War Thunder – The Grind Problem

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  1. Sic Semper Tyrannis

    1 Hour Koala vid?


    • Because it’s a rant

    • Should’ve been a 2 he vid on cheating

    • @Emil Lerner They just need to make the grind faster to compensate all the BLOAT. WarCraft had a similar issue and they mostly fixed the issue that way because no-one wanted to grind an alt a year from lvl1 to raid with their guild on end game stuff. … Instead WT has actively made the grind longer by increasing repair cost and other stupid stuff… because they want people to get frustrated and payout as mentioned in the video…. The costs of both credits and XP doesn’t scale very good at higher tiers thats part of the major issue.

    • @Emil Lerner In short to my other comment, just speed up the grind. … I understand a grind is needed… but when that grind literally last YEARS its a bit extreme for a game….. You could probably play WT for a DECADE and not unlock everything…

    • @Drakilicious I totally agree with u, the rp needed for vehicles increases much faster then rp gained per match, they need to fix that.

  2. I’m in German rank 5 with only having stock grind. My opinion is, the game is a piece of shit. If I didn’t fight people 20-60x better than me at the game then maybe I mite play this discussing and disgraceful game a little more. I’ve gotten less and less into the game because of premiums which are 2-10x better than any stock tank which is all i’ve played (I have spend $0 on this game).

    The repair cost is the worst thing in this game easily. Every time I research a tank I do also have to buy it with lions but this game doesn’t give you shit for being bad at this game. It doesn’t matter how much you play this game you HAVE to be good at it to grind at all this is because like Germany and France the repair cost is so bad that if you die once your losing money. HOW FUCKED IS THAT, that a game can take your time away from having a happy life and making you lose lions that you grinned for just by playing this game and dying.

    I am very happy that my suicide is only 6 months away (August of 2020) so I can finally get away from this game and forget about it. I have been destroyed mentally so much by this game that I have started talking to myself due to my rage being ignored by other people, hell I can have a 6 hour conversation with myself because of how bad this effect is. Also I have lost many friends from my rage from this game due to me having random mood swings with my friends after having been pissed off at the game. Remember a bad game that is addicting doesn’t just effect people while they play the game but can last days or weeks and could teach people to become very negative because of acting like they did when they played the game.

  3. “When you try to be everything you end up being nothing.”

  4. It’s taken me 8 months straight of only playing America mostly to reach the M1A2 abrams with $500 invested in this game. The grind is faaaar too long. They should just boost RP gain or drop the amount needed a tiny bit. I for one don’t mind playing through low tier first but jeez that’s where you make your lions and absolutely no RP

  5. Playing since 2013 and spended approx. 6k EUR on the game. And its getting worse and worse. The grind is too much, especially for new players.
    I suppose it takes at least a year to get from M3 Light Tank to M1A1 Abrams just with playing, for spend thousand of dollars or euros to gayjoob

  6. If possible, could you make another video like this on another Gaijin game? It’s called “Crossout” and it’s got the same kind of grindfest/p2w problems as War Thunder. Technically it’s developed by Targem, but the game itself is owned by Gaijin.

  7. 1. game are broken ass hell, still so much bug on collision
    2. Battle Rating is broken on arcade, realistic and sim, no fun, there is no skill on this game ( people can see me from far away, but i can’t because i am using low res monitor 720p,
    3. no fun even you play with friend.
    4. i preffered world of war ship or battle station pasific then war thunder, the map is useless, i can’t feel that i use a ship
    5. helicopter is trash and plane, just destroy ground battle balance

  8. I’ve played since the 20 tier tree, when only 2~3 nations planes existed, and it took me years to even get to jets, today my highest tier jet is the rocket Me-163, and Ho, my highest tier tank is the King Tiger, and theres no fucking way in hell I’m going to play the game beyond free event vehicles.

    Unless they de-compress the tiers, and reduce the grind by a shit ton will I ever come back.

  9. I think the severs could only work as follows. You have to get at least one top tear tanks in the lower server in a specified country to then be able to access the tanks in the top tier server.

