War Thunder THE BABY KV-2 Derp Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. too early for comment , I guess

  2. damn wanted that ‘first’

  3. Comrades and capitalists…the tank request is taking a more creative
    turn…themed episodes. So I want your feedback on 1) What do you think is
    the best or most overpowered tank in War Thunder & 2) what would be good
    themes for future episodes?
    Thank you, now go to the Gulag.

  4. Derpy Hooves The Pegasus

    Hi v:

  5. 3rd….. yey

  6. Aramis “Wolfy” Vojnic

    holy crap u peeps are fast. baron 2 famous

  7. Love the Crossout videos, keep up the great work Comrade XD

  8. yeee comunisim game

  9. Ethan Whiteford

    su100y most op

  10. Worst tanks anyone?

  11. finaly!!!

  12. First

  13. worst anti aircraft

  14. Alex Álvaro Seva

    Hello, yo hablo español así que no me entenderán, Pero no voten por Trump,
    y vendo tamales :v

  15. kv 2

  16. Baron where is fly daily

  17. aries paddayuman

    The MAUS German Steel!!

  18. Nerf Reviews 214


  19. comrades we must take to the sky’s! mount the I 15s! or go to gulag!!

  20. Baron can you show what editing software’s you use please because i want to
    make videos and i don’t know what software i should get.

  21. T-26-4 I am your father and my name is KV-2. DO THE KV-2

  22. KV 1 Zis 3! The most OP tank for its tier :)

  23. 300 gaz vs. 1 maus

  24. Most OP on a BR rating is… any T-34.

  25. t34 100

  26. try to go trough a fence with the 4n gaz almost your whole crue will die

  27. Złowrogi Gimbus

    Most OP is JS-122M

  28. Panthers…. maybe

  29. Is there T-28? If it is – plz play it.

  30. the T44-100 most OP tank

  31. Comrade, Communism will nivar dei! T’was a fun game

  32. That Rebel Trooper

    Zis-30 OP: Tier one tank Destoryer, T-5 tankette ))))

  33. I once toyed around with that tank with my jumbo he did do much until I got
    killed by a tiger

  34. DrVinyl Scratch

    Yes I know this isnt a tank but it a nice challenge.
    PhlyDaily was too scared to do this challenge I suggested a while ago. But
    I want to see if you can do it or at least try.:
    Using any plane that has a giant cannon(like pbj) in tank rb land it and
    shoot a tank(not zis nor open top tank destroyers). Bonus points if you do
    it with the ME Narwhal


    What happened to the world of warship

  36. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  37. T-34-100 or T-10m

  38. Nippur_de_Lagash

    Baron, play the Panzer III N, I always get one shotted by it! I want to see
    if it’s a very good tank or if I am just a noob. Love your vids!

  39. gatfan HAndwiyantoro

    T34-100 100mm gun is OP AF

  40. T-26 OP as fok

  41. Who ever that kid is he’s really annoying

  42. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    All T-34 variants are op af

  43. Like the big boss

    Leopard zie goddamn kitty

  44. Declan Vreijling

    t 34 85 d-5t or the gulags

  45. most OP tank in War Thunder is the KV-1 Zis-5, OP armour, mobility
    excellent, gun, ammo types, crew, aim and reload OK.
    this tank can even kill Tigers I from the front with the APCR, and can
    bounce any tier 2, less some TD, and some tier 3 from the front also if
    they don’t know the weak spots or you can avoid them to fire at those weak

  46. Well, if you say there’s no Bias look in the comments. Almost every
    suggestion is Russian. You can argue up and down that there isn’t any, but
    when I only see 1 comment that isn’t a Russian tank, it’s strikes me as a
    bit conclusive.

    That being said, HESH takes care of anything an M60 sees, HEAT takes care
    of everything the M46 sees, but I’ve always had trouble against the IS-3
    and Maus. The IS-3’s front is angled low, so HEAT has a hard time penning
    it’s lower glacis, and the Maus has so much empty room that it seems I can
    only ever get a crew kill, and with US/Brit rounds almost never having APHE
    rounds, it’s a slow and arduous process, if even easy. It’s not OP in the
    sense that it’s hard to kill, but that it leaves you open to any form of
    attack in the 3 minutes it takes to kill all of it’s crew.

  47. Is-3 most op tank in war thunder.

  48. The Tiger, KV-2, or any of the IS’s

  49. Whats the most overpowered tank
    *Scrolls trough comments*
    Seems all russian tanks

  50. Challenge for you dear Baron, Marder III in tier V battle

  51. matilda tank is the most overpower tank. See how many shell you can
    ricochet of the tank or hits.

  52. Demain Donovan Smith

    Checken wings broke

  53. Orlando Alvarado

    The T-34-100 for Stalin

  54. Demain Donovan Smith


  55. the lolopard is the most OP

  56. Is2 or t34 100

  57. jagdtiger!!!!!

