War Thunder Tanks – GHOST IN WAR THUNDER! M4A3E8 Easy 8 Sherman Tank

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Source: PhlyDaily

War Thunder Tanks – GHOST IN WAR THUNDER! Easy 8 Sherman Tank

Music – http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Humorous&page=1


  1. Great video 🙂 Loved it!


  3. Do the He51 with 6 10Kg bombs in tank rb

  4. woooooo that is awesome

  5. Play the T44 and the IL-10 (1946)

  6. Haven’t you uploaded this video before?

  7. Hey phly love the gameplay keep it up!! Luv u bro

  8. sup phly….saw the stream with you and classy…solid stuff…you seemed
    so happy…lol

  9. Omg the russians have teleportation


  11. lol yeh

  12. Warthunder Halloween DLC confirmed.

  13. in the intro, the ZSU… that’s happened to me… tanks disappear after I
    shoot them, I freak out because I think they’re invisible and they’re going
    to shoot me but it’s like they turned off their computer or some shit…
    idk maaaan..

  14. p51s saved my dads life when he was flying missions over europe in1944
    great fighter.

  15. i cant remember but one of the t-34-85 s can have all ammoracks emty in
    xray when they carry under 30
    than the armor next to it

  16. 404 subterranean aneurysm

    Soviet trans dimensional travel stronk!

  17. *Sorry for not overlaying it DJ!* Here is the comment voting for this
    video! http://imgur.com/oskbqe3 *WHAT COMBO NEXT* Again apologizes of the
    bomb drops this video here is a video showcasing perfect engagements

  18. Next Black Prince and Tempest Plz

  19. Phly when do you thin War thunder will release the P61. They have it on the
    release tree but its been there for almost 2 years

  20. Take out the Is-4 or T10 with the Il 28

  21. Yo Phly play the BaronVonGames and SlickBee in simulator mode

  22. Kv-2 vs mouse plz!!

  23. It’s time for the anti-tank gun!
    Play the “Baby Tiger”: the Panzer III M and the once formidable but later
    obsolete bomber: the He 111 H-16!Phly, you are awesome!
    I hope you won’t get as big as PewDiePie.

  24. T-34 used Diesel I think so that´s why it doesn´t explode or catch fire as
    easily as Tommy Cooker aka Sherman

  25. 8:30 – 10:30 no comment

  26. *ALSO TODAY IS PHLYDAY! HYPEEE Follow the twitch channel for when I go
    live. http://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily

  27. Such a sick looking tank

  28. Such a missed opportunity for the x files theme in that intro ….

  29. Tiger 2 and Messerschmitt bf 109 e-1,b

  30. Play with the tiger 2 H and me 262 A1 U4 Pulkzerstorer 50 mm derp cannon

  31. Your crew was extinguishing the fire. You have to wait 3-5 seconds after
    the fire has been extinguished for your tank to be running again.

  32. M36 and B-25

  33. Phly, you doing anything for Halloween?

  34. Pierre Claussnitzer

    sick video. Much enjoyment. Stronk plays

  35. BrawlingGrizzlyBearProductions

    no tank is good nor bad its all about if u know how to use it.

  36. ayy lmao

  37. 24:37 ya shoulda dropped arty on them while they where all bunched up
    instead of waiting for them to all come out intending to take them all on
    like an idiot…

  38. Can never understand the US military’s obsession with the letter M.

  39. The guy in the intro disconnected.

  40. what is RNG? Nice shooting at the flank shot hotel (approx. 27:00 point.)
    Fearlessly fighting heavier tanks. Good job.

  41. That Pre-Intro 😀 Beam me up scotty!

  42. Stalin must have had his sciencetist produce a new version of Stalinium.
    When in danger, the metal warps you out of existence. Oh, you big mustached
    trickster you.

  43. That soviet tank used the Stalin drive

  44. actuall phly, ammo do explode with all type of ammo (ap-he , apcr , hesh ,
    heat) it just really random and rare

  45. hello

  46. Why are you bombing like that?

  47. Christmas idea, Santa is bombing the naughty children with the help of his
    Elven fleet, you must defend the children

  48. YES well there s something wrong with easyeight s BR rating… Should be
    compared to tigers for historial thingy

  49. Phly, when you use a fire extinguisher the crew starts to put out fire and
    then you have to wait until the crew gets back to their positions, that’s
    why you can’t do anything after using it, I learned that the hard way too

  50. why do you never use arty?

