War Thunder Tanks – T-54 Spam, T-54s EVERYWHERE! (Tank Request Series)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Gameplay – BOX TANK!

Thanks for watching!


  1. fromminecrafttodust

    tuck frump

  2. Hi, baron!!!!

  3. baron we miss the face cam..

    • in some people yes, but some time i want to see his reaction on some funny
      things happen or if by a chance he got a cool thing happen that we can see
      a funny reaction or shock reaction. Its hard to to listen to a commentator
      if they just talk and i cant see the face reaction if they making it up or
      genuine reaction and specially whenever he said tits, holy tits, fckng
      tits, ot what ever golden tits reaction he has and we miss making a joke
      with his cool beard thou.

    • +prince shadow I really don’t, TBH the face cam is kind of annoying on PPLs
      videos. I want to hear the commentary and watch the gameplay not look at
      you! IMHO anyways.

  4. under 301 views club!


  6. T 54 TO THE MAX!

  7. Jacob “Cornhauler” Revelle

    Baron play the t95 

  8. Yay! Under 301 views! Cool video too! Keep up the good work Baron!

  9. Reupload much?

    • +TheOriginalKaS I know he was or is, but he could just upload while he was
      in Florida. Right?

    • +Fuzzy Turtle he has been in the florida keys if you havent watched any of
      his videos

    • Nah, it’s recorded like 2 weeks ago. Look at Phly’s T-54 spam video. You’re
      probably mistaking this video for that video on Phly’s channel.

      What’s interesting is that this video was recorded so long ago, and Baron
      waiting so long to upload it.

  10. Is BaronVonGamez subscribed to BaronVonGrumble? what other BaronVons are
    out there?

  11. shiiit f***ck HAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. Dosent the T-54 have the 100 mm gun?

  13. dat late upload doe

  14. Barron can u try out the infamous Maus I would like to see that.

  15. Didn’t u posted this vid already or am I going crazy

    • +Fuzzy Turtle that’s strange

    • You are probably mistaking this video for Phly’s video that was uploaded 2
      weeks ago. This recording was recorded 2 weeks ago, but was never uploaded
      until now.

      What I find kind of interesting is that Baron waited 2 weeks to upload this
      recording that he recorded 2 weeks ago.

  16. I thought it said sperm O_O

  17. Mirza Şahinkaya

    204. view

  18. T-44!!!!!!

  19. BARON! Your side man! you keep showing it!!!

  20. Swagey IMmindlessAI

    Play ze tiger 2 Porsche 

  21. slick and phly wanna teabag you!

  22. It only need a prenium T54 at tier IV with a tier V BR for better spam

  23. i watched this video a few weeks ago

  24. Baron IS7 pls

  25. Do you Like Czech Rep. ? Becouse im from it ?

  26. Ferdinand baron, ferdinand. 

  27. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    How did you start with your second round loaded and not your first?

  28. You need to find a low teir custom game then take out a maus and DESTROY
    THEM ALL!!!! 

  29. It’s good to see that the MAUS is not totally rekt now bc of the new rounds
    and tanks

  30. Still gonna say it!

    Drive the M3 Stuart Mini Hellcat!

  31. Damn Baron, love it when you go full Arnie on us :3

  32. t54s are way more balanced then the leopard and m60 lol

    • Jayden Holzhauser

      +James Vincent The Leopard just be like “Your armor is invalid, I have
      HEATFS for L7 gun!” and M60 just be like “Hold mah beer”

  33. i loled at that cover photo baron xD

  34. *Thumbnail from pixar movie*
    *grabs popcorn*

  35. Brian Weatherall

    M22 Locust!

  36. Brian Weatherall

    Baron, did phly release this video like two weeks ago?

  37. Nova Brent (Nova4Games)

    Hey baron! The T-54 has a 100mm gun, the reason behind the 100mm gun is
    because ze t-34 was planned to have it, t-34-100 as we know it, but in real
    life it wasnt a big succes, the recoil of the 100mm was to big for the
    tank, so develop came to mind for a new tank, the t-54 spam has born… I
    do not know anything why the t-44 does not have the 100mm canon but you’ll
    have to find out yourself


    (P.s. Srry if my englisch is bad 😉 im from holland 😀 greeting from it

    • +Ádám Salaki in the develpoment of the t-44 the russians mainly focused on
      the chassis and increased the armor thickness. They didn’t really change
      that much about the turret. Just compare the t-34-85-turret with the t-44
      turret and it is almost the same

    • Иосиф Steelin

      +Nova Brent the T 34 100 wasn’t refused to production because of the
      recoil, the tank was good but there was already the t 44 and the first t
      54s so there was no need in t 34s since they had weak armor for 1945/46.

