War Thunder – The Bull Doge!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. What tank should I play next? Who’s got snapchat? Mine is “Baronsadventure”

  2. Lamborghini aventador j


  3. Yeah the Bulldog!

  4. 10th view

  5. Lamborghini aventador j

    Yay!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)

  6. Beren, why have to be so cool?

  7. Zach McMenemy (Zach The Tanker)

    Just got this tank and I love it.

  8. Doge.jpg

  9. Do more world of warships

  10. Baron my name on warthunder is dogefighterace play with me plssssssss 

  11. Korean War US Platoon?

  12. tiger 105

  13. Great stuff… but, that distortion on the mic. is for me annoying and you
    scare the crap out of me if I have the volume slightly up. 

  14. Next video pls…T95.. Doom turtle on Realistic battle!!

  15. Baron, can you please do the M15 CGMC? It seems like a verry unnussual
    vehicle and I want to see you play it.

  16. Jpanther please

  17. daniel “danix” vazquez

    Very bull doge, so much wow

  18. Fly out the the hawker temptest

  19. M103

  20. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    Kv85 m9, get rekt by is1-2 and tigers all with better armour and weapons!
    Oh joy

  21. 17:38 video length

  22. Mr. +BaronVonGamez,

    Would you be kind enough to do a video
    on the Premium Panzer IV 70/A?

    Thank you.

  23. The Wallker Bulldoge is basically the M24 Chaffe but bigger.

  24. Play the kv-85

  25. “Git oof me noots, mate!” – BaronVonGamez 2k15 

  26. SMK attempt 19

  27. 1738!!

  28. Does realistic mode give more research points than arcade mode now?

  29. Pershing for muricas

  30. Baron my tank boner is strong now

  31. +BaronVonGamez Actually the French invented the sabot rounds around 1940
    and it were adopted later by English engineers first on the 6 pounder used
    on the churchill tanks. in late 1944 was then manufactured the 17 pounder
    sabot rounds, wich were tested after the D-day in normandy on some caught
    the apds round, while proven to have a great penetration value (140mm of
    penetration at 500 metres compared to 84mm of standard ap on 6 pdr) under
    1km range, also proven to be much more inaccurate (or”ballistically
    unstable”) in comparison to the ordinary apcbc or apcr.
    It’s good to mention that in the war contest the apds rounds were still
    testing equipment, AT guns and tank crew were not completely aware of the
    right situations to use the new round and ended up wasting apds in
    situation where common ap could have destroyed the target.
    last thing, when firing an apds round, the piece of sabot could really harm
    you badly when deataching from the actual penetrator ( the army reported
    that the sabot pieces could travel to 250 yards and the baseplate to about
    600 yards. values increases at the increasing of the caliber)
    Later after the WWII ended, the project was perfectioned, apdsfs were
    introduced to compensate the poor ballistic, and started to be shooted from
    smothbore guns.

  32. =panther A or tiger E FOR HITLER !

  33. Hey +BaronVonGamez , how much does the level of the tank crew effect tank

  34. m4a2 76 plez

  35. Such APDS, much penetration, wow

  36. The bulldog is like a mini Leopard, it can get killed by anything but has
    the gun and speed to actually deal with anything too. 

  37. How about the T-44? Or the IS-2?

  38. TheAssassinMartin

    Panther .F Plezz :D

  39. Das ferdinand please

  40. Duster.

  41. . “ILLUMINATI”

    T32 plez

  42. Has the Japanese tanks been rolled out yet?

  43. +BaronVonGamez Baron, T-44!

  44. The British Centurion was the first Tank to use Sabot I think????

  45. British tanks hype!!!!!

  46. Try the T-44 :)

  47. Geoffrey Tappenden

    t-95 doom turtle

  48. T95 plz

  49. The Tiger E you hit in the Jackson, you hit it where Tiger 131 was hit
    during WW2

  50. christie mattingly


  51. I dunno why but i like his laugh
    Also do the M18 Hellcat

  52. M26 e 1

  53. Or t32 please

  54. Hates the Walker Bulldog, proceeds to wreck the enemy with it. :-)

  55. They really need to get rid of planes in ground war it drives me mad on a
    good kill streak in my fav tank and than get bombed from the sky, grrrrr 

  56. Sick come back victory baron

  57. Panzer VI Tiger I H

    pls…..panther ii, I’ve been requesting it for the last two months…..