  10. I don’t think it’s that bad. The graphics and content aren’t so bad for a free to play. That said, I don’t think it’s simulator enough to pay so much for tanks

  11. *Opens F2P game*

    Man this game is grindy…

    Me: No shit, it’s a time vampire.

  12. Time required to grind every single tank and plane in the game: 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 hours

    Time required to grind every single tank and plane in the game with premium: 999999999999999999999999999999 hours

  13. The Budgie Admiral

    I came from World of Warships looking for aerial and boat combat.

    I would love air RB but at low tier it’s weird as hell.
    It took me over 20 games in my reserve PT boat to unlock my first upgrade, and now I need about 50 or more games in that to get that weird Japanese armoured gunboat before I can, some day, get to the subchaser I want and propably will be disappointed.

  14. I started playing WT in 2013, and even though I’m an above-average player (better than 1:1 KDR) I only unlocked the MiG-15 about a year ago. That ain’t right.

  15. Robin Frommenwiler

    The folders would be a great improvement for the game it would make the grind way more enjopyable 🙂

  16. I’ve played this game casually since 2013. I don’t have one top tier vehicule

  17. Bruh WoT is easier to grind than war thunder. I got a rank V tank in a day but in war thunder I got a rank III tank in a month

  18. Every freaking game, there is OBJECTIVE capture points and kill enemy tanks.. most of arcade / realistic games on tier 1-3 in my team is like “ok fellas, we are camping at spawn, dying like a stupid inbreds”, when 2-3 people are rushing to capture points and everytime die because there is no help from other players. At the same time enemy team is capturing a,b nad c point, winning the game just for standing and killing my freaking stupid useless team. Yeeeeeeez sometimes games are good, matchmaking is good, but most of the games is like what I described before.

    AND F**ING BF109, SRSLY GAIJIN NERF THIS F**ING PLANE – everytime, flying some random 3 tier US plane, srsly I’m starting to shot at bf109, and this freaking OP plane is one hitting me = fighter unconscious. GG EZ.

    Playing bombers? Nah. Zero help from other players, bombers are made from cartboard, mostly 2 shots from random 1-2 tier plane and even my B17 is dead at sight. It’s stupid. I’ve grinded this fkn B17, crew have full exp. and still, freaking cardboard plane.

  19. WoWs is ok, WoT is a bit too long. WT..Couldn’t even be fucked.

  20. God damn it I wish I found this game sooner, I grew up playing the dogfight game on miniclip, and had never been able to find something similar other than this. Started mid last year but still te mustang is my best plane. ;_;

  21. Why not just split it into eras?
    Each era only has that era’s vehicles, you start at tier 1 of that era and fight vehicles of that era. The exception would be the All category which would be normal war thunder.

  22. The issue is that gaijin won’t do it. We say not to say that, but it’s true. War Thunder will be replaced, probably within 5 years, by a better game.

  23. I tuned out of war thunder about 2 or 3 years ago, and switched to world of warships. I miss war thunder, but I just can’t handle gaijin’s antics.

  24. Man I love seeing my tiger shells bounce off jumbos nine times out of ten

  25. having gotten most vehicles i find myself going back to lower tiers all the time to have fun the new stuff is just too frustrating myself

  26. I’ve been play casually for 4 years and I have not reached top tier and have only just reached the tier of the mouse

  27. I first discovered war thunder in 2014 and I loved it at the time…. I grinded all the top tiers in aviation and ground forces for Germany and the USA. Today I only play the lower tiers because that’s where ALL the fun is! Honestly, I prefer IL2 and DCS so I only play war thunder ground forces and I only play VERY casually today .War thunder doesn’t just have a grind problem but also an economy problem: it’s impossible to play the b29 and actually make silver lions for example. After all these years I finally understood that Gaijin doesn’t listen at all to its community so war thunder will definitely be uninstalled in the near future (when I need the hard drive space!)
    I have suggested in the past that we players do 1 or 2 week boycott to send a message to gaijin. But at this point, I’ve been too disappointed too many times to have any hope left for this game.

  28. World of tanks blitz shortened their grind too much when they thinned out of of the lower tier tanks… we have way too many noob teams now.