  58. ZUT-37 is a monster. 6 to 7 kills a game for me i love that thing

  59. Brian Hemminger

    I want a video on the best tier3 lineup for grinding through the tier4s…
    for each country.

  60. can you please fly out the p 40 or the a 26

  61. E100 and Maus

  62. E100 and Maus

  63. The best vehicle is the one that matches your play style.

  64. “gaz squad” sounds a bit disturbing to the german ear :/

  65. srleraja Srleraja

    This tank needs to be TD its just epic and fast!I once killed panzer in
    realistic battles at Mozdok.I could not believe my eyes (and skills):)

  66. leopard 1 is the most op fu*ker in the game

  67. zsu 57-2 or goelag!

  68. T34-85 is super op for its rank

  69. baron?… why you always shoot the same place and then cry because he’s not
    dead.. it’s so funny nooby and after that you say: the driver doesn’t care.
    no he doesn’t because you shoot the TURRET 3 times.. AHAHA

  70. leopard 1 or the M-60

  71. Jerzy van der Meer


  72. SU-100Y

  73. BaronVonGamez i have found a really cool user skin pack for the t-34’s you
    got to use this please the user skins are pure gold here is the link::


  74. t60

  75. As requested: Here is good feedback.

  76. is4 M is sooo good ! but if you want the best tank in wt, its the t34-100

  77. t54

  78. All of the Russian tanks

  79. Marvin Reinthaler

    I think the wolverine (M-10) is the most op tank in ze game

  80. Cinco dé Mayo. You mean Drinko dé mayo

  81. Nighthawk Bladewielder

    Panzer 38(t) A with APCR wrecks everything at its BR. I got 7 kills with it
    in one match. I challenge you to get 7 or more kills with it.

  82. In my opinion the PT-76 or the T-34 L-11 (1940) are the most Russian bias
    tanks in the game because the PT-76 is an amphibious tank and if you play
    it right then you can get the most OP and unexpected flanks ever. My
    favourite tank however is the T-34 L-11 because at it’s BR from ranges of
    maybe 250m and over most enemy vehicles will not be able to pierce your
    armour but if you find yourself in a close range situation then just use
    your speed and agility to maneuver around your enemy and hit them in the
    side. So those two are them most Russian bias tanks in warthunder in my
    opinion :D

  83. kv 2

  84. Kv2 for Stalin

  85. 4:22 Baron your analysis of the Communist Theorem was spoken like a true
    unlike the Bourgeois Slick bee

  86. leopard with 400 pen


  88. Insignia Insignia

    tiger 2

  89. Soviet Katyusha

    The most OP tank right now is without a doubt the 4MM GAZ, lol

  90. KV-1 plz (Russian bias)

  91. so yeah I think my “too many tanks half-researched” problem just got
    worse…I’m totally getting this derpy ass thing now.

  92. Zavier Guidry (Zguid)

    Most op tank is Po-2

  93. The mighty kitty! The leopard

  94. +BaronVonGamez Revenge of the 5th?? Do you mean revenge of the 6th (ie the
    Sith)? AND 2 days after Holocaust Remembrance Day, you make a nazi camp
    joke. You’re in rare form today Baron ;-)

  95. T-34 1940

  96. joseph racioppi (creepmon11)

    Is4 m8

  97. Have you ever tried circling an M10 with a T-50, and somehow killed it?

  98. Nicholas Whitmer

    is the third guy carden?

  99. T34-85 and up.
    The turret, although it only has 90mm frontal armor, can completely ABSORB
    rounds with over 200mm of penetration, including the APHE shells from the
    Dicker Max and even the APDS shells from the british Comet 1. The frontal
    armor, although only 45mm thick can bounce literally any shot from any

    Alternatively, go with any british or german SPAA. They’re better tank
    destroyers than actual fucking tank destroyers.

  100. Can you play as the British Valentine? I wonder what you think of it.

  101. Either the leopard or the M 60 with HEATFS so i think they are the most OP

  102. m26e1 pls the premium one make it happen

  103. I like your videos man keep it up you could do a video with some
    underpowered or underrated tanks for a theme would be cool

  104. t-34-85 or any russian/german AA vehicle

  105. kv-2

  106. Su85m and Yer 2 would be so cool mix

  107. the 85m is open as all hell

  108. Håvard Madland

    Best tank is T-34-85. OP as monkeys

  109. Go get em in the t34-1940-42 tanks, best tank combo i have with the highest
    kd ratio I have in all of my nations…

  110. sherman firefly, british+american technology 2 op

  111. Best tank destroyer OR best fast tank
    I think that would be cool

  112. Wait you’re not getting feed back anymore?
    Wtf is going on with YouTube :c
    What is goin on with this world? :C

  113. The tank I think that is the best atm is the IS-2.
    Though, I am torn between it and my T34s

  114. hardest challenge ever: get 5 kills with the butt tank and swordfish combo

  115. Panzer 4 E is the best tank compared to it’s tier in the Game.
    It’s easily killed, but the gun is so extremely powerful.
    Apart from that, T-44-122, T-44-100 and a couple of the T-54’s perhaps.

