War Thunder – The General Lee Rides Again

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Jingles, they said. You have to try the Lee in War Thunder, they said. Yeah right. I’m not falling for that old gag…

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  1. If I’ve this right, the Lee is the exact same tank as the Grant. The only difference was the nation is was serving under. A Lee served the U.S. and a Grant served England.

  2. Ur so righ slyguy i agree whith u

  3. i’m far worse at playing than the mighty jingles

  4. LOL laughed so hard. Love your humor and channel.

  5. I think this tank in WoT is trash. (My own opinion) But in this War thunder, it’s unbe”LEE”vable!!!

  6. love how you have a Canadian flag as a bumper sticker on an American tank lol

  7. Sure the Lee in WOT sucks ass-if you play it as a tank. However if you play it like a TD it’s halfway playable. The M1A1 gun has a good ROF and if you angle the RF corner right it serves decently as a TD. There’s still nothing more satisfying than seeing that huge box pop over a hill and you plug it with AP and it goes off like a grenade. This thing dies with one shot kills like crazy.

    • jonathan chadwick

      I completely agree but I still have some good games in it. When I’m top tier or surrounded by friends. It does happen.

  8. In real life, the LEE was….crap.

    • +shaalis It was a stopgap, it was only intended to get a 75 mm gun onto an existing tank design a quickly as possible while they developed something more suitable.

      And for the early war period a 75mm is serious fucking business. The japanese sure didnt consider this thing crap when they went up against it.

    • +shaalis The Lee did exactly what it was designed to do, won battles against Rommel and the Japanese army, served as a highly effective infantry support vehicle, and was in service for the entire war on various fronts. Far from crap, the Lee goes down in history as a successful tank design of the early war period.

      The Lee suffers in games like these because many tank designs in the game have their late war gun as a top gun. In the early war, before the Germans had deployed tanks armed with those guns, the Lee really was this tough from the front, just like the T-34 was.

      For the record the only ally who didn’t like driving the Lee was the Soviets, who already had the superior T-34. The British, who struggled badly with tank design during the war, loved the M3 Grant, and the French and Chinese would take any tank they could get.

  9. I just unlocked my M3 lee

  10. Cool tank,
    ever play the Panther D?

  11. That T-50 is fine proof of The Extreme Russian Bias in this game…

  12. 14:29 Thats why you dont underestimate machine guns in War thunder arcade at lower tiers. I once held off 3 Light tanks from a Cap circle on poland in My M4 Sherman with a Damaged gun that could explode if I tried to fire it and even if i could fire it my Turret was jammed so what could i Use? The Trusty 50.Cal on top. It worked 😀

  13. General George S. Patton and the “Basement Team” (they worked in the basement of a university) worked for the refunding of the American Tank Program. They actually worked in secrecy, fearing that the American government would shut them down, as they were actually doing this against the orders of their superiors (which was why they were hiding in a basement) but yeah, the result was the eventual development of this thing.

  14. +The Mighty Jingles Hey Jingles, I know this is an old video, but I wanted to mention something about the Lee. So I recently bought the tank, jumped in a battle, and realized I could use both turrets. However, the gunner for my top turret died quickly, leaving me with just my 75mm cannon. When I went to zoom in for it, it used the 37mm scope. After testing how the zooming in worked for the double turret, I realized they both shot while using the 37mm aiming reticle. I set a couple hotkeys for switching between the 37mm and 75mm, so now I can actually hit people with the 75mm. If you watch this video or just play the Lee a bit, you’ll see that using the default system leads to missing the 75mm shot almost every time.

  15. 14:28 go home war thunder ur drunk

  16. XD that was hilarious with the Stuart XD

  17. When I use this tank I keep getting all my crew in the turret killed so it becomes more like the WoT version

  18. TheAlmightyRubles

    “Killed me from about a thousand metres away because Russian” ???

  19. jonathan chadwick

    Gg to that m2

  20. Still not as strong as the the actual Robert E Lee.

  21. “we don’t have any jagdtigers or tiger IIs so nothing can kill the t-50”

  22. Lol, jingles is so in the mindset of WOT he talks about if the Lee is against a tiger, doesn’t happen in WT how only tigers can kill t-50, again only a thing in unrealistic fantasy world of world of tanks.

  23. EABA EndAllBeAll

    Robert e Lee was a traitor of the united states and should not be glorified

    • EABA EndAllBeAll

      +kongen norge to a group of traitors bottom line

    • EABA EndAllBeAll

      +kongen norge a bunch of poor people die so the rich can get richer on their blood sweat and tears white or black truly noble

    • EABA EndAllBeAll

      +kongen norge I am not real sure what southerner you think I idolize. by the way I don’t hate him because he is southern I hate because he was a traitor.

    • EABA EndAllBeAll

      +EABA EndAllBeAll again I don’t hate him because he was a southerner I hate him because he was a traitor

  24. I love the M3 Lee it’s a good tank in war thunder!

  25. I hear that when these tanks were sent to the British in North Africa via Lend-Lease, they were superior to the British tanks and had the one tank gun (the 75mm) that could penetrate the german tanks and kill them.

