was expecting IS3 spam

  69. Screw coffee. It’s like chocolate milk for people who like bitterness. Like
    their personalities.

  70. Phly, you’re beast! :D

  71. 6:35 Baron is a f*cking rapper xD :D

  72. Super intensive action, dude. Your teammates need a jolly good rodgering.

  73. Best game ever! you deserved the win!

  74. That’s why you need a few HE rounds, to kill lightly armored vehicles.

  75. “Only 5,000 RP”…….first off ive gone 12 kills 0 deaths and scraped up a
    mere 3,000 RP so 5K is alot. As a non sponsered player the struggle is way
    harder than u know Phly…Great game though and sick spot at the end i
    didnt even see that round u called out 

  76. Shhh , Real men drink tea with biscuits.

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