War Thunder Tanks! Struggle NO MORE! – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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War Thunder Tanks! Struggle NO MORE! – War Thunder Tanks


  1. First, let me think of a joke…


  2. phlydayli plzake a video with flakpanzer

  3. hey phly its cold in NYC


  5. 5th

  6. came watched a bit, left, went back because i wanted 1080p goodness

  7. why the low quality phly

  8. Pick a tank and a plane of your choice!!

  9. hi phly can u take out langcaster and sherman in tank rb battles plz

  10. 480pth. :p



  13. 1RST

  14. these vids make me happy

  15. wtf is this 480p

  16. 9 minutes…..mmmmmm not bad at all.

  17. yay under 500 club :-)

  18. conqueror and Canberra mk 6 !!!

  19. Does War Thunder have the Sturer Emil in it?? M8 Greyhound?

  20. yes Phly it is Robert Frost- the road not taken i read it in theater

  21. PhlyDaily -“fucking brick” :D

  22. Sherman FireFly and Stirling B MK 3

  23. The P51 Mustang with m22 locust.

  24. XD that one dislike

  25. Phly take JSU 122 and IL 2 m!FOR MOTHERLAND AND STALIN!!??

  26. germantank2boxy4u

  27. can we get the spanish 1950 messershmitt


  29. 3 Inch Gun Carrier (sexyest tank in Warthunder) and the Stirling bomber!
    For King and Country!

    Attempt #2

  30. AC IV Thunderbolt Brittish Premium Tank Pls :)

  31. Take out the ultimate ambush Panzer jaeger; the Jagdpanther! Bring glory to
    the fatherland

  32. HI Phly, try win match with tiger 2h if you can I dare you.

  33. Take out the CL-13A Saber and Leopard 1

  34. Please play anything for King and Country (Britain)

  35. Is2 revenge and yak 9!

  36. How about Tiger 2 105mm & Ho 229 with AP rounds !

  37. Matthew Bainbridge

    great start hey…

  38. play the maus and the me262 with rockets

  39. Take out the “Invasion of Poland” Combo! Panzer 2 F and Do 17 Z-2

  40. Matthew Bainbridge

    tier 1 stuff all stock guns!

  41. Tiny Combo!!!!!! P-26 with bombs and M-22!!!!

  42. that thing does struggle

  43. AC IV THUNDERBOLT AND WIRRAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (btw, that is Frost :P)

  44. Take out the VK 4501 (P) and the Bf 109 G2 or G2 Trop

  45. Firefly(with 16 rockets) and the Firefly with the mk.8 shell! God save the

  46. but that gun was able to spall tanks like a mofo

  47. Is it me, or is M10 w/ 17-pdr kinda undertiered. With this gun, it should
    face Panther Ds, and Tiger Is, not Pz III/IV or T-34s.

  48. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    Churchill VII and Spitfire Vc?

  49. the heat round for this tank is a lot better than the stock rounds, almost
    always i get a fire or one shot

  50. Firefly and firefly combo!

  51. Can we see some Comet gameplay? I haven’t seen anyone play it yet which is

  52. sooooo, I just had the biggest derp moment ever today. I took out a
    friendly plane…
    With my artillery strike…

  53. Matthew Bainbridge

    on the mk I stugg

  54. Murican freedom combo, m4 with 105mm and pbj with 75mm

  55. marder III and any stuka plz

  56. You must become the best Russian demolitionist by using the KV-2 and PE-8
    with the 5000kg tactical nuke.

  57. The 105 is severely under-performing on the StuH, it *should* decimate a
    tank when it penetrates, but it just doesn’t.

  58. Hi Phly, can you please show a picture of your graphic settings for
    Warthunder? I messed up mine, and yours look very good.

  59. I have to give u some german lessons phly

  60. phly i s*** you not their was one time when i was playing the T-34 85
    (D-ST) on Berlin and it was raining but not like a drizzle no IT WAS A
    STORM like visibility was like 20 meters and shots were phlying (get
    it…….. no oh ok )all over the map it was crazy try to find your own
    match like this if you can.

  61. Phly play the Churchill mk III and the Firefly FR mk V with the 16 rockets

  62. In my experience with StuH 42, it one-shots real well from the side if you
    get it right in the middle of the crew compartment. The hard part is
    guaranteeing that situation, hitting the right spot with the first shot,
    and the long reload. Good ninja tank.

