War Thunder – The E-100!

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Source: The Jingles

Jingles, aren’t you supposed to be on your Christmas break? Well, yeah, but when Gaijin said “Jingles, do you want to try our new E-100?” I knew there had to be a video coming…

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  1. This is the first time I’ve ever been first at anything.. Quick.. Say
    something funny. Penis! Damn it.

  2. wow 12th viewer

  3. First

  4. Can I have an E-100 please?? ;)

  5. I’m the second one

  6. CounterNoob1337 *CSGO & More*

    7th :D

  7. wow 55th awesome

  8. Am I first?! am I am I am am I? !?!?!
    yay quick say something cool. .. well I’m taking a shit now

  9. I’ve been having Jingles withdrawals!

  10. Holy shit I’m early

  11. Damn you jingles!!! I thought you were taking a break so I sneaked out of
    the salt mines! Back I go!!

  12. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  13. Always copyng and stealing tanks from wot.

  14. Awesome

  15. lol jingles

  16. bah, had to go from my subscriptions page to the jingles page to the videos
    page before youtube would finally admit that okay, yes, there really was a
    new video. I’m keeping tabs on my email, you can’t hide jingles videos from
    me. silly youtube.

  17. more war thunder plz ! :D

  18. rofl
    at ranges up to and including 100 mm XD
    go home jingles, you’re drunk

  19. do you think they will add the kv4tress?

  20. Hey jingles greetings from The Netherlands

  21. E100 is a poor man’s vk7201

  22. under 1000

  23. Jingles you are right, David Fletcher does just sit and talk about tanks
    xD, i watched the TOG video…

  24. Shit that bloody plane tank game again…

  25. i love you

  26. Jingles the conquerer got its proper gun

  27. Not this game again ….. wait that line doesn’t apply to war thunder
    🙁 Please jingles do more war thunder!

  28. Dylan van Bezooijen

    this bloody plane game again! O shit it has tanks.

  29. 8 views

  30. Coming soon at the affordable price of 200 euros, tracks and ammo not
    included. Currently known bugs include a cheeky decimal in the engine power
    slightly decreasing it to 1.241 Hp and the forward and rearward gears
    appear to be switched, these bugs however have no effect on gameplay and
    are to be fixed SOON. Even with them the tank is plainly historically
    nearly spot on, your 15 historical sources and firsthand witness accord of
    your grand uncle Helmut being no match to our say so.

  31. FYI Jingles
    People ram tanks with aircraft in WTAB because they are dropping bombs at
    the last minute and not missing or firing rockets at point blank range to
    get more hits.
    Also the flight model in WTAB for planes in ground forces is closer to
    realistic and they cannot pull out of the attack run.

  32. They fixed the Conquerors gun Jingles

  33. to bad its not RB, arcade isn’t the way to play warthunder imo.

  34. maus will never be added said gaijin … and look what we have now

  35. War Thunder? WAR thunder WAR THUNDER.???!!!

  36. monkeystandoffsucks

    lol, Gaijin doesn’t want Jingles to have a break!

  37. Oh look… it’s equipped with a Maus turret.

  38. Oh look… it’s equipped with a Maus turret.

  39. He’s back!

  40. Where the heck is my comment?

  41. oh its a bird its a plane no its Jingles

  42. jingles such good such wow

  43. jingles people ram the ground in planes, because it is quicker than holding
    j for 3 seconds.

  44. The_German_Skull_ Reaper

    hey jingles love your vids, pls keep the good work up for the next years,
    im bad in finding words, so….keep it up ;D all i wanted to say to you
    dirty old british tankfan xD (im GERMAN tankfan )

  45. 11:53 My thoughts – he will compare it with the “…the T95” :/ yeah there
    we go ..

  46. Angle the turret as you reload the gun to help with surviving.
    I.E. Point the gun away from the enemy.

  47. Holy shit I’m so damn early. Umm, what to say!? Uhh, I’m 30th! Salt mines!
    E-100! Violet stet pedder! Unfair plane! He kemp bush!

  48. Jangles u twat, they fixed the gun look at the patch notes

  49. The thing ppl sometimes forget is that you can actually angle the turret
    after you’ve shot.

  50. Glad you’re playing warthunder again, I only just got into it and I’ve
    found I enjoy it more than WOT (because of the flying)

    The ground forces are alright too, but just not really my cup of tea and
    wot’s and armored warfare’s tank battles are probably better in comparison.


  52. Ramming tanks doesn’t work?
    Fw-109’s always ram anti-airs to death and get the kill for it.

    I once rammed a Tiger-1 to death in a Yak and got the kill for it.

  53. @2:20 267mm of penetration at ranges of 100mm… Whut?

  54. That certainly is one beast of a tank,but pretty impractical in reality.

  55. Account name XD

  56. Great video

  57. Jingles, Rita has more than one cat, right? Which one do you like the most?

  58. Didn’ expect this in the slightest.

  59. Jingles, Gaijin has changed the Conquer’s gun.

  60. BAAAAAANBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. oh and dont you love it how you pay for 9 crew slots, but yet you are only
    able to take 3 vehicles out? i hate what war thunder has turned into

  62. I wasn’t waiting for a tank reveal video, I wanted a relationship reveal

  63. Its funny that you know how to angle your hull well, but you really need to
    figure out how to angle your turret when NOT firing.

