War Thunder Tanks! KING TIGER 105mm & ME-262 50mm! Defend The Father Land!

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War Thunder Tanks! TIGER 105 & ME-262 50mm! Defend Father Land!


  1. hi

  2. for the first time in forever I am first

  3. You have a seek and destroy mission. The only tanks we have are T-92s. If
    you get in trouble then I am pretty sure the Navy can help out with F7F
    Tigercats. Godspeed Phly.

  4. The sherman 105 with he
    And the p47
    Good luck try to get a game against the russians

  5. p-40 kittyhawk with the m4a1 sherman


  7. hey phly what is your favorite tank and plane

  8. B24 and M41 for the love of freedom!

  9. can you play in arcade Ground battles with planes too?

  10. What’s a pretty tank? Either the M103 or M41 Bulldog and a B-17 or B-29
    beauty and the beast. You can pick what you want :D

  11. German Engineering
    Leo 1 and C-3

  12. Let’s try this combo again

    T-34-100 and the Tu-2

    Make it happen!!

  13. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawx Omega)

    Korean Mud Mover
    F-84 Thunderjet with bombs (up to you) and Rockets (8-inch HVAR)
    M46 Patton

  14. m4a2 and p38g1 lightning with m10 bazookas

  15. FW-190D Pz Kpfw 5 Panther

  16. Hi Phly! I love what you do! I will scream if you reply. I love you and
    Baron. You guys made me love War Thunder.

  17. war Azerbaijan (army)

    Tanks Games KV-2 ?

  18. Soviet light support: SU-1 and ZUT-37

  19. I lve the #Narwhal

  20. +PhlyDaily Hey, physicist daily reporting:
    Depleted uranium shells are pesky things. When then hit the target they get
    enormously hot, so hot they start to burn – like if you would hit a match.
    And then the inferno starts.

  21. hey dad

  22. christopher morris

    t34-100 plus po-2 for the op combo!

  23. ✙ Heavy combo for Phly himself.
    -Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)
    Armed with the Pak 42 L/70 gun.
    -Do 217 M-1
    The night bomber.
    P.S. Where are the vlogs?

  24. M103 and b29
    Do it because ‘murica.

  25. T-50 and I-153 Chaika

  26. philly give me advise should I research b17E or my first fighter jet

  27. M-46 and F-84 If you are not up to democracy , it will come to you Hi
    from Brasil

  28. paintballfreak1128

    Almost all of the solid shot loads that are modernly used are sabot rounds
    that fire a dart like penetrator at high velocities to achieve a lot of
    kinetic energy to kill an armored target.

  29. The m103 and the b-29!

  30. do 217 And IS-2 revenge of hero brother

  31. I remember the hotbox crew. The old arcade days of warthunder with OryG1N
    and other people:D you need to fly with them sometime. (RIP jjjonas)

  32. Pz2 and the He-51 with 10kg bombs? FIREWORKS!!!

  33. pz35t with he51 with bombs for the lolz

  34. phly you need to play Axis and Allies the board game

  35. Phly you took the wrong ammo belt, you should have gone for the HVAP.

  36. Isn’t the best German GF attacker the Ho-229 with HVAT?

  37. Hüseyin Gültekin

    Panzer IV/70(v) and me 410 b2/u4 for the win

  38. Csaba Álmos Debreczeni

    Duck or G series stuka :3 with Panzer 4H

  39. Take out the german KV1-B or PzKpfWagen IV/70 (V) with the ultimate German
    lawnmoover, the fearsome ME410 B6/R3 with GroundStrike ammo. If it won’t
    work, you still have your ME410 B2/U4

  40. dont forget the m41a1 with its Sabot shell the is great.

  41. Neubaufahrzeug and Heinkel He 111

  42. that snapshot from progressive

  43. IS-3/PE-8 or T10M/IL-28 or IS-4/IL-28 or any variation of a heavy bomber
    and top tier russia tank.

  44. The Sherman firefly and the firefly mk v!!!


  46. every russian tank needs a nerf….

  47. Dude

    It’s about time

    PT-76 and IL-10(1946)


  48. my name is not Max Ström

    Fly the t60 and the Po 2. LETS MAKE HIM suffer ?????????

