War Thunder TANKS! ISU-152 & Yak-15 – Snipin DEM TANKS

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Source: PhlyDaily

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War Thunder tanks gameplay featuring the MM & Yak-15. Sorry not much gameplay of the YAK-15, but I still hope you guys enjoy!


  1. wow i see it 18 seconds after upload…. not bad

  2. First comment!

  3. Jagtiger+Me262 with Rockets!

  4. Eyy, lmao

  5. Jumbo (76) and P-47M

  6. Vietnam combo

    A1 skyraider
    M60 tank
    Try to get the map jungle
    Do it bro get the goose

  7. M26E1 and B24D

  8. Sebastian von Druschke Jensen


  9. 310 club

  10. I’m in da under 240 club m8

  11. why is u do this

  12. T-34-85 and IL-2M

  13. How do you have so much golden eagles?

  14. Tiger II Königstiger 10.5cm + Me 262 C1

  15. Love u phly

  16. #Phly@thegates

  17. rip 0:20 phly he died chocking on a dildo


  19. I can’t stop masturbating…

  20. First! #internet_explorer

  21. Hi

  22. T-126 and the i-16 with rockets, bring the little ruskies out phly :)

  23. What’s happened over the past few days? like what was phly mentioning?

  24. Phly, be happy that we chose to watch you suffer not anyone else.
    you’re the chosen one :)

  25. Why was phly busy the last 5 days? what happened?

  26. IS-3 and Mig-9/L, For Mother Russia

  27. Peanut “Romey” Buttercup

    pz 3-j and do217. Get rekt.

  28. ”The Concept Combo”
    10,5cm Tiger 2 and Arado 234 C3 ^^

  29. Can somebody please tell me how i calculate how high i have to shoot

  30. I knew there was something strange with this Myspace link.

  31. t44 e la9

  32. there are no bouncing sound in the game yet.
    the “puff” sound you hear is sound of someone got hit and it annoying that
    I can hear it across the map but not the cannon sound.

  33. Tier 105 and a ta152 weird combo but might be fun

  34. Long names are fun because they are stupid

    How did he do that binocular thing at 0:58 ?

  35. Ok Phly here’s one you can’t refuse:
    T34 Calliope and A-20G with rockets for American Rocket Combo!

  36. +PhlyDaily how about a Jagdpanther and FW-190F-8 with 1000kg bomb and try
    to destroy SPAAs

  37. Žerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    Pz.II (H) [With APCR] and German Mig-15Bis (in RB)

  38. Do SU-122 and Mig-15bis

  39. Phly is moving to Florida

  40. su-85m with pe-2

  41. Christopher Hurford

    take out the Panzer IV F2 combined with the Fw 190 A5 with 210mm rockets

  42. Calliope and B-17!!!

  43. Sherman 75 and a corsair

  44. Sky raider and M60! Try and replicate that ‘Nam feeling!

  45. Giorgi gurabanidze

    tiger 2

  46. This game pisses me off so much sometimes… Why the fuck do you have to
    get side shots with a 152mm?!

    • Well you’re welcome for posting the link for you, but I didnt read the text
      on the site at all I just copied it and sent it to you.

    • +Doge more or less went along with everything I’ve said. Apart from it
      going thru the front of a panther but that’s not surprising considering at
      that distance the 120mm of sloped armor would have been useless

    • +Alex Mitchell SU/ISU-152 vs the German Big Cats
      Previously, I explored the effect of 122 mm shells on German steel. Let’s
      kick it up a notch with 152 mm! The ML-20 howitzer, mounted on the KV-1S
      chassis (SU-152) and an IS chassis (ISU-152), was meant to handle concrete
      bunkers and enemy emplacements with its massive high explosive charge.
      Turns out, it was quite effective against tanks too. The 152 mm tank
      destroyers were nicknamed “Zveroboy” (beast-killer) by the Soviets and
      “Dosenöffner” (can opener) by the Germans. Let’s see how well it could
      handle German beasts.