  64. Wish I had some of these in Africa…

  65. Probably the weirdest way to be in a Jingles video hahah

  66. they put only war machines that participated at least 1 battle, but the
    MAUS and E100 never see action, because they never got finished of

  67. Go back to sleep, Jingles.

  68. It’s that bloody plane ga- Wait, tenks?

    …Seriously tho, the only reason this “paper tank” is in the game is
    probably because they’re using the Maus turret, which was actually built.
    “Ehhh, tenk is not entirely conceptual, we found real turret! Let us
    celebrate wit wodka, daaaaa!”.
    Don’t ever change Gaijin.
    Actually, do change.

  69. Jingles we all love you dearly, but you know just nothing about Arcade
    battles 🙂
    You simply did not play enough and did not use all the features because the
    plane you saw at the beginning was a Mosquito with rockets and in order to
    make hits you have to get so close that pulling up is impossible anyways.
    Also the Turret front of the Maus and therefore of the E 100 does actually
    have less armour at the front as shown ion the armour viewer because if it
    would be 220 mm it wouldn`t be possible to peentrate the turret front with
    100 mm shells with less then 215 mm pen 😉
    Anyways good to se you back in WT – finally :)


  71. Jingles I have a question for the next migles with jingles. who would win
    in a fight darth vader of the KV2?. hope this question goes into mingles
    with jingles but I bet it don’t :(

  72. jingle i miss you so much

  73. 7:11
    actually Jingles, they fixed that

  74. Holy crap ground forces is still around? I thought between World of Tanks
    and Armored Warfare, this game was just gonna die.

  75. Did anyone else already suggested you to angle the turret while reloading?,
    not sure if that would help that much at that distance thought…

  76. so if i combert to my currency will be…. “A SMALL LOAN OF A MILLION OF
    PESOS!” :D

  77. Jingles! in WarThunde??? What sorcery is this?

  78. jingles why dont you use the optics vieuw??!! it annoys me

  79. correct me if im wrong but the e-100 irl had the maus turret

  80. Er, HI!

  81. Yay! It’s a Jingles video!! A Jingles War Thunder video no less! It is

  82. oh shit…….

  83. Haven´t played it, but War Thunder GF looks so much more worked out than

  84. Do a video on the new star citizen update.

  85. 2:27…
    Ranges of 100mm? That’s a bloody short range gun, Jingles! 😛
    Happy new year btw fella! :)

  86. “at ranges up to and including 100milimetres” Nice Jingles nice

  87. 264mm of penetration at 100mm. What a shite tank

  88. hey I need help. how do I stop sucking at games?

  89. That bloody plane and tank game…

  90. e100 in war thunder that’s op as shit

  91. Jingles uhm you didn’t cover up your ign name

  92. This should have never been added…

  93. 6:30 You can Jingles duh i got a lot of kills like that but since the new
    patch it is imposible.

  94. I think people just ram the planes so they can get to their tanks faster.
    That’s what I do in arcade.

  95. Its not mein gut E100 nya nya nya nya nya… I dont like the war thunder :(

  96. TheOldStock_ Canadian

    Jingles in arcade battle you can only stay in aircraft for like 20 seconds
    once you drop your bombs what the hell are you supposed to do? We ram into
    tanks because we pretend we are kamikaze

  97. Hope you had a great Christmas, Jingles!

  98. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Jingles, Gaijin fixed the Conquerer’s gun a while back. It now has the

  99. Charles Craig-Bennett

    Hope you had a good Christmas jingles!

  100. I’ve only played world of tanks. Watching this now, i just cant see the
    enemies. They are only red dots wth

  101. Yes a Jingles video just when I needed a video to entertain me

  102. Thought WT is a dead game… well time to reinstall it… NOT

  103. I rammed a tank to death with my plane, it was lightly armored vehicle.

  104. To solve the turret problem, don’t look at someone if you can’t shoot, and
    take half the ammo you normally do. No ammo in turret, no good shots at the

  105. 6:26 crashing into tanks doesnt work, why not? its arcade!

  106. WOT e100 VS WT e100 . WOT e100 wins

  107. The E-100 is better than the Maus in WoT as well. Nothing new here.

  108. What? War thunder? Who are you what have you done with the real Jingles?

  109. 16:55 Janjury is that the new month jingles?

  110. JINGERU! What’s happening with you and Rita?????

  111. Field_-_Marshal_-_Flintlock

    Jingles when are you going to do a star citizen video? 2.1 patch is out on
    PTU (test server). But the 2.0 live server is more stable.

  112. Gaijin: Give us more money please! god forbid they fix broken MM,
    grindyness, or the economy.

  113. Soooo, u have to be a retarded pay to win lifeless fucktard to git in to
    the first two turomints?? fuck that game.

  114. Yay warthunder!!!!!

  115. the lag is real

  116. Oh look the tank never existed, and if it had, it couldn’t go off road
    without sinking, over a bridge, without the bridge collapsing or go 123
    feet without exhausting German’ fuel supplies for the next 4 decades.

  117. Just an idea. Can you create a montage of all the funniest, craziest and
    pretty much outrageous moments of 2015?

  118. Mediums kill you whilst reloading by shooting the turret cheeks.
    Turns turret to face medium whilst reloading – Facepalm moment lol.