  63. ‫שילה אברהמי‬‎

    use rangefinder

  64. Tank Captain of a Stuh comming to Hitler:

    C:”I lost my StuH”
    H:”HOW that thing is armoured like no-other”
    C:”True the enemys shot and shot and didnt came through the armour”
    H:”So how did you loose your tank?”
    C:”We got too heavy from all war-heads that we broke down in battle cause
    of too much weight!!!”
    H:”Damn we didnt think about that”

    Thats how germany lost the war!

  65. panzer 4 H + pz4 G power combo

  66. lol, phly gives 0 fucks about AIs

  67. The m4a3 (76) w

  68. The Russian power house t 10 m and mig 17. May Stalin watch over you

  69. Can you next play the smk Russian tier 2 landbattleship

  70. Charioteer and tempest :D

  71. yokosuka mxy7 needs to be added in this game, because it would be very,
    very honorbru

  72. Next time try the Vk. 4501(P) but only if you have it! >:) I’m just sayin i
    have it sooo yeah.
    (get called out) 😀 and for plane play the bf109 g10.

  73. Mig17 and T10m

  74. Typhoon with cannons

  75. G-Bear and Little Buddy

    Any variant of Fw-190 and a king tiger pls?

  76. Typhoon with cannons

  77. I’m looking for advice on how to deal with the addition of British tanks,
    Ever since 1.55 my preformance has plummeted. I mostly drive the STuG IIIF
    and have so far only gotten into Germany+USSR V.S. UK+USA matches. Any
    advice would be appreciated since I’m quite surprised over how my
    preformance (and KD) have fallen and how I should counter this, Thanks in

  78. ‫ירון גרציאני‬‎

    Is the rode not taken

  79. i want that plane damnit!

  80. duude take out the fw 190 a4

  81. I’ve noticed that you don’t use to cover the Russian TD line that much. It
    would be nice to have a video of the SU-85 and the SU-76.

  82. B-29 and the doom turtle

  83. Rikugun Chūjō Tohka-chan 陸軍 中将

    Please take the A-34 Comet I with the Typhoon Mk I/b and the 1000 ibs
    Bombs! The King needs You to finish the WW2 finally!!

  84. PhlyDaily is asked to report for duty asap.
    The queen has a speacial mission for you:
    .(your job is to royaly fu*k hostile ground resistance (for the queen, of
    You shall use the caernarvon for the first strike.
    (You should have close air support nearby (spitfire 22/24
    the queen is counting on you!
    (there should be a cup of earl’s grey waiting for you at home)

  85. Tutorial on how to pronounce “Sturmhaubitze”:
    1: “sh” like in ship or sheep or whatever you want
    2: “tu” like you already say it when pronouncing “StuH”
    3: “am” like in “America”, the a being more e-ish
    4: “how” like the actual english word
    5: “bits” again, like the actual english word
    6: “a” like in “another” or like the a in step 3, again quite e-ish

    So: Sh-tu-am-how-bits-a

    There you go ;)

  86. I know this isn’t your style but do a comparison between the Tortoise and
    the Doom Turtle

  87. gameplay whit the Bf109-E 7

  88. ouhhh your pronounciation of Sturmhaubitze is horrible xD

    maybe this will help, but i dont know if its logic: St (tr)oo (per) rm h
    ou(ch) bit se(ven)

    the letters in the brackets are not spelled, they only might help how to
    spell some of the parts of “Sturmhaubitze” correct :D

  89. +phlydaily dont you mean … stuggle ?

  90. Cromwell V and the Beaufighter Mk VIc

  91. play the mighty 75 mm duck and then the hertz

  92. How long did it take to get jets

  93. P-51 D Mustang and T-95

  94. my name is not Max Ström

    I love that sound 22:45 :)

  95. Su-122-54 for Ucle Joseph, Commerade!

  96. Valentine Mk. XI and the 40mm Hurricane

  97. In RB you can take your planes out

  98. Nothing gets throuhg those BIAS OP t-34…

  99. H&G Easy eight with the p38

  100. jennifer martinez garcia

    Phly it is time for germans drive the tiger II and the premium BF 109

  101. that random Russian at 10:10 lol

  102. Masashiro Knight of Cookieland

    Ah yes, the famous STURM HIGH-BOOTS!

