War Thunder TANKS 1.53 – Jagdpanzer 4-5 – 70km/h POST-WAR SPG

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War Thunder TANKS 1.53 – Jagdpanzer 4-5 – 70km/h POST-WAR SPG

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  1. Love you flee

  2. I can’t wait to seal club this in my t-10

  3. Vat about ze E-100 vidoe?

  4. Yo phly, Keep up the good work!

  5. I approve of this tank! Love it! Could we have some realistic Hawker Hunter
    perhaps? :)

  6. no, piper

  7. phly, are u sponsored for he?

  8. piper is so cyuuuuuuuttteeeee!

  9. Phly, bro. Y u make me cri. cn u ples fly the F8F-1B which I’ve been
    begging you in the streams since forever?

  10. Meow! Meow!

  11. 16TH LOL

  12. even .50s will most likely kill this thing oh my god.


  14. I believe this vehicle body was made after the HWK-11 a mexican project on
    a AFV. After the orders cancelled after 40 got to the mexican government.
    The rest stayed with west germany. The used them for their own versions.

  15. how can you play in 1.53 if its not out and online ?

  16. You should let Piper play War Thunder for a whole episode.

  17. Baba loves to get the video bomb baba hype!!!

  18. I’m sure you figured it out by now, but the reason you couldnt move when
    you were tracked by the t54 was because you were repairing. If you didn’t
    start the repair you could have still been able to turn.

  19. lol the kanonen jadgpanzer from World Of Tanks

  20. thank you for showing us everything about the new update. I cant wait for
    it. Greetings from Germany^^

  21. Warthog CSGO and War Thunder

    It’s be cool if we could use the smoke launchers on the rear

  22. By the way, how do you know exactly when is the dev server on? whenever I
    try to get on it, it just says the game has been locked for my account or
    something along those lines.

  23. leo-pard

  24. Watching these videos are the highlight of my day

  25. This looks a lot like the Kanonen Jagdpanzer in wot.

  26. Btw if I recall correctly the amercan lowtier half-tracks can also go

  27. Wonder how many times it will be nerfed on the live server. Anyone want to
    take bets?

  28. You’re having trouble killing weak targets because you keep overpenning

  29. The Leopard and AMX 30 are the same tank it was originally one design for
    France and Germany but they got in a dispute over the gun it should mount
    and split the project so no surprise it goes faster backwards, lol.

  30. already there are people complaining it’s not the “real” name of the
    vehicle, although the other name is better “known” to the public I
    understand why tey decided to go with this one to avoid looking like
    copycats since AW and WoT already have the same vehicle in them

  31. Why is my brightness so low?

  32. I love your happy gameplay!

  33. much love bro

  34. Phly for whatever reason gaijin isn’t calling it what it was called
    officially, to make it easier just call it the kanonenjagdpanzer 🙂
    (pronounced kan-o-nen-jagdpanzer 🙂 )

  35. lets be honest this tank is going to be complete trash.. t10m is and will
    be best because russia..

  36. is it weird that I’m most hyped for the Stalingrad ground map and not the
    new tanks?

  37. His cat XD

  38. dando ré no kibe

  39. Piper, no piping!

  40. games is fucking bs now if you shot a fucking tank like that on the sider

  41. what do you use to play war thunder

  42. this tank backward is faster than forward!!!

  43. the reason you weren’t turning is cuz you were on repair

  44. Hey PHLY, just wanted to say thanks for putting out awesome vids and
    streams. Every time I’m having a crappy day it’s nice to know I can just
    click a few few buttons and feel much better by watching you ? thanks

  45. calliope VS panzerwerfer VS bm-8-24 make it happen Mr.Daily

  46. Phly it’s not all maps with destructible building yet, it’s just the
    advance to Rhine map currently



  49. Dos anyone think it would be a good idea if they let you deploy a smoke
    screen in ground force’s?

  50. idiot the destructible is on berlin

  51. did you notice they even modeled a steam locomotive in the Stalingrad map?

  52. Such a stupid name Gaijin choose . That is “kanonenjagdpanzer IV-V”

  53. Fuckin CannonJagdpanzer

  54. At 5:57 how did Phly do the binocular thing?

  55. +PhlyDaily every single time you said “lets do something cool”, in the next
    10 seconds you got one shoted

  56. +PhlyDaily SCREENING MEMEES!!!!!! (make that a thing)

  57. How come when I go on the dev server I have none of those GE I have all the
    stuff as on the live?

  58. that reverse speed.. :)

  59. wait 1.53 is already out?

  60. when will the patch cone out for the ps4

  61. Phly, there are lots of buildings on stalingrad that are already
    destructible, you just have to wait a sec for the thing to fall apart

  62. Hey Phly I was that M60 AND in the M47 you killed in advance to the rhine
    You didnt really need to “fear” me cause I tested the destructeble
    enviroment on this awesome map 🙂

    didnt noticed you in the custom battle room

  63. I like going faster in reverse, so I can get out of trouble faster then I
    got into it!

  64. Supertitkos titkos

    Good everynight guys!

  65. *sighs* It’s called a Kanonenjadgpanzer

  66. OMG Pet that cat immediately or i will do it myself ! :-p

  67. I laughed way too hard when he bounced the Maus shot. Wuuuuut?! Hahahaha

  68. Did anyone see the buildings collapse?

  69. Will You test how is working rangefinder? That could be a game changer in
    br 7.7 battles

  70. I hate the look of it’s gun. Looks so small compared to it’s body.. like a
    little noodle

  71. does flee get Flea’s often? XD

  72. angry_mike_riley_26

    that was some good shit phly

  73. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    After the Pe-8 can we see the new P-38s in action?