    Oh and FYI they have adjusted the name of the Conquerors gun to the correct
    model now – 120 L11 I think.

  119. This is BULLSHIT!!! why can only prenium and super skilled players only get
    E100?… WHY?!? :<

  120. Did Jingles just give away his new warthunder anonymous account name?
    RamJamFurBurger? Sounds about right.

  121. Jingles do you want more pain try the 3 inch gun carrier.

  122. Let’s see what teh tank is like:
    *plays arcade battle*
    >.< Like any vehicle behaves like it should in arcade, you can drift in tigers and fire suprisingly accurate while you're at it. just saying

  123. Hellooooo jingles! 

  124. Jingles uploading a war thunder video wtf have you done with the real

  125. Actually Jingles in a plane i accidentally tked a person while trying to
    turn around by ramming them

  126. When we will can research British

  127. So basically the same unlocking shit as what they tried to pull with the
    new Deus Ex.

  128. Did Gaijin make the PT-76 actually amphibious in the update?

  129. Happy new year Jingles

  130. The Maus in WT is like driving the T95 in WoT? Well, then you probably
    haven’t driven out the T95 in War Thunder. xD

    And your problem with medium tanks shooting at you in the front, look away
    from them when you are reloading. If you turn your turret ~45 degree you’ll
    increase your effective armour at the front.
    Okey you probably know that already :P, but from what I have seen in the
    video I wanted to give my 2 cents. Just a tip, I’ll accept my trip to the
    salt mines, but please spare my family ._.

    Anyway, have a happy new year, Jingels! 🙂 or in German: “Guten Rutsch! :)”

  131. more war thunder jingles! we need more…

  132. e-100 is stupid. out of all the fucking E they gives us that shit!!! WTF

  133. A Tank only the best player can get!, and then never use because why stop
    using the 1960’s Russians tanks you used to earn this:P

  134. jingles… war thunder…. what is this wicked sorcery!

  135. So jingles when are you doing another why you heff to be mad? Also good job
    on your videoes and merry Christmas.

  136. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Will they upgrade the E-100 Turret to the configuration we see on WoT?

  137. Jingles, people ram because once you’ve used all your bombs and rockets, or
    there’s nothing to shoot down, you might as well suicide in style

  138. Jingles good fair enough the turret armour is bad but why not angle it

  139. Jingles, no offence. But you are bad at concealing your war thunder ID.

  140. RamJamFurBurger?

  141. hey Jingles!

    Does it bother you and hurt your eyes when you notice that the Tiger’s gun
    in war thunder is slightly off center?

  142. Oh It’s That Bloody E100 Again lol

  143. More War Thunder Ground Forces please!

  144. Maus-100 because of the turret.

  145. Jingles. What do you think about the upcoming world of Warcraft movie?

  146. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    only 700 in the world!

  147. if you only take 25 main gun rounds and 10 rounds for the coax its
    impossible to be one shotted from the front as it empties the turret ammo
    racks. You will never get one shotted again by doing this. Also after you
    fire ALWAYS turn the front of the maus turret away from the target so that
    they are presented with an angle from the side of your turret. The turret
    sides are thicker then the front and impenetrable to any round besides
    HEATFS. Hope you manage to see this one Jingles you could use this advice

  148. not overly bothered about the limited number. I play War Thunder for the
    aircraft, not the tanks. played WoT for 4 straight years until my server
    became full of aimbot cheating wankers (literally the whole server, my
    clans the only one that dont use it) and burnt out from it. so i have
    Armored Warfare for a better tank game and World of Warships for naval
    combat, dont need to play tanks in WT.

  149. 3 days without new video.. FINALLY A NEW ONE

  150. Why are you playing arcade?

  151. TL;DR: “The E-100 is really great, except for one weakness. And that is
    that it will die if it’s shot in the front of the turret.”

    It’s good the weakpoint is nicely hidden. ;P

  152. Oh no jingles. The conqueror had the gun renamed back. It was only the name
    that was wrong. The stats were historical… Also the armor got fixed :)

  153. I’d love to see the E-100 with the Henschel turret in a game sometime

  154. GUYS GUYS!!!! are you ready to celebrate New Years in the SALT MINES?!?!?!?
    I stole some confetti from one of the guards!

  155. E-100 aka “The Bomber Magnet”.

  156. First Order Stormtrooper

    That criteria for obtaining it

    What a load-a-horseshit.

  157. You used to be able to ram and kill ground units with aircraft. They
    removed it, a very long time ago.

  158. Did… Did noone notice jingles’s name?

  159. It’s that bloody combined arms game again!

  160. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    Cheeky e-100

  161. Reached the point of the video where I found out that I’ll never have one
    and turned it off.
    I do not want to know about a tank I cant ever have 🙁 :(

  162. if a good medium tank can go through the gun turret why show it to him
    would it have been better to give him a sharp angle side?

  163. One of the problems in this game is that you got past ww2 ammo that renders
    the armor of your tank almost useless, to the point that you wonder.. Why
    am i driving a slow ass machine just cause it got this and that armor, when
    the enemy can sometimes pen up to 400mm with heat.

  164. This is kinda stupid, a tournament to win a E 100 and you have to pay $8 to
    have a CHANCE to actually winning it. WarThunder is just trying to scam
    there players.