  49. Any tiger and ho 229

  50. intro song plz I have been begging for weeks

  51. plz upgrade yer crew m8 no h8. much love

  52. I like how the tiger 2 in the thumbnail is the one from heroes and generals

  53. Reserve tier! PZ 2 C and HE 51 FLOAT! cause well, WHY NOT!

  54. i bloody love this channel

  55. 2:30 – Gaijin have no idea how real tank combat works, nor how kinetic
    energy is all you really need to get the job done (and it’s a messy end
    result for the crew I might add). They think more HE = better round, but
    this isn’t the case at all, which is why every modern tank guns fires some
    form of APFSDS. But Gaijin be Gaijin, and Gaijin have their ‘historical
    advisers’ and ‘sekret dokumentz’.

  56. Here’s a challenge for you… M60… APDS only. you choose the plane

  57. T25 and P38 with bombs, Merica combo

  58. The British a13 cruiser and the hawker hurricane with the 40 mm cannons.
    Also make sure to use the 2 Un necessary 7.7 machine guns ;)

  59. t 34 1941 and the YAK 9T GROUND POUNT

  60. my war thunder wont work when i press play on steam it opens the launcher
    but when i ples play on the launcher it wont open pls help!Thank you

  61. Rapid fire Combo:
    Wirbelwind and Ju-87 D5 with the 20mm gunpods
    Do it for Hans and Schnitzel

  62. Horten 229 and tank of your choice.

  63. The reason why solid rounds do barely any harm is because of War Thunders
    very bad and unrealistic post pen damage model. Solid rounds were effective
    tank stoppers in RL during WW2 tank engagements.

  64. Bt 7 and I 28 you will die

  65. Are you planing to do any armored warfare vids?

  66. Geometry Dash Palomo

    That canon dong is too big i dont think how it supports,imagine the rounds
    of that beast

  67. M2A2 and F 86 Sabre :D

  68. yay he picked my thing and yes i ment the big gun on the 262 i was a bit
    drunk at the time so words were hard XD

  69. Rikugun Shōshō Tohka-chan

    Please take out the Panther II and use his new Rangefinder in RB also take
    the He 129 B-3 75mm Duck. For Germany!

  70. Defend the reich or die trying

  71. It is time for the fail combo:
    M2A2 and TBD Devastator

  72. Do the P40 and the M4A1 with its biggest gun. Please!!

  73. try the high volicity AP rounds next time

  74. Il-2 and T-34 STZ E

  75. T-35 or SMK with the I-16
    Winter War combo!

  76. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    Hellcat and helldiver

  77. Croatian Pranksters

    yeah i got nothing …… just take out the m 47 and f8f 1 w bombs and

  78. Alex “Draco223” SV

    M60 and B-17

  79. the m18 black cat and the p-47 good luck phly

  80. Harry Vaughan-Johnson

    pe8 and kv2, the derp machines

  81. phly, the reason modern solid rounds do so much damage is because the
    depleted uranium rounds explode once inside the tank.

  82. I miss the old intro song ._.

  83. Fury combo. M4A3 with 76mm tier 4 and p51 d5 mustang with your choice of
    bombs or bazooka pods

  84. Firefly & Firefly Combo. The Sherman Firefly and the Fairy Firefly Mk V.
    For the british Empire!

  85. Phly, the 6.7 Germans have never been “bad” necessarily, it’s just that the
    Russian 6.7’s are so OP that they stomp the Germans, so people think that
    they suck if they keep getting killed

  86. “Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good
    race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all of
    Europe will be communist. It’s sad for the first week after they took it
    (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I
    could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.
    – General George S. Patton (July 21, 1945)

    Mixed Battles Request:
    Berlin Map
    M26 T99 Pershing w/rockets
    F-84B-26 Thunderjet with 8x125mm rockets and 2x 1000lbs bombs.

    Not all the Commies in hell can over run you, make Patton proud.

  87. German heavies are so much better than Russians at that br

  88. Polish Forces are calling you. Take out the firefly Scorpion and a suitable
    spitfire with Polish markings on it

  89. germans hit russian tracks: nothing happens, maybe the track breaks russian
    tank hits german or US tank: it blows up
    noooo there is no russian bias -.-

  90. Ho 229 and Gepard AA GOD plz

  91. pbj with 75mm
    Sherman 76w
    have fun with peanut butter jelly;)

  92. Solid shot does crap all, cause this is a game, if u were really in that
    tank and u got penetrated by a solid shot u would be scared some of your
    friends are dead everything is covered in blood cuts ect, u cant really
    switch in to the driver/gunnerseat in a couple of seconds and there is no
    fire extinguisher button, no repair button, no u just leave the tank.

