War Thunder Tanks – Mini Maus? The Tier 3 American Maus, M6A1

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Gameplay Ó Premium Pershing
War Thunder Gameplay – Super Pershing?

Thanks for watching!


  1. First niggas

  2. Love your channel and tank series. Need to work on that British/Australian
    impression you have going on though :p

  3. third comments

  4. Awesome. You should do more Mount and Blade.

  5. 10 views and the like/dislike ratio is 1-1 lol

  6. Žerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    Panzer II (H) with APCR in a Tier 5 Match (in Rb)

  7. BARON!! more napoleon wars! more blackwake! and what happened to due

  8. awesome!!

  9. i actually always called it mini maus back in the day. But i think its a
    horrible weak slow tank

  10. WoodenWolfees BaconDinner

    Sup baron plz do longer vids and more custom battles plz

  11. WoodenWolfees BaconDinner

    And what country do u live i

  12. Good LOTR strategy eh? Play some Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth

  13. This tank sucked in WoT.

  14. Under 301 club yassss

  15. M6A1 is such a shit tank haha, worst heavy tank i’ve played in war thunder.
    It’s worse here than the T32 in world of tanks

    • +Der Scharfschutze one time i got shot in my M6A1 and only 3 of my crew
      died to the the BT-5 😉

    • +Spartan0430 American tanks are inferior but the russian tanks oh .. they
      are a challenge ;).

    • Der Scharfschutze

      +Spartan0430 Yeah xd German tanks have huge survivabilyty
      I once took 6 shots from 2 panther 1 d and 1 tiger h1 and didnt died
      reloaded managed to repair gun and kiled 10 tanks Best moment with tiger 1

    • +Der Scharfschutze
      i do pretty well in the m6a1, it’s an okay tank and very fun. but i always
      get excited when i play germany and see american tanks, easy kills.

    • Der Scharfschutze

      +Sean Mohan LOL yeah i rape them with tiger 1 H1 xD P.S. the maus has
      actual armour and a potent gun the M6A1 has none of that

  16. panzer 3 M. the german tier 3 tank

  17. B.G.B Reptile ITA

    that’s not so much strong 😛 I fought against it for do the summertime
    madness objective and it kept to do ricochets over my pz.bfz.iv and I one
    shotted it.. It just an easy target

  18. Baron, the description of the video is wrong

  19. Baron could you please play more realistic battles

  20. mini maus? my 85 mm gun thinks OTHERWISE

  21. That tank stinks. The ammo placement is ridiculously easy to shoot, and
    right through the front. Just aim for either of those angled plates for an
    almost guaranteed kill.

    • +Der Scharfschutze actually the high tiers are pretty good, I’m loving my

    • Der Scharfschutze

      +Dmitri Myakovsky Yeah German enginering Deutchland deutchland uber alles..
      anway from my opinion the game is about germany and rusia cuz america has
      really awful tanks imo *
      MY opinion means PLS NO INSULTS
      but if you insult ou should be aware that I will not reply

    • Same with the Panzer IV.
      M6 is balls tho, you know it’s bad when a Tiger can pen the front of your
      armor from over 1km away and take out all 6 of your crew with fragmentation.

    • Der Scharfschutze

      +hutchy1k94 Na he was noob if id be shoting at him id be ammo racking him xD

    • +Paul Fries Welcome to the world of Panzer.

  22. When are you going to do a stream

  23. JAgdPanther!

  24. Have you seen that new Total War WARHAMMER game? A Lord of the Rings
    version of that would be beautiful.

    • Chris Proost (TheAlmightyProo)

      +Daniel Sz Is that TATW for Medieval 2? If so I second the motion…
      Alongside Eastern Front for CoH the best mod I’ve ever played… I think
      I’ve played TATW more than all the vanilla total war games put together…

    • +darkblood626 There is a mod for Total War “Third Age” that is in the LOTR
      world and it’s pretty decent, and you can even modify the mod to have even
      more factions like 3 kind of dwarves, dunedains, dol amroth etc, go check
      that out man 🙂

