War Thunder – The Bull Doge!

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  1. T95 doom turtle


  3. oh yeah pls doom turtle

  4. Steffen Heinemann

    Take the wirbelwind

  5. +BaronVonGamez M26 without the high penetration rounds, coz that’s what I’m
    struggling with at the moment while i upgrade and misery loves company
    baron. :C

  6. +Neil DeGrasse Tyson You apparently.

  7. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    +william neary like who would actually give a fuck that you are the 10th

  8. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    +william neary So ?

  9. The fame-train is leaving soon – all aboard!…^^
    I like this cute desparation…^^

  10. +SolidCake the tiger ussually goes 20-25 kph on level ground, so yes, they
    are quite significant

  11. Are these significant changes? I’m having doubts with the actual
    performance to money/time ratio.

  12. +LK Or a tiger H1 that goes 40 kph

  13. A lot, ACE crew like is so much better, you get faster reload and better
    trmerrain ressistemce, better aiming skills better repair time, better crew
    helth, all sorts of things… Like a have a T-44 with a 7s reload time

  14. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    +Dmitri Myakovsky Unfortunatly you still get bombed in RB, maybe not all
    that often though.

  15. +Dmitri Myakovsky might give that a go, thanks man

  16. Play RB. Only difference is turret rotation, no range finder, and slightly
    more real tank physics.

  17. +Sil Keizer fuck you

  18. Imwas like yeah, he shouldn’t have played this if-OH. M103…

  19. Aleksandar Nikolov

    +Doge Such Doge, Much Tenk!

  20. Thanks man…been playing this game for a long time and did not Know this 🙂

  21. +mubtasim rahman Your squadmate(?)/wingman assigned to you, by default you
    are paired with another player when you enter a match. Your squadmate is
    able to help shorten the time on field repairs when in close proximity to
    each other alongside the other little awards/bonuses.

  22. Random Vidoes Inc

    It’s a vodka distillery? And you forgot that there is a easy-bake (the
    soviets call it a hard-bake) oven inside.

  23. The Tiger I makes me hard. As does almost any other German tank.

    Fap fap

  24. the obvious American

    +Xavier Montoya lol

  25. The sherman firefly makes me hard

  26. hardcoreminecrafter9

    +the obvious American i bet the TOG will be prem, even if it is useless 😀

  27. the obvious American

    +PanzerFaust 360 I know they are I’m excited for em too

  28. Or the M4 Sherman

  29. hardcoreminecrafter9

    +Olly Warnes not the baby derp SU-122P with long barel

  30. hardcoreminecrafter9

    +Brady Weyble not the baby derp SU-122P with long barel

  31. YESS SU122

  32. The Baby Derp must be heard by the world

  33. APCR means Armour Piercing Composite Rigid
    You FOOL

  34. That’s a joke, right?

  35. Totally agree m8.

  36. +Rhythmic Raccoon SU 100y deal with it bo

  37. The tiger is very good, in realistic battle my team and I quite frequently
    wreck Russians and Americans

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