  93. M4a3e8 with the b17

  94. Go for the speed demons the T92 and THE MAJESTIC PBY SKYWHALE

  95. Phly, why didn’t you select the HVAP shells for the 262? You get 60mm more
    penetration with those.

  96. Lol that dumb Panther II player

  97. 13 meters of penetration is actually pretty good…

  98. Su 152 and pe8 Death Star

  99. PHLY!!!The time has come…for next combo do:T3485 and IL-10.

  100. phly if you can phly the ME262 A1U4 ground pound/ bomber hunter mode

  101. phly phly!!! play out the is-4m and the il-28 for soviet russia!!! (say it
    in a russian accent)

  102. wow….never realized how long the tiger II 105’s barrel is……

  103. do stug with big gun and duck grould attack plane

  104. does war thunder have hetzer if does good lodaut name would be ‘wot opiest
    tank destroyer’

  105. t-34 1942 and the original stalinium bomber; the tb3
    Death to the capitalist pigs!

  106. Baby Jagdanther, Jadgpz IV/70/A
    (Premium one)
    Duck, 129B-3 with the 75mm.

  107. Diederick Schothans

    Dude, could you please stop cracking your knuckles? It’s sounds disgusting,
    it can cause rheumatism and I don’t know if you are doing it because you
    might think it’s cool or something. Cause it really isn’t. :/
    Not hating, just asking.

  108. t34-100 and il28!

  109. Is-4 and IL-28
    Post war combo

  110. Want to see a race with hellcats around the sea @polandmap

  111. EndlessPancake PigeonPotato

    jagtiger and the aircraft is u choice !!!


  113. Fury and P51 D?

  114. leopard 1 with the arado with the 2 20mm fly!

  115. t-34-100 with the yer-2 phly! go tell them Germans how to a potato to

  116. That was a fun combo – do it again. :)

  117. 7:41 “IS-2 armor too OP!”, they say…

  118. U.S.A. Army mid-1942: M4A1 General Sherman & P40E-1 Kitthawk

  119. what ever Russian SPAA adjacent to the IL-2 in battle rating. A perfect
    combo of AA and Ground Attack

  120. Constantine Giguere

    How about the M26E1 and the B-29? Take out the APCR rounds with m82 and 40x
    500lbs bombs for the B-29.

  121. it’s because depleted uranium rounds when they collide with the armour, if
    it penetrates, will compress and fragment into extremely hot shards that
    can easily kill crew or, because of the heat, detonate ammunition, or if
    not heavily disable the vehicle. also assuming it doesn’t over pen

  122. Meatballs for life

    The stuh 42 and JU-87 G, bring out the big guns

  123. 15 50mm shots to the side and top; no death. Russian bias or no?

  124. teir 1 m2a2 and pby for merica

  125. B-36 Peacemaker and M61A5 Type 61!!

  126. Op Mode

  127. Stalins Stronkfighter’s

    IL-10 and IS-3/4

  128. Solid Shot rounds don’t do a quarter of the damage they should.

  129. Yo Phly, modern day tanks fire Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot rounds. So
    they aren’t really solid, but more of super sonic, extremely dense arrows.
    Of course, with basic laws of physics, the more dense an object is while
    going fast means it has a ton of kinetic energy. So modern day anti-tank
    sabot shells rely simply on the kinetic energy to permeate through the
    armor using the sabot as a penetrator to physically to through. Once it
    penetrates, the thin, arrow like shape of the shell allows it to splinter
    violently at high speeds, as well as helping to have the splintering armor
    shrapnel into the tank as well. All that combined= dead enemy tank

  130. YEAR: 1946
    Germany has launch full mass production of the Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
    and Horten Ho 229
    Mission Objective: Retake Europe lost due to the weakening Allied sides and
    rule the world for 1000 years!!!

    Play the German prototypes Maus an Ho 229 for some German late war
    prototype action

  131. play the black prince with the avro lancaster :)! BRRRRITISH combo!