  51. “I need to polish my droppings for next game play.” = quote of the day

  52. The soviets are getting a cloaking device

  53. still cant play tanks cause the russian teams are so op and german and
    american teams just suck at tier 2.

  54. how about we follow up with the sherman’s and you play the m4a3e2 76,2mm
    with the ad2 skyraider?

  55. Stronk communist country needs no Halloween

  56. m47 buddy.. You havent done a video for it yet :D

  57. T34 doesnt have a shot trap, because the armor under the mantlet is already
    sloped, the turret ring is the best place to shoot from the front bth

  58. Of course you have a (slim) chance to suruvuve that 109. He did not hit
    THAT much and you don´t know what ammo he used..

    Sometimes you get lucky, you don´t have to suck the nazi fan bois dicks
    because of getting lucky.

  59. all 50% off in WAR THUNDER

  60. you need higher angle of attack for more accurate drop m8

  61. ZSU37 too spooky 4 me

  62. “We gonna rocket some MotherFucker” xD

  63. Larry Ilyushin (LarryIlyushinTV)

    My combo! C`mon guys” 😀 Panther D and Ju-87D-5! You want the D i know it!

  64. in the sabre you need to use the grund target ammo

  65. Unfixed “UnfixedCarp803” Carp

    “Oh shit fuck ass”
    -PhlyDaily, 2015

  66. ghost tank rider

  67. No offense but ur mustang ugly af XD

  68. you’re lucky that 109 was using ground target rounds. You would have been
    mulch if those were air target

  69. Thanks for the vids ply ?

  70. I remember the tank in fury being a 76mm shaman (the long barrel), did it
    have a muzzle breaker though?

  71. 0:14 Russians OP

  72. Take out the T32 and F8F with bombs and rockets 

  73. Zut37 and BB1

  74. Luckydaily:)

  75. m2a2 derpling & p-26 peashooter plz

  76. im just done watching fury and you upload this vid…

  77. Neacsiu Demostene (dEMMosTEnE)

    For the 2nd time, take the D, the Panther D and the Ju-87 D-5

  78. Artillery – Ruining your engagements since 2014.

  79. Oh man can you take out the M46 or M47 patton WITHOUT the HEAT rounds? I’m
    having a LOT of trouble trying to take out IS-3, IS-4M, T-10M, and T-44’s
    and T-54’s. Basically T5 Russia is making things not fun. Help ; ^ ;

  80. This is the Red drunk dimitri combo.

    ”take a tier III tank”
    Use the T50 in that rank, and a PO-2.

    But in tier III :3

  81. Phly play some Red Orchestra with DDG and Baron its really awesome gameplay
    because of how you control tanks and it’s really interesting. Plz JUST DO

  82. “The comedy duet!”
    Fury E8 and Red Tails P51!

    I know you just did that, but you forgot the name

  83. German Cannon Fodder:
    Wirbelwind and Ju87 D5 with 20mm Gunpods
    Do it for Hans and schnitzel

  84. Yo phly, next time you want to know if someone is dead, shoot the tracks,
    tracks always take damage, so :)

  85. The island hopping campaign begins! Play the m5a1 and the SBD dauntless.

  86. To think this tank used to have a 5.7 BR and regularly had to face tiger

  87. you are so much Fury Pitt Phlaaay ^^

  88. Seriously how can you still enjoy the groundforces? I was in a really good
    mood today but now i could throw my pc out of the window.. In 5 games i got
    killed 1 time by a ghosttank, 3 times through a tree but it´s ok we are
    talking about war thunder here but after my panther had like the biggest
    right twisted cannon i ever had on kursk and i finally managed to hit the
    su right in the ammo and nothing happened i got killed by a swarm of t-34
    with godaim in a few seconds. I was like screw it.. The game is dead for me
    (at least for today lol) But still awesome video phly kepp em up :D

  89. ru opXD

  90. Can you play the German captured lineup next? KV-1b 756 (r) and IL-2 1942.

  91. what do you guys recommend for buying a premium vehicle

  92. I’m noticing a lot of hackers lately on wt. had to report like 3 gamers in
    2 hours play time using aimbots

  93. Hey phly, if you have zero throttle and want to slow down more, hold down B
    and you will do airbreaks, try it, works great for bad landings.

