War Thunder – The British Tanks Are Coming! Firefly, Black Prince & More

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Some number

  2. I really hope this is in the next patch, but in the blog they didn’t
    specify. Y u do dis Gaijin? :D

  3. 126th viewer hi baron XD

  4. waiting for the tog


  6. finally

  7. Isn’t the firefly roughly the same as the easy 8?

  8. hen u gonna do next tank on war thunder

    pls can you do locust pls pls pls

  9. Cruiser 3 for the win! :D

  10. But, potato.

  11. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    Wait is the firefly a premium? If so DAMN IT

  12. another russian Tank -_-

  13. what is with the Japanse?

  14. Jupiter gaming fcarnegie


  15. yessss

  16. Jupiter gaming fcarnegie

    omg modern tank

  17. The pt76 will be weak against 50 cal and higher.

  18. I find it funny how the Americans didn’t want the firefly because they
    didn’t want a “foreign gun” on it

  19. wile i like hearing about new content… im always a little disappointed
    when i come to see barons vids and its a hype video 🙁
    o well all good m8 keep up the good work

  20. come on black prince, really hope they bring all the churchill tanks in the
    line up even the upgraded models.

  21. Cromwell

  22. i want to see the M3 Grant and the TOGII

  23. all we need now is a Tunisia map

  24. are they coming too day


  26. I want to play with Comet and Firefly :D

  27. Baron I don’t think you played the AD 2 please play it it’s awesome.

  28. Take my money, Take my money, Take my money!

    Why haven’t Gaijin taken my money yet?

    Seriously looking forward to all of these 17 Pdr tanks. What i would love
    to see is the Original Centurion design with the 17 Pdr + 20mm cannon
    armament. i think that would be interesting to play in game terms as planes
    and light vehicles would be fun to hose down with 20mm fire. I hope the L7
    105 is added at the top of the branch. I much prefer the cent to a Leopard
    or a Patton.

  29. John Gerbrands (Gerbs)

    That sound on the 17pdr I love it!

  30. I can’t wait for all the British tanks to turn out to be disappointing shit
    that Russian tanks will assfucked like the rest.

  31. the russian tank because it’s different.

  32. Bit excited about upcoming patch.. but I am still grinding with Tier 4
    German tanks..:(( sadly.

  33. if they are going to ad french tanks i want an ELC AMX

  34. holy shit the Black Prince will be so amazing! looks a bit like its gonna
    be op lol

  35. What will be the derp tank for the Brits?

  36. Will the 17pdr APDS be absurdly inaccurate?

  37. Can’t wait to shot at the non existent Churchill gun mantles

  38. I like the firefly

  39. Is it just me or is the M10 Wolverine one of the coolest looking tanks of

  40. Sooo, all these tanks are pretty important as far as a British tech tree is
    concerned, so will they also be regular tech tree versions of all these
    tanks? And will all these tanks be prems in the British section or American

  41. i want the Nashorn :/

  42. The kettles are boiling

  43. Aye mate, can you do a video telling us about your PC especially its

  44. i cant wait for the black prince

  45. Now we just need to have a North Africa or just a desert map

  46. Why did they stop putting in new German tanks? There’s so many they could
    put in like the Sturmtiger, e-100, Lowe etc

  47. hope the black Price wont be Premium

  48. i love sabot i have it on the m41a1 amazing

  49. WHAT IS THIS ??!!
    Why they add a cold war russian tank ?

  50. +Faraonqa I’m pretty sure Churchills (at least the BP) had very strong gun

  51. wonder if there is going to be the conquerer.

  52. Brace yourself, the British tanks are coming.

  53. im looking for the black prince because of its great armor and gun. im als
    looking for matilda and mostely the centurion. Hopefully we will drive them
    out soon!! :)

  54. Interesting thing on the British Archer is that it actually fires
    backwards. Makes for better faster shoot-n-scoot.

  55. Time to get out the tea and scones :)

  56. why is the black prince a premium? The americans get the t-32 in there
    no-premium line up! It’s not like the brits are bursting with choice when
    it comes to tier 4/5 heavy (infantry) tank! It’s my favourite tank ever and
    I’m going to have to give an arm and a leg to play it.