  58. Wtf baron my comment had 37 likes look your previous video i said the m103

  59. 76 Jumbo

  60. Why does no one call the Ferdinand the Minie Maus? :/ A) It looks like a
    miniature Maus B) That is the coolest nickname ever

  61. Baron do the pleeease M103. Like this 

  62. ill try yet again: M3 Lee or McDonalds!!!

  63. The m41, as with almost all the high tier US tanks is about .3 or more over

  64. +BARON+ please do t95 TD

  65. British Tanks are coming boys…

  66. M103!!!

  67. Play the Super Hellcat Baron! (90mm gun)


  69. Finally someone other my dad and me who uses “bad mamajama” XD

  70. Panther 1 :)

  71. Stalin’s little T-80

  72. M18 hellcat:-)

  73. xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx

    play the kv-69


  75. Brother Ptolemaios

    14:52 It’s Squire highlights now. Shame that Phly had to ‘pass the torch’
    (i think thats what happened), but Squire is doing a good job, so far.

  76. Tiger (P) as no video has been made about it by baron

  77. the hetzer plzz

  78. T80 in Tier 5 and get 1 kill

  79. Is-4m

  80. cornellius cornwall

    Pz IV Ausf. H or ze fuher send u to Auschwitz!!!

  81. Why is there always a team mate who’s name is in green?

    • Thanks man…been playing this game for a long time and did not Know this 🙂

    • +mubtasim rahman Your squadmate(?)/wingman assigned to you, by default you
      are paired with another player when you enter a match. Your squadmate is
      able to help shorten the time on field repairs when in close proximity to
      each other alongside the other little awards/bonuses.

  82. Baron…are you in the Tampa/St.Pete area?? We in Tampa and my sons and I
    love your videos..:)

  83. Baron, the solid AP shell doesn’t work don’t use it

  84. Play the panzer 2 with the 50 mm gun on it

  85. michael mitchell

    M4 Sherman for the win

  86. british tanks! on the way!

  87. There is nothing worse than playing the bulldog or anything that relies on
    flanking in arcade, cuz the markers make it 10x harder to play it.

  88. t44 pls

  89. That thumbnail. Very tank. Wow

  90. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    ISU-152 with its new and improved BR

  91. T-34/85

  92. Gabriel Cannard Best

    More often than not, Barons videos have been hard to watch. It’s difficult
    to think about the fact that the average player know generally more about
    the game than a dude who makes money off (however much it may be, money is
    money) of it. Phly is the worst offender of this. 

  93. RonaldTheRancidRat

    Do you have cheesy toenails?


  95. ISU-152! The STEEL GULAG with a vodka factory inside it!

    • Random Vidoes Inc

      It’s a vodka distillery? And you forgot that there is a easy-bake (the
      soviets call it a hard-bake) oven inside.

  96. T-44 in realistic battles 

  97. Do the Maus!

  98. The maus 

  99. the obvious American

    BARON!! they’re adding brits next big patch and if you don’t believe me
    here it is! http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/803

  100. M103

  101. normel bonqueuqe

    Challenge time I dare you to get any tier one plane and get at least one
    kill or survive in a tier five match

  102. A-20 G pls

  103. Dierter Firestone

    Use the PZ3s with the long cannons or the Panther, Do it for The Vaterland!

  104. Baron please drive a m3 light please

  105. But, but it’s the best in realistic battles

  106. M41 Walker Doge Dog.

  107. Do the fucking SU 122 P ❤?

  108. Nikos Zaharioudakis


  109. TZAnime Kung (TZA)

    KV85 PLZ

  110. あきつしま清明

    M41A1,M60 Patton still serve my nation as training tank in armor school and
    border defense. i see usual when they exercise

  111. Take out the Isu 152

  112. Gerardo Melendrez

    The M22 Locust!

  113. CrocodileTearsbro

    That was some actual good play, nice job baron.

