War Thunder – The Doom Turtle

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What’s big, slow, powerful and doesn’t take any crap from fortifications? The ! No wait, I mean the 105mm Gun Motor Carriage . Er, actually I mean the T28 Super .

Oh sod it, THE !



  1. what the hell a war thunder reply on jingles vid

  2. Crossout?

  3. i feel kinda sad about the whole WOT EU , but since then Jingles always upload every other game he didnt play for the past years! i mean like last year all you could see was WOT, WOWS gameplays/reviews ! its not a hate comment i just happend to say it out loud!
    ty and keep up old Jingles 😉

  4. When you get adviced to shoot a 133mm plate sloped back at 60° because its a “weakspot” you know its Jingles

  5. john daymond-king


    now I’m gonna have to say ” I’m going to do a jingles now” every time this happens

  6. Actually, Jingles, the T95 is an assault gun.

  7. Brance Halterman

    You know what’s amazing, unlike WoT 14-15 kills aren’t that rare in this game. If I were you Jingles I’d look for sim games. That shows real skills. Also the T-95 lower glacis in damn near unpennable without HEATFS at any range

  8. Youssef Sammouh

    Oooh this looks better than world of tanks!
    But why was he moving the camera around so much omg

  9. 4:12 wtf is that background voice? :-v

  10. Great to see War Thunder and Jingles back together.

  11. i refuse to play ground forces until they fix the fucking steering, currently in the game all tanks on the move act like clutch brakes which is was the best the Russians could up with and because it’s a gaijin entertainment game that means no other nations can possiblely be better than the russians even though IRL British, German and American tanks all had Advanced Differentials steering.

    Have you noticed that all tanks in the game come to a complete stop or slow down tremendously when turning a corner, well that’s something that happens with clutch brake steering only where as Differentials barely slow the tank down at all while turning. This severely nerfs the maneuverability of pretty much all tanks in the game that aren’t Russian compared to their real life counterparts so it’s fucking Russian bias again!.

    You can see in Footage m4 shermans with controlled differential steering going 30kph down a road and when they turn to go off the road they barely slow down at all and roar into the field at almost the same speed as on the road While in >>>”Realistic”<<< Battles you turn do the same and the tank goes down to ~5kph and you have to accelerate again!

  12. :DDDDD

  13. Steinar Hamnes Myrdal

    Jingels, the signs and the Bush is there to cover up the weak spotts on top of the tank.

  14. 10 kills, and not a single one took a shoot on his cupola. that thing is a big bright red ”blow me up” button on the T95.

  15. I liked the re introduction of war thunder but I don’t find it as intense or suspenseful as world of tanks

  16. well actually, jingles that was an is2 not an is3

  17. 7,000 views in 4 minutes. Not bad Jingles..

  18. Prizrakov Zhuang

    9:50 Jingle, Jingle. It’s still a different game. in Warthunder, and in this particular situation, IS-6 is far more impenetrable than the T95. And the lower glacis of T95 is impenetrable to IS-6 as well. T95 is weak at close range is because of its giant cupola, and a penetrating 122mm APHE can always one-shot it.

  19. 5:04 that is an is-2 jingles fyi

  20. It's not what you think

    I love you Jangles.

  21. I’m more clever than anyone. It is super heavy tank destroyer or assault gun, depending on the role.

  22. them old intros are giving me nostalgia flash backs

  23. how can these guys just sit out in the open and survive for so long? everytime im playing and i so much as peak out from behind a rock to get a clean shot every enemy player on the damn map turns barrel and blows me into next week /sigh

  24. Are you going to make any Elite Dangerous videos? Would be nice seeing as your venturing out to different games. Nice video as well.

  25. I’m early, I have to make a joke.


  26. To The Lord of Saltmines and Rider of the Almighty TOG:
    The soviet potato trucks-72-K and 94-K-doesn’t have 20 mm autocannons.Those are 25 mm guns.(the only soviet ground unit with a 20 mm gun is the T60.)At close range(something like 50 meters),they can penetrate a Panther’s sloped side-that’s why my buddies hate me in close quarters 🙂 So the Stalin’s Supercar driver had a slight chance to actually do some damage from the back.

  27. Looks like it’s got pubic hair!

  28. war thunder looks so much better than the other tank game

  29. I got a world of tanks ad. wow

  30. Actually jingles, the differences in T28 and T95 in the model can be seen in the frontal part of the tank.

  31. Santiago Gitgudm8

    Yessss 😀

  32. “yes that was an arcade battle”

  33. After 7000 RB ground forces games leading the guns is just muscle memory you don’t even notice you do.

  34. Hey it’s that game by DMCA douchebag inc again.

  35. Thomas Wilkinson

    Haha, the Potato Truck.

  36. Good Luck Jingles!

  37. Yes, the best intro ever is back!

  38. its not just purely cosmetic, he’s hiding his weak spot the cupola’s

  39. It was IS-4, not IS-7… Or was it IS-5 and not IS-6? Maybe IS-9? IS-10? Was it IS at all? Maybe KV-2? Ah, hack, who cares as long as I can complain about Jingles messing up few numbers! 🙂

  40. finally find myself watching this channel again….. must have been a year or so.

  41. “Pick As ist Trumpf”? wtf, it’s Pik As. Ace of Spades in english.

  42. so much for humm break

  43. Actually Jingles in war thunder you can still move your tank if you have you tracks ‘blown off’. You can rotate your tank left and right… unlike WoT

  44. Actually Jingles the Obj 906 has a 85 mm gun, not a 122

  45. when you only read the doom turtle part and assume its a world of tanks video

  46. Jingles, there’s no such thing as only cosmetic, when you can pay for bushes on your tank and actively need to look for the tanks with no game assistance on maps full of bushes.

  47. *AHEM* Actually, Jingles, gunner also has a rangefinding skill allowing you press a button and get the approximate distance to targeted spot.

  48. for fuck sake jingles

  49. 12:34 or around it the friendly aa is the crusader aa mk1 which has a 40mm gun

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