War Thunder Tanks – New Soviet Tank T-10m / IS-8 – Glass Cannon?!

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Source: PhlyDaily

War Thunder Tanks – New Soviet Tank T-10m / IS-8 – Glass Cannon?!

Is new soviet tank a glass cannon?!


  1. 4th view!

  2. That lower glacis of the t–10m….

    • Jose Raul Miguens Cruz

      +QUI3TSTORM the UFP is bugged too, it should give around 273mm of effective
      thickness but it does not…

    • Im pretty sure that is 4 had a banana barrel not a splintered barrel

    • Oh sorry my bad I thought you were trying to bash me again my apologies 😀

    • 〈--- Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl)

      +Mtn Dew What the fuck m8? What “leave me alone”? I just misunderstood you,
      you don’t have to use words like that.

    • +〈— Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl) Hey fuck you I can understand
      words I was just surprised. I didn’t do shit to you so leave me alone.

  3. Love tanks and stuff

  4. Finally, world of warships open beta is out in the next few days!

    • Captain SumTingWong

      Right when my computer takes a shit and dies fuck me

    • +MrFlabblegobble Spend like 30 euros to get the atlanta (which carries over
      to the wiped account when open beta is available) and got access to closed
      beta like 2 months ago.
      Cruisers are super fun. Battleships are like arty. Destroyers are like
      playing the t49 with the 152mm. A good aircraftcarrier pilot can kill all
      enemy battleships in the first half of the game.
      “spotting mechanic” is still awkward. Oh WG.
      A-okay game though.

    • +MrFlabblegobble OH YES
      thanks for the info, have a like 😛

    • When I need to know I have been slobbering over my keyboard waiting and
      waiting. When!

    • Nicholas Carcases

      +MrFlabblegobble Finally i was not accepted into closed beta so i can
      finally play the game

  5. Lance Break (Lancebreak2)

    It is an IS-8

  6. m60

  7. Parabéns , ganhou like de um Brasileiro 😉 Seus videos são melhores do que
    os Brasileiros , não entendo nada mais MT bommmmmm likeeeeee

  8. Dr. Bananable Lector

    Lol you can hear a Maus coming even from a distance

  9. Perfect timing flee, just got on to check for your video :)).The synergy…

  10. Not too impressive.

  11. You don’t have to welcome me to finland. I’m already in Finland

  12. Finally! I only waited 8 hours to watch something fun.

  13. Lance Break (Lancebreak2)

    Yes Phly is correct

  14. Take out m60 & super hellcat next :)

  15. christopher morris

    during development it was called is-8 and is-9, then when production was
    getting started is-10, then the whole stalin death thing into the

  16. I was excited Germany got a new tank and then I saw the Russians-_-

  17. bye the way if u don’t know how to aim the converage aim it the sane way u
    aim it at 300 or 200 converage and it will hit
    becuase of the vertical targeting and u need that on if u want to get
    planes veido up

  18. I like to imagine what the guy in the leopard tank was thinking when he saw
    the Box tank and then died.

  19. I BallisticRaptor


  20. Are those new airplane flyby sounds i hear? O_o No more Spitfire engine
    flyby? XD

  21. christopher morris

    want a drinking game? drink every time phly says glacius

    *phly dies*

    Phly: I think our gun barrel was damaged

  23. 5:05 that’s what’s she said!! Hahahaaha

  24. another russian heavy tank…. We all know how few and far in between those
    are _”

  25. T-95 in snow

  26. Nova Brent (Nova4Games)

    I thought that the T-10 the same thing was as an IS-10… But then i see
    that the IS-8 the same is as the IS-10 :/

  27. T 34 100 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Take out the new 7.0 team!Jagdtiger+Me262 ,,Schwalbe” with 42 rockets!

  29. Hope to see Norwegian winter textures on the Leo 1 soon, best camohype!!!

  30. we need is-7 :3

  31. the T-10 isn’t so OP as I thought it would be

    • +Davisic98 For 7.0 (US) players like me, everything in the 7.7 to 8.0
      range. I don’t have the mobility nor the armor to take the initiative while
      USSR can just rush in mindlessly and enjoy their second to third chances
      due to superior angling and raw armor.

    • +Benjamin Huang What is OP in the USSR Atm?

    • I was kinda hoping it would be, sheerly because of the fact that it would
      divide up some of the ludicrous T-54 spam. I’d see it as the lesser of two
      evils lol

    • +Davisic98 Okay bro, USSR has nothing OP at the moment. Good joke.

