War Thunder TANKS! Best Low Tier Premium! PZIII N Tank Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily

War Thunder TANKS! Best Low Tier Premium! PZIII N Tank Gameplay


  1. First

  2. Interesting.

  3. So some pretty bad compression in this video, I think I fixed it. But, you
    won’t see that until next video…The TYPOON MK1a:)

  4. *Also!!!!What Combo should be next? Something crazy :)*

  5. phly why is your facecam border not square…?

  6. abraham gonzalez duran

    take out the tiger 2 h and ho 229 with armored targets

  7. play the TOG II next, what? not in the game? so play the Sherman firefly!
    not in game yet? well f*ck me

  8. next play the Tiger 1 the sexy and the bf 109 K-4 beast vive la fatherland!

  9. ZiS-30 and the BB-1. With a T-50 as a backup.

  10. IMO there is no point in having a facecam. It also blocks part of the stat
    card in the hangar, which is quite annoying.

  11. Thank you so much Phly!Now, I would love to challenge you!Could you please
    make a series of the in-game WT single missions played by you in simulator
    mode? Subscribers: If you like this idea, give it a thumbs-up!

    Lol, I am from the Netherlands!

  12. Play a tier 1 tank

  13. The intro music is just fucking awesome! :D

  14. russian support unit:

    With some sweet decals ;)

  15. Ur cat is sooo cute!???

  16. I got a cool combo 🙂 The Jagdtiger and the HO229!
    Ps: I love your german voice 😉 (I am german)

  17. Phly, when the trees block my view in 3rd person I usually just zoom in to
    the close (sim battle type) view until I’m out of them. That seems to work
    pretty well.

  18. Holy shit…Phly doesnt look like a redneck anymore!

  19. PhlyDaily the stalingrad combo: he 111h and the f2

  20. Loosing impossible set:T-34 any version and Yak 9 any version!

  21. Babas been stream bombing so much! I think its time to start up a second
    channel – Babadaily. 24hr livestream, nothing but cat!
    ( I ) 3 ( I )
    ( O ) 3 ( O )”

  22. Serguei Tcherkassov

    Like for the CAT !

  23. pz 38t f

  24. Awesome gameplay!

  25. Who the fuck are you?

    This aint stevens!

  26. t 35 and i15bis with rockets

  27. Take out the Neubaufahrzeug with the He-51 Hydroplane ;3

  28. Hey Phly please play the Leopard 1 and the german Sabre

  29. Play the Me-410 and the Jagdtiger.

  30. It’s 1944.The Allies have landed on Normandy beaches. You have a
    M4A3E2 (76) W Jumbo and P-47M-1-RE at your command.
    Bring your nation a victory and liberate Europe from evil tyranny of Hitler.
    Play also AcDc – Back in Black and/or Shoot to thrill

  31. 1 time iv destroyed 2 panzer IV with only a T-50 XD

  32. Facecam + Baba is the best!

  33. TANK DESTROYERS PREMIUM PACK Panzer IV/70(A) and Hs-129B-2 with 30mm !!!

  34. SMK and IL-2

  35. hahaha no way the best low tier tank is the pz iv F2 it oneshots EVERYTHING
    EVERYWHERE and I got 15 kills with it one time

  36. Cats are da best.??????

  37. I knew that from the moment i bought it

  38. haven’t you heard Phly, cats make good co-pilots….. well, if you can
    overlook their tendency to bomb allied airfields

  39. the high tier matchmaking in this game is completely fucked up, and I hate
    gaijin for continuisly ruining this game patch for patch, right now, ho
    229s have to go against f 86 sabres and meteor MK Ivs, this is complete
    bullshit and in tanks its even worse, tiger IIs have to go against fckin t
    10ms, a tank that shouldnt even be in this damn game. I used to love war
    thunder, it was a great game until the cold steel patch which just
    completely broke th game, and now they fucked it up even more. I know I´m
    raging here and this might not be the place to do it (sorry phly), but this
    shit just cant go on any longer, gaijin has finally listen to its damn
    players, since literally everyone is disappointed by the new MM. I really
    used to love this game, i really did, and thats why I´m writing this, I
    want War thunder back, the real deal, not this fucked up bullshit that
    gaijin is throwing at us!

