War Thunder Tanks! New Tank – Leopard 1 Gameplay – BEST AMMO STORAGE EVER

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Tanks! New Tank – Leopard 1 Gameplay – BEST AMMO STORAGE EVER



  2. First?

  3. At what time is the dev server up? Phly can u tweet a tweet when the dev
    server is up?

  4. Heeey flee always nice seeing another video!

  5. The box tank SU-100Y.

  6. TheJackalPhantom

    why try to pen the pike nose of the is-3 while you can now easly pen there
    turret from the front LOL

    • +TheJackalPhantom The angle was too high to penetrate it anyway (looked
      like 500 mm of effective armor or more).

  7. How do u have so many golden eagles 

  8. The ammo rack in the M-60 its the best, right in the floor of the tank in
    front of the heaviest armoured part in the tank

  9. Kittys rule!

  10. Try the HESH pleaseeee

    • +Jack Knight HESH didn’t work on this version of the dev server, also dev
      server isn’t on right now.
      A new patch for dev just came up though, might fix the HESH and should mean
      dev is opening soon

  11. Why you not played Armored Ware. AW very better them WT.

  12. The Leopard 1 and M-60 should be at 9.0 br 

    • Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

      +TheYamato101 not clubbing…being competitive. Difference. T54 and IS4
      drivers finally have something to worry about, no longer can T54s just fly
      up a flank spanking everything, while the IS4s drive straight up the
      middle, never stopping or giving any care to anything until they reach the
      enemy spawn…and then camp there. As a German driver, this happens ALL THE
      TIME. Finally can now fight back.

    • +TheYamato101 IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE IT GOES, everything can pen it and
      it can pen everything, it will play the same against a tiger 1 as it does
      against an is4. Putting the leo at 9.0 would be stupid, the whole point of
      it is to offset Russias dominance in tier V, but no let’s stick it up where
      all it faces are t10m’s and m60’s, hell it would be more overpowered at 9.0
      because they are all basically the same tank but the leo has more
      maneuverability. 7.7 is a much more dangerous BR for it because of how
      effective APHE is.

    • +Colin Garnett then we have the problem of tanks like the Leopard 1, M-60,
      and T-62 clubbing everything. You cannot cram 20 years of tank development
      into 1 BR bracket.

    • Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

      +TheYamato101 so should the T10/IS8, IS4M, and all the T54s while you are
      at it. Cold War tanks should be 9.0

    • +Mike Hunt Releasing the Leopard 1 at 7.7/8.0 would allow Germany to
      merciless club everything at that tier.

  13. What would be good is if they release the British tanks and dessert maps
    all at once and call the update dessert rats

  14. 18:47 Russian tanks everyone.

  15. the ice was gaijinned

  16. My pc dosen’t found dev server “connectin to server” read for ever… Help 

  17. how do you get on the WT test server

  18. Hey +PhlyDaily your PC is a little bit loud, isnt it? :D


  20. Sorry man,but you are on of the worst wt player I ever saw.

    • Yeah,but why doesn’t he takes the better ammo?He playes this game so
      long,but playes like a Lv.20 player.But anyway,I reale like you and your
      channel phly!

    • +Sabre Fly It is easier to watch somebody play than play yourself. If im
      not wrong, he does the commentary while he plays, which is really hard.
      He is still way better than Baron, that guy is ridiculous.

  21. m60 !


  23. i still want to see a is-4 vs leopard

  24. M3 Lees, M4 Shermans, Cruzader, Tigers, Panzers IV and III, Matildas etc
    all served in the North Africa so ya they will wait to introduce the
    British for desert maps

  25. why dont they give pople money and ge on the dev server its so stupid

  26. Those aircraft sounds just make the game so much more immersive. Now all we
    need is more realistic gun sounds.

    • +Dondolini94 there still is

    • +vavra222 there were some good gun sound mods for wot anyway

    • +CrazyDutchguy They are realistic but i am not saying that they are
      completely spot-on. It is hard to get a sound of Tiger 1s 88mm gun right if
      you dont have a way to record it.
      I am pretty satisfied with WT gun sounds, still better than those generic
      shit sounds WoT has.

  27. Play the M60

  28. Ruthenius Kastavii

    Just 2OP!!!

  29. No reactive armour yet?

    • +Blindanddumb the funny fact is that that box over the turret contained a
      night visor….. so why put that box there if is useless?? same as the
      smoke launcher over tiger, panzer 4 and panther??? only for beauty there???
      camon gaijin…

    • +kimbonzky Also no stabilised gun, no infrared, no night-vision…

  30. “hears bomb whistle” WOW NEW SOUNDS …. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  31. PO-2 saved the day!

  32. Christoffer Bergenzaun

    You gotta record some low-alt fly by’s with some of the jets !!!

  33. Why on Earth do you pronounce Leopard like that?!

  34. t10m PLZZZZZZ

  35. its not LEO PARD, its “Le-Pard”

  36. Snow camo in realistic battle needed

  37. FasTerTh4nDeEath

    HESH is made from soft metal with an explosives inside and works that the
    round will hit armor, the metal will splash and the explosive will make
    shock wawe that is able to go trough 140mm of armor…. When it penetrates
    it’s devastating…

  38. I don’t see what the fuss is about, these new tanks aren’t really such a
    big step forward from tanks we allready had in game. Like the T-10 is
    practically just a IS-3 with a larger lower glacis making it easier to
    kill. M47 with HEAT can potentially one-shot anything it goes up against,
    same goes for M60.

  39. Leo-pard? It’s a God damn BIG CAT!

  40. The airplanes are super realistic in every way except for aerodynamics. :(

  41. I think they gonna add desert maps with the British Tanks because,
    obviously, the British fought against Germany in the Sahara 

  42. heat round hits a person = fine! gaijins logic…

  43. This tank looks American

  44. ivanHDgamer99 best gaming

    When wil it come out on normal server?

  45. Assasins of death “A.O.D”

    does the dev server give you everything?

  46. Show us the M60 please !!!



  48. It is pronounced as /ˈlɛpəd/, not as in the name Leo.

  49. How does one activate X-ray mode during battle?

  50. I didint know there was finland map

  51. 21:42 So glad it turned out it was you in that battle, Phly! Nice to see my
    Po-2 attack like that! :D

  52. Ace Michael Wittmann

    The leopard is meant to not get hit. That is why ammo is where it is :D

  53. PO 2 FOR PRESIDENT !!!!!!!

  54. Take out the BF 109 G10 plz!

  55. Leperd, not liopard!

  56. Good lord, how loud are those PC fans.

  57. With that front ammo storage, you better roll backward to the enemy. Safer.

  58. Hopefully the leopard wont be slow as balls in the final release.

  59. This map is so freaking awesome ! can’t wait to play on it ^^ anyway good
    vid phly, keep going bro’ !

  60. 21:55 LOL!
    FUCKING Po-2!

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