War Thunder Tanks vs Helicopters (War Thunder T-90a Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Helicopters vs Tanks, Tier 9 Gameplay: T-90a and Mi-35 April Fools Tanks Gameplay

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  1. Russian Bias

  2. “Cheers. I got water, I got some gummi vitamins, which are always very tempting to eat more than two.”
    – BaronVonGamez, 2013-

  3. I loved the look of the t90a but did way better in the leopard 2a5.  I hope this stays so I could get the chance to control a M1 Abram, Challenger 2 and more.

  4. Baron’s Brigade?

  5. I just muted this video and played the russian anthem

  6. In T-90 I learned – rarely use reverse, turn tank and go forward. It was faster and safer then reverse. 🙂

  7. Mihai Dumitrescu

    awsome mode. wish they would make a modern war thunder.

  8. seems that this game tends to lead in Russians favor. Tons of their tanks and planes can sustain and deal out things they cant and never did in real life. Like tons of the Russian tanks can drop Germany’s when in reality pretty much everyone had issues fighting their tanks besides Britain. Just like the Russian tank in here kills all the others in one shot yet it takes 2 or 3 from the other tanks. Including when you played the other tanks.

  9. I miss this so much 🙁

  10. leo2a5 look so out of place in the middle east…were as the t90 looks like it belongs there

  11. For me, it´s the t90, because i can´t controll choppers, and the Leopard is way to dirfty.

  12. I like how everyone is complaining about russian bias, but in Fact the T-90 is way more easy to destroy compared to the Leo 2..

    How to destroy Leopard 2A5: Shoot front right from front engage; from side just shoot front or back of turret; shoot turret back left from behind

    How to rek T-90: Simply shoot center of mass and watch it’s turret blown up like giant tungsten logs dropped out of orbit desintegrating everything

  13. it really grinds my gears how he hardly shoots for ammo but shoots the side scraping shots on leos which maybe takes out 1 crew and the engine… where you can easily get a 1 shot from sooting lower right glacies… rant over

  14. the IX Tier was so awesome!!!

    hope they bring a permament version

  15. NOVA Renaissance Project

    Baron, I’ve been meaning to ask you, “Why do you only load a small amount of shells instead of the whole thing? Does it help with speed?”

  16. War Thunder what the fuck have you done?

  17. yo Baron are you planning on releasing the b-36 model?

  18. Nikita Krushchevo

    The reverse is terrible because of Stalin’s directive, “Not one step back” or in this case reverse ))


    I like the Leperd

  20. Love the editing! Keep that shit up!

  21. Is this his first round in the Event? Because he had countless opportunities to shoot at the back of a leo turret which would be an ammo-rack….

  22. Why isn’t the M1 Abrams in the April fools event?

  23. Original Canadian

    :c ….I want to download this on steam but….I have 3 games that need an update (an hour is quick downloading time for me ;-;) and 1 other game that I still need to install. PLUS I just downloaded a game over night but I gotta keep my computer on, so my grandmother shut off my pc -.-

  24. do the have abrams in war thunder

  25. Taymuraz Tsalikov

    is this a mod?


  27. I just met you today in low tier battles, just being able to say hi to you made my day!

  28. WT will be like cod TO GOD DAMN FAR IN THE FUTURE

  29. I understand u probably got some personal stuff going on that’s keeping u from uploading a lot, but we’re missing that content out here in YouTube land Baron!

  30. in star wars battlefront on the map name forest of endor they have speeder bikes in bad guy side ok please don’t say my name in the video ok please

  31. How to get a modern tank?is it a new game ora what?pls answer

  32. Although i love ww2 era tanks i would play the cr@p out of modern tanks and helicopts are so much fun i want them to keep this event in forever till they bring the real thing

  33. i cant get back to playing the normal mode after playing that event

  34. One time I took a snapshot at a Apache with the T90 and killed it one shot, Russian Bias anyone?

  35. Baron, I liked the small edits you added into the video this time, hope to see it more often, made your content even more enjoyable ^^

  36. I wish I could play warthunder

  37. Love your vids

  38. tried to play this game. i get fps drop from 110 fps to 10 fps, small freeze then back to normal fps


  40. Mountain Dew and Doritos boy

    Baron can you do b29 v.s.rammers

  41. There is a difference between dummy rockets and dumb rockets…

  42. Baron how to play this event

  43. Hermann Fegelein

    Is BaronVonGamez German ?

  44. Predator 22122004

    what butonn Down

  45. How are you still playing whithe helicopters? April fools is long gone.

  46. I’m still surprised Baron doesn’t know about Apache Air Assault that Gaijin made on the Xbox 360 it was fun as hell

  47. is the event already end? i can’t find it

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