  57. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    Hey baron maybe talk about how they stuffed the brs so now every tier v
    tank that was 8.0 is now 7.7 royally screwing tier 4 6.7s. My is2 had to
    fight a t10 today and it was bad. Also jets cap off at 8.0. Matchmaking is
    now so bad I’m stopping playing until they fix it

  58. What’s their br?, because at the current state of the game, I’m not going
    ahead of 5.3, I don’t want to suffer.

  59. Comrades we know how IS-2 performs , we shall SHREK TEADRINKERS , just like
    the dogs and the fashists !!!!!!!!

  60. Aw… They haven’t put the special camouflage on the cannon barrel to
    disguise the Firefly. 🙁
    An Archer would be cool but having to drive it backwards everywhere might
    be a tad annoying!

  61. Black prince baby

  62. Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    Thanks for the premiums, Jewdintsev!
    I’m going to give extra shekels to the rabbi on this special occasion.

  63. Baron. Have You Watched “Girls Und Panzer” Yet?

  64. Do you think I should play war thunder

  65. there’s new BR changes coming… why not make a video on how shitty it’s
    going to be

  66. If u look at the website these are all premium tanks

  67. Those crusader were death traps, worse tank ever.

  68. lets hope for some re-balance for the m26/m46 and maybe a new t5 german

  69. Nedim “Quickyfartyy” Ajanovic

    Cruiser tanks and crusader

  70. They need to give us some French tanks as well.

  71. Matilda 2 !!!!! FTW

  72. well only this 4 tanks that are all premium will arrive for next big patch.
    the main tree will arrive in the next big patch after 1.53… so waiting is

  73. British tank I look forward to most: the centurion.

    and another tank I’d like to see added later…the is-7.

    haters gonna hate…

  74. its getting closer. the british tanks shall not spill a single drop of tea
    in combat.

  75. Kv-2 meets TOG II

    Kv-2: Whats up mate are you another new derp ?
    Tog II: Yes. What is this game i dont know any of these maps
    Kv-2: Dont worry I will show you
    Tog II: Arent you my enemy ?
    Kv-2: Noooooooo Noooooo
    Tog II: Ok

    Tog II gets stuck in a narrow place

    Tog II: Help me please
    Kv-2: Time for gulag shoots Tog II after that WTF 0_0 why you arent going
    to gulag
    Tog II: Bye shoots Kv-2 and gets it first kill in War Thunder
    After that Kv-2 spawns in a bomber and kills Tog II

    Tog II: Fuck

  76. frist brit tanks are going to be is either the firefly as the body is
    already in game or the tog 2 also 17 pounder heavy tank heavier than a
    tiger 2 by 11 tons

  77. French Tanks would be cool too! B1-Bis FTW!!!

  78. when does the update comes?

  79. love the firefly so much!

  80. Great voice you got!

  81. Is3

  82. Od kv 1plllzz

  83. 😮 so you mean to tell me the Sherman will have the same gun as walker bull
    dog….finally a sherman thats not completely shit :C

  84. pt-76 of junk in real life. a maduce 50cal can punch thru the front and
    side armor so to me it doesn’t even need to be in war thunder.

  85. “Waiting…Waiting….Waiting just do a video when they are coming out not
    “They will….”

  86. Ohhhh dayyymmmm i hope they put AT-5 that is like the most toughest tank
    destroyer i have ever seen :-D

  87. After the firefly in WoT was just meh, im really hoping the WT Firefly
    feels more powerful

  88. Gaijin: you want British tanks? FUCK YOU! Pay us bitches!

  89. Churchill A.V.R.E for the Derp Pls

  90. so is this what GFs going to come to?? 3Vs1? british RU and USA vs the
    badly nerfed germans? are they getting more nerfed for “balancing purposes”
    so the new tank line can be added ? germany needs an ally not more enemies
    so it can be stomped on by its already poorly moddled in game vehicles

  91. Wow, when I read “The British Tanks Are Coming” I didn’t expect to see a
    little Polish accent among them. Nice.

  92. Baron i hope for you the “Deadstar” is coming to wat thunder to

  93. I am very hype for the black prince. One of my favorite tanks of WW2.

  94. We want A43 black prince

  95. Aivaras Petravicius

    When Japanese tanks?