  165. Actually Jingles, I got rammed to death in my light tank by aircraft in

  166. shut up about e 100 Lemmy is dead chaos going on

  167. Shouldn’t you like… hide your new username?

  168. jingles they ram tanks so they can get a hit, which means an assist when
    the tank dies.

  169. I’m eating cheesecake.

  170. For the sake of death, its that bloody mixed tanks and planes game again.
    Why Jangles? Why?

  171. If this is the last video of the year, Happy New Year Rita and Jingles

  172. jingles if you empty the turrent of ammo you cannot get one shoted from the

  173. Warthunder just seems boring to me Jingles

  174. When your tank is so big that your coax is a 75 mm gun. xD

  175. Lets hope for second gun control in WoT…..

  176. Oh not that bloody realistic tank game again…

  177. They ram their aircraft because they’re done flying (dropped their bombs or
    rockets) it, and it’s just quicker to crash into the thing you were
    shooting at rather than wait for the timer to run out or “J” out.

  178. WeatherOne Alpha Whiskey (Weather)

    ramjamfathamburger ahahahah jingles xD

  179. Well Jingles, if you’d angle your armor against those mediums, they might

  180. Awesome, hope to see more Warthunder

  181. Jingles you have heard of angeling ur maus his turret right…like E100.
    Just angle when you are reloading

  182. Im sitting here as an experienced Mausdriver staring at the screen thinking
    “Jingles what are you doing with the E-100?!” xD
    PS: The planes do not ram you, rockets are just more accurate fired 5
    meters away from you
    Advise: stop pointing the turret at the enemy while reloading, that’s why
    they can pen you. The turret can be easily over 300mm of armor
    Btw i think the Maus is just because it has all of it’s armor the best
    stock tank at 7.7(germany and america don’t know about russia or britain)

  183. Warthunder is late..

  184. Isn’t that tank from that other damn tank game?

  185. War thunder video? Jingles your drunk

  186. Jingles, your awesome! Love your channel!

  187. Hey jingles what’s happening about the voice overs for the battles of girls
    und panzer?

  188. German tank designers:We need to find out the distance to the enemy, any

  189. aim for the shot trap on its turret and you can pen this tank from the
    front in a t34

  190. Jingles, what would you say the best ways of using each type of vehicle in
    Ground Forces is?

  191. Matthew Lance Tanchay

    Guys the video shows Jingles new username in War Thunder! -5:21

  192. piytyrcvi;icxutcifgp

  193. War Thunder is ass.

  194. When will developers realise all a reward tank does is split the player
    base. Rewards should be additional cammo patterns etc but all tanks should
    be available to all players. Shame.

  195. 2:25 100 millimeters? What are you talking about, Jingles! Is the upper
    limit of it’s effective range only 10 centimeters in front of it? What is
    this madness!?!

  196. Dam it Jingles stop been so good at your job. You only get a break this
    time of you. Be selfish and enjoy it.

  197. I just caught myself trying to shift tab that steam notification away. The
    I remembered it was a youtube video.

  198. I look a these videos… and all I can think is… This game looks much
    better than WoT… and I am a WoT player!

  199. Jingles, in WT arcade people ram tanks because they want to OUT of the
    aircraft the second they’ve used their otdanance or shot down opposing
    aircraft as A) their tanks are quite casually resting on the ground and B)
    they’ve nothing to do up their.

  200. Jingles you Utter,Utter,Utter,Utter,Utter,Utter shit bloke! you get A New
    account from Gajin and still show your user name?! SHRAMEFULL DISPRAY

  201. sefhyro space pirate

    if its like the maus its a very op tank in the game i had to face a maus
    whit a tier 3 tank on the game and well in 10 maus i face i only manage to
    kill 1 and only because i had to take a chance and move behind is as to
    kill it in close range so i imagine that will be the same if i have to face
    the e-100

  202. Ah, War Thunder, the real tank game.

  203. *** WARNING ***

    Soviet propaganda material detected, not recommended for children under the
    age of 80 with agreement of at least one parent.

    Jeeez Jingles, when did you start working for Gaijin propaganda department?

  204. Thats rather odd. for some reason, I was unsubscribed from jingles

  205. 1000 people an hour. Slow night jingles?

  206. They ram tanks with aircraft because there is an timer, and i prever at
    leadt trying to get a kill with 5 secs on the timer than jumping out
    mid-air (when timer is done)

  207. Jingles 1v1 me!

  208. why the heck are you not aiming down the sight.Jesus Christ…

  209. No Jingles. You will not trick me twice. I tried WT again afther your last
    british tanks video and let me tell you that game is still full of team
    killers, unfunny bugs and for some reason 3 8,8 penetrations will not kill
    an IS but an standard HE will blow me to pieces.