  132. 2:20 I don’t know about uranium tipped rounds, but the sabot rounds used by
    the Abrams actually go molten after punching through the tank’s hull. The
    molten bits’ll bounce around a bit and then shred the crew. So if it
    penetrates, it’s a one hit kill. (In general)

  133. 6.7 still sucks. Tiger 105 and Jagdtiger are 7.0

  134. T-50 and Swordfish

  135. Phly,try the walker bulldog and the P 47

  136. Theodore Chastaine

    I just want more narwale playing because I think it’s an awesome plane

  137. Nice bro

  138. Hey fly, why haven’t you played Il2-Stalingrad? It is getting playable
    tanks now.

  139. how do I download and use user missions please help me

  140. M 46 Patton with a sabre!!

  141. HashtagYoloSwag2771

    What game mode is it to play as a plane and fight tanks like how phly was
    able to play the ME-262 against the tanks?

  142. M-10 and B-25 any model

  143. Classic German designs. FW190 D9 and Panther G. Let’s go! 2nd. Lit Phly

  144. Procrastinator Dan

    The Derp Armaments: Pe-8 5000k bomb and Kv-2

  145. Hello. You are horrible.

  146. Firefly V and Sherman firefly. The phirephly combo!

  147. SU-85 and Pe-3bis

  148. How about the Glass Cannon Panzer IV F2 with the almighty stuka :D!!!

  149. what button do you use to “scout” or what is it called because I can’t find

  150. T10-m and tu-2s. Let the bias become real (and because I never saw you
    playing the T10-m apart from dev server) :P

  151. i like the videos but wish they were longer or should more than one game

  152. Phly Daily i have an epic play that i would really like to submit but how
    do i do that?

  153. There’s a model of this tank m(i believe this is the king king tiger) and i
    haven’t even noticed there’s tanks for the like 3 months it has been open,
    the planes attracted me too much.

  154. Finish the Reich off with the M4A3 with 76mm… and crush the Germans will
    with the P-51. you can choose what glorious P-51 you will take into battle

  155. +PhlyDaily have you ever noticed tank’s have a range finder?

  156. M103 and B-57B Combo?

  157. Screw bombers, I like the assault fuse

  158. Phly, you should use the stock ammo on the 262 narwhal, it has 97mm of pen
    on its HE shells and kills tanks easily when you hit their turret top or
    engine deck

  159. Can you do any type of jet game play?(no combo)

  160. Defend the mother land, IS4M and Mig15

  161. yuri de oliveira barbosa

    Do the British Hit and run combo

    Sherman Firefly and the Attacker FB

  162. Tiny Combo!!!!
    M-22 LOCUST
    P-26 with bombs!

  163. t10m and la15.

  164. Vietnam combo
    M103 with fin stabilized rounds
    Ad-2 with 2000 & 1000 lb bombs+rockets

  165. how about rolling out a lv-2 with the same 262?

  166. The american heavy hitters the b24 and the m4 105 DERP gun

  167. M2a4 and p26 pls

  168. Hallo, heute sollten Sie nehmen den Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus und die
    Arado ( Sie wählen) , so wird alle Deutsch beherrschen , und nehmen Sie den
    mächtigen Verbündeten Verteidigung, hoffen, dass Sie viel Glück auf hte
    Schlachtfeld , goodby

  169. Is 3 and il 28 plz

  170. the hvss 105 mm sherman and the a-10 havoc

  171. Good job tigre

  172. American power
    M4 Sherman and the P47

  173. Russian game.

  174. grimmjow jaggerjack

    Leopard 1 and condor…the German guerilla tactic tank and the German
    spotter plane

  175. Jagdpanther and Fw 190 D-12

  176. Panzer 4 f2 and the ju87 bring glory to the fatherland!

  177. the ultimate hellcat Combo m18 hellcat and the f6f hellcat just your cat
    would make that better cats for victory

  178. Hey Phly can you bring out the M47 Patton and the AD-2 when freedom calls!

  179. GG Phly haha I was in the pe3 you nearly shot down 😉 fucker came out of no
    where scared me haha

  180. M262 with the narwhal attachment with maus the narwhal brother when the
    battle is other head back to the sea

  181. Also stab your enemies until you do it for the narwhal squad #narwhal

  182. M103 and B-29 Release the GODZILLA, God Bless America

  183. You should have a custom battle where the narwhales fight against reserve

  184. Do the e100 when u have the Chace that thing is a beast

  185. Yooooo, PhlyDaily did you know you were in someone else’s video, he was
    every happy to meet you. 🙂 ;)

  186. M103 and B-29. cuz MURICA’

  187. The Famous German’s Tiger and Messerscmitt BF 109! like so Phly can see !

  188. what the hell, why are all the customization things gone?

