War Thunder Tanks! BABY TIGER! – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily

War Thunder Tanks! BABY ! – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay



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  3. Bf110 destroyer :-)

  4. haha under 50 club!

  5. Wow, first time I’ve seen a nearly empty comments section on the channel.

  6. im just here to leave an early comment

  7. love your vids and your my fav youtuber

  8. Aight Phly you had your fun. Now let’s get down to business. You have M60
    and B-57B. See what’cha can do with them.

    PS. Can you do more gameplay with the B-57B since last time. Would really
    like it :)

  9. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    gooooooo phly

  10. T-10M & IL-28 :D

  11. I’m early wow, but when the f*ck is Patch 1.53 coming?!

  12. Jon Karlsen (NorthyPark)

    US/Brit mid/low tier:
    – Us or British M10
    – A20G or Baufighter Mk VIc

    hope this gets picked and since 1.53 is out, we can finaly play some of the
    British tanks!
    keep up the good work :)

  13. Phly i love how u pronounce things ur just amazing 😀 as always its just
    awesome to watch u play stuff love from germany <3 sry for my crappy

  14. Where THE FUCK IS ANNO!!!???

  15. either I’m fucking phycic or you’ve posted this video before… 0__o

  16. But drive the Perishing and the Bearcat with Tiny tims

  17. firefly-firefly mk 5

  18. t-60 and po-2 PLEASE it’s the ultimate derp combo!

  19. Ze Wermacht

  20. 1.53 is out !!!

  21. play the kv2 and the pe 8 with the 5000lb bomb love your vids

  22. Pls take the Strong tower T32 an rocket F-84 Thunderjet

  23. fly the jak 9 k 500m plus snipe

  24. P-26 and M-22!!!!!

  25. Can you play the tiger P premium and the fw 190 d-13 premium

  26. Do the IS-4 and the TB-3! make him suffer!

  27. Wehrmacht pronouncing (vermaht)

  28. Hetzer and a Focke Wolf?


  30. KV-1 L-11 and the IL-4. Let’s see if you can beast with the KV-1 like most
    can… It’s fun.

  31. actually your APHECBC round can punch though T-34 front armor

  32. Franz William Chandra Ruben

    play anno2205 again please???

  33. Banter.

  34. The adventures of Phlydaily and the possum panzer!! LOL!!

  35. the big gun combo: yak9t and the derp2(kv2) 4 the motherland!

  36. hey Phly thanks for the birthday upload love the vids. Are you n Baron
    genuine WW2 buffs? would love to see some Red Orchestra if possible.

  37. Panzer v and FW 190 also keep up the vids man we all appreciate them

  38. do you really yuse hacks

  39. I’ve played some abttles,but how do you do that on 3:33 -3:35 ? 🙂 I hope
    you’ll read this or anyone else,who’ll answer my question :),Thanks bud/s

  40. omfg im crying xDDD they are all blind

  41. Activate blind mode 8:06. Great vids you got buddy keep it going :)

  42. why do people dislike this video it is so amazing

  43. Löwengeschwader means lionsquadron, its so funny when you try to speak
    german 😀 Keep the good vids up man!

  44. GJ Steve, thank you for driving back the T-34 scourge. Maybe next play
    Sherman firefly + typhoon?

  45. Play the ZUT-37 and the Zhukovsky s I-153-M62 with 8 rockets low tier
    Russian beast premium combo

  46. sherman firefly and typhoon mk1b late(one with X4 20mm)

  47. Blackprince and the wellington ^^

  48. Hey Phly! Just prononce Wermart for Wehrmacht, cause “ch” in german is “r”
    ^^ Like your vids, you’re one of my best ytbers, see u soon !

  49. use the new modeled m130&B-57B

  50. the real baby Tiger is the SdKfz 123 Panzerspahwagen II (Luchs)

  51. 8:06 that moment when u just scream at ur monitor that there is a tank 10m
    to his right and he just goes by him.

  52. the sherman firefly

  53. @8:08 right side behind the stone wall like 10 ft away from phly. lmao phly
    y u so blind??

  54. Please…please, for the love of God, stop trying to pronounce words in
    other languages… It’s like you can’t read at all….Just say the words in
    american english.

  55. Edger Van der Linden

    isn’t tis tank like a Pz. III but with extera armor on the sides an on the

  56. 8:08 lol how you didnt See Him xD

  57. Soviet Korean War loadout with the T-54 model 1949 and il-28 may the might
    of the motherland be in your favor

  58. M4A1 (76) and the P-40! Phly you are the best!

  59. What they need to do is slap thoes extra 20mm of armor onto the front of a
    pz.4H all that armor with that 75mm german gun would be so nice

  60. Sherman Firefly and Mosquito.

  61. 8:10 turns into a fucking panto HES BEHIND YOU !

  62. Admiral SnackBar Cornwilis

    It seems the Russians were…rushing your team, Phly…..