      “Photo #37. Front of “Panther” tank. Direct hit by an AP shell from the 152
      mm gun-howitzer. Breach in the armour 360 mm by 470 mm. Shell ricocheted.
      Distance: 1200 m”

      The Panther’s upper front plate is no match for the massive 152 mm shell.
      Despite ricocheting, the armour is breached anyway. Being in a tank that’s
      hit by a shell that big, even if it doesn’t penetrate, is no picnic.

      “Photo # 38. Turret of “Panther” tank. Direct hit from HE-fragmentation
      shell from the 152 mm gun-howitzer. Penetration, breach size 350 mm by 370
      mm. The explosion of the shell forms breaches in the turret platform and
      the opposite side. Distance: 1200 m. Angle between the path of the shell
      and the hull is 60 degrees.”

      As you can see, HE shells of that caliber are quite effective against
      tanks, as well as bunkers. In practice, AP shells for the ML-20 were
      infrequently used, as HE was more versatile.

      Next up is the Ferdinand. Not quite a “cat”, but still a beast by one of
      its names (Elefant).

      “Photo # 39. Side of the “Ferdinand” assault gun. Penetration of a concrete
      piercing shell from the 152 mm gun-howitzer. Breach size is 220 mm by 230
      mm. Distance: 1000 m.”

      “Photo #40. Front of the “Ferdinand” assault gun. Direct hit with an armour
      piercing shell from the 152 mm gun-howitzer. A piece 500 mm by 1000 mm from
      the front armour plate broke off. Distance: 1200 m.”

      Even the Ferdinand cannot withstand the firepower of the ML-20! Instead of
      leaving a hole in the armour, like a normal shell, the 152 mm AP just takes
      half of the plate with it on its journey into the enemy tank.

      Photo #41 shows the Ferdinand before meeting the ML-20. Photo #42 shows the
      Ferdinand after. As you can see, it’s rather lacking in structural
      integrity, after only two hits.

      Sadly, I do not have any photos of tests against the Tiger, but I do have
      photos of tests against its successor, the Tiger II. The source is the same
      test as the D-25’s article, CAMD RF 38-11377-129.

      “Shot #8. Target: upper front plate. Shell: 152 mm AP. Distance: 100 m.
      Result: dent 190 mm by 270 mm, 60 mm deep. On the inside, a bump 10 mm
      high. Cracks formed, 500 mm and 400 mm in length. The welding seam between
      the left hull and upper front plate burst.”

      Seems that 152 mm AP is not as effective as 122 mm AP was. Again, the poor
      welding seams make an appearance.

      “Shot #9. Target: lower front plate. Shell: 152 mm AP. Distance: 100 m.
      Result: Penetration. Entrance hole: 260 mm by 175 mm. Exit hole: 85 mm by
      160 mm. Narrowest part of the breach is 130 mm by 80 mm. A 320 mm by 190 mm
      section of armour was blown off on the inside. The break is clean,
      crystalline. Cracks running all the way through the armour, 300 mm, 280 mm,
      and 400 mm in length. Left hull weld seam burst on its perimeter. The
      majority of the shell remains outside the tank.”

      This is some pretty massive damage. Poor quality armour shows up again, as
      evidenced by the clean separation of armour pieces. This penetration is
      amazing enough to deserve a picture in this article.

      CAMD RF 38-11377-129

      Photo #14 shows the penetration on the outside. Photo #15 shows the
      penetration from the inside. By the way, since the majority of the shell
      was left in front of the armour, this doesn’t count as a penetration by
      Soviet metrics. This shows how penetration tables can be misleading, and
      why practical testing should always be done when possible.

      “Shot ##10-11. Target: machine gun ball. Shell: 152 mm AP. Distance: 100 m.
      Result: Penetration though the machine gun ball. The bolts fixing the ball
      in place are torn off. A crack through the armour plate, 210 mm long,
      formed. The left armoured bulkhead was torn off.”