  116. benjamin wehrle

    The most
    Op tanks ? Obviously the stalliniun refrigerator, the KV-DERP ( KV-2)

  117. t34 or jgdtiger

  118. I would say that the 3 best tanks in wt are the M60, Chieftain and the T10M
    (and for some people, including me the Leopard too). But all that glorious
    stronkness fades away in front of the mighty T54 1947, especially when it
    verses 6.3 and 6.7 tanks..which is what it always verses and always
    eclipses the battlefield with its OP’ness. (god I love how that word sounds
    when you say it out loud, english is truly beautiful)

  119. U.S m16 death to the sky

  120. Dmitri Patronov

    KV2-zis-6 will be OPSL as hell.

  121. +BaronVonGamez Can you please play WOWS? Maybe like the Texas. :)

  122. Giampiero Serra

    Vote T-44-122 so he suffers a bit.

  123. M5A1 is the best for it’s tier.

  124. want to play this game honest migrate to russia

  125. Devon Platipus (Dev)

    m22 locust

  126. t34 1941 has amazing armour for its tier! It’s gun has good pen for the
    tanks it faces and if you angle, most things won’t go through it and you
    will have a fun time 🙂 hope this is “the Russian bias” and Earns the title
    of OP because of how well rounded of a tank it is.

  127. Giampiero Serra

    WOW the new guy talks a LOT.

  128. The best tank I have is the aced T-34-85, it performs like a beast. You
    want to flank? Done! You want to rush through? Done! want to play WoT in
    WT? Pretty much done 😀 It’s so fast, maneuverable and has a great gun :)

  129. hendrik westers


  130. The Changling Gamer

    Join the 6th! Not the light!

  131. Doom turtus

  132. PT-76 ;^) is the op tank

  133. The baby derp

  134. Do the T-35/85 and Yak-3P, Russian Bias combo kekekekek

  135. Play the su-122-44

  136. Any T-34, T-34s always one shot me :(

  137. You should do mediums that think there heavys like the jumbo

  138. Jagdtiger 12,8cm l/66

  139. hellcat op

  140. Connor Lydon (MegaSirReal)

    Most powerful tank? The sdkfz 140/1 with HVAP.

  141. t34 100

  142. Chieftain, no doubt.

  143. _Underscorezed _

    pzkfw. MAUS

  144. PO-2 best tank in the World!!!

  145. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    T95 doom turtle

  146. Christoph Rantscher

    A theme: the best casemate TD

  147. T-44 100. Maybe the T-34 STZ.

  148. thats a t28 turret on a t 26

  149. Killerinator :D

    germans first flak op

  150. Rustknuckle Irongut

    Play using HE only at rank 4 and above.

  151. Baron play out the is-2. I have it and i club so hard every game

  152. KV-1E

  153. Do a kv-1 its too op in its rank

  154. Why don’t you try the new German plane in battle march

  155. Hmm, pretty sure you’ve done this one before.

  156. Best tank? Maybe the A39 Black Prince or the M60. Personally, I’ve never
    played any of them in an actual battle. But the M60 seems all-rounded, and
    the A39 is a bullet sponge that can fire back.

  157. Panzerjager V Jagdpanther Sd. Kfz. 173
    I. Love. This. $h|t.

  158. AnimePantherArc

    Do Centurion!

  159. the British tier four heavy and tank destroyer

  160. Bush SMK

  161. PO-2, it’s so over powered that it became a tank with wings.

  162. Danyelpaladin the Impetuous

    is-4 ?

  163. IS-3 !

  164. BaronVonBulgaria

    hei can I hit 100 subscribers until the end of the year

  165. T-34, M603 most op tanks

  166. T-34-100. Russian bias is stronk with this one.

  167. Op chieftain is op unbalanced af

  168. I ain’t gay but Caden sounds hot

  169. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Baron can you play arcade again

  170. Maxime Dufresne

    the T-34 1942 for Stalin glory

  171. Well, with the Term “Most OP”, the T-34-85 comes to my mind. But that maybe
    just because one of those literally blew my Ammorack up a few hours

  172. I’d say the t10 is the most op

  173. it is a baby kv 2. the thank your driving has a 76mm gun which is half of

  174. object 279 or kamizake Tv-8 when die a nuclear bomb apear….