  40. Just a tip panzer n is even good to deal with T34 so its a good tank to
    bring for cities and close combact the only problem is that the heat round
    sometimes ins unpredictable

  41. Kevin Ribeiro Welter

    Take the US-Derp Combo
    M4A3(the one with the 105) + PBJ 1H(the one with the 75)
    Just take it out its too amazing

  42. Zis-30 and BB-1, so much fun it’s crazy

  43. American German combo german p47 with the german m4

  44. Play the mighty TB-3 and the little T-60 !!

  45. Panther II and Me-262 with the 50mm gun T-44 blaster for ze fatherland

  46. All American combo the b-29 carpet bomber and the t-28 little turtle tank
    destroyer please please please pick mine Phly it would be so cool to watch
    this combo in action

  47. PBY and T95 next please. the ultimate slow combo

  48. 3 Star General Thoka-chan

    Phly the next combo for you is the ISU-152 and the IL-10 (1946). The one of
    the Hightier Russian Combo.

    I hope that i don’t remembered the wrong BR for the IL-10

  49. jagdtiger+arado 234b

  50. nice tshirt lel

  51. U look way better without your beard

  52. t34-100

  53. Lucas Mota Teixeira

    The cam is way too small

  54. Tiger II and BF109

  55. M4A1E8 and P51

  56. The Cold War : T-54 1951 and IL-28

  57. M2A2 and P26 please :)

  58. t32 and p51

  59. Maus and fw200

  60. Phly, WT has added (I think very recently) Engine Injections for a lot of
    German airplanes. Yes, secret nerf. After having bought that, your Ju 87
    D-3 (and a lot of other airplanes) will climb SO MUCH FASTER.
    Unfortunately, you didn’t buy the upgrade in this video (notice how you
    haven’t researched it yet at 3:00), so at least keep an eye out for it

  61. Panther 2 and HE-112 either of em

  62. Phly please do the leopard 1 with the first me262 with rockets. I mainly
    wanna see your reaction to the new MM. Have fun.

  63. I saw you NAPK1N

  64. T-III please phly Or T-III and il-2-41 variant

  65. TwiiisTz OG Plays

    M3 Stuart and b-57

  66. ohhh myy gooood the cat

  67. Jon Steel (AltxF4)

    Gord Dayum! I have been away for a week or 2 and now no phly beard…wtf!

  68. Please try the Po 2 and the T-60 combo
    for Stalin

  69. At it’s BR with a 3.3 reload rate, armor, and 100mm of pen, I eat tanks up
    with this Pz III n, you generally have to use 2-3 rds to kill but it fires
    so quick it’s not an issue. Play the T-10M and IL28 next.

  70. phly i know this is warthunder tanks but i just wanted to know if world of
    warships are bringing out HMS dread nought it is a really cool british
    battle ship

  71. why even bother taking HE with that caliber

  72. Gaijin needs to fix the replay system and add kill cam.

  73. Oskar Andreas Berg

    Ur intro is so nice?

  74. yak 9p please with 37 MM cannon

  75. Tomorrow Vladimir Putin will be 63 years oldSo PLEASE take out the IS4 and
    the IL28 For the best president EVER!!

  76. Awesome video Steve, please keep up the good work :-D

  77. T-34 -85(ZiS-53) and Premium P-47 Thunderbolt with Rockets and bombs 🙂
    Haha :D

  78. Korea combo
    M47 Patton II and F9F-5

  79. T-50 and IL-10 (1946)

    T-50 can still do work in that BR

  80. Pz IV F-2

  81. 34:47 *I always thought having the flaps out while slowing down would slow
    it down faster due to drag*. *Thanks*!
    *The more you know*

  82. The German Sherman with the German p47

  83. Sebastiano Branca

    Humm… why my tanks die in 1 hit all the time and that thing took like 15

  84. One of your best videos to date.

  85. You should really turn your chat off during recording…

  86. 128% more sexier without the beard

    64% less manlier without the beard

  87. Can you check out the zut-37, Never seen ingame by somebody at all.

  88. Panzerbefehlswagen VI Tiger (P) and Ta 152

  89. put the facecam in the center of the screen so we can see your face more

  90. Once British tanks come use a Brit tank and the hurricane with the 40 mm

  91. He hasn’t played tanks in a while… Let’s make it super easy for him and
    make him take out the T-10M

  92. You must take out the Maus Haus and an Arado 234C-3 just do it or its
    Landsberg Prison for you.

  93. The Peashooter M-32 and M2A4

  94. Can you do the mosketo the pwrfull 75mm for britain

  95. Neacsiu Demostene (dEMMosTEnE)

    Dude really you used a replay for the ju 87, it was obvious man ;D

  96. The Russian threes!!! IS-3 and TB-3!!!!!

  97. marder3H and fw-200 or ju-88 or ju-87 D-5

  98. stug3 and something

  99. I’m more interested in that cat than the gameplay lol

  100. the panzer lll.N FINALY GETS THE ATTENTION IT DESERVES btw fly ap is the
    best general round the heat is best for firing on targets with thicker
    armour for example the m3 lee the heat will go threw the front of those
    like butter and same for when firing on a sherman
    if you train enough with it you can start to engage higher teir tanks with
    in a nut shell the panzer lll.N is the mini leopard

  101. fuck napkin.