  94. Bust out the T-34-100 and Il-10 for mother Russia.

  95. Phly not to sound like a dick but the first 6 minutes are useless. It
    doesnt matter how much u know about T-34s and where all their ammo and fuel
    is because at the end of the day the fuel won’t explode and the ammo has a
    very slim chance. So a good T-34 driver will take less ammo but a GREAT
    T-34 driver will take take max ammo because you will usually run out of
    ammo before you ever get ammo racked. ;)

  96. àhahahha allways love those intro never change friend <3

  97. Most Russian tanks were Diesel… diesel wont burn like Gasoline.

  98. Why can’t the P-51D-30 carry bombs and rockets together but the D-5 can?

  99. ok how do decide where the ammo goes and secodly pls pls pls do more vids
    like this this is helpful


  101. You need all of your crew to extinguish a fire…

  102. Heh, “polish my droppings”

  103. Owen “NooBinatoR” Squires

    Not huge on the soltice seing as how im in Aus but the WT approach is
    pretty damn weak …….. lift your game boys!!

  104. phly play american heavy tank M6 :-)

  105. the t34-85 has a 85mm gun and the sherman has a 76.2 mm gun.

    why is he surprised that the 85 is a better gun with better ammo?

    bigger bore, the more HE can you have inside shell.

  106. Let the island hopping campaign begin! Use the m5a1 Stuart and the SBD

  107. IS 4m the stronk russian tonk and the YER 2, It’s so long ago since phly
    used the IS4m plz phly :c

  108. I´am in middle Europe ,close to eastern Europe ,belive me There´s a no
    pumpkin ,nowhere !!! but LOT of cabbage everywhere … !

  109. Lol he’s going to polish his droppings

  110. Halloween Hype day! Got any tips for the M18 Phly? I always get rekt in the
    face when I take it out – what ammo should I be rocking with?

  111. about the intro he disconnected

  112. Yellow and white pumpkins are actually quite common. They are the result of
    natural cross pollination, the orange ones are actually the “freaks” that
    have been selectively pollinated to create the richer orange color.

  113. What the… Phlying Phuck just happened? =D

  114. it was alt f4 not a ghost

  115. Wait you live in Texas?

  116. “Not everyone in Texas-I mean the world celebrates Halloween”
    Are you from Texas to?

  117. I love how you used a World of Tanks wallpaper on your War Thunder video xD

  118. You could switch it up for a bit, go with the Panther D tank and compliment
    it with the Bf 109 G-2 or go with the Bomber Do 217 E-4 🙂 Have fun Phly.

  119. he must of turned it off at the mains

  120. The thumb nail for the video is my lock schreen backround

  121. I love it how i shoot at the IS-1 tank right at the view port with the 230
    mm round but it does not even pen…

  122. While I was watching you engage the first Panther tank and you were taking
    your sweet fucking time taking the second shot, I was literally yelling
    “TAKE THE FUCKING SHOT ALREADY.” Shoot and Scoot Phly, stop loligagging
    around getting shot by guys you could have easily taken out if you would
    have hurried. Also, APCR is guaranteed to detonate ammo, and APCBC can
    easily pen the frontal hull armor of a T-34 out to 1000m (do not have to
    shoot for driver nor MG port). Panthers cannot be penned from the front by
    APCR nor APCBC on flat ground, but send an APCBC shot into its gun mantlet.

