War Thunder Tanks! 9 TIGER TANKS VS 16 T-34 TANKS!

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War Thunder Tanks! 9 TIGER TANKS VS 16 T-34 TANKS!


  1. hey phly can u play on that snow map some more

  2. *So I’m thinking of a VS series.. What tank should we have vs’s next?*

  3. nooooooo 360p !!!!!!

  4. Lol when he gets to the flying T-34. “I must go. My people need me!”

  5. Phly, you should have the tigers spread out. Historically, Tigers hunted
    solo or in pairs. The T-34s have strength in numbers.

  6. thanks for the fun time that battle Phly!

  7. that tiger formation wasn’t smart at all 😀 You blinded each other with
    smoke and t34s could blindly shot to the cluster without stoping

  8. perishing vs tiger2

  9. Tigers VS Shermans.

  10. Honestly I love the when you guys retreat historical fights like this it’s
    really cool

  11. Phly is taking all his anger out on the t-34s to opnes with the German nuke

  12. Phly y’all should do M4A3-76mm vs T-34-85, Korean tank war.

  13. no artillery next time.

  14. Play more strategically Phly,
    we were expecting something more historically correct since WT cant offer
    that shit…

  15. Sekrit Dokument says that T34s were the best fighter plane of WW2

  16. Normal t34s would be more historical

  17. its….. so……. beautiful

  18. m60 vs t54

  19. The Tiger on the right at the end, the back of the turret was glitching.

  20. Best Intro Song ever Subscribing, and LOVE the Battle :)

  21. I see a Panzerbefehlswagen xD so 8 Tigers? xD

  22. Hey there is me 😀 Relfers112

  23. あきつしま清明

    Battle of Thermophly Hill
    Brave of Commander Phly even his tank gonna burn but he want to fight !!!
    and battle is over with victory of the Tiger Squad!!!!!

  24. Con cual tecla pones la mira? la de los binoculares

  25. tiger 2 vs is 2 maybe? but the mod 44 model is not allowed to use the br

  26. 達人チャンネル


  27. T-34: The Force Awakens

  28. T 34 85 and 100 Vs Tiger1… yeah right historically not that accurate, but
    it suits gaijins philosophy of unrealistic, biased engagements 😉 next time
    Pz4 vs IS4, so we can see what the official matchmaker will be soon :)

  29. Your aim …….

  30. Phly, you really, *REALLY* need to try and replicate the Tiger vs Shermans
    fight from Fury at some point.

    Give the Tiger 5 mins to hide along a preset route for the Shermans, the
    Shermans then need to defend themselves from the Tiger’s ambush.
    Bonus points for using the Tiger battle theme if it becomes a video.

  31. German Sherman vs Sherman!

  32. Phly, it was an honor being the person to kill you first w/ arty. Also, you
    can borrow my flying t-34 if you want! -scotter97

  33. MAUS VS T54

  34. Back in WWII in 1944 when the Russians were advancing into eastern Germany
    the Russians used to mix vodka into the fuel tanks of their tanks,so you
    can say that the T-34 has red bull-vodka fuel

  35. One Tiger P lol

  36. Just wait until the E-100 comes out. Their 1 tank hyyyype!

  37. Battle line of Panzer 3 L’s with arty support from Panzerwerfers against
    Early T-34’s would be awesome

  38. Pleeeease spread out more, it’d be way more awesome if you weren’t holding
    onto each others tracks for dear life ;)

  39. 5 Tigers vs 20 Shermans (any model)

  40. The soviet tactic was to charge teh enemytanks to point black distance

  41. next time you do a VS using the tiger, you should lead the charge in the
    tiger 1P command tiger with 200mm of armor

  42. I know the perfect song to play why the Russians charged the Tigers soviet

  43. *t34-85. diese nüsse

  44. Do a line battle with tanks. You as the commander in front giving commands
    and you can only fire without aiming. Make sure the enemy does the same and
    pick a tank like the KV-2 with a long reload.

  45. sim battle, panther vs pershing

  46. if i was one of those tigers oh boy those T-34’s would all be toast lol my
    aim is always on point :D

  47. you play so bad

  48. If flying pancakes are in this game do a pancake attack

  49. 15 Panzer IVs vs. 20 m1a1 Shermans

  50. salve galera do Brasil

  51. plz play the A-26

  52. Into the Motherland the German army marched.
    Comrades stand side by side to stop the Nazi charge.
    Panzers on Russian soil, a thunder in the East.
    One million men at war the Soviet wrath unleashed.

  53. Hey, how do you get in these gamemodes? I want to do a custom battle
    sometime :P

  54. Иосиф Steelin

    Pz 1s vs Kv1s.