  210. it actually is possible to kill a tank by ramming, it just needs to be
    thinly armored enough. I’ve been killed by a tu-2 coming straight down
    ontop of me in arcade while i was in the maus, might i add that the tu-2
    was on my team as well. i’ve also managed to kill a t-26-4 my ramming it
    with a ju-87

  211. Why the fuck is this even in game?

  212. I am not asian so i wont win D:

  213. ramjamfurburger? lol

  214. Jingles on WT again…must be have some good sponsorship…

  215. It seems odd that you haven’t talk about the death of the tier III Seal
    clubbing US Tank destroyer yet.

  216. Actually Jingles, you can ram lightly armoured tanks/wehicles with planes.

  217. Ray Maelstrom Archdrake

    HO HO HOLYSHIT SHE LOOKS AMAZING, her appearance I mean! God I want her so

  218. E100? Do want!

  219. The planes ram because they don’t have time to reload, and they want to get
    back into their tank fast.

  220. I want a Krokodile in wot. AAAAAND before everyone throws their shit on me.
    I tried WT too but that game is so darn complicated and frustrating.

  221. Jingles, if you get a kv2 and shoot high-explosive under the chassis of the
    tank it will blow up. This is because the fuel tanks are so low, so the
    explosion radius goes through the poor floor armour and well it makes a
    pretty explosion…

  222. never played waethunder but I think k its stupid that people can kill these
    huge tanks by shoot ling them through the front of the turret. what’s the
    point of the armor. just here shoot my gun mantlet it will kill my whole

  223. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    I wish it looked like World of Tank’s E100. The Maus turret is pretty ugly,
    but it’ll probably be too overpowered with it’s very own turret. Probably
    would be far too OP with the 15cm too.

  224. Excuse my language but.. FUCK THIS dogtag dogshit. If I can’t either buy or
    earn it via RP that just sucks.

  225. people crash to get out of the planes and back into their tanks.

  226. “Better things to do”

    You have angered the Gaijin gods.

  227. War Thunder???? From Jingles???? What Ze Actual ..?

  228. So the weakness is only the bit you show to the enemy.

  229. RamJamFurBurger Jingles? Dafuq kinda name is that XD?

  230. the tog 2 is best tank its king tank in wot but I wont the tog 1 not a e100


  232. The E-100 as it is currently is basically a worse Maus. Yes, it is more
    mobile but to get that mobility it sacrifices a crapload of armor
    protection and it’s speed boost isn’t even that great anyway, it’s only
    about as fast as a Tiger. This thing’s sideskirts can get blasted off
    pretty easily. The Maus has better protection for its tracks. The tank hull
    is more compact on the E-100 so any APHE shots that go inside have a higher
    chance of knocking out crew and damaging internal systems and APCR rounds
    are more likely to go through more modules and crew members. The E-100 is
    also shorter than the Maus which means that it has less overall range and
    cannot fire over hills in hull down position as well, and the shorter
    height does not make this monster of a tank any less detectable either. If
    this tank came with the 150mm cannon it was supposed to be given then it
    might be a worthy contender, but as it is the E-100 is just a less
    effective Maus.

  233. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Lame how Gaijin gave Maus and E-100 220 mm turret armor instead of
    historical 240 because sekrit dokumentz

  234. I think most arcade ground forces pilots just fly into the ground after
    getting rid of their payload to get back to their tank faster. Instead of
    waiting for the timer to run out or hold J for 3 seconds. Since it’s not
    penalized, why not, right?

  235. Game looks great. To bad it’s still better to play on ultra low. or low
    settings to remove the grass, some bushes and thin out trees……..Got to
    love a broken game

  236. angle the turret…?

  237. i ram ground vehicles just for fun and to annoy drivers

  238. Not the bloody old tank game again

  239. Jingles cover the name

  240. I posted an earlier comment highlighting why I think the Maus is better
    than the E-100 and I am going to tell you right now that the only reason
    you got better results in the E-100 than in the Maus is because you used
    both of them wrong. Heavy tanks are not supposed to charge out on their own
    and engage medium tanks at point blank. They need teammates to cover them
    while they push a ranged assault on defended positions at the start of the
    game. In the mid-late game you should be using faster tanks to outflank
    your opponents and capture zones. Throwing the Maus into the late game is
    like tossing a leftover reserve biplane into a jet match at the end; both
    the Maus and the biplane are far more useful at the start than at the end.
    Maybe the E-100 works better in the mid-late game than the Maus but there
    are a lot of mid-late game options that are better than the E-100.

  241. You need to pay for an *utterly miniscule* chance of being one of 700
    people to win it. And I mean *utterly* miniscule, last I heard 11,000 dog
    tags have been sold, and that’s not counting the people that will pay for
    single use silver lion tags. You have to play nonstop to work your way up
    the rankings in the events. Do you have any idea how many kids and people
    that aren’t working or don’t have any responsibilities will be playing?
    Whereas the rest of us with families and jobs are being told to suck it?

    This is why I stopped supporting Gaijin.

  242. *Why do people ram with fighter planes?*
    Its not to get a kill, but to hit with bullets while flying towards the
    target, were you eventually crash to get back to your tank faster. The
    shooting however often does minimal penetration that does zero practical
    damage, but doing that will give you an assist once that tank is destroyed
    by others.

    In my view the E-100 seems decent. Its kinda like a Tiger 2H in a tier 4
    fight. Which is a very good tank for its tier, but for a tier 5 setting.
    Ironically, unlike the actual tier 5 Tiger 2 105mm.



  244. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    This video proves that 7.7 going at 6.7 is a really bad idea.

  245. 150 mm gun or RIOT !