  25. the premium jagdpanzer iv 70/a, baron. The Premium Jagdpanzer IV

  26. God I always get raped in the m6a1 fucking horrible

  27. +BaronVonGamez a good lord of the rings strategy would be third age total
    war a mod for mid-evil total war

  28. Loll
    Find the different:

  29. Loll
    Find the different:

  30. what is better War thunder or world of tanks

    • I prefer how war thunder looks towards world of tanks but just didn’t had
      much fun ( might be because of the german low tier)
      I will try the other tanks

    • lol i was in carpanthians with my tiger H1 (with the skin of Otto Carius)
      and i killed 11 i was rushing all the way to the central of the map i got
      cover behind a rock and started to shoot and at the last 1 second i got out
      of the rock and make the last shot 😀 it was awesome.

      Lol i played a match with my king tiger and killed 3.

    • +Maximuncad
      So the Germans had to use precise tactics against the Soviets at that time,
      so Gaijin makes the matchmaking system put these two against each other for
      a “fair” game.

      I also use the Germans in WT, and once I got to a 2.7 BR tank, I started to
      well up at what I saw engaging me, soviet tanks everywhere, all more
      powerful, all with relatively low skill players, but they won without a

      To this day I’m scared to move beyond 2.3 BR.

    • First Order Stormtrooper

      +Maximuncad I’m not saying Germany is completely terrible, but if you’re
      new to the game and you want to have fun, do not play early tier Germany.

      They get notably better after the Tiger H1, nothing spectacular but it’s
      definitely not the T-34 rape fest of Tier 2.

    • +First Order Stormtrooper Otto Caris fist had to shoot the art between the
      chasis and the turret of a t-34 to knocked out. It is called a TACTIC! 😀

  31. Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) aka Sd.Kfz. 140/1


    do the PZ 3 J

  33. This tank has its positives but the only thing that sucks is someone can
    one shot kill you out of nowhere with no problem,for a heavy tank thats not
    so good.

  34. It’d help if you were using APHE out of the 76. :P

  35. Sherman 75 dangit! Out armored, outgunned, and beat up on! We need someone
    to show us how to use em and survive in RB!

  36. You moving to Florida?

  37. IS-2 or IS4M plez ^^

  38. mien tiger ist no joke!

  39. The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    Choo Choo mother f*ckers

  40. Pz 2 H please

  41. YAY Star Wars reference!!!!!! 66

  42. KV2 is better than m6a1
    KV2=one shot killer

  43. where’s the Lolly Luchs kitty tank. They should add that in the game.

  44. Look out u might run out of ammo

  45. Baron plz set seperate keys for the secondary gun ;_;

  46. jadgepanzer 4″ pls

  47. Baron PLEASE put primary and secondary guns on different buttons because
    you waste so many shells at long range, because of the different muzzle

  48. How does he look at his sides without moving the camera and turret?

  49. *OP plz nerf or remove* no joke, like BullshitBucket(Hellcat) it’s too

  50. The TWINKIE TANK!!!!!

  51. Russian tanks are shit,irl but in this game ?

    • +z0ro_ The T-14 is still a prototype and yes it is going to be a good tank.
      But the M1A3 Abrams is currently under development. Also the M1A2 T.U.S.K
      has been released.

    • +TiberiousThe Labrador yes it is for what it is sure its not as
      sophisticated as the abrams and leopards but russian is all about
      simplicity of course its cheaper than both of them (by fraction) so
      technically you could pump up the production way way faster so…..
      BUT dont quote me on this im not sayin that its the best tank overall but
      it sure as hell challanges them and will put up a great fight so are we
      done here guys…. ok have a nice day 🙂

    • +Sam P also its abrams not abrahms just sayin’

    • +Sam P no its not they got a better firing system a whole new gun 122MM
      autoloader new armor composite and new engine based on mister wiki here

    • +Sam P no they do just saying older design compared to a new one but I
      think the t 14 just came out and the leopard 3 in in development

  52. This tank is just garbage lol

  53. First Tiger trap I’ve seen

  54. American WW2 tanks were more or less for infantry support… May as well

  55. Geoffrey Tappenden

    T-95 DOOM TURTLE, BARON please

  56. ZIS 30!!!!

  57. baron play is-1 or is-2 tank for mother Russia or the soviet union in that

  58. M6A1 a Maus? It gets penned by anything 76mm or bigger at its tier.

  59. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe


  60. Baron try Battle for Middle Earth 2

  61. there is only 1 MAUS, ain’t mini mauses


  63. how bout a bombing run baron?

