War Thunder Tanks – ARCHER! Reverse Tank? War Thunder 1.55 Gameplay

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War Thunder Tanks – ARCHER! Reverse Tank? War Thunder 1.55 Gameplay


  1. Rafief Adinata Purnama


  2. carles chincho martinez

    nice videooo maaan OMG!

  3. Phly can you do Japanese heavy fighters?

  4. 32 not bad

  5. T44-122 Cannon!!!! <<

  6. Lol 9th

  7. Hello

  8. *This is the moment where no one has finished the video, but are fighting
    in a bloody battle to make clever comments
    Good luck to you all

  9. Best TD ever.

  10. one more episode of butt bait with Baron?

  11. the first valentine and the a13 mk2/3? are finaly available to the plebs
    and can be researshed.

  12. is *derp tank*

  13. 3:27 What the heck is going on with the subtitles Youtube? Lol!

  14. lol tank :D


  16. when can we research the next tanks in british tier? anyone knows?

  17. intro song ?

  18. t44-122

  19. crusader aa mk1 the iluminati tank

  20. This is the first French tank to be added.

  21. In real life, the driver had to jump out before the gun fired, or he would
    be decapitated by the gun recoiling.

  22. What the Hell did you name your Preset for the British?? I just noticed it

  23. улиточка диктатор

    that’s the brits… they can’t do things the right way..

  24. archer is wierd but it is op at!!!

  25. af

  26. This looks like it was designed by the French.

  27. I’ve always been confused about the Archer: if it’s based on the Valentine
    chassis, then how come it has no armor and is relatively quick? Is the
    chassis just an un-armored variant of the original for extra speed?
    Actually, that does make a lot of sense…

  28. a13 is op for me

  29. ImNotVerySexist “ImNotVerySexist”

    Phly, tell war thunder to fix 6.7 RB. they’ll listen to you. I wanna play
    my tiger oil and not face is3, is4, t54s, and the damn t10.

  30. Crusaider AA Mk.1
    40mm baby!

  31. phly have you seen the special tanks thath you can get with the war thunder

  32. help me, what is the best tank?

  33. Arrow in the knee? or should I call it shell in the knee

  34. mpg 90 degrees noscope !!!!! ??

  35. phly you need to see this video with youtube subtitles

  36. I hated this game first time I played it. Now that I got it figured out I
    can’t stop playing it!

  37. i love u phly!!!

  38. Worst TD in the game..

  39. So there are French Tanks in the game? These french tanks are great for

  40. Drive out the SMK Russian Premium Tank

  41. Why driver is alive after every shot? The canon should kill him in every

  42. Centurion, any of them

  43. Wont waste my time getting this tank

  44. >British Tank Request< Conquer mk II 120mm + can pen mouse from the side ??

  45. Who the hell thought this was a great idea?

  46. Would you like to see Italian/Japanese/French/Polish tank added to the

  47. Phly play Centurion

  48. reminds me ferdinand


  50. Play the Firefly or anything at 5.0. Be prepared to get salty as fuck at

  51. a middle class tic tac

    cromwell of your choice (tank request)

  52. Phly, I wanna know how archer will be in SB LOL

  53. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    LOL weird tank

  54. Take Stirling out

  55. T44-122 , Small body with Big Guns

  56. T44 with the 122mm! The agile derp!

  57. Pretty sure that the design is so that if anyone is driving this tank and
    comes across a panzer or German tank, the Kraut will be like “this should
    be easy, it doesn’t even have a gun!” But the driver turns it around and
    then the German will be like “oh shit”

  58. I wonder how confused the Germans were when they saw it for the first time

  59. I would think that Archer is french considering the reverse speed is
    greater than forward speed :D

  60. This thing sucked in wot does it sucks in this game?

  61. but buddy’s

  62. Wow. It is the shitiest piece of crap ever !!!

  63. fly the ki-67!!!

  64. Looks like a baby Ferdi. xD

  65. 17:54 crucial more like crewcial amrite?