  246. Today was meant to be the Kutozov from the damper and less aggravating game.
    What’s this shit?

  247. jingles plane ramming works like 1 out of a 100 times

  248. Maan, please go back to doing your WoT videos… I miss the good laughes..

  249. Remember when WT was like,
    “Hey look at all these tanks that were used in WWII.”
    And everybody was like,
    “WT you are the best REALISTIC game out there!”
    And WT was like,
    “Nah fuck you, lets add some shit that wasn’t in the war, you know, to
    break immersion and dumb shit like that.”

  250. -_- why u guys keep saying war thunder copies other peoples tanks? it’s a
    bloody different game and they made their own version god damit

  251. Anyone else press shift+tab thinking their steam was open?

  252. jingles we can see youre gt

  253. who remembers when there were only 2 ground forces?

  254. Hey Jingles, how’d you like that Star Wars themed “The Last Supper” picture
    I posted in your status on Christmas? lol

  255. it would be alot higher if they didnt take 75% of the money greedy gaijin

  256. ive have rammed many tanks got a kill ..open top units

  257. Paul Fujioka (NobleDragon)

    At the risk of taking a load of buckshot to the face. Actually Jingles,
    when the Patton shot your turret the only remaining able crew member was
    your gunner who was peppered with shrapnel from the strike and knocked out.
    Don’t know if this was the case with the Maus, but I would suspect with the
    amount of spalling from all the non-penetrating hits you tend to take your
    crew is probably getting disabled without you knowing.

  258. in terms of spectator sport, give me WOT any day of the week over this.
    Deadly dull.

  259. ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴

  260. screamingdizbusters

    13:43 Why didn’t you angle the turret away from the patton? wouldn’t that
    help bounce the shot?


    Oh well…

  262. So no comment on your last video with Rita…wink, wink, nudge, nudge :P

  263. Its possible to occasionally kill very lightly armored vehicles with
    aircraft by hitting them. At the least, it appears possible with some SPGs
    and SPAA pieces.

  264. you say it’s slow… black prince does 10mph, 11 if your doing down an 80°
    slope ;P that thing is slow. & its worse in almost every aspect :P

  265. I thought you were gong to be bluring out your name from now on in
    warthunder to keep your identity safe from the waves of trolls that hunted
    you down?

  266. sth more important to do during christmas = jingles breeding program :p

  267. The reason people deliberately crash their aircraft in AB GF is due to
    several reasons:
    1) no penalty
    2) makes it more likely to hit the target with bombs
    3) denies AA a kill on you if you’re fast enough
    4) even if AA shoots you down if you’re still in control you’re still on
    target and can drop your bombs
    5) it makes it impossible for people playing AA to get away from your
    bombs, even if they shoot you down
    6) it does a *very* slight amount of damage

  268. A WT video?!?!
    No, I won’t start crying…… not this time… Be a man….

  269. The Maus inst realy a “1 trick pony”.

    It has 2 more trick up its sleve except for the armor.

    1. The coax 75 is pretty handy. The HEAT shells, especialy the second one
    are very effective at knocking out gun barr els and breaking tracks. which
    is vey handy when the main gun is relaoding or beign repaired. Saved my
    life many times. The heat shells also produce a nice visible explosion and
    can be used to either makit hard for the enemy to aim or outright trick him
    into tihnkign you fired your main gun, which ii managed to pull off a few

    2. Its electric transmition. This is something it shares with Proshe’s
    other designs, the Tiger P and Ferdidnand. It can go full speed in reverse.
    While 20 kph is slow as balls when goign forward its atualy very fast in
    reverse ocmpared to most tanks with a few exceptions. This lets oy uto
    either quickly get back behidn cover or prevent someoen from bum rushing

  270. credit where its due, WT does do the armor models and modules in game well!
    if WOT had that i bet the games would be alot more sillfull

  271. LOL a one in a million chance of wining… what else is new…

  272. I see WT hasn’t fixed the ‘tanks on ice’ problem.

  273. So, War Thunder, the game that made realism the selling point over its
    competition just keeps getting out fantasy tanks?
    GG Gaijin.

  274. When will you talk about the Emden in World of Warships? One hell of a
    history lesson to be had there!

  275. League players tank? God Damn it Gaijin

  276. To the people that wonder the Story of Jingles and Rita, I can tell you
    everything that you need to know.

    Jingles and Rita were both sitting in a tog. “Hey baby” said Jingles. “Wana
    see me take down this T150”. “Jingles, you know I’m not interested in you,
    right?” said Rita back. Jingles, in a desperate attempt to get Ritas
    attention, fired at the T150, blowing its head clean off. “How do you like
    them apples” said Jingles. “Jingles. Just, stop” This continued for 13.2598
    minutes, with Jingles having taken down 4 T150’s, 3 Tigers, 2 Comets, and a
    KV2. “Wow Jingles, you actually know how to take down a tank, but can you
    take me down”. “Oh boy, I can take you down” said Jingles.

    And that’s how it hapend. I hope Jingles and Rita do well toge … Jingles,
    put the gun down

  277. in this video all i hear is “bla bla bla bla shiny e100 bla bla bla you
    have to be a pro gamer to win one” Gaijin wake the fuck up and make sthis
    shit fair to EVERYONE.