  175. YO! DO THE Tiger II & THE Me 262!!!!!

  176. got a ideia for a sorta theme or better, a chalenge, pick any tier one
    german, and kill tanks only with turret shots

  177. Murphy Williamson

    M2A2 :P

  178. the American M4, I get ace after ace in that tank.

  179. M2A2

  180. t10 by far

  181. I want to see you pick the best SPAA for killing tanks.

  182. joshuaseth garcia

    M2a2 it the most op tank

  183. T-34 1942, M4A1 , Stug A

  184. M10 wolverine…….yes Stalin says an American tank……oh big shocker

  185. Baron do the t-34-100 so op

  186. Most OP tank?
    HA! That’s easy!

    PZ-II H ofcourse!

  187. Kyle V Magpantay

    I say T-34-85 even though I use German tanks

  188. M60!

  189. chieftain mk3+long rang=impenetrable (for real)

  190. BaronVonGamez, you should try a Mobile game that I’ve played a year ago..
    Amored Aces. It’s a Tank Game. I’ve lost everything cuz it Updated and I
    haven’t played for a couple Months.

  191. E100 Is the most OP tanks in war thunder

  192. I want someone to take that turret and put it on a BT-7. Oh, wait, that
    already exists?

  193. Alright I have a nice one for next times theme or whatever you wanna call
    it. The most underpowered/overpowered vehicle compared to its real life
    counter part. To explain a little more for anyone who’s like “what are you
    talking about” what vehicle isn’t how the real one functioned. Either it’s
    too powerful for its real life counterpart or its too weak. Like this so
    maybe baron will consider it!!

  194. T-34 85 (DT-5)

  195. RUSSIAN BOAT COMBO!! PT-76 and MBR-2! Must get 2+ ground kills with the
    bombs from the MBR-2

  196. Tyler Silverstein

    SU-100Y is easily the most Russian bias and in-general OP

  197. I really dont like this new guy.

  198. I like your two squad mates :D

  199. T-34 1942 / T-34-85.
    they are pretty op

  200. Definitely that rocket tank is the most OP because any tank that goes
    against it (that is hit by a rocket) will instantly die.

  201. the Gepard is very OP, try it in 2.0 RB with the IV E and 38T F, trust me
    baron! it’s crazy with rate of fire, manuveability of weapon, ease of aim,
    and great penetration (using the Pzgr 40)


  203. WinningPrism817


  204. clyde miguel labastida

    next tank is chieftain

  205. Gepard spa plz

  206. Does baron have all tanks or plane showcase

  207. A maus on top of a pile of flaming tanks or the derp tank on top of a
    flaming pile of tanks

  208. IS-3 baron!

  209. codey kronemeyer

    po 2 best tank lol

  210. Haven’t seen the old Ferdy in forever

  211. T-10 яussian bias rape machine

  212. black prince that’s op as hell only problem is it can get 1 shot from the
    front through the front drive wheel

  213. Kill 25-20 tank Baron with Bomber PLanes

  214. Cenda “Cendosaurus” B

    Hmm, most OP tank… M2A2?

  215. juanito jr cadalzo

    How about IS3 and IL-10?

  216. We Need Huge Russian Guns
    KV-2, SU-152, ISU-152
    Explode your enemies comrade.

  217. Harrison Rawlinson

    +BaronVonGamez the shrapnel round is far more damaging than the nuke round
    in the T26-4 you are even more likely to get the one shots you desire and
    it’s a very rewarding feeling

  218. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    T34 (1940-1942)

  219. M-60 Patton fully upgraded with the F86 Sabre

  220. KV 2

  221. M10 GMC… I’ve knocked out Tigers with that thing and it bounces rounds
    for days!

  222. schwerer saurus

    76 is half of 152 so definately baby derp

  223. dion van der velde

    if you play it right the Churchill is a beast wich can almost not be slayed

  224. I wish I could suggest tanks but I don’t play the game I just watch your
    videos XD

  225. Androlito Games

    Baron, whats your opinion on the best tank? I dont know cuz i dont have
    tier 5

  226. the First t34 cus of Battle rating, The t34 1942, and the First stug cus
    the gun, armor and Speed Mixed together makes is way to op For its tier

  227. How about going through and doing your “best tank at tier X”, but instead
    of having it for each tier, you could have it for each BR. You didn’t for
    example show the Tiger I, even though it is likely the best tank at BR 5.7,
    or perhaps the Panther is.

  228. TheHead Chopp3r

    every tank can be the most op tank if you play good you know

  229. Quillyboyancrew101

    Tank request: su- 122-54 and yer 2 with 5000lbs of bomb to make Stalin
    happy or gulag, no pressure comrade

  230. king tiger 105 is most OP

  231. It is the IS 3!

  232. MAUS

  233. Sinco De Mayo (spelling?) in USA? Trump does not approve.

  234. T34 with skirts.

  235. Su 100 y

  236. P.1000 rata

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