  66. I love the Archer. The best map for it, atleast in my opinion is Poland.
    Scout around the edges of the map and snipe!

  67. Phly the valentine is slow because it has armour

  68. To everyone saying the British made weird/crap tanks… remember that we
    were the ones being bombed every day and had no opportunity to make decent
    tanks, we had to make-do with what we already had.

  69. Please drive out the Matilda!

  70. Phly I miss your old intro :(

  71. Must be a french design.

  72. thats exactly the same as wot. the archer TD is faster backwards

  73. kanonenjagdpanzer vs archer for best butt tank :D

  74. this is like the worst tank ever..

  75. The Arscher :D

  76. This tank looks like a Valentine modified by a 8 year old kid that did not
    read the instructions

  77. Use the Crusader AA Mk1!

  78. King derp has a grandson

  79. a what a piece of shit design lol

  80. Phly, fly out the Stirling!

  81. I guess weird jazz music is better than dubstep electronic music

  82. This tank sucks, I’m going to by pass it.

  83. Wold love to see a custom butt tank game

  84. Corsair EmeraldProjects

    Seija Kijin´s Tank Destroyer. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  85. `Dat moment when a Fw-190 A5/U2 with gun pods notices an archer

  86. florent.constant.biarc gaijin entertement

    what is this tank!

  87. British tanks feel like a joke from WT lol. Made out of paper mache and one
    of the tanks is a butt tank and another is the 3 inch gun carrier

  88. Phly, how about a costom battle on the Finland map, just make it realistic
    and turn on the snow (rain/storm) so we can get som Xmas feels

  89. British engineers drink to much tea^^

  90. comet

  91. Could this count as the most FRENCH tank in the game so far?..

  92. Thats crazy ;)

  93. This thing needs a reverse speed buff, like seriously

  94. phly you have to fly out hurricane mk 1 c with the 4 hispanos

  95. phly the reason there isn’t an MG is because British tank destroyers are
    not equipped with them because the British are weird

  96. From the opening shot in the hanger, I *finally* thought you were gonna
    take out the best bomber in the game… after more than 2 years of
    suggesting and requesting… oh well…

    Been subbed since 2013 and still never seen a PhlyDaily Beaufort video –
    one of these days…

  97. Phly it’s designed for a strong pullout game

  98. The French would love this tank

  99. his giggle at 4;20 is just priceless. nice vid phly!!!

  100. Sarodore The Dragon

    Phly the reason this is built backwards is because of the gun , it was too
    long and/or front heavy to the point the gun would hit the ground , to
    solve this problem the British mounted the gun backwards.

  101. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  102. 3 Inch Gun Carrier. Looks derp as hell.
    And actually show gameplay.

  103. Phly do u have all planes in the game?

  104. Ar(se)cher is not that great compared to achilles, which is just 0.5 BR
    higher and has a same gun but is not backwards.

  105. But buster !!!

  106. Is there going to be more heroes and generals videos?!

  107. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    OOOHHHH an alien british butt tank destroyer ,was not expecting that .

  108. You’re not driving backwards with W!!!!!! omg the tank control are not
    backward the gun is.

  109. The reason, afaik, is that it allowed the TD to bugger off qucikly after
    engaging. Instead of retreating slowly in reverse, it just goes forward.
    May not be pretty but it worked.

  110. the concept was to ambush then escape, shoot and scoot

  111. Okay lads here’s the deal with the Archer. It’s a defensive and ambush
    tank. The 17 pounder was difficult to mount on existing tanks with turrets,
    so while the Achilles and firefly were in development, this was implemented
    as a stop gap. The Valentine chassis was used for its reliability, low
    silhouette, and the Valentine had been mass produced but was now seen as
    obsolete. It was also given an upgraded engine. The idea was that the tank
    would lie in ambush and once it fired it would take off away from the
    Germans as quickly as possible. Mounting the gun backwards also helped keep
    the tank short, another useful feature for ambush.

  112. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    Phly fly the LA5FN and the victory is ours

    power dudes!!!!