  64. m22 locust

  65. Play the m8a1

  66. Я Хлебушек

    и в каком месте это “american maus”?Я его в рандоме разношу на 34-57 и все

  67. When are you going to do realistic again? I don’t like the arcade videos :/

  68. get your ammo right Baron!

  69. For der Faterland Mein Baron!

    The Premium Jagdpanzer IV 70/A,

  70. I have a new drinking game: every time baron says “but um…” or “enemy
    kill assist, we’ll take it”, you take a shot.

  71. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    You really should bind your keys so your different guns are individually
    selectable. For example on my M3 Lee I usually select the 75mm gun as
    default but when I end up in close range I’ll switch over to the 37mm and
    alternate between the two. The targeting reticule changes so you can aim

    Also this game really needs to have different reticules for different
    countries tanks. It would be a good balancing factor since irl the Soviet
    aiming reticule was pretty much crap. The German one was fantastic though.


  73. Am I the only one who wants AI infantry in this game?

    • +coco jono they won’t they want to keep it T for teen did you notice how
      they say your crew has been wounded and not killed, when clearly the dude
      just took a shot to the face.. and plus I would hate to be infantry you
      would just get annihilated half the time. I mean it could be good for sim I
      mean if they had their own game mode for then it would start to make some

    • They won’t be able to add realistic infantry or else it’ll change their
      ESRB rating from T to M.

    • +coco jono have you heard anyone’s opinion at all about anything in war
      thunder ever

  74. I don’t know how that last tiger didn’t kill u?? Lol

  75. The Premium Jagdpanzer IV 70/A
    For der Fichten Faterland meine Liebe Baron!!!


  77. Lol people saying under 300 comment

  78. Lord of the Rings Strategy games huh? Battle for Middle Earth 1 and 2 are
    alright for a few hours of fun. :)

  79. plz play the maus FOR DEUTSCHLAND

  80. IS-1 For the soviet union

  81. I hate playing this tank but really it is really cool this 56 ton beasts
    goes 22MPH and can run over the really big trees

    • +Das Dil_Doge
      Whilst the M1A1 Abrams is still a good tank, it isn’t the *best*.

      But when it first came out, it had a technological breakthrough, the GPS,
      it had thermal optics, and a geo-stabilized turret, so you could be driving
      full speed ahead, 60 km/h, and hitting bumps, but fire an accurate shot,
      hitting your target from 3 km away.

    • +IPlayPCTooMuch What about the Leo2? Better gun, same armor (maybe even
      better too) and it’s faster, but it’s Coax MG’s aren’t as good being 2x
      7.92mm MG3 and 1x 12.7mm.

    • +Shockin Awesome Well it’s only gotten better since then.

      Take a look at the M6A1 Abrams, 70 tons moving at 60 km/h w/ 60 cm thick
      armor in places.

  82. Favorite tank ever…M4 Sherman. 76mm main gun with a beautiful .50 cal on
    top. I mean c’mon! Just look at it! It screams America!

  83. Nikos Zaharioudakis

    super hellcat please

  84. Black City13 Road To 0,1K

    Hey looping m’y chaîne for the war thunder

  85. Outta curiosity do you think you and possibly Phly gonna cover Armored
    Warfare as well?

  86. Gabriel Pawłowski

    yey i love this tank and m18

  87. What’s the point of having aircrafts in your crew when your playing ground

    • … what?
      because he already has his tanks, and is putting aircraft in the leftover
      Thats the answer to what I assume you’re asking.