  103. The second British AA armored car, I forgot the name. (It’s got like 2 x
    20mm guns)

    And the spitfire Mk IIa

  104. Blitzkrieg COMBO !!!!!!!!!!! Pz III (Any variant) with Junkers Ju-87 Stuka
    (again joker on the variant)!!!

  105. How to win in WarThunder:
    Play RB like an AI would, nobody will shoot you.

  106. Tiger h1

  107. Phly play the T-32 american heavy tank and the F-80C. Go hull down or
    rocket you enemys with your F-80. This is a super fub combo so wreck some

  108. The Jadgpanther (any version) or the t5 german destroyer and any t5 german

  109. let him show the russian supremecy, Let him drive on our plains, Let him
    fly in our skyes! take out the SMK landship and the russian version of the
    B-29, the TB-3!

  110. How about a KV-2 and a Mig 17

  111. Chemistry´s the best!

    assault fuse.
    the 8 rockets on the bf 109 f2 don’t have assault fuse. AND they were used
    to punch holes in armored trains, how cool is that? come on give the bf109
    f-2 some love

  112. kv-1 shoots german tank EVERYTHING dies a german 105mm shell enters a
    sherman 2 crew members dead…… what is wrong with this game….

  113. Hey phly could you try bringing out the captured American fw190?

  114. Fly out the P51 with cannons!!!(USA one)

  115. Do the m4a1(the75) and the kittyhawk. I do it and it’s quite decent

  116. Can anyone tell me, what happened to his PressAccount?

  117. Pedro Henrique Lopes

    how did you get the Bf 109 E-7?


  119. See they Planning in changing the progression system?

  120. AD2 and T32 for a real dose of freedom

    (2nd attempt)

  121. shturm-how-beetz

  122. m18 gmc

  123. You should do a anti air custom battle using that tank

  124. How do you do binocular mode? 6:55

  125. Try the Gulag the is-3 and the il28

  126. on the event where you can use japan, you should try the ki-102 for tanks,
    it’s amazing :)

  127. il-28 and is-4 stronk combo!!!

  128. How about Comet & Meteor combo?

  129. what happened to the map?

  130. Leopard and Cl-13 for merkel!

  131. 10:09 – sounds just like that winged jewish creature from The Phantom
    Menace… ” No money, no parts, no deal.”

  132. su76m pls and plane your choice

  133. Tiger 2 p and any 262, feel the pain combo

  134. phly, please take up Julian Denk’s offer, PLEASE

  135. phly the intro… i feel your pain when grinding for tigerH. ;)

  136. lol you have my luck in the intro XD

  137. The Germans turn the attack direction to Britain , Use the Conquerer to
    conquer the enemies engaging on foot and the meteor(whichever one) to rain
    lead on the skies

  138. “the uptiering mistake”
    KV-1B (stalins iron chariot)
    stalin has run out of vodka, tovarishch, he has decided to feast on your
    tears instead.

    ACIV thunderbolt
    Wirraway + Boomerang (for maximum beer consumption)

  140. Cromwell plw

  141. Jagdpanther and fw 190 f-8 with 30mm gunpods

  142. The panzer IV F2 and the bf 109 E-1 with the 250 pounder

  143. M10 and P-400

  144. stug life

  145. So many times i asked but i will not faulter
    ZHE bulldoge and F82 with bombs or Rockets, 114mm bazooka

  146. I Don't Understand Math

    KV-1 Zis-5 and 45mm Yak9 3rd time voting

  147. Phly did you lose your press account??

  148. Did anyone know there is a rangefinder in sniper mode in RB?

  149. Panzer 2 and stuka

  150. M1A2 Abrams and the A-10 Warthog.

    Doesn’t sound right…
    Ahh yes, the M60 and PBJ or, AD-1 Skyraider for fun

  151. M41(glorious sabot rounds) and AD-2 for the full Vietnam experience.

  152. 22:45 I cracked my knuckles the same time he did. What the fuck.

  153. 6:13 I just keep clicking for the little “eh”

  154. tiger royals and me 109. please and ty

  155. the thing that phly did with the scope of the plane for bombing is it

  156. Phly, I find it’s best if you always use HEAT with the StuG. 115MM pen at
    all ranges vs max of about 72mm and the explosion is big enough to do lots
    of damage.

  157. PERRFECT pronunciation bro!

  158. Does anybody know what mean U.S.A.? And no, I don’t mean the united states.

  159. PublicTransportationBelgium

    Suffer Phly, Suffer!

  160. PHLY I’M GETTING THE MiG-9 TODAY WOO!!!! By when would you like the skin?

  161. t-t-t- TODAY JUNIOR
    I’m sorry, I love doing that.