  96. dude the black prince looks bad ass

  97. baron a firm date for the 1:53 ? hype :)

  98. waiting for me cruiser

  99. lookin for the achiles

  100. baron are you excited for war of rights?

  101. when are destructible enviorments gonna be pushed to stable branched

  102. Black prince is t4

  103. Cruiser IV’s my Favorite British tank 😀 (This is the Mk.II Though so
    hopefully the’ll still be a Mk.I In the Normal tree)

  104. Black Prince!, and the Centurion!

  105. hopefully there will be a nonpremium version of the Firefly(1C hybrid as
    prem, VC as basic) and M10(IC and IIC). Imho too many tanks are prems
    nowadays, it limits the variety in the actual trees. But damn a Tulip would
    be insane! and Archer would be funny, the gun points towards the back.
    really looking forward to the Churchill AVRE, Tetrarch, Challenger and
    others. too bad the Brits have amazing armoured cars, but you know :(…

  106. Tom “Pikey” Pike

    ”Not as good as the Russian tanks” Yeah in this game, if Russians fucking
    knew anything about anything those Russian pieces of shit would be fucking

  107. I was gonna say the Achilles because I love the m10 but then I heard it was
    gonna be premium. And I’m too poor to afford those premium tanks!

  108. ive killed m10’s m18’s by just going straight down onto them in a plane
    guns blazing killing the crew and the plane explosion kills the rest of the

  109. Feed for my 8,8 and 10,5.

  110. you no how the tiger tanks those tupe’s on the side of the turret? well
    those shoot smoke grenads so put it in war thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. with new br system they fucked up I m not gonna play it anyway

  112. dude ı want japanese tanks :C

  113. potxman007 “unaitian5” wot/minecraft

    Black prince

  114. I want to see the Churchill VII or the Black Prince. These two will be
    superior with there armour.


  116. Td like tank is named Achilles

  117. Td like tank is named Achilles


  119. Td like tank is Achilles

  120. Can’t wait to see if they are gonna have the comet

  121. FINALY they said that they’re bringing out british tanks sometime, i’m very
    happy now, i can’t wait for the cruiser MK4 and the sherman to come!! oh
    btw i’m british from Britain.

  122. Can’t wait for Cromwell, premium not excited for because I don’t buy tanks

  123. In Company of Heroes, the firefly was very powerful, so it gets my vote. :)

  124. Is 1 or gulag comrade baron

  125. i’m looking forward to shooting my freind’s firefly down, with My german

  126. the firefly’s sides look like shit. 100% flat

  127. Play the German am.79 sparviero (1936)

  128. after the war they did some tests,the found out that the 17 pounder had
    better pen than the 88mm

  129. Hey everyone; hi Baron.
    Could you please talk about the BR change they made to tanks and planes?
    It’s pretty much tier IV vs tier V in tanks now. It’s sad.
    The 8.0 tanks needed an INCREASE in br because there were cold war tanks vs
    WWII tanks in most cases. Now they’ve lowered it. Wtf.
    Also, in another note, the F2H had it’s br lowered EVEN MORE.
    What is going on??

  130. FIREFLY! take my money!

  131. It looks like the M10 Achilles will not have the roof armor; if you look
    closely at the video clips, you can see the tank commander’s helmet,
    indicating it’s an open-top vehicle just like the American M10 and the M18

  132. wait di they say they were coming out before the main line I thought it
    just said in a future patch

  133. Firefly was the only tank i saw in that dev blog with a confirmed teir,
    which is teir 3. no br but BR can suck it i say teir # XD

  134. TOG …… must have the TOG

  135. Another good, informative video, bro. Can’t wait for the Firefly either.
    Keep up the good work!

  136. I hope they add the Australian sentinel tank with 17 or 25 pounder gun

  137. Fuck yeah M10 Achilles!

  138. Black prince as the Churchill is such a heavy beast to drive (I know from
    experience in a real one)

  139. Can’t wait to see the Sherman firefly

  140. Churchill tank

  141. go to black prince baron the next beast yeah

  142. TOG is whale tank bro

  143. Thanks for the video, Firefly for me.

  144. British Chruchill FTW !!!!!!!!!!

  145. I’m excited for all of these except for the Sherman and
    M10……………..don’t need more american OP craps, bring on the
    Churchills, Crusaders and Cromwells :D