    • +86sarko Nothing Russian is Op at this point, plus, the T-10 was designed
      as a distance sniper to support T-55/54’s but still have the speed to keep
      up. not engage Armor at closer ranges.

  32. Oh noes! Through the ice he went into the lake! Oh noes!

  33. phly can you help me. I cant join the dev server. I can get on, but it wont

  34. Sir-Wellington “Wells” Brookins

    Take out the m_60

  35. IS-4 is still the king.

  36. the ice will be a pain in the ass with trollers on your team

  37. 8:36 from that moment on i was laughing so hard XD

  38. Great preview, it’s nice to see a Soviet heavy that can be beaten by a
    frontal shot without the need to use the magic bullet that killed jfk. 

    • +Jayden Holzhauser but you have a chance, against is3 and 4 the frontal
      weak spot are so tiny you need to change position and try to flank.

    • Jayden Holzhauser

      +Bullet Bill388 lower armor is had to hit with an IS-2 and having a shot at
      the frontal turret means he has a shot at you

    • +Jayden Holzhauser is this a joke? The front of the turret is a weak spot
      as well as the lower armor.

    • Jayden Holzhauser

      +Bullet Bill388 Try the impenetrable Tiger 2s front

    • +LordDerpington OfPotatoSalad Yeah, it’s annoying. I feel sorry for my
      opponents when I play in them. Just doesn’t seem right.

  39. It’s a *IS-10 PHLY!!!*

  40. It looks like an IS-8 because it is one Phly. :D

  41. How did you get into the Dev Server? When I try it the thing ins’t online

  42. So is Phly saying “glacis” like “glacias” for a reason? Or does he not know
    it’s pronounced glay-sis?

  43. SU-100Y reloads faster coz it has like 3 loaders and ISs have only 1

  44. I can’t wait to verse an SU-100Y in my Tiger H1… I already foresee the
    trollish armour deflecting my 88mm shots.

    • I honestly think the Jumbos mantlet is broken. Numerous times I’ve been
      penetrated by Tiger H1s straight through the mantlet, which according to
      the statistics, is impossible. The Tiger H1 has 160+MM of penetration where
      the gun mantlet of the Jumbo is 180+MM thick.

      On the topic of the Tiger though, a Sherman 75mm once penetrated my angled
      side armour at 600m away, detonating my ammo. I was pretty damn pissed, to
      say the least.

      In terms of interesting games in the Jumbo 75mm, I once shot out the turret
      ring of a Panther and thanks to his terrible reverse speed, I managed to
      get alongside him and fire into his side armour eventually killing him. The
      Jumbos are hilarious when they work properly, but sadly that only happens
      20% of the time.

      Before the ammo buff the Jumbos were literally unstoppable. You could ram
      it in the face of just about any enemy tank and they’d be powerless to kill
      you. I recall games where I’d receive 3000 points just for sitting still
      with my tracks blown off eating shots in the cap circle. Good times.

    • I remember i was in a realistic match with my Jumbo with shorty 75. 3 tiger
      H1s, 2 panthers. Roughly 700 or so meters between us. They dented me like
      hell, but never penned. I even nailed a Tiger’s barrel at 100 meters, then
      moved up and shot through his side armor. Poor bastard. Then my team
      massacred them all while they focused on me.

    • The Totalitarian Cheesecake

      +Henry Gravelle ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

    • I love running over little SPAA in my IS-4m hehehe
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    • The Totalitarian Cheesecake

      +Stug Thug Stug for life. i ran over a t26 in a KV2 once. that was way
      funnier than it should have been…

  45. Next time try to take winter camouflages for your vehicles, if they have

  46. I’m buying the su-100Y when the update comes out!

  47. Why do you have so many golden eagles on the dev server? do u have to pay
    for those as well? Im asking because i got in to the dev server but cant
    test any of the new vehicles because my account doesnt have any golden
    eagles to unlock to get to them

  48. KV2 and SU100Y V.S. Maus and Leopard

  49. Not really the video for it, but I’d like to see M22 Locust with the
    Dauntless in a combined arms video :)


  51. They should add the IS-7 for true Russian bias

    • Polandball.

    • If anything, WT is more lenient towards ze Germans.