    • +DeltaEagleLP The t-44 surely don’t has the same turret as the t-34 you
      just have to look at them

    • I think the t-44 has the same turret as a t-34 so it was the same reason as
      with the t-34.

  38. Yes finally 

  39. slicks warning for impending doom: Baron? 18:50

  40. Waw! That MAUS tank is so big

  41. the video description is incorrect

  42. Why is Russian/Soviet tanks is so strong on this game?

  43. “FWAAAAAAAK” – PhlyDaily, 2015

  44. Thumbs up for the thumbnail

  45. Only uploaded this like 2 weeks ago right?

  46. Maus-maus – little anus ;)

  47. 2 mice = 2 Mäuse (Moyse)

  48. As a reminder, you can reorganize your ammo by going to Test Drive and
    setting it up there for your tanks.

  49. Haha funny video 🙂 good job

  50. “Shiiiiiit….” “FUCK!!!!”

    I lost my shit at that part. Teehee

  51. Ferdinan! The Vaterland demands it!

  52. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    Best part of the video.
    Maus shoots and kills Baron: SHIT!
    Tank kils Phly: FUCK!

  53. 76 jumbo

  54. hi baron, u make goos videos i like, please u can see my new little video ,
    thanks u =)

  55. Fly the yak9s in arcade! 

  56. my name is my name

    they need to add t54s with the newer guns and models

  57. There are many youtubers good at WT.Why is this shithead so popular?

  58. Play the Ferdinand,it’s kinda baby Jagdtiger :D

  59. Russian power

  60. Sebastiano Branca

    Green crossair everywhere vs a jagdtiger… sad war thunder

  61. m60 plzzz try ND AND PLAY MOR AGRESSIVE

  62. its only a matter of time before they nerf the maus…..:(

  63. That bomb at the end though, MVP

  64. *Joins RB Match in Tiger II*

    *Next four matches consist solely of T54 1947 models with a few 6.7 tanks
    in the mix

    *That’s enough War Thunder today. Back to Witcher 3*

  65. Baron! Try playing Arma 3 wasteland D:
    Recommend Top 3 Wasteland server

  66. Jagdtiger next pls. German masterrace HYPE!

  67. M48 Patton 

  68. IS1!!

  69. Baron why did you upload this video like a 1 or 2 weeks late phly’s already

  70. Hey Baron, if your lower glacis is completely submerged underwater, like
    you can do on maps like the Jungle, will the water absorb incoming shells
    and protect you lower glacis?

  71. Tell slick to use the AP shells for KV-2

  72. U and phly should play planet side 2

  73. Please KV 85 guys please put likes i really want to see in a battle 

  74. There you are buttlicker

    T95 >:O

  75. Hey baron play realistic battle with all american cats wildcat hellcat
    bearcat and tank hellcat and super hellcat please

  76. hahaha that thumbnail!

    • +PhlyDaily “Uhh one of those storm troopers who always miss… They’re
      fuckin good.” hahahah such a Phly answer, I love it.


    We need kitty foto’s skin for the T-54.

  78. You fucking HATER


  79. Baron: SHIT!!!……….Phly: FUCK!!!! It is 2 AM here and i think i just
    woke my mum up laughing, thanks alot guys.

  80. Иосиф Steelin

    He has half of the ammo store filled with APHE and keeps shooting with
    HEATs at the side armor of enemy tank.

  81. Woah, wtf? Did youtube’s font change? My entire homepage is bolded o.0

  82. Lone Wolf Gaming

    Is it weird that I watched this in tandem with Phly’s pov?

  83. Bitchbee sucks

  84. I’m all about ridged rounds lately, never leave home without them 

  85. t 20 or t 29

  86. Baron please do the t-95 or american premium t-28


  88. Dude in Arcade now…the 8.0 tanks just invade your base and spam kill
    now. Every game has been like this. I understand why this works but it’s
    like REALLY…. if you only have like 1 good 8.0 tank like myself and you
    lose it, the others get wrecked.

  89. The Fu….some dejavu….

  90. Ze Panzerkampfwagen V Panther D for ze Vaterland next please.

  91. TheGamingOstrich

    Next time maybe IS-3 i wanna know why its so bad

  92. how do they have so many ge’s? that must of cost a shit ton damn eh. i wish
    i was rich lol

  93. MasterOf SkillShots

    PZ VI TIGER I or II pls, i see him long time ago, 3 months?

  94. Pz III J1

  95. Fancy “Wandwuff” Man

    No comments to display?

  96. Watching you guys derp around like that is always funny.

  97. Parsa Moshirpoor

    WOW!I Watch all of your video???????

  98. Tiger E or germans will be mad

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