War Thunder Tanks – BRITISH TANK Gameplay! 40mm QF Cruiser Mark IV

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Source: PhlyDaily

War Thunder Tanks – BRITISH TANK Gameplay! 40mm QF Cruiser Mark IV



  2. Sebastian von Druschke Jensen



  4. So it took a day for him to Stop hunter hawking


  5. Play with the tiger 2 H and me 262 pulkzerstorer 50mm derp cannon

  6. Play with the tiger 2 H and me 262 pulkzerstorer 50mm derp cannon

  7. the I best fact only one that who of them in my life room head hurts is fun
    and I have to go back to school my mom is and just be a little more time
    than I thought you it is the best of all time low key role

  8. The highlight thing was already in the game since 1.51 m8:D

  9. sub 301 club, bitches

  10. The markers is RB are just horrible. No skill or tram play required. You
    just roll simply because you know where the enemy is, like in AB.

  11. Nice video you really destroyed their asses with the A13 Mk.II

  12. really… good boy in english is good boy…. rly man?

  13. Petrea-Galer Nicolae

    why you have lag?

  14. livestream again pls

  15. new crew skill system in here too.

  16. good boy in American=good boy in British ( or smashing boy if you want the

  17. lol phly British is English, though I think they would say “chap” or “lad”
    instead of boy

  18. THATS ME IN THE M3!!! derzhak is my gamertag and i didnt believe it was you
    until i saw this!

  19. You reeeeeaaaally sure that that 40mm isnt a little over performing…

  20. moonstone productions

    40mm queen fucker

  21. great job with the 40mm mate !!

  22. aaahh! the frame rate!!!

  23. hate it when others shoot at ur tanks (purposely or not) once i was in my
    pz.iv on berlin and was with another pz.iv teammate. trying to shoot a t34
    in the rear when he suddenly came forward, blocking me and hence i
    accidentaly shot his gun, then he went on and shot and cuss me as if im the
    one at fault

  24. That 40mm is the best low tier gun in ground forces. It’s fire rate is

  25. How do you like this tank, mate? I love it, poppet. Pretty excited for
    PhlyDay, Govnah!
    I’m British :D

  26. how do you get so many eagles?

  27. so have they done anything with the ultra low graphics exploit yet?

  28. This tanks is op, i tired it and i oneshot almost everything i shot at.

  29. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Does anyone know a way to purchase the British tank bundle via steam? (the
    bundle with all 4 of them)
    As I have steam wallet that I want to use :/

  30. this shit is to op

  31. I watched Phly last night off and on for few hours on Twitch. You sure do
    get a different view of him while live. The videos he posts each day are
    great! Fun to watch, entertaining, and informative. His grammar really
    cracks me up. But……..last night nothing but whining, complaining,
    bitching about his team or other players. Whining about the Hawker etc.
    It’s just a game. And your getting paid to sit at home and play games!!
    I’ll keep watching, really like the videos, but maybe not the live stream.
    I was embarrassed for him….

  32. what is PL to the ping

  33. well that thing is not op at all ,cuz it can kill a king tiger from side.
    no no no you dont call that op ,cuz it “only” have 1.7 BR, gg GaiJob.


  35. So, who else hates the new crew leveling system?

  36. phly can you make a spanish gameplay ?

  37. was anyone crashing into the ground last night i got banned its such bs i
    was just dive booming

  38. so what is the penetration value of this 40mm gun @ 1400m ?

  39. Phly, take out an British naval fighter in Test Flight, I think you’ll be
    surprised 🙂


  40. Russians at low to medium tier get stomped now with these new British tanks

  41. What you mean it’s not English it’s British??

    Oh you Americans make me giggle..

  42. Great disappointment: british tanks are premium :(

  43. This game is AIDS now.

  44. Already looking forward to seeing the crusader and the Cromwell in the

  45. How about we address war thunders real issues Instead of adding new tanks,
    the match making is shit, they make Germans tanks weak, and make Russians
    incredibly op

  46. This is stupid, read about how the cruiser did in real life it was
    absolutely shit and they make it op as fuck in this game

  47. I find it’s easier to fake a British accent if you just talk with marbles
    in your mouth…. But do try not to die while doing it.

  48. Nice chap

  49. they need to remove the “historical zoom” and remove the tags. i hate how
    there trying to make their game”realistic” its not fun anymore. if i want a
    realistic tank games il play like DCS tanks…

  50. and here i was thinking the German 88 was ww2 sniping weapon of choice…i
    have been misslead , so much misslead.

  51. Sarodore The Dragon

    As a German tiger II player I haven’t gotten to play against a British tank
    but if what i am told is true i should fear them with good reason id love
    to get a hold of one just to see how they play

  52. will these ever not be premium?

  53. Phly is it me or does your quality on your game look really bad you playing
    on medium or is it the recording? 

  54. Has anyone else been getting a disk write error when ever they try and
    download the patch?

  55. das Game ist echt schlecht geworden sehr schade hab es 2 Jahre lang
    gespielt und jetzt macht es kein Fun mehr BR fürn arsch bei Panzer dann
    denk ich cool Briten da
    was ist 4 premium Panzer nur da
    dann wollte ich mir den M26 Raketen werfen kaufen nope muss das vor model
    kaufen und der kostet mal eben 60€ ransummen ist schlechter geworden und
    vieles mehr

  56. Would be cool if the radio and communications mechanics were tied in with
    your commander and/or radio operator in some way in realistic battles.
    Similar to WoT. Might be actually, not really done my research.

  57. War thunder got ruined after introduction of tanks.

  58. Is the new game engine implemented?

  59. Gabriel Figueiredo

    Hey Phly, which key that I press to look for that binoculars in sniper mode

  60. He took out Theo, for being a dick, and he owed him money.

  61. How are those armored vehicles phly

  62. Can you do a video showcasing the new P-38’s?

  63. Anyone know if you can get any vehicles with a Littlejohn adaptor on the 2

  64. Phyl fly out the new P-38’s and do ground strike!

  65. Hey phly, do you remember when you were on the dev server for 1.53 and you
    test drove the Pershing with rockets, at one point you zoomed in on the
    scope and it showed the barrel included with the crosshair at the 5:30
    mark? Was that a glitch? Because i dont see it in any of your other latest
    war thunder videos, just the original crosshair

  66. Nothin wrong with spawn campin, the games over at that point. You spawn
    camp all the time. Don’t be such a fucking faux elitist

  67. The british tanks are pretty cool, but I still love my german lineup :D

  68. Phly Why did i get a HUGE FPS drop After the Update!? PLZ help me

  69. This was part of the stream I watched it

  70. Hey Phly, could you take out the two Fireflies in a realistic battle? You
    know, the Sherman Firefly and the Firefly FR Mk V??

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