    • LordDerpington OfPotatoSalad

      +carson Koch The game wouldn’t have true Russian bias unless if all of the
      German tanks sucked which they don’t, mainly in the middle of the tech
      tree. specifically around the Tiger 1 and Panther, considering I play
      realistic ground forces a lot and typically see a team full of both along
      with the occasional J Panzer 4 and SPAA. And of coarse they usually win the
      game with little to no trouble.

    • The Is-7 is almost the same size as the Maus…

    • +Kenji S – Nah, they’d just come to Phly’s video and complain about it.
      Probably even on videos that don’t show it.

  52. TheJackalPhantom

    you know whats funny? the acceleration of the T-10 seems to be allot faster
    then the leopard 1’s……. fuck this shit i am done with this game now

  53. Midget in a box was in your Horten 229v bombers video 

  54. NukeOwnage Gaming

    Midget is from your first Ho229 video

  55. IS-8 never existed really was the prototype for the T-10
    IS-10 when Stalin died changed it to T-10

  56. Red Hawk finally got to see a Leopard so I’m happy about that

  57. Interesting, so this patch basically introduces a lot of glass cannons: Leo
    1 and this T10.

  58. im planning to buy the Su100Y
    but may i ask how much it costed (i think it was around 3700GE but i need
    also, is it really a naval gun (thats kinda the reason why i want it 😛 )

    • +Pixar Lamp 3700-3800 not that much of a difference when im going to buy GE.
      i prefer the german tanks but something that different doesnt hurt to have,
      especially when it actually has an use and is not only for shitz and
      giggles, unlike PO2 😛 )

    • +AceCustomz – I think it was closer to 3800 but that’s just being pedantic,
      it’s a dollar or two difference ;-P

      As for the gun, yeah, it’s a 130mm that was used on some destroyers and
      monitors, it’s going to be fun ;-D

  59. “there goes the 14,5mm” also known is the 20mm

    • +Tallahassee ITs a joke:P Im refering to another one of Phlys recent vids
      where he more or less rounds up 14,5mm to 20:P

    • +dillerdiller85 well it’s not a 20mm… It’s a 14.5mm.. if it was a 20mm..
      they are much different.

  60. The T10M is the IS-8’s other name.

  61. lol 429 likes and 301 watch. JUST FOR THE WATCH

  62. Where does the T10M come in on the tech tree?

  63. SB2C next please!!!!!

  64. The only thing that’s missing with the SU-100Y is your crew whistling when
    the gun is reloaded.

  65. Sorry for the question but, how do you get into the dev server?

  66. Phly! Should’ve just rammed that Tiger at the end! Whatever would’ve
    happened it’d be more entertaining than what you did.

  67. Biased Russian game is Biased.

  68. Da box tank !!!!!!!

  69. lol Leo pard

  70. Gilbert Alexander

    Do gaijin want people to stop playing this game. Because this is how you
    make people not play the game

  71. why didn’t he RAM the tiger? is he that stupid?

  72. LOL Phly did you see the MAUS in winter camo?

  73. 3:17 CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

  74. I Don’t have that version I have 149.57 I don’t have 1.52

  75. What is a dev server

  76. It was named IS-8 (Йосиф Сталин) in russian and after his death it was
    named T-10M

  77. I think the SU-100Y has a relatively quick reload because it has a lt of
    space inside, making the loaders job a bit easier.

    • +PortugueseEagle No, it’s because the loaders got triple rations of Soviet
      potatoes so that they can be very stronk.

  78. It funny the Su-100Y has the same gun as the premium tier 5 destroyer in
    WoWs. It give you some idea on how big a destroyer is even. that one of it
    4 deck guns can fit on one realy big tank in the ground battles. :)

  79. I was just on the test server this morning, the T-10s lower glacius is now
    at 55 degrees, and nigh unpennable.

  80. is the leopard 1 really worth it ? I mean, at such a high tier. the gun is
    great. but even so… if you can’t at least take a hit. You normally get
    rolled over.

    • I feel like it will be just another tank that will be clubbed.

    • The idea behind it was “If everything will pen anyway, fuck the armor, more
      speed.” This thing will be good in capable players hands. Or gaijin will
      fuck it up. On second thought…

    • +Pixar Lamp Yeah. I just feel like It’s a bit naff compared to what is
      being added overall.

    • +Tallahassee – The Hellcat is the same and, correct me if I’m wrong, both
      go at around 40-50km/h most of the time. The playstyle should be much the
      same. Hide, flank, maneuver and move on. RB / SB (when available) will be
      where it’s most useful

    • Probably mostly for sim battles. Hide and ambush. Because, yeah it gets
      hit, it dies.