      Looks like aiming at weak points is just as effective in real life as it is
      in video games.

      Shooting at the side of the turret was even less fortunate for the Tiger
      II. Notice the size of the breach compared to the side of the turret. That
      is the exit breach. The AP shell penetrated both sides of the turret.

      In conclusion, the ML-20 is a potent weapon against even the toughest
      German tanks. The name of “beast-killer” is certainly deserved!

    • Иосиф Steelin

      +philipje1 Yeah shockwawe would be too OP

  47. GOOD OLE BOY!!!!

  48. A-20 and M4A1 Sherman

  49. 11:30 happy in the pants time.

  50. sb2c helldiver and the m4 (75) Sherman

  51. hi phly do you think war thunder will add the m1a1 and challenger tanks and
    other modern tanks at anytime soon

  52. Das Challenging Combo:
    Panzerbefehlswagen VI Tiger (P) and Ta 152 H1

  53. please phly !
    M4 sherman
    P-47 Thunderbold with bombs and rockets !
    please !

  54. Noob question, Did Phly turn off the enemy markers or is it now how tank
    realistic battles works?

  55. Hi, Im a bit of a noob on war thunder, but how do you play with ground and
    aerial forces in the same game like Phly? plz respond :3

  56. T34-85 and il10 the first one

  57. 152 is the best sniping gun in WT

  58. A custom battle on jungle with YouTuber + subscriber in mixed teams.
    Team A: M60, M41, M42, M103, AD2, B57B, F86
    Team B: T54, T10, IS4 , ZSU 57-2, IL-28, SU-122-54, MiG15

  59. wats happening? r u moving?

  60. 11:32 Fly-gasm

  61. Pz.38 and He 112 B1/U2

  62. maus with the me262

  63. Phly what are your graphic settings?

  64. Schadenfreude

  65. ME 410 HVAP rounds & Tiger II (P) lets give Phly a break with a good combo!
    (i think)

  66. >can’t deal with ferdinands


  67. Phly. do you realize how fucking epic that looked at 9:00??? you have the
    most amazing view of pure epicness. dat callout :D

  68. how does he do that thing with the binoculars and the click to aim?

    • +stefastra Go to controls and bind a button in the view options for
      ‘binoculars’ … when when you’re using binoculars, just left click to move
      your turret to where you clicked.

  69. Fly with the american ladies the M26 pershing and the P-51

  70. M18 and P-47
    Gotta go fast :)

  71. The thing that really gets on my nerves T-34 & Pe-2

  72. What happened with phly in the last few days?

  73. MiG-9 historical battle (no upgrade)

  74. he 126 and ferdinand

  75. M26 + F8F-1B with the bomb load 1 round and second round with rockets.

  76. Hmm the PZ IV C and the BF 110 C?

  77. more ship videos plox

  78. more ship videos plox

  79. F9F5 and M47. OR T32 and F2H.
    If you do use the M47 try to make it like the battle of fulda gap.

  80. Fly/Drive the Tiger(P) and the ME-410B2/U4

  81. phly i didn’t know you love to phly the pink dildo xD

  82. Tank killer combo: Jagdtiger and Horton 229

  83. I like how you play RB Baron always be playing that AB

  84. t10m and po2

  85. M-46 or M-47 patton and F-84

  86. T95 + F-84 rocket mode


  88. Jagdtiger and Arado C3

  89. my name is not Max Ström

    Panzer 2 and arodo c3 :p.