  74. “Action-packed fucking gameplay” -Fle, 2015

    God I love this guy.

  75. za HETZER ON STEROIDS!!!!!!

  76. phly i think the added destructabilty already i saw a video like 2 hours
    ago about it

  77. Phly you should do a custom battle where you go off roading in the bt5/7 on
    the new stalingrad or cologne map you can go over the rubble I almost
    jumped a building on poland xD

  78. The Man They Call Asher

    What’s with all this Leo-pard business? Is it not just pronounced Leopard?

  79. lol I can already see this happening… 4-5’s running across the
    battlefield in reverse lmfao

  80. I now see why this has this BR, I now love this tank :3

  81. HotnReady LikeYoMama

    its my brutha from another mother Ass Salad

  82. MyNamesAreCreative

    you started repairing once your track had been hit.

  83. I’ve had a shit day.

  84. Christopher Dempster

    destrucable environment at 15:40 on battle of the rhine


  86. No phly D: Why would you back up next to the MAUS? He didn’t have the gun
    deression to kill you.

  87. It’s called the kanonen jagpanzer

  88. the smoke grenades are counter measures and they shoot out infront of the

  89. Favorite part is at 18:27 when chippy comes in till about 19:10

  90. Pe-8. Yes please.

  91. 14:05 that building next to the KV-2 fell :O so excited for destructable

  92. Russian devs love twisting the knife for German players. :[

  93. Please test the new P-38s to see if the FM is decent

  94. You can’t test vehicles in arcade ffs, “look at that traverse rate” youre
    in arcade, traverse rate is very exaggerated and many other grumpy person

  95. OOOOOOOO play with the light tank from America like a m5a1 or something
    like that!! PLZZZZZ

  96. Germans should get the M41 and M47 as they used both of them, or at least
    as premiums

  97. Gabriel Pawłowski

    is any body know when update will be on?

  98. How long until 1.53 comes out

  99. NOOO.. They Killed Chippy*

  100. who remembers cod 3 taking out the neblewefhers

  101. CaptainCaptainZach

    I love watching this game but to my surprise hate playing it… why?

  102. Pe-8 next please!

  103. So… How does one get on the dev server?

  104. Lakyn Von Legendaus

    huh? dev server is online? :O

  105. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    you re feel ok;-)

  106. Leopard plz

  107. Faster in reverse than forward, shouldn’t that be a French tank?
    That Chippy wrecked your game twice ramming into you

  108. do you think gaijin will add thermal or night vision optics for ground
    later tier vehicles

  109. Recently on PhlyHanks, WILSOOOOOOOOON!!

  110. Wtf is this hanomag henschel shit? Why couldn’t the just call it the
    kanonenjagdpanzer? Like its suppose to be called

  111. Hey phly there is a girl in my school who looks exactly like Laura. Just
    younger and a little tanner but on the first day of school I saw her at
    lunch and I almost choked. She’s hot too btw. Just something interesting :)

  112. scotty “muzzar123” .M

    better acceleration in reverse? must be french not german :P

  113. hey Phly………….instead of Leopard….try calling it Leperd:)

  114. 20:20 That tiger 2 H was like “what the fuck did i just see?”

  115. Chippy was a bro
    Also I think this tank looks cool af

  116. this made me laugh and chippy coming in like that i died hahaha

  117. Your cat wants to drive that TD

  118. I wonder why War Thunder just didn’t call it the Kanonenjagdpanzer?

  119. great video

  120. 3:57 did that guy just blow a hoel in the wall?

  121. Phyl is so much better than Baron, he actually has a clue how to play

  122. Chippy, what a hero

  123. Can we get a cat cam

  124. Flygande tunnan is back in this video too

  125. wow that T-34 dis

  126. Just call it the kanonnenjagdpanzer. Thats how its called in world of tanks
    were its a premium.

  127. Mr. Provocative films

    Meow! Meow! Meow!

  128. that panzerwerfer with the nebelwerfer rockets sound so awesome!! if I had
    been in WWII and heard those things, I’dve shit myself xD

  129. GO CHIPPY!!

  130. Can I see that PT 76 though :v

  131. Somehow Gaijin HQ thinks the Jagdpanzer 4-5 is a more suitable successor to
    the Jagdtiger than a Sturmtiger,given its basically a weaker Leopard 1 its
    hard to see this vehicle being at all popular.

  132. I don’t mean to brag but, me going backwards definitely worked

  133. Looks like the Kanonenjagdpanzer.

  134. MEOW!


  135. is the pt 76 tier 4?if it is why the fuck does it get HEATFS shells?

  136. how can you come on the dev server of the 1.53?

  137. FFS Phly! Give that pussy some attention! Pussy first before anything else!

  138. 15:44 anyone noticed the collapsing building on the right, across the
    street? It seems some of the destructible envoriment is already in the

  139. so realistic has now nameatgs and map icons for enemy tanks back ?

  140. My pug is named chippy.


  142. You should do a game in the yak-17…

  143. How do you know when dev servers are open?

  144. hardcoreminecrafter9

    you said a turreted version would be cool, that is the Ru 251, it is in WoT
    on it is pretty cool

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