  279. I loved to see a tech tree in any game where you have to haggle (like in
    Life of Brian) for everything for hours. ^^

    “What does the E-100 cost me?”
    “1.000.000 credits”
    “Here you are.”
    “What do you mean “Here you are”, you are supposed to argue.”

  280. Jingles, you have just under half a million subscribers. Most of them play
    world of tanks, AW & World of Warships. WHY THE FUCK are you making a video
    on a tank that only 700 ppl on the whole planet can have? The fact that
    gajin is producing public content and advertising this tank its and insult
    to all the mortal players that cant even take part in the event of getting


    You need to aim for weak spots and vulnerable points on the armor, that is
    why you rarely get 1 shots. You need to aim your gun from the gunners view,
    not from third person.

  282. Jingles, from what I’ve read, the E100 was supposed to mount a 152 mm
    canon. It actually was supposed to look a lot like the E100 in WOT

  283. But why would you like to play war thunder gf since they nerfed XP gain

  284. *RamJamFurburger?* That is a name i could get used to.

  285. oliveiraqmatouoleao

    How the fuck jingles have the Kanonenjagdpanzer without the jagdtiger.

  286. This bloody realistic game again.

  287. Jingles plz bring War thunder again to the channel

  288. Imagine an E100 IRL in a drag race..

  289. This makes me laugh. Gaijooble was always chest pounding about how their
    game is realistic… then they started adding stupid blueprint planes…
    then they added the Maus and now this…. how sad. This game went to shit.

  290. Dont know what the point of this tank is. Russian tanks still dominate and
    its pointless to play anything else. The m103 would be good if they acually
    fixed its armor.

  291. turret is exactly same as maus and the hull was built only 4 people where
    assigned to work on e-100 but they finished the hull but it didnt have
    tracks and gajin is going off that the germans would have married the hull
    to a already built turret .. the maus turret being the only one that could
    be used … being it was built

  292. Chances are that if you can’t penetrate the tank, shoot the gun.

  293. Pls I want more Armored Warfare… it is such a nice game… can you pls do


  294. It’s ok, I will just be happy to get my Tiger P…

  295. Well actualllllyyy jingles,

    The E-100’s hull was actually completed before the end of the war. But a
    turret designed specifically for the tank was never designed or built.


  296. ill take the T10M over those two any day

  297. [ALT HISTORY] If modern germany did this today, How about.. 200mm of
    Titanium tank at the front, 150 at the side, 120 at the rear, And have the
    whole thing look like the maus exactly, and lets make it go 20-30 km/h C:

  298. E-100 and Maus, best turret armor in the game, and it gets cut through like
    butter by Pattons and T-54s.

    Oh Gaijin, don’t ever change.

  299. Sweet, cant wait to see this in the game officially :)

  300. Today in warthunder I had the satisfaction of shoving a british spaa into
    the river on the europe (or poland) map. Was laughing till the end of that

  301. i thought they built 1 e-100 hull but never finished it?

  302. So is it eny good? or is all the post WW2 tanks killing it as easy as they
    do the Maus?

  303. By APCR, do you mean HEAT-FS? You weren’t penetrated by any APCR in these
    games, just HEAT (the shells look substantially different). In theory, the
    Maus and E-100 can be penetrated by some APCR (or APFSDS-T, etc.) shells,
    but it would be far more difficult than HEAT given the potential to bounce
    and angle of the turret front, and the sabots generally do much less
    internal damage compared to HEAT shells because they are solid penetrators
    that do not fragment much (again, depending on the kind of APCR – tungsten
    cored, carbide, etc.) – especially with a tank that’s as large inside as
    these. Generally, I’d only use Sabot shells on small, fast-moving mediums
    and lights at tier V.

  304. BelgarathDaSorcerer

    Its that bloody Jingles again :)

  305. Jingles were you on the Na server Tuesday night if so we were in a game
    together, Coool. if not a usurper nicked yer name the foul miscreant.
    incidently you were so slow off the line I reported you before the name
    sunk in. you were in a KV-5 and mansged to ninja a kill just before the
    game ended. I loved the Gnome awakens, answered a question refused to ask
    or guess at (privacy don’t cha know) congratulations! you make good couple
    and her avatar fits her well. Good luck you dog!

  306. Holy Youtube compression!

  307. yay video!!!

  308. So if the turret gets easily penetrated by mediums, why point it straight
    at the Patton? Is there something different in WT that makes it less
    beneficial to angle the turret? Or was it point it at him or he’d get your
    back anyway?

  309. huh, its kind of a good meassge to know the Warthunder E100 struggles the
    same problems as the E100 in WoT

  310. 2:24 did you mean 100 meters not millimeters, oh Jingles you so silly.