    *lets my self out*

  63. HOW are you THAT lucky!

  64. blacke prince and p51

  65. this tank is so good with a full trained crew sub 4 sec reload great
    mobility good armor that’s almost immune to Heat rounds

  66. To all of you who don’t know … This video has been re posted 😀 he had do
    do that due to the patch and he couldn’t make another video 😀 this is not
    a new video it was uploaded like 1-2 weeks ago

  67. use the is-3 and il-28

  68. or try BT-5 whit by-plane

  69. The new british tier 1 cruiser (A13?) and the Wirraway

  70. drive the Perishing and thef8f Bearcat with Tiny tims, PLEASE!!!!! phly
    your awesome

  71. I say shoe box su-100y with yak 9t fridge launcher

  72. ok how u dont see him from 8:07 to 8:10

  73. Uncle Sam requests PBJ with 75mm cannon and maybe some kind of strong
    ‘Murican Sherman? :3

  74. play the t34e-STZ and yer-2

  75. 12:13 #BLUESCLUES

  76. how do you drop 2 bombs at a time?

  77. Hi phly. pleas play the Kursk combo: Tiger E with the Ju 87 d-5! Your my
    Favoriten YouTuber with the Best war thunder Vids ever!
    Sry for my english i am from Austria.

  78. 8:08 How did you not see that!!

  79. could you play very honorabru in the shiden kai?

  80. Macdonalds logo in the back ot the tank

  81. Firestorm :D

  82. Battle of the Bulge! M18 Hellcat tank destroyer and P47 ThunderBolt (
    latest model). Good hunting, Phly.

  83. Those pipes, next to the mantlet, where were they for? Smoke?

  84. Great video Phly as always. That sneaky part was the best!

  85. IS2 and TU2 DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT NOW:)

  86. Those 7.62s…

  87. Sherman Firefly with Fairey Firefly!!!

  88. give the british some love take out the black prince and the wooden wonder

  89. I would like you to play T-10M Russian Heavy Tanks Tire X thanks i love
    your videos

  90. “Löwengeschwader” means Lion Squadron


  92. How Phly, how!? How did you not see him until he shot? You are sneaking
    around and someone sneaks past you ten meters away? I know stealth is the
    art of hiding in plain sight but… This is a bit exaggerated, lol…

  93. More ANNO at some point?

  94. m60 and sabre

  95. po2 and t35 or t 264


  97. 8:08 anybody saw the su76 on the right?

  98. He said H-16 , you know, the one with the 20mm!
    Why does no one play or even know this plane!


  100. just a tiny tipp of what i use often to spot tanks in Realistic Tank
    battles: i recognized lately that there are red arrows at the siede of the
    screen showing you if theres and enemie and it can be very helpfull to look
    at them to find enemies fast and without directly seing them 🙂 Greeting
    From Germany :D

  101. Stug III f and bf 109f4 with the 500 kilo

  102. Panzerwerfer 42 and bf 109 with gunpods, fly the quen of planes in tank rb

  103. what the hell did pewdiepie to do in that comment? :/

  104. Oooh take out the prem british tier 1 cruiser with the wirraway. Gotta see
    how the Wirraway does in RB tanks!

  105. Andrés Martínez (General de sillón)

    Play the new baby british tank with the always migty swordfish.

  106. “Hope you dont get as big as Pewdiepie” Haha, that made me laugh, but sadly
    he does have a point. When youtubers get bigger they tend to interact less
    with their subs. I love Phly, I honestly wish him the best with his channel
    growth. I just hope he doesnt lose the ‘interaction factor’ that i started
    watching Phly for!

  107. anyone else annoyed to fuck with the lost control shit?

  108. It’s time boys:
    Wirbelwind and the Ju-87 D5 with the 20 mm gunpods German Cannon Fodder!
    Do it for Hans and Schnitzel

  109. Hawker Hunter with the Black Prince! Good luck!

  110. Wehrmacht = pronounced Ver – mahk- deh (d’s = t’s in German). but good
    attempt bro! German is fun but hard to pronounce at times. Werhmact was the
    name for the German main Army during the war. It’s now called the
    Bundeswehr (Boon – dah-Swa- Veer).

  111. How did you not see that tank in the town square :D

  112. Rice for Africa 1997

    LOL that missed tank at 8:04

  113. OMG that playing dead move was hilarious

  114. last 2 videos you used something wrong, last video you use jumbo 75, not
    76, this 1 you sue He 111 H-6, H-16

  115. Wehrmacht is pronounced as “Vare-marked” (Vare like wear but with a V
    instead of a W) ;3

  116. ver mark just trynna help

  117. KV1 PLEASE!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE GREAT PHILDALY!!!!!

  118. Fucking hate this rolled chip ad

  119. Quad 50

  120. Wehrmacht(Vehr-mach-t) is the main german army for WWII

  121. Phly please take out the Panzer IV G and the Fw 190 A-4 with the
    “Unrippable” wings ;D

  122. Bf 109 F2 and Panzer IV F2

  123. when Phly saw he had the points for the Panzer he was like “i ain’t goin
    out like no bitch” lol

