War Thunder Tanks! HURRICANE 40MM & A13 BRITISH TANKS!

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War Thunder Tanks! HURRICANE 40MM ; A13 BRITISH TANKS!


  1. Wow first person to view this, a first.

  2. Fooouurth

  3. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  4. 3rd like

  5. do the double kill combo the m6a1 murican heavy tank and the smk or the
    maus as u want

  6. i really like your vids phlydaily but i serve the SQUIDONIAN EMPIRE!

  7. Henri-eerik Reintal

    56 wach

  8. hey phly im gettin drunk today

  9. HERRO!

  10. phly make my day, please respond to me :D

  11. Can u please use Gepard AA GOD and Ho 229 plzplzplzs


  13. WT still will not make it op. Where’s the pompom at?

  14. Pls dont do always same tank/planes and do some new combos like the Do217 K
    and a tank of your choice which you like

    Something else is please play some planes which you normaly dont play too
    often here come some examples:
    Yer-2,BB-1,Tbf,Sb2C,He111,Do217,Os2u,P-40 you know what i mean? GREAT :D

  15. M10 and p-47 MERICA

  16. Sometimes…stereotypes are true… *sips on tea

  17. choose your favorite Tank and plane and play RB

  18. Komrade, Stalin is calling.
    Take out the KV-2 and IL-28.
    Defend the motherland!

  19. ✙ Heavy combo for Phly himself.
    -Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)
    Armed with the Pak 42 L/70 gun.
    -Do 217 M-1
    The night bomber.
    P.S. Where are the vlogs?

  20. is4m and the mig15bis FIGHT FOR THE MOTHERLAND

  21. when i go on war thunder my graphics thig says not enough video memory what
    does that mean whats video memory pls answer phly if you know

  22. can u get challenger tank and spitfire if possible

  23. MIKE “rideacarr” 222

    RUSSIA STRONK combo- Is-3 with Il-28

  24. Hey phly I got a challenge for ya, what does “Polska jest najlepsza ziemia”

    Also use the t34 100 with the il10 1946,
    It is really fun and it is my favorite combo!

  25. Rapid Fire Combo:
    Wirbelwind and Ju-87 D5 with the 20mm gunpods
    Do it for Hans and Schnitzel

  26. “Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good
    race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all of
    Europe will be communist. It’s sad for the first week after they took it
    (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I
    could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.
    – General George S. Patton (July 21, 1945)

    Mixed Battles Request:
    Berlin Map
    M26 T99 Pershing w/rockets
    F-84B-26 Thunderjet with 8x125mm rockets and 2x 1000lbs bombs.

    Not all the Commies in hell can over run you, make Patton proud.

  27. my name is not Max Ström

    FLY THE T 60 AND THE PO2 MAKE HIM Suffer??????????

  28. just used that plane an hour ago

  29. When you took out the hurricane, you were firing way to late thats why you
    weren’t getting kills.

  30. i have to buy this tank just because of the hurricane

  31. The Rebellious Clone

    Hey Phly, can you tell me the name of your intro song, it’s so good it
    sends chills, and I can use it to chill out, no pun intended.

  32. hey phly make a custom battle where are 2/3 in pz. 2s and you slickbee and
    Baron in Hunters and the try to kill them before they are killing you

  33. How about PT-76 + Yak-9T? :)

  34. woooow weeeew waaaaw

  35. Try some Russian combos. IS-2 1944 and FW190 D-9(captured one). Your order
    is to drive your tank into the Reichstag and capture those Wehrmacht
    soldiers. No SS soldiers shall be spared, so if you see any escaping SS men
    just shoot them with their own aircraft. You will be honored as the Hero of
    the Soviet Union!!!!!!!

  36. Phly, KV-2 and PE-8, DEERP!

  37. B-17 e and sherman M4

  38. The experimental M6A1 and the amazing P47 thunderbolt

  39. what is the purpose of the boxes underneath the aircraft?

