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Source: MatAWG

Live reaction to the Teaser that Gaijin just released for the upcoming major !

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  1. Dude ur content is some of the best warthunder content out there, keep it up, love these style of videos

  2. Konföderation Unabhängiger Systeme

    And Germany will become nothing again. I want More Ships like the gneisenau with 38cm ( Semi historic Like the yak141). Not These old vessles from ww1

  3. all copy n paste. how dissapointing. No mig25/31 no F15 no aim9L’s for Brit phantoms.

  4. Hold up, is Hungary going to be its own tree or sub tree?

  5. which part of subtree will be Hungary? I doubt it will have separate tech tree…

  6. Crazy Betty is the discount War Thunder version of B*tchin’ Betty. She doesn’t have a mild southern twang to her voice

  7. min 4.19 is not a puma is a lynx is a other ifv

  8. They could have add canadian tech tree or australian even Brazilian one…. but no let’s add hungary dont care if they have invented tank, just stop add more Europeans nation

  9. kf41 Lynx 🇭🇺🇩🇪🇬🇷

  10. Man i just want 12.0 sweden for air ;-;

  11. mat you should look at the f16 missiles. It looks like its carrying the aim9p5 air to air missile.

  12. Chapparal is finally here. My Cold War US lineups can finally be more accurate.

  13. Matt kudos you never take a break!

  14. Finally my fav helicopter will be in wt

  15. Mi-8 is WILD! I want them to add helis to sim now 😢

  16. Tim Bernd Winkler

    Bro why is there the old f-16 block 10 and not the block 50?

  17. “bitchin betty” is what you’re referring to, which is the voice warning system for the f/a-18 hornet and super hornet, the f-16 has a different warning system, although an entirely different warning system is used in the trailer for some reason.

  18. What he fails to talk about is on the F-16 wing it looks Just like a Aim-9X due to the color rings around the missile I looked for photos for 20 mins to compare and it compares much closer to the Aim-9X Block 1 which is a 60G missile only with ok flare resistant tech and a 3 mile kill range all aspect The other missile to me looks like a Aim-120 but I cant find any close photos to that missile so I assume its a Anti radiation missile !EDIT! Ik its not a Aim-9X block 2 because the front wing fins would be way smaller


  20. The mig29smt gonna be op with r73s and the ERs. Just add early amraams for the new f16


  22. the “Puma” is the lynx

  23. five dollars fifty

    First time sweden actually have some competition in the game in turns of “best” mbt

  24. They should have added MiG-29S before SMT or block 30 F-16 becouse technology jump is quite big

    • War thunder is just power creeping into oblivion at this rate

    • 29S would be a novelty / historical vehicle

      What they should do instead is the SM… but in War Thunder meta the SM would probably end up being better then SMT

      SMT is basically… according to the naming scheme… an SM that’s more fat to carry more fuel… which means worse flight perfomance

      MiG-29S from what i know… is basically the same thing we already got in USSR tech tree… Product 9.13
      MIg-29S is Product 9.13S and it basically has a better radar with access to R-77 ARH missile
      That should be the only thing different basically

      So kind of a minor upgrade in a way

      SMT however has access to CAS stuff… laser and TV guided stuff
      More bomb carrying capacity

      And from what i understood it can use the center fuselage pylon for things that are NOT a drop tank

      They can add F-16 Block 50 and MiG-29SMT and then just update them over time

      For example when it’s time for AMRAAM’s and stuff they can just update SMT with R-77 and F-16 with AMRAAM’s

  25. Pill_Popin_Pigeon

    I am so surprised Matt doesn’t know what a kf41 lynx is

  26. The F16 in the video has to be the old one! The cockpit would be a different versioned it was a block 50!

  27. R-77’s and AIM-120’s would make war thunder into a horror game and I’m all for it

  28. Man, why is it another mig-29, i want the Flanker first 😢

  29. hungary not have puma! this is reinmetall lynx

  30. that is Lynx not Puma

  31. Still sad to see no f15A I was really hopeful it would come this update

  32. 0:38 what missiles are those on the wings of f16? I see 2 types of missiles

  33. I really want the f15 tbh

  34. I cannot wait to play with the Kiowa and become a Kiowa warrior it’s going to be amazing my favourite helicopter

  35. Camarada Patriota

    Does this mean Germany will get the new hungarian vehicles on its tech tree?

  36. NEW hungarian vehicles and the MI-8 are super cool to see, copy paste, less so.

  37. Its a trailer not a teaser

  38. Well… No early f-15j or J-10A for me :/

    I guess at least I got myself a tank that is jointly developed by two nations and… Oh yeah nevermind no decent top tier aa for Japan

  39. This looks like quite the cool update, but I don’t think Japan got anything at all.

  40. So we are getting the Mig 29 SMT before the SU-27? Nice one Gaijin.
    SU-27 introduced 1984
    Mig 29 SMT serial production began 2004
    They just straight up skipping 20 years

  41. F16 better get aim 9M. They should behave added the f15A. The f4e tech tree is hurting

  42. 1,000 subs no videos

    I swear if the PUMA doesn’t get a spike for yet another update I will cry. Hoping the KF-41 coming means they will finally give it to us but it would seem very Gaijin to move the PUMA up again and forget about its spikes.

  43. Full copy paste Hungarin tech tree,very nice !

  44. Where is Brasil?? :c

  45. Audio ques are not why the RWR is soo critical and powerful in western aircraft. its the symbology, it tells you what kinda radars are out there, what direction they are in, if they are scanning or hard locking, or firing at you.

    X to doubt if WT gets this right..

  46. Can someone explain why the cockpit of the f16c block 50 look so different to the DCs’s model. I know the block 50 thing is not confirmed but is this like the real cockpit of it orrrr.

  47. I see two different versions of the Lynx on the way 30 and 35 mm gun armed variants.

  48. PSO looks amazing! Mi-8 AMAZING… Mig 29SMT? i dont think thats needed tbh, unless they give some better weaponry to other nations to “match” the R-73 i dont think it should be added, Russia on a pedestal it seems

    • Of course ir should be added lol, russia has by far the worst ir missiles at top tier rn. I mean come on, r-60m is a joke at top, goes after the first flare and super short range. Aim-9L outclasses it by a mile, not even mentioning thr pythons.

  49. Бруно Сепп

    Predel’nyy ugol ataki!

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