  162. Fist me

  163. Panzer IV G

  164. had a hell of a time spading up this afv .. but when it cracks something
    open it sure is satisfying

  165. Is and b-18

  166. What are your PC specs?

  167. Arnór Franz Erlendsson

    OH MY GOD, my dream has come true i have had the honor of being with Phly
    in battle, i am the guy flying the passenger airliner at 9:40 >:(

  168. AC-130 and Bradley Fighting Vehicle with TOW missiles.

  169. its time to unleash the locust swarm!

  170. can you do the German churchill

  171. Death Star comb KV 2 and pe8 with 5000kg

  172. Conqueror mk.2! And Lancaster Mk.3!
    For the queen!

  173. How about the Avenger and the Firefly?

  174. kv1 german premium

  175. You should take out the m47 and f9f-5 with 2 1k pounders

  176. Is that a cannon or are you happy to see us?(on the HS-129 B-3);)

  177. i think the su-122 is more of a struggle than the stuh

  178. Pz IV H at its new BR where it can’t see Tigers and the BF 109 G4 to show
    these Spitfire German might! Für das Vaterland!

  179. Is-2 mod 1944 and il-10!

  180. the thing about this tank is its a derp gun. its got a 105, same as the
    sherman more or less. you carry high explosive and aim to set off ammo
    racks through the weak top armor of tanks. and the heat are for tanks the
    HE wont work on. people just get so fixated on the idea “oh no, HE is
    ALWAYS the worst round to take” but in those teirs a 105mm shell is more
    than enough to do damage with it.

  181. Mark Sun (HighExplosives)

    What about an explosive potato… Nevermind, the british are already doing

  182. YAY!!! You went back to the intro music!!

  183. The ring around the Rosie part got me

  184. cromwell v and the swordfish!!!

  185. Bf 109 g2 with gun pods

  186. What chu talkin about dude? I love the StuH. You just have to engage at
    long range

  187. Question; So if this Sturm 45 is packing a howitzer, is it safe to call it
    a low velocity tank?

  188. R.I.P dads job…

  189. Phly what happened to the video where you drive a bt 7 and then it glitches
    and stuff because I can’t find it?

  190. hey phly how do you get xp in world of warships

  191. I’ve been having lots of fun with this combo

    M41A1 Walker Bulldog
    AD 2 Skyraider

  192. KV-2 and PE-8 for Stalin!

  193. East German combo T-10m and La-15

  194. M4A3 76 and F-82

  195. just watched the video of the pe8 on Stalingrad, and in full controls you
    can disable and enable gunners with the push of a button. *please put
    comment in one of your vids 2 let others know that the button even exists.

  196. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Why did Gaijin even add that retard fuse?

  197. y dont u try to take that into a custom battle against tier 1

  198. M6A1 and P51 American Muscle!!

  199. phly has dad issues

  200. Holy shit at 5:25 when you started saying that poem, I looked down and saw
    that my English homework was to analyze a poem. I looked closer, and it was
    the exact same one you were saying. I thought it was a coincidence, but
    then I remembered Satan.

  201. Jagdpanther and Me 410 B6/R3

  202. The panzer F2 the MINI TIGER

  203. with the ju 87 37mm attacker

  204. Your round didnt pen the ai becuase ai get armour buffs and pen + aiming

  205. you said there would be a sail them all today phly

  206. You should shoot HE to T-34s’ turret ring. It’ll blow their ammo up.

  207. “kv-2 kills tanks decently” No phly it kills tanks out right

  208. 10:09 wat?

  209. il-2 and t-34-85

  210. plhy did you know the panzer F2 and the stug F have the exact same gun only
    modified in tank testroyer stil and i woud like you to take out the Stug F
    and the ju87 g2 gl phly

  211. Stumhaubuts hahahaha :D

  212. Want try tiger 2 h and me410 a1? Tiger 2 is so big that everyone can easily
    spot it, and me410 is hard to bomb accurately

  213. Charioteer !

  214. You should have said, “I used to be real into poetry, but the I became a

  215. lovin that kv1 kill

  216. Sherman firefly and P47D full load pls

  217. Take the tiger II 10,5cm out

  218. Korea Combo of M41A1 Walker Bulldog and the Boeing B-29 Superfortress with
    the carpet bombing monster of 40 bombs

  219. +PhlyDaily Just for you Phly: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/173536

    So you don’t go insane wondering if you ever remembered correctly or not.

  220. Can you do the ‘war in mid air’ event? Also, that passenger airliner was
    evacuating the remaining citizens out of berlin

  221. tovarich we shall defeat all who oppose mother Russians communism…take
    out the bt-5 or bt-7 along with the Horton 229. trust me comrade you rush
    point Ivan gives you spawn points #win win it works

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