  102. i love how my m41 fought not but t10ms and leopards today.

  103. Disliketin vidiäsi

    guys check out angry nerds channel he makes awesome warthunder content

  104. Phly use the stolen Sherman from the German don’t know the name of it and
    use the bf-109 (any)

  105. Phly you should really get this mod for the tanks it’s by sidescrape it
    makes the gun way more realistic also the kv2 sounds like a Bomb going off

  106. every tank game is so populated becuase everyone is tired of the bullshit
    that’s happening in RB air battle

  107. i just finished my JU-87 D-5 model, it turned out pretty damn nicely for my
    first model! Who agrees that the Stuka is one of the coolest planes looking
    aside it’s history?

  108. DAT CAT DO… Do the p-26 and the M2A2. Ultimate reserve team. Of being

  109. M4 and F2A3 low teir fun

  110. When british tanks come out, you have to play the Matilda or the next best
    thing with the Hurricane Mrk. IV

  111. What’s ur intro song because it makes me feel so happy and joyful

  112. Hjalfnar Feuerwolf

    Voting for Finish KV-1B and German Il-2. Show the soviets what their
    weapons can achieve in the hands of the Axis!

  113. +PhlyDaily German captured combo- German Sherman and German P-47

  114. Yay! Thanks Phly :D

  115. BB-1 and BT-7!

  116. Is-1 and yak 9t!

  117. I think this is the best thumbnail you’ve had yet.

  118. Popcorn is real
    *Grabs Satan*

  119. christian coffman

    phly you should do a golden eagle give away!!

  120. Around 31:05 He said we need to get the hell out of dodge, what does that

  121. does anyone know the date or something of the next update for british tank

  122. Rich Noob…

    P-26 (100lbs)

    Peashooter FTW!!

  123. NAPK1N I see you…

  124. Ok Phly you took out the German Desert Combo now you need to take out the
    Allies Desert Combo. The M3 Grant/Lee and the P40 with the 112th camo.
    Those two are the closest to British tanks and planes as you can get for

  125. kitty jakolantern

    why was the second part in replay?

  126. Attempt 4! tiny combo!
    M22 Locust!
    P-26 with bombs!

  127. You should teach Baron some interior decor things.. it looks like hes in a
    cell xD

  128. The True Scotsman

    Does anyone know if any versions of the pz4 had the frontal Schürzen like
    the later pz3’s

  129. hey phly not bragging but I got 11 kills one match just letten ya know

  130. It came down to the triarii with that T 50

  131. 29:10 Damn it phly, we can’t see what you’re doing because it’s a replay,
    I’m very interested in what he’s talking about because I’ve been looking
    for a solution to this for a while. If someone knows what he is talking
    about please share.

  132. Play high velocity team! Panther or tiger (the one closer to the planes BR)
    and also let the Luftwaffe tag along with their Me 410 B-6/R-3

  133. Phly, to defeat German onslaught, you must taek stronk tank und stronk
    plaen, I therefore commission you in the name of the Lord Stalin, t-35/SMK
    and that plane with no cabin and all open top gunners, sorry

  134. Me 410 50mm and Panther G

  135. IS-1 and IL-4 cmon, the impossible BR

  136. plz plz no face cam

  137. So, you said you hadn’t experienced the br changes yet! I know, play the
    tiger 2 (h) with the ta-152 for ze fatherland!!!

  138. T34-100 and something?

  139. I see Baron has influenced you with the face cam. Baron you have a lot to
    answer for! God damn distractions of the game play! lol. Plz don’t make
    this a regular thing Phly.

  140. t35 po2 plez

  141. your cat is really cute phly,

  142. the Blitz Krieg combo Panzer 2 H and the JU 87 B-2

  143. Best Low Tier Premium tru dat

  144. The German disappointment combo. The maus and arado (any variant) yeah lets
    watch phly burn

  145. please play the B-17/E/L and the M6A1

  146. 5:14 shart arc? xD lmao

  147. NAPK1N is an attention whore

  148. Take out the T35 and the IL4!!! For Stalin

  149. MAUS and ARADO !!!!!!!!!

  150. Do you all hate WorldOfTanks i mean i love WT Tanks but the modes and mods
    and the better HUD of WoT are just insane like in WOWs

  151. Is1 and the yak9k

  152. hey phly could you take out the M6A1 and the B25j??? :D

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