  88. Command jadgpanther! It has 2 antennas (op!!!)

  89. No this thing sucks.

  90. Bring on the house tour vlog!

  91. Baron, Please, there is no reason to take over 200 37mm gun rounds, it’s a
    free ammo to explode …

  92. oliveiraqmatouoleao

    Good strategy wise LotR game? What about Battle for Middle Earth I & II?
    Loved playing 3×3 matches with my friends in LAN. Also play the
    Aufklärungspanzer 38(t)!

  93. t14

  94. Hasnt Total War got any mods or variations for LOTR?

  95. ou dont hawe tits

  96. Can you play the Rapid Fire event w/ Phly and Slick?

  97. Baron I hear you talk about LOTR alot in your videos. You should check out
    third age mod for Medieval 2 : Total war. It’s a really good RTS its little
    bit dated but I still play it from time to time.

  98. The T-28 IS the doom turtle

  99. hi baron ! I was wondering if you could give me some tips for world of
    tanks and maybe sponsor me .

  100. the obvious American

    pls play the ferdidand

  101. Hey guys, ever heard of the A-26C-45DT Invader? Well, if you have, then you
    know it’s an awesome and rare plane to see in War Thunder! I have content
    on this channel of it if you’re interested, and our videos have been
    getting awesome feedback lately! Come check it out if you want! Thanks
    guys, we appreciate the support!

  102. Mount & blade has good mods for LTR

  103. Damn son dat tank is fucking sexy

  104. execute order 66** not activate XD

  105. I wonder if jingles played WT with you that he might enjoy it a little
    more. Also, get well soon. Take your medicine!

  106. I gave you a shoutout on my channel!!!?

  107. Brazil fuck yhea

  108. Best Lord of The Rings real-time game was Battle for Middle Earth II.
    Fantastic game, I highly recommend it

  109. And can you do the IS 2?

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    ??? ????? ? ??? ?? ??? ???? ??. ?????!!!

  111. I enjoy pissing off german tanks in my kv2, they hate it lol

    • +Shane C lol cry when you are fighting king tigers IF you fight them.

    • +Shane C Wait till we get the Sturmtiger, 1000mm of pen anyone? I swear a
      shell from that thing would dominate an entire squad if they were to be
      near, that thing fires bombs, literally.

  112. Next play Tiger Please


  114. Why you kill me

  115. I hate open field maps i am more comfortable in city ones

  116. Bryan Daniel Aello Gonzalez

    the maus (bunker of hitler)

  117. Artem “artemikRus” Chaykin

    Oneshot from КВ-2

  118. you should use the tank that you think is the worst

  119. The Gaming Fantic

    Zis-30, Mr. 1 shot

  120. +BaronVonGamez cant wait for the british i wonder what there tank
    distroyers are gonna be like?.

  121. plz do a vid explaining how the battle ratings work and how it determines
    the tanks your up agianst. plz

  122. plz do a vid explaining how the battle ratings work and how it determines
    the tanks your up agianst. plz

  123. M6A1/Minnie Mouse

  124. Has anybody else managed to get 13 kills in one match with this tank?

  125. baron if you want to play a nice lotr strategy game play the battle for
    middle earth, you should be able to get it on amazon or ebay, but you have
    to see if its compatible with your pc, because its a few years older

  126. pziv f2 glass cannon

  127. thezombiemauler gavin

    Lord of the rings conquest is a good strategy game

  128. Francisco Ontiveros

    Baron have you seen destructible building are coming soon! probably in the
    next update!

  129. M6A1: The Murican’ Tiger

  130. Wonder how this thing would have fared against Tigers during WW2 if they
    were actually mass produced and put into service. My guess is they wouldn’t
    have been pretty good since it’s still using a 76mm gun and it’s a bit
    slower than a Sherman.