  114. Zsu 37 with hvap rounds, go get your flank on cappo

  115. Dont use apcr at long range. Apcr = amrour piercing close range

  116. t 34 57 mod 43

  117. Could you live stream baron when the British are available? 

  118. Please do the M4a3 105

  119. Gunawan Wibisono

    a tank cannot scout.. cause it’s big, it’s noisy, it spits fire like

  120. Play tiger 2 plez (any kind) or the mighty elephant!!


    SDD FK ZZ 140

  122. Rover Van Ooijen

    baron the churchill

  123. M3 Lee for the win!?

  124. My thoughts exactly. Was looking forward to this tank but a lot of maps are
    poorly designed for flanking. Believe only Finland allows to a degree. Even
    getting hit by one 40mm AAA shell kills you. Someone please explain that if
    I hit an ammo rack and it goes black, wouldn’t that mean that the ammo
    explodes? How may times I get a nice penetration with ammo blackening but
    NO BOOM! For the amount of research points for this tank, it’s a real let
    down. End of the day just fix the bloody maps, fix the targeting (when a
    tree is in LOS your aim point realigns meaning you need to move or make
    tiny adjustments) not good when your up against other T4’s that have shit
    loads of armor.

  125. Do some tier 1 stuff 

  126. What does a brother have to do to get realistic or sim battle gameplay????
    Arcade is the Franza of game modes. Gimme that top shelf shit. 

  127. How do you shoot your secondary on tanks? I know bombs and rockets are
    space for planes but I don’t know for tanks. (New to the game lol)

  128. Do the Fury squad. ALL M4 SHERMANS!!!!!!!!!

  129. Do the Sherman 105 or no bacon for you.

  130. Put an Italian rondel on that puppy, so that you can be the Doge of Venice.

  131. daamn you good!!!

  132. christopher dyer

    M-18 hellcat!! Plz

  133. Why are you playing arcade you scrublord

  134. The planes keep crashing because you run out of ammo so fast…. what are
    you suppose to do after you run out of ammo? KAMIKAZE !!!

  135. +BaronVonGamez Tiger II 10.5cm

  136. Panzer IV C

  137. M4a3 (75) Show us how to use it!

  138. Hey Baron fancy a face off between British an American tanks? Shot gun I’ll
    be British.

  139. Play the SMK next please 

  140. Baron can you play with the maus

  141. Baron pls, all I ask is for you to drive the M3 Stuart! It’s a fun tank,

  142. Get off me nuts m8 lol 

  143. rip headphones

  144. Just pondering what if:
    WOT added AT mines, flail tanks, bridge tanks, and Crocodile tanks.
    That would really make for some wild games

  145. +BaronVonGamez What Axis & Allies game do you play? The old board game, the
    new one, or D-Day? Or all of them!

  146. Kitty Cat swarm!!!!!

  147. Panther A or camps

  148. sorry miss jackson i am 4 real!!!!

  149. THE BABY ELEPHANT.Ferdinand da Nazi express pls. :-D

  150. Tiger p the golden eagle one

  151. arcade sucks 


  153. M26E1 please. For freedom and cheese burgers 

  154. The m18 hellkek 

  155. Tiger P (premium tank)

  156. wanna see a tiger or a Marder, i play German almost exclusively and i wanna
    see whats better to get first, or the Stug.

  157. What do you use to record?

  158. Dave the Barbarian

    M103 please!

  159. Play the Tiger H I!The fuhrer will give you a lot of money,if you play him!

  160. i want you to play the ranger carrier

  161. Please take out the t-95 doom turtle plz plz plz

  162. M22!! PLZ!!

  163. M103 or meh fav axis tank panther the pantie before I transfer from gulag
    to alcatraz

  164. arcade were every1 crashes

  165. Play the M1A1

  166. As always, epic vid Baron.

    Btw, I believe the Centurion MK III used first sabot rounds fired from a
    tank, but I believe the french developed the first sabot round and used it
    with their field anti tank guns.

  167. Baron How couldn’t you love the Bull Doge man? If you love the Hellcats
    speed try the Chaffee

  168. SU 122 54 tier V derp gun


  170. JoaoAfonso Figueira

    the SU 122 P plz :D

  171. chaffe

  172. Were is my Britsh tanks hype?!

  173. Play with the beginer tanks

  174. Rozell Armorn gabriel

    How dare you use doge with out my consent very dishonarubu 

  175. Terrible ammo choice on the Slugger. The standard AP is awful.

  176. I believe that Baron should preview the upcoming british ground forces.
    Bring out the tea!

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