  114. t34-100

  115. What is the name of the intro song please? :)

  116. phly you should be familiar with this tactic since u and baron already
    drove a tank in reverse style once XD

  117. Pz. IV F2 is not a Panther.

  118. How do you call theOrangeDoom a sellout

  119. The designer of the Archer must have been drunk when he thought this was a
    good idea. The people the accepted it must have been even more drunk.

  120. Hey phly can you use your old intro and music you used before I really like
    that one better pls.

  121. Pleaaaase to the centurion!

  122. Oh god that Driver seat, it must be terrifying having a giant piece of
    metal reciprocating right behind your head that if it has one to many
    screws lose will slam back and decapitate you.

  123. pathetic tank

  124. I bypassed this tank completely for Achilles, which by the way seems to be
    the only decent real tank for early Brits. The rest get absolutely rekt by
    Soviets or Germans and even some US tanks. Take your Valentine or Churchill
    against the P4 F2 or T34 and you pretty much get rekt. The Achilles can
    take out 6.7 tanks from certain angles…. just have fun researching it
    using horrible tanks, lol. Churchill is sooooo slow…. I hate using it.

  125. how do you have respawns in realistic battles? furthermore how can you
    bring a plane aswell?!

  126. This is the real Dickbutt-Tank

  127. T44 122 or gulag or pineappels?

  128. Well, Valentine for ur sake ?

  129. What i learned from this video, knees make shells shrapnel.

  130. Do Comet 1 next plez! ^^

  131. tog2 or 3inch gun carrier the new box tank :)

  132. Why was it designed like this?

  133. get your arse into gear loololl

  134. take out the crusader mk.3?the one next. to the mk.2 it is the one with the
    57mm it is a beauty

  135. The 17pdr was so heavy, they had to face it rearward or the tank would’ve
    nosed in.

  136. It’s a shame, I don’t feel ww2 British tanks really fit in games very well
    (unless the game is going to be incredibly realistic which noone really

  137. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Saying this is backwards is like saying your pencil was made upside down

  138. The adventures of British Butt-bait

  139. Only the Brits ??????

  140. Fly the f3f

  141. they should have called the Tank the Cupid instead of the Archer.

  142. Take out the premium A13 RTR

  143. Is Warthunder still trying to make us buy our way into the rest of the
    British tenk tree with this whole “tester” bullshit? Or can we actually
    play them now? I see through your silly games Gaijin

  144. thats what you called , REVERSE TANKOLOGY , tu dum tiss

  145. The only tank that can effective fire on the move retreating xD

  146. What the hell is this?

    I don’t know.

  147. Was 16:09 a troll?

  148. Butt bait

  149. Conquerer and tempest mk 2!!!!!

  150. danger zone~

  151. You should make a custom game where 2 Archers are connected together on the
    front side making an EPIC TWO BARRELED ARCHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETHAAAAAL

  152. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    I love how phlydaily still has myspace. :)

  153. aaspaa mk2

  154. The Design actually makes a lot of sense. It was designed to lay ambushes
    for enemy armour. It could fire and retreat before the enemy could return
    fire, whereas regular tanks or TDs would either have to retreat very
    slowly, spend time turning, or remain committed to the engagement. I
    imagine it would work well in War Thunder in this regard too

  155. I loved the valentine so much in WoT

  156. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    play russian zis 30, its op aginast british tanks

  157. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    rip cromwell

  158. The archer needs to be called the crawdad or the lobster because they both
    can swim very fast backwards

  159. pz 4 f2 with the long cannon or the crusader mk3

  160. hey phly how about u take out the valatine

  161. 16:04.. Whoa you see that??? me neither FTW!!!! LMAO

  162. is it funny that u uploaded this and another vid on my bday?

  163. No french tank jokes here? ok.

  164. drive the pt-76 which i like to call the pointless tank-76 cause it dies
    before you even get to fire the gun at the enemy and the stock shells
    literally crumble on the enemies armor and even if you do hit someone the
    shell does jack shit and you die 2 seconds later

  165. da new butt bait

  166. da new butt bait

  167. Aa crusader plz Phly

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