  123. Learn to Dive bomb brah. Come in at a steep angle (close to 90 deg), line
    them up in crosshairs, and drop.

  124. “I need to polish my droppings” – PhlyDaily 2015

  125. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    play kv 2 vs tigre

  126. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    or is3 vs tigre 2

  127. Its really nice seeing a youtuber helping out another player in need you
    made me smile today steve 🙂 thank you

  128. do the t34 and yak 3

  129. 29:30 ”oh my god, im gonna fucking kill my slef”
    Phly 2015


  131. panther and a bf109

  132. congratz mister phly, you have discovered one of many russian stronk secret
    weapons: tank cloaking device

  133. Does anyone know why they shrunk the max decal size a while ago? As far as
    I know, it was never mentioned and no reason was ever given, so I’d like to
    know. I miss my wing covers.

    Also, you weren’t replacing crew. Extinguishing a fire takes way longer
    than makes sense, it’s like everyone gets outside the tank, sprays it with
    fire extinguishing stuff, and then has go get back in.

  134. Try the p-51d-30 its waaaaay better than the d-5

  135. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    The P-51’s were the main reason I use the American planes. And the P-38’s.
    Love the P-38’s

  136. T-34/42, IL-4

  137. Cool you have the Fury Tank!!!!!!

  138. how to instal skins on wt steam edition? on normal wt it worked but with
    steam it dont

  139. I always only carry 20 shots. Make it hard for det.

  140. Awesome gameplay friend!

    That ghost tank was probaly fully in the Halloween spirit :p

  141. Tiger 10.5Cm and Fw190 with Rockets :)

  142. Phly why do you only get killed by russian tanks every video?

  143. lol… “I need to polish my droppings” – PhlyDaily 2015

  144. Next Combo:
    It’s spring, 1946. History is playing out much differently than you’ve been
    taught. The war is still ongoing. You have an M26 Pershing and an F8F-1B
    Bearcat at your command. Bring victory to your nation and help end the war
    as quickly as possible by beating the Russians to Berlin.

  145. “not everywhere in texas” what do you mean phly

  146. the one who help u is alex

  147. Phly… The Gunner IS the ‘aimer’…

  148. stream for lvl 100??? ???

  149. Dude did you really just say? … “need to polish my droppings” lmao

  150. He engaged romulan cloaking device

  151. (6^2)/(4×3)x152^0spookyVme

  152. As if the Soviets weren’t already OP enough. Now they have teleporting

  153. 0:19 watching this one mobile thought that noise was coming from my phone
    spooked the hell out of me

  154. haha typical Tiger 1 player

  155. When it gets threw the tank ur FUCKING DEAD

  156. cornellius cornwall

    “I need to polish my droppings”-PhlyDaily 2K15

  157. phly u should play the su85m and the il-2-37… su85m is my favorite tank
    because of the 75mm sloped armor

  158. Where is 1.53?

  159. Finally finished my JU 87 model today, all clooring is done now i just need
    the stickers, my p-38 is also 95% done, have finished my MK.I Gladiator AND
    have gotten 75% through my F4U Corsair model.

  160. wt is full of bugs.. is not the first time i see a tank dissapear

  161. I saw somewhere on the forums that a guy went into the code and found that
    russian planes and tanks are less likely to get set on fire and the ammo is
    less likely to explode when hit.

  162. PLEASE continue top 5 plays! I just killed and M60 patton in my T-34-85 and
    got first on my team! I left my Mig 15 in my lineup by accident

  163. 75mm Duck (Standard ammo) and Stug 3F
    Do it for ze #StugLife

  164. mlg doge (mlgDoge)

    “I’m pretty sure we can kill some T-34 todays” -PhlyDaily 2015

  165. the obvious American

    remember when i asked you to do this same exact plane and tank and lord and
    behold someone else says it and gets the credit. thanks capitalist america.