  81. Sparrow's Gaming

    omg im in ur vid

  82. Why do they have to add 2 russian tanks for every german tank? They really
    are afraid to lose their russian playerbase, are they..

    • LordDerpington OfPotatoSalad

      +PBODK World of tanks is no better, look at the Russian tech tree and
      compare it to the Germans oh yeah and compare the stats with all of the
      vehicles and see which one comes out on top.

  83. cool tank

  84. “shoot me with more 50. cals, i love it” haha literally said no one ever

  85. 19:04 LOL Russian tanks, made from Stalinium, very stronk, can stop rounds
    from battleship gun

  86. Series deedMouse

    omg is this guy using discarding shitty sabot instead of heat rounds??

  87. Just got a vodka advertising before your vid.
    Coincidence…? I DON’T THINK SO

  88. Why i always play in the same shitty maps and never played here with
    already tier 3 tanks…

  89. I wonder why they added the first version of the M60 and the first version
    of the Leopard 1 (without gun stability) yet they add the latest version of
    the T10 (the M version).

  90. Can you guys get into the dev server? I tried multiple times at different
    times of the day but I can’t seem to get into it. It says that the servers
    are unavailable :(

  91. Great gameplay

  92. But that lower glacias is gonna be the weakness of the t-10e

  93. WHAT ?? enemy red markings are back ??? i quit

  94. 9:09 and here we see a leopard pounce as it prepares to hunt its prey

  95. Tankdestroyer RJ

    Boxtenk is love, Boxtenk is life

  96. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    Hey PhlyDaily I am looking into buying a new pc and was wondering what pc
    do you have, and recommend that I buy. I’ve been told to buy a cyberpower
    computer, so what are you thoughts?

  97. Colonel314 Gaming & animation

    1:22 did anyone see SquireFlyer’s custom battle?

  98. lol all the Russian developers were upset 😀 they changed lower glacis to
    50 degree.

  99. M60 Patton and M18 SuperHellcat

  100. Rozell Armorn gabriel

    The t-10 is the is-8

  101. god bless amurica? the whole world hates your warmongering inbred faggot

  102. Can you please do some navy field 2 there’s very little content on it right

  103. M1 Abram is COMMING
    Look,on the Facebook

    • +Sean Thomas The Abrams would be able take on like 7 Mauses at one time,
      because it’s 70 tons and it goes 45 mph. lol

  104. More world of warships gameplay

  105. watch them lower the is-4 BR

  106. The reason it suffers so much is because they removed Comrade Stalin from
    the name of his own tank! How can you be stronk without Komrade Stalin’s
    thick mustache to caress and shield your tenk?


  108. M60 please

  109. nice move at the end jackass lol

  110. The SU-100Y should be called std, super tank destroyer

  111. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Shame I’ll probably never be able to play this tank because of the grind.
    Unless someone wants to donate me like 5,000,000 GE.

  112. you think that engine on the su-100y could fit on my 318i bmw? XD

  113. wonder if well ever see the IS-7 since this is out

  114. Panzerführer Chavez

    IS-8 and T10 are the same.

  115. Wow you’re the most stupidest player of all 

  116. Which is bigger the Maus or IS-8

  117. ReginaldPancakeBottoms

    how do you go into x-ray in the middle of a fight

  118. Am I the only person who wants a Strumtiger to be added to this game?

  119. Skąd masz zimową mape

  120. Ian Terry (Deadeye1421)

    3:18 Captain!*

  121. The M60….now

  122. pls learn play pßlayer how you ruin the game N00b

  123. Noob want show other noobs in movies to feel better

  124. ‘Glass cannon’ dude, learn to hull down

  125. please wt wtf is wrong with first my brother gets on my account and mess
    **** up but 2 days for language i didn’t do plus this tk **** WTF the *****
    shot me first

  126. So you can see your shell’s info in the battle again ?

  127. Are the individual parts icons on your tank icon in the new patch ???

  128. Gaijin is getting closer to modern tanks ever so slightly. I would totally
    play a modern WT if there was one.

  129. Use the M6A3 +PhlyDaily 

  130. M6A3 I meant

  131. M6A1 auto corrections on my phone sucks

  132. that sabot has no fucking drop

  133. Mark Rogachevsky

    That’s CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow for you!

  134. if they update finland map they should update Me210

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