  146. Oh great let’s make an op tank (M10) even more op.

  147. I’m looking forward to the Churchill Mk I with the hull mounted 105mm

  148. The black prince is going to be BEAST AS HELL

  149. stupied Gajin making premium tanks first so they can get more money out of
    it, money bi***es, and every sinlge tank out of this 4 shod not be ONLY
    premium but a standard tank as well…

  150. if I see the cromie and the land whale they have made my day=)

  151. Fuck yes! We are getting some tank recognition!

  152. Premium you mean I don’t get the Churchill! That sucks?

  153. From what I’ve read the standard AP shells of the 17 pounder should have
    around 206mm of pen and the APDS should have around 280mm :O So it should
    be able to contest tanks like the tiger 2 and IS 2. These 17 pounders
    should be wrecking panthers and tiger 1’s from any practical range so yeah
    they should be pretty good ;)

  154. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    GIVE IT NOW, NOW NOW!!!!!!!!

  155. El mele es un guebon el mele es un guebon el mele es un guebon el mele es
    un guebon el mele es un guebon

  156. amEEEricaa


    CoMiN tO sAvE tHe MoThErFuCkIn DAAYy

  157. Cromwell

  158. Hope they put the Aussie Matilda variant in because Oi mate that’s not a
    tank this is a tank lol

  159. do a Japanese tank

  160. yay cant wait, we need couple new urban maps too that would be nice


  162. I can’t wait for the Matildas

  163. Pssst… Baron, I want to tell you for your next video in tanks, if you
    press E a couple of times it turns on cruise control and automatically
    drives itself. Perfect for huge maps! P.S. All hail BaronVonGamez :)

  164. Where’s meh Asian ally? the Japanese should be here soon, I will bring more
    tigers to encounter this update…..

  165. The Black Prince

  166. will they have crusaders


  168. I’m exited for the PT76

  169. *TOG II join the game*
    TOG: what where am I¿
    *KV-1 passes by*
    TOG:Hey you!
    *KV-1 stops*What m8
    TOG: where am I._.
    KV-1: welcome to warthunder noob now die
    KV-1: ahhah- wait whet O_O
    *TOG comes out of smoke* Run
    *TOG shoots KV-1 in tracks*
    KV-1: pls no don’t kill meh we can be friends
    TOG: the British are coming motherfucker
    *KV-1 dies and scream from KV-1 can be heard through the forest*
    *TOG II sings through the battlefield* Row row row your boat, gently
    through their team, merly merly merly hearing their dying screams

  170. Kay -Saunders Team Leader

    Best way to drive my land leased tank to the school of Gloriana step 1 –
    hold mah beer step 2 grab some 75mm rounds we going hunting step 3 the
    Germans are coming

  171. jap ww2 tank are fubard

  172. if they added them it would be a one shot deal

  173. p.s check out the demolition Sherman bye bye to the tigers

  174. 8.0 doesn’t exist anymore. A micropatch removed the 8.0 BR for tanks and
    moved all the formerly 8.0 tanks down to 7.7. That’s right, folks, you will
    now be put up against the IS-3, the IS-4M, the T-10, the M103, the T-60,
    the Leopard and the Maus the moment you unlock your first 6.7 BR tank. Have
    fun getting seal clubbed all you grinders who haven’t yet gotten your tier
    5 tanks.

  175. Btw the Firefly had the stabilizator removed.

  176. Pt 76 will be 5.7. Black prince will be 6.7. The german katyusha will cost
    3840 golden eagles. The premium Pershing with Calliope’s rockets will cost
    15 000 golden eagles.

  177. Play the ad-2 please its awesome

  178. MATILDA OP if it is patched in normal tech tree or premium tat amour 0.0

  179. Funny thing about the Archer is that it was mounted backwards on the chassi
    so it goes faster in reverse then going forward which may make it a bit odd
    to play in WT lol.