  40. hawker hunter and the black prince

  41. abraham gonzalez duran

    take out the tiger 1 E and me 410 with 50 mm cannon

  42. Typhoon5150 - Gaming

    Phly your the BEST :D

  43. New name (Joking) PhlyDaBest 🙂
    Also new combo? Ho229 or similar and Maus!

  44. Under 1 thousand club represent!

  45. Neubaufahrzeug and Ju 88

  46. The DPRK Combo – IS3 and IL-28

    The Glorious Leader will guide you to victory.

  47. Csaba Álmos Debreczeni

    Please can u do the Eastern front combo? 🙂 Panzer IV H and G variant stuka

  48. Could I play with you?

  49. New Churchill tanks announced!

  50. Big toy combo:
    Stuh 42G and HS129 B-3 (or HS129B-2 with 37mm)

  51. Firefly and Typhoon? I’m not too sure on the Firefly’s BR but it might be
    in the realm of the rocket armed Typhoon. if not how about the Beaufighter?

  52. Hey Phly, I just want to say that I just love ur intro <3

  53. its called the hurpa durpa cane m8 ;D

  54. Awesome vid as always phly have a good day sir keep it up!!

  55. that pro landing is just a bug on the hurricane mk IV. I have alsow got
    that problem not fun in takof

  56. Phly, its called a Jingles landing, not a pro landing ;)

  57. Saudi Arabia army M60 and P-80 good luck

  58. do russian combo t 34 100 and il 2 or m18 hello kitty and p 47

  59. M46 and the f-84

  60. and im dutch!!!
    and russian!!!
    and vlieg dagelijks!!!

  61. Black prince and the swordfish, put the kettle on!

  62. PHLY!
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take out the Tiger 2
    10,5cm and take air support in the form of the Me 262 A-1a, loaded with 48
    rockets. Good luck

  63. phly i liked the old intro more

  64. Hey phly Jetblue is hiring. You should apply dude.

  65. hey phly saw you and baron slick playing i16 today!!

  66. Hey Phly, Please play out the tier T92 light tank and the F84 Thunderjet

  67. how does he activate that periscope without moving the turret

  68. Alright Phly now its time to use the best the USA has to offer.

    F-86-F2 and the M-103

  69. i actually wanted this combo

  70. The Russian reaper
    IL-2 “Avenger” you choose bombs

  71. M26E1 AND AD-12

  72. Dat Myspace Link XD

  73. How about some tier 1 German premium fun, say the Nb:Fz paired with the
    HE112 B1?

  74. Play with the Tiger E and Me-410 B-6/R3 (The me410 is a fucking beast with
    the HVAP rounds)

  75. for stalin vote ze russian combo i posted or ze ‘murican

  76. You gotta turn your convergence down man

  77. Black Prince and 57 mm Mosquito, please.

  78. Phly do you get tired of WarThunder sometimes? I know some other people
    that got bored with the game after playing it for a long time.

  79. m18 black cat and the p-47

  80. @phlydaly with the ac13 use the stick ammo for longer range engagements, it
    has better pen after a few hundred metres. Also if you just hold your left
    mouse down it will fire automatically.

  81. The Firefly & Firefly Combo. The Sherman Firefly and the Fairy Firefly with
    Bomb or/and rockets!

  82. Same tank with the Wirraway :)

  83. Op Mode
    t-34 100

  84. You are transported to the twisted mind of Michael Bay, but this time set
    against European enemies. You are beside Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnet in
    yet another shitty movie, and you are equipped with nothing but an M3 75mm
    GMC and their signature P-40 fighter. Complete your objective or face the
    wrath of 24/7 Faith Hill audio torture methods.