    • +Alvor Riverwood Around 1943 there was a proposal to upgun the M6 series
      with T26 turret assemblies, and the electric transmission version of the M6
      was described as driving circles around the competing M3 Stuart

      M6 had some potential, but having more Shermans in the fight was ultimately
      the better choice

  131. Pff soo weak that tank i can finish it with 1 shot, ;)

  132. Ap shells are not very effectice at doing damage to the tank. APCBC is far
    more effective because when that shell penetrates the tank it explodes and
    spreads shrapnel all over the place.

    EACH TANK!!.

  134. Please do another video if wakewike pirate please!!! I thought it was
    really funny :0

  135. Please do another video if wakewike pirate please!!! I thought it was
    really funny :0


  137. Black Geek Gaming


  138. good lord of the rings strategy game: Medieval 2 total war with LOTR

  139. drive the Tiger, and yes the premium jag panzer however you spell it lol

  140. Senpai noticed me? omg omg omg, T32 the longest cannon barrel (it’s a size
    thing, to compensate you know)

  141. I wanna see the M22 locust

  142. How do u have all tanks unlocked ?? Someone please tell me

  143. I remember these comments that people made.

  144. One gripe I have with WT is the flag placement….sometimes it’s like a
    monkey threw some feces at a game map and where the turd hit they decided
    to put a flag….unbalanced….makes one wonder who makes these decisions.
    Bad enough players can cheat by turning down the graphics but now you get
    unfair and unequal flag capture points.

  145. T32 FOR MURICA!

  146. umm drive deez nuts

  147. Doom turtle please? T95 just maybe?

  148. Stalin’s Land Battleship “”SMK””

  149. Play the m4 JUMBO! Show ’em how freedom feels

  150. Minwoo “Grimm” Choi

    Do some Fifa videos..

  151. Sir Scrub Scrubbington

    use the M22

  152. Sir Scrub Scrubbington

    use the M22

  153. Love the vids man keep it up

  154. if you could do the m42 duster I would really appreciate it.

  155. But the m6a1 is a easy pen at its 10:30 and 1:30 positions it can’t be a

  156. Za Panzer V D, Za Panther D! For das Fatherland!

  157. you should play the low tier German plans plz

  158. Take out the SU-152 King Of Derp

  159. just like the mouse this tank has a huge weak point in the engine, it
    breaks easy

  160. pls play the m2a4 sherman ?

  161. I dread using this POS everytime I load up tier 3 / 5.0 ratings. I am sad
    you didn’t list my comment because I was one of the first to request
    this…. but oh well. I call it the Mini POS though…. Slow…. easy to
    kill…. I honestly never kill hardly anything with it. And how do you get
    in close when they hit you from far away and your ammo bounces right off.
    It deserved a better gun or ammo… maybe it’s just too realistic… but if
    you just have a noob crew….you’re toast. Almost every 5.7 will beat
    it.Although I suspect that if you are a master of knowing where to hit
    every single tank… maybe you’ll have a chance against Tigers and

  162. thanaporn buapool

    KV 2

  163. + BaronVonGamez are you going to be playing star citizen in the future or
    is it not your style of game

  164. try zombie army trilogy, you wont be sorry u did (if you survive)

  165. Do the ST-1 again in the “March to Victory” battle

  166. Please take out the premium Pz.Kpfw. KV-1B 756(r)

  167. I have a new drinking game: every time baron says TITS you take a shot!


  169. or the attackermk 1

  170. Brazil U.U

  171. Baron can you plz play the T-34-100!!!

  172. What I hate about most games is that the map is split in 45 different

  173. the M4A2 (76) FURY pliz Baron!

  174. Bulldog

  175. Gabriel Masamayor

    I actually played the M6A1 on world of tanks and it was my favorite tank

  176. Baron Tiger h1 on ab plz

  177. I dont get it! How you can survive for so long with this giant paper tank!
    In the first moments of battles i got rekt. Thats why i went back to
    germans and now using leopard

  178. premium jagdpanzer iv70

  179. Can I just say-You should fire the guns separately. The 37 will reach close
    targets faster than the 76, so it only shows you the effects of the 37 in
    the hit cam (which usually aren’t much)

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