  55. *PANZER VOR!*

  56. it’d be better if they didnt call in arty

  57. M18 VS KV-2

  58. Bit of an unfair map for the T-34’s. German long-range superiority is very
    visible on Kursk.

  59. Jadgtigers VS T-95s

  60. Do Tiger 1’s vs Tiger II’s

  61. panther vs shermans

  62. this again but you use a t34 85

  63. mute the volume and play polyushka polye and when it finishes The Sacred
    For the Motherland.

  64. Intro song?

  65. Do best plane and tank next

  66. ?# of kv-2s vs ?# of panzer 4s. You can make up the numbers phly!! This
    should indefinitely be a new series on the channel! Love you and your vids!
    No homo. :P

  67. Worst tiger driver ever

  68. According to history, the T34 could fly!


  70. Little Tigger Vs KV-TUH

  71. I freaking love the intro song ;)

  72. T-50s vs Tigers

  73. the t 34 was the worst tank of ww2, it was very unreliable and broke down
    more than german tanks.

  74. they pushed over the wall

  75. Go tigers

  76. This is some bad bad Tiger tanking… doing a straight line is ana wful
    strategical aspect, and letting the enemy have the altitude advantage is an
    awful diea, even in ground combat

  77. you should do this again but be in a plane so you can over watch the battle

  78. 5 T10M vs. 25 WW2 German tanks

  79. I would love to see some scenarios like ambushes on different maps, also it
    would be cool to see a whole “company” like some Tiger 2´s, Panthers and
    maaany panzer 4´s and you have to take a hill without respawns or something
    like that. Though I would like to forbid the artillery because yeah it
    sucks :3

  80. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Next panzer IV vs. T-34 1940, initial Barbarossa combat! :D

  81. pnz-2H vs bt-7

  82. 3 mauses vs 10 su 100y

  83. 4:24 redbull vodka comrades :DDDDDDDDD

  84. Red Bull is German…

  85. 1 tiger 1 tank vs 16 t34

  86. Your shooting is horrible !!!


  88. you should do shermans vs the tiger, panzers and jagdtiger

  89. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    Guys, why did Gaijin get rid of the press accounts?

  90. There is talk of a super heavy tank, named by the Germans, Maus.. Some say
    the only complete one was destroyed by Russian t34 and is1-2s. They say
    that it was escorted by a jag tiger and a few tiger 1 and 2.. Recreate this

  91. Phly, how van i join these battles?

  92. 5 Panthers vs 15 Wolverines

  93. Sherman’s Vs panthers!!!!!!!

  94. Damn, as close as you all were together I thought I was watching the Iraqi
    armored forces from Desert Storm

  95. po-2 vs f-80c to rectreate the po-2 taking down the f-94 starfire jet (the
    f-94 is basically an upgraded f-80 but it’s not in war thunder

  96. Lol at 8:00

  97. What is the default key for that commander’s binocular sight?

  98. That T-34 was fucking flying. xD Your reaction.

  99. Entirely way to close. Open up the spacing between the tigers because the
    Russians only have to shoot at this huge cluster of tanks that are 1-2 feet
    apart from each other

  100. +PhlyDaily
    Do a IS-2/M26 Push vs Jagdtigers and King Tigers!

  101. A lonely Tiger 1 vs 10 sherman

  102. Lol what funny guy brought a Tiger P?

  103. phly, id LOVEEEEEE to see the tank intro with the epic music and the chick
    singing :)

  104. derp vs derp stuh 42 vs 105 sherman

  105. Is OP is OP jajajajajaajajajaja

  106. Gaijin dislikes

  107. hellcats vs panthers and panzer 4s

  108. Damn cowards failed the motherland

  109. meh~ play kingdom like splattercat

  110. M18s vs KV-2s

  111. Press reverse to get towed that direction while getting repaired. Its
    essentially putting the gear in neutral. One would assume a Youtuber would
    know something like this.

  112. Your 88mm aiming needs work

  113. + PhlyDaily what happened to heroes and generals i liked the series.

  114. Panzer Kamper (PanzerKamper769)

    How do you turn on the binoculars?

  115. kv1 vs pz3~4

  116. How about 10 tiger vs 5 IS2 XD?

  117. I dont know channel

    Tiger 2 105mm VS T-54 1951

  118. LOL look at that T34 plane :v so OP

  119. lol you load way too much ammo

  120. 4:25 RUSSIAN BIAS

  121. Soo 16 t34s dose better against 2 more tigers than 25 shermans (not op at

  122. 6 t-34 (l-11) vs 18 ostwinds!

  123. O my goodness. You need to spread out more and keep 2 or 3 in reserve.
    Invite me for the next one. BlackjackMk1

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