  180. What do you guys think about adding the canadian ram series tanks I think
    they would be a good addition at the same tower ass the Sherman and pz4

  181. Finally the closest thing to canadian tanks.

  182. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    due to the lack of Japanese tank variety, i theorize the Italian tanks and
    maybe even Hungarian and Romanian tanks would appear among their tree
    the Germans appear to have enough tanks atm
    as for these British tanks i’m hyped for the Black Prince even though i’m
    broke out of gold eagles

  183. Bleh, fuck premiums.

  184. Really lookin’ forward to the Churchill heavy tanks.

  185. Squire’s gonna be happy…..

  186. LOL the next new thing in war thunder is going to be everyone complaining
    that the British tanks are OP.

  187. can war thunder add katyusha’s or do they have one

  188. The Black Prince ??

  189. It’d be awesome if they do make the PT-76 amphibious. On the Poland map
    with that big lake and the river on the Eastern Europe map it would be
    really fun. I would love to play the Matilda II in the lower tiers, it’d be
    interesting to see how it stacks up against the KV-1 (Russian bias aside)

  190. Churchill !! mountain goat

  191. Japanese tanks? Lol

  192. Sherman Firefly: Douglas Kay’s Hot Rod

  193. i was kinda hoping they would have those tanks that they had in ww1 i think
    they are called mark or something with the 2 cannons on each side

  194. I hope they add the Crusaders

  195. I’m Canadian but I love the British tanks


  196. Actually the 17 pounder and 76mm were fairly similar, 17 pounder having
    better penetration, but the American 76mm gun being much more accurate. The
    US didn’t send many Sherman’s over with the 76mm anti-tank gun equipped to
    it because the 76 was actually kind of a pain to use because of its high
    muzzle velocity shells kicking up tons of dirt making follow up shots very
    difficult. Not to mention, fighting tanks head-to-head was actually pretty
    rare. They actually preferred the 75 because of its high explosive ability
    compared to the 76 and 17 pounder as the most common enemy to tanks are
    infantry, and infantry are much easier to pen than tasks. XD The British,
    if I’m remembering correctly, equipped the Sherman with the 17 pounder so
    that they could have a sort of equivalent to our M18s and M10s, in the
    event they were needed. However, I could just be getting my facts mixed up
    on the latter part of this essay. If I have any of my facts mixed up just
    politely let me know, no need to be rude. :)

  197. Gotta pick the Firefly as my favorite out of the ones here. The Sherman
    design in itself was great, besides the guns and ammo being literally
    littered all over the turret. So that’s like…one of the //main// flaws
    fixed :D

  198. Hey I know that this is a stupid question but does anyone have any tips for
    a new player to get new tanks faster

  199. finaly british tanks

  200. ill probaly get the premium tanks because im getting steam money

  201. They better not make things like the Firefly and Achillies 100% premium!
    They were common tanks used by our forces and it will be bloody annoying if
    we have to pay for them… We made those tanks our own.

  202. i just love your videos baron

  203. Can’t wait to troll people with the armor of the BlackPrince.

  204. cant wait to try my tiger against the firefly.

  205. minute better pen by the 17pdr

  206. I don’t get why people get so excited about the firefly because it’s pretty
    much just a 76 sherman

  207. inb4 Churchill AVRE derp

  208. 17 pounder am bestest pounder !

  209. 17 pdr was the best allied tank gun in ww2 (russians excludet)

  210. *and its got an towel on its turret front for extra prodection.

  211. of course they release premium 1st! get the crowd hyped and then release
    premium 1st, everyone who is hyped will buy these tanks.

  212. Definitely liking black prince. saw it at the Bovington tank museum UK at
    the weekend during an even they had. also seen it driving around their
    arena at Tankfest a few years back.

  213. even though I dont play this game, Im really hyped about the Churchill and
    Black Prince! its going to be interessting to see their small caliber, fast
    firing guns taking apart opponents :)

  214. Damn no Cromwell or Comet 

  215. Hi Barron! Like the channel and the videos but I`m a bit curious about your
    opinion about these tanks being added as premiums just an update or 2
    before the main release (after they hyped the British tanks) and the way
    6.7, 7.0 players and vehicles that are unbalanced are dealing with the
    quantitative match making system that is now putting them up against other
    players they cannot catch or scratch.

  216. Smashed On Buxton Mate

    that song tho I think its from the start of cars 2

  217. Savvy discussion . I was enlightened by the info . Does anyone know where I would be able to locate a sample a form copy to work with ?

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