  124. Panther and Ju88

  125. you could have killed those planes with the he 111 h-16’s 20mm front
    turretgun. but it wasnt an h-16

  126. I logged on, hopped in a match on Stalingrad, and two minutes later, I hear
    a panzerwerfer. needless to say, I almost crapped myself. the scariest bit?
    not knowing where it was…

  127. I just got the Tiger H, and I HARED the PzIIIM. I always got 1 shot fron
    like every tank, and I could barely pen a t34

  128. Big russian

    KV2 and pe8 5000kg bomb

  129. T-50 and IL-10(1946) please m8

  130. Pewdiepie mods his subs by the way for anyone listening it’s true

  131. M18 and the p51d5 with full load feel the op flow in your blood phly!

  132. Pewdiepie is a faggot can’t stand that guy

  133. It is time to play Sherman Firefly (and Achilles) plus rocket ´phoons!
    Normandy baby!

    Do it or go to the Towern for a life sentence!


  134. Roll out the T-34 85 and the Plane of your choice phly you deserve it!

  135. For Stalin

  136. shmoaeel alksraney

    did anyone saw the tank moving on the right lol at 8:08

  137. AirProduction - Airbajan

    F4U-1C Whistling Death for MERICA

  138. The Call Of Duty Guys


  139. How bout panzer 38 and the fw200 make it hard for phly.

  140. Need some more sim battles! Been far to long!

  141. Use the firefly and the mosquito any mk

  142. as usually painfully to watch…

  143. Evan Anderson-Navarro

    Anyone else notice he used the h-6 instead of 16 mode? Main diffidence is
    defensive armament (20mm in the front and 13mm in the back instead of 7mm
    on both) he probably could have gotten 2 air kills if he used the He111 h16

  144. TiberiousThe Labrador

    so, lets all say it together, fuck russia.

  145. 17:16 tells us his plan

    me: seems legit


  147. in 1.53 this is now in tier two. this now might be the best tier two, tank

  148. super perishing and hell

  149. Hey fly! Use the P-51D-30 with tracer rounds and the brand new T92 with
    whatever ammo you want. Your great and keep up the good work!

  150. germans last stand combo mouse+ me262c1
    for berlin phly

  151. Can u play t95 and b5 with .50 cal?

  152. Lol they did NAZI U lol. Sorry i couldn’t help it. :/

  153. super perishing

  154. I saw that Su-76 in the second gameplay and I was like “PHLY YOU ARE

  155. Phly you are permanently salty

  156. That bright green kv1 was honestly retarded if he couldn’t see you, I mean
    does he even check corners

  157. Go to the war thunder news page, and go to the German Union day post and
    look at the picture, it’s a leopard and ho229, so play them, leopard with
    what u want, and then use omnipurpose rounds on the ho

  158. T-28 and the p-51

  159. Hey Phly love your vids, you should do a Bf-109 E3 gameplay

  160. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    10.5 cm tiger and focke wulf d-12(or d-9) and this combo is called Dat

  161. Lol he said H-16 not H-6

  162. Do the maus and the b-29 superfortress since they are both vary powerful
    phly is the best

  163. If you play russian tanks I hate you

  164. Tiger 1 h and Fw 190D9.

  165. Russian bias! All German tanks has default came in tan. All Russian tank
    all have green. and t34 have aphebc..

  166. LOL If i could title this video, it would be “The baby Panzer with
    Insecurity issues” XD

  167. Wehrmacht is pronounced vear- mocked

  168. Do the A-13 and Hurricane Mk4 with armored target rounds, the Brit 1.7 duo

  169. Guy in T-34 1940 : You dirty , cheating , sneaking …
    +PhlyDaily : Rough world.

  170. So this is what happens when you play this game without using that third
    person omniscient view the game gives you: You drive right past Phly and
    get shot in the back.

  171. A43 and and the 40mm Pom Poms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz!!!!!!!!!! Me want Brit

  172. so @8:10 tank rolls by his right and for tanks i suggest trying out the Pz
    II DAK and the HE 112 AO or BO cheers keep up the good videos and hope to
    challenge ya to an onion one day. -Bird

  173. David “madindie” Dew

    Great vid mate, awesome game

  174. watch the kv drive by and all I could think was; wat

  175. T44 & LA9

    No Reason why.

  176. With the British tanks coming in, drink some tea and take out the Achilles
    with the Hurricane MkIV 40mm. Spiffing!

  177. Why are T-34 “russian” around? *drum roll*

  178. Play as Stalin’s mini skirt! T-34E


  180. The Heinkel is the best bomber in the Game!

  181. Tiger E and the Ju-87 D-5. I’m having real issues with the tiger E because
    its armor is invalid no matter how angled for the IS-2 mod 1944s and it
    can’t penetrate the M26 and T32 on a regular basis without APCR

  182. I hate the way the HE-111 engine sounds sound exactly like the P-40 engine
    Also awesome video Phly very exiting

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