  90. That 262 stripped Phly of his virginity

  91. Fly the Bf 109 G6 while playing the song, fly like a g6. and use the tiger
    h1 !!!!

  92. How about Maus with HE rounds and the HS-129B2 with default belts and no

  93. +PhlyDaily i need help uploading a warthunder video. 11air kills in arcade

  94. I have a Challenge for you 🙂 the Derp Sherman and the f4f xD

  95. do more black wake PLEASE

  96. Hey guys, ever heard of the A-26C-45DT Invader? Well, if you have, then you
    know how beautiful it looks, and how interesting of a plane it is! If you
    want to see it in action in War Thunder, come check out the latest video on
    our channel! Anyways, thanks a bunch guys, and stay Gnarly!

  97. A1 skyraider and m60 FTW!!!!!!!!

  98. Idk about you but i just love my su-122 aka yuri.

  99. Jagtiger and me 262 with the rockets FTW!!!!!

  100. PLZ, do da BT 5 and the russian plane reserve cause all of them have bombs.

  101. use HE rounds on the ferdys hit them under the gun and BOOM

  102. TB-3 + T-35 Motherships for Motherland!1

  103. U don’t play navy field 2 anymore

  104. Su-100y and yer-2 the box tank

  105. u-100y plz

  106. jagdtiger!!

  107. Yes we like to see you suffer fly

    Now like this comment to help fly out. 1 like = 1 prayer

    I’d love you play bt5 & po2 saniic again!!!

  108. Pz. IV F1 and Bf110

  109. Sturmpanzer 43 Brummbar and He 162 Volksjager.

  110. T-95 doom turtle B-57 canberra

  111. M47 Patton and p47m

  112. why not use the SU? same tank but with a lower BR.

  113. quick tip. rebind the fire extinguisher to Space Bar and repair to R. makes
    life easy.

  114. I’d like to see you hold 60 20mm shells in your hands ;)

  115. Tiger II and DO 217! Heavy weapons, Phly!

  116. Su100y and la 15

  117. Jack “Starlight911” Milan

    T-34 1942 and IL-2-37. I rly love this combo :)

  118. hey Phly, know what you mean about the ISU-152, you should try it in a sim
    battle against the Pattons and M103’s. Its funny and ive managed to get an
    ace in one match.

  119. Jagdpanther with a ME262

  120. Phly every time you kill a tank it sounds like you are climaxing

  121. u cant hold that many 20mm in ya hands, they would fall off u goof

  122. When are you gonna do another top 5 ? I miss those

  123. M2a2 and b17

  124. M2a2 and b17

  125. Stuart and p 26 any model

  126. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    How about the SU-122-54 with the MiG-15?

  127. Talking about war movie
    Which war movie you think is the best?

  128. HellJumperCentral

    Is3 and is8 gun dep is pretty bad too :P

  129. same planes different day…start playing other ones more.

  130. po 2 + t26

  131. Phly, as of 1.51 I believe whenever you’re hit in RB it shows up on their
    map momentarily where you are.

  132. 0:38 yes we do!!!

  133. Messerschmidt Me 163 and the Panther II. PRETY GUDD 10/7 IGN

  134. Sir Scrub Scrubbington

    use the M22 and F4F

    I’m going to key largo tomorrow morning will I see ya there

  136. May this time ? KV-1B & FW-D13 the premium German combo of doom make them
    go BOOM ! ! !

  137. Just for the hell of it the m24 chaffee with the f-80 shooting star

  138. IS-2 and TU-2

  139. He should’ve played Horst Wessel Lied on the intro.

  140. Something with the B29. Low altitude carpet bombing this time :P

  141. Why don’t you love me? ;_;
    jk But i think this combo is best combo is stronk

  142. potxman007 “unaitian5” wot/minecraft

    I can make more kills in realistic whit the russians

  143. What would you fly:
    Yak-15 or Kikka?

  144. Pixelation Studios

    IS-2 and IL-10!!!! LETS GO. LETS GO RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  145. yo phly, slickbee already announced the announcement on his YT 😉
    and next combo: the highest sherman with the thunderbolt?

  146. need help! for a long time in war thunder i have been trying to get golden
    eagles, i just dont know how to get them, how do i get them? you have tons
    of them.

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