  85. P47 and M4 Sherman

  86. Is-4 and IL-28 or MiG-15
    post war combo

  87. T34 1942 and il2 37mm

  88. T95/T28 and the B-29?

  89. Alex “Draco223” SV

    Is1 and the Pe-3

  90. Great vid as always phly :D

  91. Great vid as always phly :D

  92. Comrad. For your next assignment we are giving you command of a powerful
    kv-2 Russian tank with an armament of your choosing. Also our American
    allies have been generous enough to donate a p-47 with rockets should you
    get overwhelmed by armor and aircraft. Good luck

  93. T34-85 and the IL 10 with rockets.

  94. how do you use that binocular thing?

  95. YEEEEEEEEES finally

  96. water 170c and still WEPing

  97. Hey Phly did you know that there is a character in fallout 4 that is named
    Phyllis Daily it should be Phlyllis Daily

  98. I wouldnt mind seeing the KV-1 and IL2M combo in action form the Black
    Friday bundle , I uhh might of gotten that >_> need pro tips on how not to
    suck. :D

  99. any idea why does he sound so sad in this video?

  100. M46 tiger and a26c

  101. do the russian 1942 combo :3 t34 1942 and il2 1942 aswell as any other 1942

  102. P-47 full load and the Fury M4A3 (76). Cuz why not.?

  103. Ello komrad. Stalin luv you so he let you uze his favurite vehicle.

    Yor mishon iss to advance into ze defts of Germany and zestroy all German,
    British or amerikanski vehicle, unless ze agree to let us have ze German
    nuclear blueprints. You are given 2 vehicles to work with

    The KV-2,

    And. Ze Yak-9T

    You mey need to take ze shower after you finish recording, becuz tank oil,
    at Russia sealclubbing is natural

  104. Lads what’s the best aim sensitivity? I’ve set it on 25 and it felt fast,
    like my plane would do some erratic movements when I tried to do manoeuvres
    like flag scissors etc?

  105. Jagdpanther and JU 87 B-2

  106. Hit up the jagpanzer IV/70 and the me-410 w/ 30mm HVAP rounds

  107. Why the hell does everyone want to see the damn KV2? How about a real mans
    tank like, I dunno, the T26 with the manliest plane of all time… The I15
    (whatever variant, I can’t remember the names)

  108. YEAR: 1946
    Germany has launch full mass production of the Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
    and Horten Ho 229
    Mission Objective: Retake Europe lost due to the weakening Allied sides and
    rule the world for 1000 years!!!

    Play the German prototypes Maus an Ho 229 for some German late war
    prototype action

  109. Reverse enginerring Panzer 2 and Hs 129 B-3

  110. You should have used APCBC rounds. They pen sloped armor better are the
    Ballistic Cap makes them more accurate at range.

  111. M8A1 & SBD-3 Dauntless combo!

  112. P47d and the 105mm Sherman

  113. Phly pls do Stug G and Fw 190 with 200 ml rockets

  114. I “like” 15 second commercials.

  115. the ultra Russian combo! T-34-100 and the Yer-2!!!

  116. 14:00 I thought it was a fish…

  117. Do Arado w gunpods and Maus may the germans be with u

  118. T44 and IL 10 for the win

  119. Phly, next you need to play the t-10m and the mig-15 bis with bombs. For
    Stalin :)

  120. I wanna see this combo on the stream tomorrow

  121. IS4 and your favorite plane, Please!

  122. M-41 and Pbj with 75 mm cannon
    Lets do it

  123. did you ever use the Pe-8 and KV-2 combo AKA “Too much derp to handle

  124. Do a T10-M video, I’d like to see it to know what type of ammo is best to
    use with it, greetings from Poland.

  125. I play with that plane!

  126. If your computer is crashing unexpectedly and frequently, you will need to
    get it fixed.
    The problem could be viruses, malicious/wasteful processes in your
    taskmanager.exe, or fatal errors with your graphics driver.

  127. can we see the tiger and German jugs; the p-47?!?!?