    • +ABritishGuy That part is true, but I hear that the Lee was the first tank the british had that could effectively penetrate a panzer.

    • I did not know that, NOW I KNOW!!

      Anyway, Thank god for lend-lease!

    • And the matilda with the little jon adapter could easily pen a panzer 3 and 4, yet only the mid-late long barreled panzer 4’s could pen the matilda frontally, they used to have to use the 88 guns to take them out at the start of the war. Heck i’m fairly sure the regular 2pdr could pen a panzer 3 and 4.

  26. Jingles you repeat your self all the time

  27. An m3 Lee being a single 300 and lives. You don’t say that everyday

  28. Only if we got the M3 75mm gun instead of the M2

  29. lol remember the p17 you shot with a t54 XD I think it was a t54

  30. I disagree Jingles, i think this was a very good tank irl in 1940-1941.

    This thing would have been HORRORIFYING to the enemy infantry, 3 flavors of death coming your way, a rapidfire 75mm HE spitting gun, a quick reacting rapid firing 37mm gun and 4 m1919 machine guns.

    That commanders capola on the top of the main turret can rotate and fire a m1919 machine gun without exposing a crew member. I don’t think that there is any other mass produced tank that can do that without turning the whole turret no man with a panzerfaust can sneak up on this thing.

    with it’s 6 crew members it could conforibly engage 2 targets at once, the main targets infront of the tank with the 75mm gun and a smaller flanking target with the 37mm. it’s like a mini mobile land battleship.

    and it wasn’t a death trap either, it had at least 5 hatches on the tank for the crew to jump out of i mean sure it was riveted but the survival rate of this machine was far better than that of the t34 with it’s cramped hull.

    those dual hull mounted fixed m1919s was full retarded though…

  31. Unbeleevable

  32. Did JIngles just repeat the same 5 snetences in a span of 1 and a half minute? “They needed something good enough…” ?!!!

  33. i had this exact same reaction the first time i played the lee in warthunder. its so good. also i think you should know that on the official wot wiki at the bottom theres a little footnote that says “also jingles hates this tank”

  34. Charles Courtwright

    You are using the wrong ammo, the full application is way better that the ballistic cap, can’t kill much with that but the full application has that.extra pen you need to kill the enemy

  35. Those moments when you just sit there taking shots that keep bouncing, your tracks are damaged, your turret can’t rotate, and all you’ve got is a machine gun and a dream… 

    “Can’t stop me now, I’m havin’ such a good time” 😀

  36. Are you SHITTING ME?!!! HOW THE HELL DID NO ONE THINK THAT INSTEAD OF SHOOTING M3 Lee HULL! HE SHOULD SHOOT ITS FUCKIN GUN!?! (It’s secondary big gun. Not the one in the turret) DUDES YOU CAN KILL AN M3 FROM THE FRONT BY JUST SHOOTING IT’S SECONDARY GUN (not the gun barrel but right under the gun barrel by 2-3 inches) YOU CAN KILL IT BY 3-2 SHOTS OR EVEN ONE FREAKIN SHOOT.

  37. This is now officially racist and evil

  38. For Robert Lee Arnold Jr and his father

  39. Interesting Playlists

    I feel like this tank looks great on paper but I just get wiped when I play the Lee. I get up-tiered so bad it’s not even funny.

  40. The physics in WoT are a lot better but I thought the graphics were better too. Turned out I had medium settings, put everything to max and although it took my FPS down to just a 150 (I know only a hundred is a ridiculous thing to say but most games I’m pulling close to 500 or above) but they are so much better than WoT.

  41. Wherever I hit a breakable object (eg A small wall) in WT, my tank bounces back. And then goes through the broken object. Why does this happen? Is it ping or graphics issue? Anyone has the same problem?

    • Tharaka Wijerathne I don’t know how to help you, but I bet if you comment on a more recent video you can get help. (Sorry, I don’t play war thunder)

  42. We(the US) never had a large standing army until korea.

  43. Btw when i first used the lee. I had bt7, t26, pz II, a stewart and a lee firing at me and still didnt die.

  44. Didn’t Chieftain figure out after pouring over the archives that no one actually called this thing the General Lee?

  45. I love the M3 Lee in world of tanks

  46. In WoT? Shit.
    In WT? ABSOLUTE BEAUTY!!! Or maybe I was just lucky…

  47. War thunder looked so shitty 4 years ago.

  48. Well it must have been hit with the nurf bat since this video has been released because I’ve been one shotted five games in a row.

    • Der Pferdehuführer

      Yah, you’re a year too late for this one unfortunately 🙁
      It’s not exactly nerfed but they changed how some of the modeling is done, which made racking more likely.
      There’s so much damn ammo in it at start that it’s like a cartoonish bomb on tracks. After expending about 60% it acts like this again.

  49. 14:27 IM FOCKIN’ DEAD!

  50. PanzerJager V Jagdpanther

    look at it now the lee is a piece of shit in a way but its still good

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