  311. Good day uncle Jingles

  312. do you still have a press account of did they just give you all dem eagles

  313. RM28 for the E100, damn i could buy a goddamn Game on steam with that money

  314. Jingles you forgot to bleep out your name for he new account, Gaijin will
    have to transfer you again

  315. that wasn’t really a break jingles now when is your real break from
    (side note they should put the TOG in just for you or just 8kph
    in the challenger)

  316. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    2:25 Uh, Jingles you said ranges of up to 100 millimeters:D

  317. Mr jingles – i know this has nothng to do with this paticular video – but i
    have been reviewing a lot of your world of tanks videos because i do like
    your tank reviews and the way you get into high depth of how and what is
    best for that paticular tank – but i would like to make a request of you –
    i am an artilry player mostly – could you please reframe from calling us
    arty player suicidal scum bags – in all of my times i have played my arty –
    i have never once commited suicide – i believe in fighting to the last shot
    – i do think it is quite unfair of you labeling us arty players as scum
    bags just because some tankers felt like trying arty and dont know what
    fair game play is – thank you for reading my post and i hope to hear less
    of the scum bag labels in the future

  318. ‘Ranges of up to, and including, 100mm’ I’m guessing this is a close range
    tank then ;)

  319. you mean 7.5mm right

  320. cant you angle the armor

  321. why does an E-100 have a maus turret instead of its own turret

  322. 4:41 “10 thousand dollars”

    Oh dang.. what

  323. jingles learn to trade shots… angle turret let them shoot you first then
    shoot them

  324. If people are ramming ground vehicles with aircraft, they’re probably
    Battlefield players.

  325. Jingles I have unlocked my tiger H1 for research can you give me any tips
    on how to get it faster

  326. Awesome video Jingles! +1 :)

  327. War…thunder. War…thunder never changes.

    Gaijin waged war to gather fanboys and wealth. Wargaming built an empire
    from its lust for gold and clan wars territory. And Obsidian shaped a
    battered game-genre into an economic superpower, Armored Warfare.

    But War…thunder never changes.

  328. Cast Studios (Outcast85)

    Technically E-100 chassis were built but the factory that they were built
    in were overrun by the British who tested the chassis then destroyed them.

  329. *cough HEATFS cough*

  330. Do some fockewolf reviews


  332. so we don’t ram the tanks we want the most RP so we don’t pull up t get
    that last bit of RP by gunfire

  333. jingles you scrub your supposed to angle to turret till you reload then
    point it at them and blast there faces with the face meltingly awsome wich
    is the 128

  334. hay jingles what is ur name on eu server in world of tanks?

  335. Finally! I thou Jingles hath forsaken us War Thunder players.
    Merry late christmas and happy new year Jiggly

    PS : if you compare x-ray Maus Transmission module and engine to the E-100,
    the E-100 are so unrealisticly small, that i have a good laugh of 5 minutes
    when first saw a video about it. Looks like an Abrams with a VW Mini
    transmission and engine

  336. Does angling turret against your enemies work with Maus? It’s the same as
    in World of Tanks, or no?

  337. 7:52 If I’m not mistaken, you actually shoved that kill shot right down the
    other guy’s own gun barrel. Bloody good shot, Jingles!

  338. That Christmas tree is a fire hazard.. Could end up with smoke damage on
    the tanks..

  339. “ramjamfurburger” nice one jingles

  340. war thunder needs to add more u.s.a prem tanks russia got like 6 per tier..
    u.s.a got 1 tier 1, 1 tier 2, i think 4 tier 3. and 3 tier 4s? dont play
    ground forces much anymore.. having fun with my sabres and fw 190s tier
    2-3s alittle bit of zero RB/SIM

  341. hey jingles, how e100 in wt have maus’s turret?? in wot it is different.
    see that cheeks??

  342. Actually jingles you can kill planes on the ground by ramming them, so it
    is propably possible for tanks too

  343. When your coaxial gun is a 75mm

  344. YAY! WarThunder has now offically become a variant of WoT with the E-100
    time ot get rid of WT now as i joined it to get away from the WoT fake
    tanks and prototypes :p

  345. They made the grand prize for the tournament a tank no experienced tanker
    would actually be stupid enough to drive, cause armor is meaningless in T5
    with HEAT-FS flying everywhere.
    Oh Gaijin, never change.

  346. omg jingles my life was miserable, after a hard day at college nothing is
    more relaxing then listening to your voice really its a stress reliever
    good to have you back :)

  347. Can’t you angle the turret away from the pesky medium tanks that get too

  348. Jingles has our slat mine strike worked! Are you taking your minions
    seriously? i guess trade unions do work!

  349. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  350. happy new years to you and Rita cheers

  351. Jingles, can we have another serving of E-100 gameplay? Two more games or
    just some highlights, please (if you recorded it)? Plus, you can angle your
    turret armor and take a lower ammo ammo count to help reduce the
    possibility of getting ammo racked. :)

  352. GJ Gajing! Take a E-100 hull and the Maus Turret and that should be and
    E-100 really?

  353. jingles play around with the pt 76

  354. More like E100 paywall.

  355. war thunder ground forces gets only worse and worse the more patches and
    updates they make. Apparently they have thrown every intention to make the
    game more realistic out of the window. With their fantasy tanks, small maps
    not suitable for tank combat and the return of the name tags in the latest
    patch, theres nothing left that seperates it from WoT other than the
    inconsistent damage model.

  356. The conqueror gun thing everyone was crying about was just the name. they
    labelled it wrong. if i call an 88 mm a 105 by accident its still just an
    88mm. the typo has been corrected anyway

  357. The name… RamJamFurburger^^ great

  358. i think he’s a little silly all you need to do to increase the armour
    thickness of the turret on thanks like this is angle the turret 32-43
    degrees and the shell will have more amour to travel threw also wobbling
    the turret is a good tactic

  359. its that bloody realistic tank game again…

  360. yet another video from the most popular copy of world of tanks

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