  166. M22 and P-26 with bombs!!!!!

  167. at about 25 in the last battle, WHY didn’t you use arty right away, when
    you first spotted all those enemy tanks clustered together when you seen
    them with your binocs? they were so close together, probably every arty
    shell would’ve hit a target with no misses. instead, you waited till they
    moved out, get mad when they used arty on you, and then died! if you had
    used your arty first, the situation would have been greatly reversed, in
    your favor

  168. palish your droppings sir. lol. man some of the stuff u say is instant

  169. wargaming do a way better job with their garages when its halloween. they
    completely deck out the entire scene with holloween related things like
    pumpkins, fire, cob webs, boiling couldrens, those things that hoses eat
    that are the yellowish colour that looks like grass, sckulls, spookey
    sounds, etc its way better th way wargaming do it

  170. more more American tank

  171. I just wanna know how you flip a tank?! Hahaha!

  172. The Combat Commission

    he probably left the game that SPAA

    (USMC) put decal on M4
    M4 Sherman & USN F6F Hellcat

    love it when Allied 20mm’s land on fuel tanks in planes

  173. In Canada we don’t have pumpkins 🙁 only maple syrup :'( in fact there is
    nothing but maple syrup. We even are maple syrup.

  174. Sir Stefan Channel!

    So who wants to buy me 15,000 golden eagles? 🙂 hahaha
    Good video Phly! I’ve been a lurker for ages, and I decided I might as well

  175. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Phly, could you do a video on how to deal with “7.7” tanks? i.e. T-54,
    T-10M ect. (like using a Tiger II against them)

  176. I cant wait for british tanks

  177. Stug III F and Ju-87 of your choice. Please destroy every clubbing T-34 as
    possible, but have mercy on poor Shermans :(

  178. stronk russian power t-10m and the mig-15

  179. World of Tanks thumbnail. Fuck me.

  180. hi not ghost hi disconect sorry please for mi english iam cz

  181. Man that arty…. That was going to be epic

  182. Koreeeaaaa! M46 and F-84 thunder jet!

  183. lol “Polish my droppings” XD

  184. we dong do Halloween in the netherlands

  185. It seems to me that bombs that are counted by lbs are weaker than the Kg
    A 500kg bomb seems so much stronger than a 1000lb bomb, even though the
    500kg is only ~100 lbs more.
    It seems with lbs bombs you pretty much need a direct hit with everything
    but the 1000’s, where even “small” 50-100kg bombs landing within 5m gets
    you the kill.
    I cant wait for the Pe-8.

  186. in russia just stupid faggots celebrate your holiday – heloween. I didnt
    say – this holiday suxx, but you will not celebrate russian holidays,
    right? And its ok – normal for every nation (usa isnt nation – its just
    country with everynation from whole world). And in the game this holiday
    maked just for more players (payers) from another countries. Cuz more
    people will pay – autors of the game will be more happy. they just sellers
    of “fun”.

  187. 20:00 “you got a hole in your right wing”

  188. Pumpkins are mainly Orange in USA? Mine are often purple and (different
    one) in a creamy light green colour…

  189. i’ve been waiting for you to play the sherman

  190. “I need to polish my droppings”
    ayy lmao

  191. T34 100 please

  192. Wasn’t surprised you failed the rocket attack. I have only killed 1 thing
    with aerial rockets in forever… I’m starting to think Russian rockets are
    made to kill infantry…

  193. hey Phly,if lets say a highly skilled Loader on a 76mm, how long does it
    take to reload?

  194. kristoffer skjordal

    This tank is so overtiered :(

  195. It’s 1942. The Soviets have been able to delay their defeat because of the
    muddy roads that came with the start of auttumn last year. We are now once
    again on the offensive. Armed with panzer and Jäger nobody can stop our
    advance. As part of the southern army group, We are to press on to the
    Volga occupying the city of Baku and robbing the Soviet Union of it’s oil
    supply. Then move on to Stalingrad to prevent the flow of Iranian (Iran was
    a British colony) oil to Moscow through the Volga.

    Our corps has recently been upgraded with new equipment : the Sturmgeschütz
    3 Ausf. F.We have been instructed to use our STuGs in an Anti-tank role as
    well as for its orginal purpose as an infantry support vehicle. We have
    received word that we will receive air cover from the legendary
    Jagdgeschwader 52 staffel 3 under command of fighter ace Hermann Graf from
    the Charkov – Rogan airfield (His camo is available in game. 9./JG 52)
    carrying a 250 kg bomb for assistance in dealing with T-34s. (This all ads
    up historically, BR wise, in engineering, logistically and in planning.) (I
    will try to do this with all my future suggestions too)

    Viel Glück und lang lebe das Vaterland!

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