War Thunder TANKS – SOVIET T-54 SPAM – Fun With THE BOYS!

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War Thunder TANKS – SOVIET T-54 SPAM – Fun With THE BOYS!

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  1. Do You Like Soviet Spam?

  2. First!

  3. Hello


  4. Elleventeen!

  5. America is the new king of tier 5…and the russian community right now is
    pissed lol

  6. 69 Awww Yea!

  7. Omg am I first??!!!

  8. Well FYI I have 3 ballista kills

  9. I know it’s bad to say, but I’m rather happy that the Russians don’t have
    the clubbing tanks at the moment – America gets her turn 🙂 🙂 Maybe one
    day Germany will get a shot :(

  10. imastalker - something :D

    Should i grind the Soviet or the American tree first? (I’m already done
    with the germans)

  11. o ye

  12. war thunder 2K15 – bears VS beer… (Russians vs americans cause gaijin
    said f*ck Germany)

    • =MMP=Silent_Wolf_Dz-Lounis- xD Mr.MãhböùŁ xD -

      +Roy Shein so Maus and Leo 1 aren’t enough ? yea , ok , you need an Abrams
      that’s it !

  13. gaijin on fucking drugs. Russians swarming all the way in servers that i
    cant even.. the level of cheats they are is that they never gonna be nerfed
    because thus game is made by commies and no wonder why every russian tech
    in game is OP . well playes gaijin idiots .

    • crazycakemanflies

      +Kabal LV i have never had in issue with bugs with Russian tanks.
      and no, German tigers and panthers do not have good armour, they are shit.
      they do well against low tier tanks but against tanks of equal value they
      are crap

      and before you ask, yes i do play as Germany.

    • +crazycakemanflies All i can say about tiger is that it has descent armor
      and good cannon . Russians are OP (fact) . I shot 3 shells in IS2 with M26
      and all crew got yellow . Because of that bug , is2 killed me . Bugs like
      that happen 50% or more times and that of course is not the only thing why
      they are op . Im tired of this conversation already because it will not
      change anything .

    • crazycakemanflies

      +Kabal LV okay, the tigers front armour is flat, while the IS2 has a sloped
      front. and dont get me started on the pike nose, which is a genius
      invention that basically allows the IS4 to become unstoppable. its not that
      the Tiger has a shit cannon, its that the Russians know how to create
      effective tanks.

      The tiger is literally just like the Maus. Its basic ‘bigger is better’

    • +crazycakemanflies Tiger is not a horrible tank lol xD . It can greatly
      hold shells with its mask/turret and its front armor is tons betters than
      USA analogs . IS2 is 2x better than any analog because it can 1shot every
      tank in the game except maus . I have nearly all tanks in USA tree and i
      know that in low tiers they suck now because of their cannons. Believe me,
      i say it all from experience .

    • crazycakemanflies

      +Kabal LV You do understand that an IS-2 or a T-39-85 were built to tack
      tanks like the Tiger? And the tiger is a horrible tank to begin with. And
      if you play americans then i dont see any problem…
      Russians just have better armour, while Germans have better guns. its fact

  14. Maice.

  15. T-54 has 100mm you mothertruckers! Respect ze gun!

  16. In a way, phly did single handedly win the game for the team. GG wp

  17. Welcome to under 301 club, do you want some soda?

  18. roses are red, vuolets are red, and if you are not red you’ll get shot in
    your head – josef stalin

  19. When did you start playing with Arnold Schwarzenegger? lol

  20. I thought you were playing realistic battles instead of arcade…. watching
    people playing arcade is boring as fuck

  21. 〈--- Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl)

    I had KV-1 L-11, su-76 and early T-34… i spent like 20-22 Euros and now i
    have glorious OP KV-2, SU-122 (half finished SU-85 and T-34-57… Phly,
    really… how much money you had to shovel into the game to get your tanks?

    • +〈— Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl) someones pissed off because i
      said something that is EXTREMELY obvious, i’m not an idiot, i havent even
      spent 900 hours and i’m already almost done with the russian tier 3’s, it
      is quite fucking easy, you sir are the idiot.

    • 〈--- Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl)

      +chris gibson Yes you have to. Because some people don’t want to sit in
      front of the game for 900 game hours to GRIND out the good tanks. If you
      think otherwise, fuck you and you are an idiot. DISCUSSION CLOSED.

    • +〈— Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl) lol you dont have to spend money
      just to get things, hell the russians are the easiest to play imo

    • 〈--- Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl)

      +Benjamin Huang Yeah, i do the same. But i figuren, since i won’t be
      playing too much anyway, it is easier for me to unlock KV-2 and other
      “cool” tanks and play with those.

    • +〈— Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl) I understand. I play this
      because there’re no other games that allows me to play with WW2 machines
      with a DM that isn’t HP bar related. I now just play with my spaded
      machines to relive my WW2 fantasies, so it seldom gets bored for me. Until
      I get another premium account, I’ll not grind for stuff.

  22. crazycakemanflies

    I think Phly meant that the Maus spam was real, god damn they are


  23. Can you do more races? With tanks?

  24. Why doesnt Slick have his own Press account yet?

  25. I enjoy this kind of videos, Phly. Feels great after a long ass MCAT study
    session. Pls do more with Baron and Slick!

  26. Igor Modrzejewski

    “I think the T-54 got a 100mm” *facepalm*

  27. Taking out a Maus feels like trying to kill a colossus from Shadow of the

  28. Phly, you should keep “Fun With THE BOYS!” in the title of all colab vids
    as not to upset the antisocial crowd.

  29. Richard Gustafsson

    Does the T-54 have 120mm on front or the realistic 100?


    – Slickbee 2015

  31. Im from czech 🙂 čekuj český ho mause. If you want you can translate. Česká

  32. “Do I have enough penetration for the cheeks?” Teehee

  33. trees can't dance

    YEAH PHLY!!!!!!!

  34. Is that meow melody from Futurama?

  35. Slickbee your fucking hilarious!

  36. almost pissed myself!

  37. New series ideas: “Sing along with Baron”…..”Slick kills things with his

  38. wow! 11 dislikes? GO TO THE GULAG HATERS!

  39. Hi phly I love tank and planes do u like the p-61 black widow 

  40. “I’m gonna turn over here to the right”
    *Proceeds to turn left* Oh Phly :P

  41. T54 has a 100 mm cannon

  42. Our house, in the middle of our street….

  43. NO ONE escapes KV-2 spam

  44. nice kill with the kv2

  45. If you needed proof that the KV-2 needs an uptier, Slick gave it today.

  46. T54 spam is annoying but much food for muh Maus

  47. Arnold game isn’t strong in this one 😛 NOW GET BACK TO THE CHOPPER

  48. lol John Fuckin Travolta I lost it

  49. Oskar Andreas Berg

    Great video

  50. Screaming Yaks….. Aaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

  51. Oskar Andreas Berg

    This video is why i subscribe to phly @phlydaily

  52. If the soviets get a 1970’s tank, do we get the M1A1 Abrams?

  53. lmao ” Matt Damon”

  54. I recognize that music at 11 minutes in, its the music from Hidden and
    dangerous :O

  55. I was literally watching ratatoi or however its spelt as you guys said
    that! Haha

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