  128. U.S.A. Marine Corps 1944- Son of a Bitch Second Class (SB2C) Helldiver &
    M4A1 General Sherman. Not a lot of gameplay from any channel about either
    of these vehicles, so lets give those damn japs what for!

  129. Seeing that have played this game so much. You you pretty much have almost
    everything unlocked?

  130. Phly, I recommend that you set your gun targeting distance (when ground
    striking) 400m to 250m. Just how I play.

  131. Panzer 35 (t) and the Do-17 Z

  132. Panzers II always had ricochet problem since closed beta server =c


  134. when phly starts his two most recent vieos of him shooting a tank top down
    from an aircraft.

  135. m-36 and b-29 ‘MERICA

  136. I knew the hurricane is a good plane!

  137. Tiger 2 and FW 190

  138. Tiger 2 and FW 190

  139. What happend to the last Intro music? I miss it babe

  140. Tiger 2 p and FW 190

  141. The hs 129 b3 and the panza 4 G the 75 combo!!!

  142. This might be unpopular, but try the ”Intercept Bomber Mission” on Port
    Moresby, in a Dynamic Campaign, with the British forces. This is the
    probably the hardest thing to do because you have to kill Ki-49’s (with
    20mms) in a Tempest Vickers P while N1K2-J’s try to shoot you down…good

    Sadly, for some reason, the Dynamic Campaign changes it’s plane loadout for
    the missions every time you quit and come back.

  143. Play the German p47 and a tank that gets you to face the PT76. It is so fun
    ripping them apart from above with .50 cals.

  144. tiers 2 With 40 mm omg i need it

  145. Play more Steel Ocean PhlyDaily

  146. Dude why did you take out 800M convergence?!

  147. Jelly Welly and Firefly

  148. Phly, make sure that when you take out an attacker with wing-mounted guns
    that you set your convergence at the range that you’re going to be firing
    at. Watching you constantly missing because you were usually firing far
    past your convergence range was a bit frustrating.

  149. phly can u go back to the intro with the little cartoon plane/tank

  150. Do a Sherman and a spitfire

  151. “Hi guys, welcome to Kursk”

  152. Tiger 2 p
    HS-129 w/ 75mm
    Do it for fatherland and all else that is mighty

  153. i-301 and t34 STZ

  154. 4:54 Because HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!

  155. IS 4M and MIG 15

  156. The Sherman firefly and the firefly!!!!!!!

  157. Hey Phly! Since you did a few vids on Star Wars mods and skins, and Episode
    7 is coming out soon (I can’t wait!)….have you considered re-enacting
    some scenes from the movies via WT? It’d be amazing if you could put
    something together say….TIE Fighter attack on Millennium Falcon from
    Ep.4, with B-25 or B-17 vs. Zeroes or BF-109s. Thanks, hope to hear from

  158. please the p-40-e

  159. I just club bombers with 40mm air targets
    And how do you keep your aim so smooth i have a jittery aim

  160. hetzer and ju87 g1

  161. I’ve never played War Thunder before, so I’m probably ignorant of how it
    works, but why does Phly maintain WEP when strafing? Wouldn’t he be able to
    shoot more accurately and for longer at a lower airspeed?

  162. do you ever play Simulator Phly?

  163. m10 wolverine + p38g with m10 bazookas

  164. please do the m2a2 and the PBY Catalina for american derp

  165. 0:25 that Kongo profile pic tho…..

  166. M22 Locust and F6F with Tiny Tim rockets. Lil devils

  167. M103 and B-29 Reaslease the GODZZILA, God Bless America

  168. watching this video felt like with less convergence those 40’s gonna do
    wonders (like about 300m convergence)

  169. Can You Do Custom Battle “Backwards War”
    J7W1 vs XP-55

  170. Can You Make Custom Battles “Backwards Civil War”????

    J7W1 vs XP-55

  171. Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

    I wonder why not to shoot MG at that player AA. It should be working IMHO.

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