  189. stuka with the 2 cannons and tiger 1

  190. “let’s see how much penetration we have, we have 13 meters, 13 meters, 13
    meters” – Phly

  191. F-82 and the T92 plz

  192. T92 and F84 Thunderjet

  193. you and Barron should fight in the fury and the tiger Ausf e vi

  194. bulldoge and the B17 for the boys back home Phly

  195. said hasn’t played in 9 days like it’s alot, I haven’t played the game in
    like 2 years.

  196. Phly, irl an apcr shell that penetrated would totally knock out a tank. The
    game isn’t realistic I guess.

  197. heavy and light beasts, the B-17 G and M41 Walker Bulldog

  198. T14 armata and T-50. PAK FA

  199. The reason that modern solid shot is so much more effective is that they
    have so much power behind them when they enter a tank they create a massive
    pressure overload.

  200. can you please do the T-92 and P-400.

  201. Sherman & lancaster

  202. Sherman & lancaster

  203. Su 100y and what ever play you want

  204. Plane*

  205. How about you try the “da fuq” combo :
    M4A3 (105) HVSS and the p26 peashooter strat dive bomber Good luck PHLY
    you’ll need it O7

  206. I was in HB once upon a time.

  207. leopard and ho229 pls

  208. Modern Dart shots have way more kinetic energy.

  209. Hunter and Black Prince

  210. IS 7 and Tupolev Tu-95

  211. Eduardo Larios (yayo12397)

    Yak 3p simulator battles the nigthmare of the sky

  212. phly the reason the modern solid shot is so much more effective is the
    kinetic energy matched with the density of the ammunition. Plus you have to
    remember that the Abrams and Leopard 2 have 120mm (12cm) smooth bore sabot
    firing guns.

  213. How about the M2A4 and the P-26 just for laughs

  214. It is 1960. You are an ace tank commander and are assigned your new crew
    and tank: the M103 heavy tank. The Russians finally have made their move
    are rolling across Europe with their solid Stalinium tanks at the head of
    their assault. There are very few troops in place to deal with them, but
    the Marine Corps has asked you do what you can to slow the Russians’
    advance. Some members of the German Heer (German Army) have also been
    assigned to operate in your OA to assist. Because of the sudden invasion
    force, no proper jet bombers are on standby, but a B-29 Superfortress heavy
    bomber has been scrounged up to help deal with the Russians old school
    style. Stand back and let your more heavily armored allies make the push,
    and take powerful shots from afar with your tank’s massive 120mm gun. Stop
    them Phly! Make your country proud!

  215. The Goliath’s T-10m/is-3 or 4 and PE-8

  216. How about the Tiger H1 with the Me 410 A1/U4 50mm. It’s really fun.

  217. Danish army Combo. The Walker Bulldog and the F-84B-26 Thunderjet. The
    Walker Bulldog was used in the Danish army as a light reconnaissance tank,
    it entered service in 1962 and was retired after 38 years in the year 2000.
    The F84 entered service in 1952 and was retired in 1961. The Thunderjet
    even has a Danish camo for it.

  218. What’s the song in the intro?

  219. jagtiger and the bf110 or the hetzer and he-111

  220. This one is more of a challenge: IS 4m and TB3. Stalin is stronk with this


  222. big guns again !!! M4A3 105mm and the Pbj with the 75mm canon

  223. B-57B and T92

  224. P-47-25 full loaded with M4

  225. should do a video on about how gaijin should make a spin off game for the
    modern times like war gaming did for WOT

  226. Phly , take out the T92 and wreck.

  227. I think the StuG and the 75mm Duck would make a good combo


    M60 and P47 Thundebolt!

  229. M26 with the high velocity gun and premium p47

  230. KV-2 and PE-8

  231. yak 9k end the t50

  232. M41A1 with ‘murican Sabot, and the AD-2!

  233. Saudi Arabia army M60 and P-80 good luck

  234. Uh.. Leopard-1 & The.. He 177 A-5?

  235. hurrican with 40 mm at the br 1.7!! It just kill tank with two shots

  236. i cant understand why youtubers doesnt want to show how they got killed by
    t10m and its armor got buffed again yesterday

  237. What’s an SU-152 doing in a BR 6.0 battle? Some people … …

  238. mosq and black pra

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