  29. I am one of those players who got turned away due to the grind.

    I pretty much hate WoWs, but I play it every day. Whereas I really like WT, but I can’t play it more than a month, maybe two, before I need to take a year or longer break from the game because the grind just breaks me.

    It’s one thing that the grind is overly long, but the necessity to grind multiple lines just to go up in the line you want, as well as the access to using free research points being hidden behind a pay-wall practically makes this game unplayable in the long term.

    There’s grind and then there’s soul-crushing, agonizing grind. WT is the latter kind.

  30. I think a good fix would be to choose where you want to start. Like you can choose witch time you want to start like WW1, WW2 or “modern(jets)”. That way you can play the wole tree from the beginning if you want but if you want you can start at modern. You should that way be able to from the beginning start at three places WW1, WW2 and “modern”. That would need there to be a new match makeing system. A way to do that would be to make i based on both BR and “Time in battle” or some way to rank you after how good you play. I myself dont play som mutch anymore beacuse i cant play the planes i want beacus they are at the end of the tree, i dont want to take years getting to that point.

  31. Never thought they would ban the maus tank until they did…
    I’ve wasted around 200 euros on this game, grinded my way up from tiger 2 h then rushing maus and buying out the leopard a1a1 (terrible mistake the stock was so bad at the time).
    Grinded my way out of leoa1a1 and just got my leopard 2a4… Almost conceeded to the temptation to give gaijin money for 5k RP and 200k silver for 6 euros… the grind was bad, its worse, I think the best way to fix it would be to allow to buy with silver RP from the convertible RP and increase the silver lions output, I have around 5 million convertible RP just rusting away meaningless…

  32. Not interested in grind or top tier. I play to around br 5.0 and that’s as far as I want to go. I have a premium account and enjoy low tier games.

  33. #proBusinessTip – Do more of these long videos, they come in handy when grinding in war thunder xD Makes game more fun when you watch / listen to a video in the background 😛

  34. By the way. There is 0 chance gaijin sees this video. So everyone to the forums and start suggesting this!

  35. god i wish someone at Gaijin could see this, but they seem so disconnected from the player base. anyone know how to ram this toward them so they have to see it?

    EDIT: seeing this video get 70000 views when kilt man has 42000 subs is promising. for both the vid’s exposure and Scotty Boi’s subs

  36. Good thing high tier isn’t fun (be it air, ground or naval battles) so I don’t get tempted to grind all the way there.

  37. I agree with this entirely

  38. Sebastian Chantre

    Lucky for me, late ww2 era is much more appealing than 50s 60s tech lol. But yes I still agree

  39. I was really hoping someone would talk about this! I have spent a lot of money and have played for over a year and a half and I only just got a Tiger I. The only reason I have some teir 3 vehicles in American and Soviet tech trees is because I spent over 100 dollars on them.

  40. like your video this is the reason i stopped playing. imo its the players that is allowing this to happen if people stop spending money they will rethink how they do things

  41. I have played for a year and spent under 30 Canadian dollars and my best tank is a panzer Jager 1 at br 1.7

  42. I quit WT (mainly only played ground forces) because they started adding vehicles beyond the ww2 era (ww2 is what got me to play it). Around the same time imo the balancing got worse after some BR changes.

  43. I do not mind the grind, it’s something I actually welcome since it keeps me going. However I will say it’s quite frustrating when I’m up tiered with premium planes that have max specs and have a 1 – 1.7 higher BR than me. And all it took was a _”simple one time payment of 19.99!”_

  44. “That’s enough money for 15 AAA titles, or half the content of star citizen.” Kek

  45. been playing on my most recent account after a four year break of the game and i was able to get my first jet before i got the T-72A and thats the only high tier tank i have above 9.0 and its taken a good year

  46. I checked the title and clicked on the video expecting a short video on how bad the game’s economic system is, when he said grab a snack I excepted a 20-30 minute video. when I checked the bar, I realized right then right there. Warthunder needs to fix their shit.

  47. I quit this game after about 5 years of playing, I was there before tanks were even confirmed but in that time I haven’t even reached tier 5 (I’m not that good at the game and I’m 95% f2p) so the grind got way too arduous so I quit

  48. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    Required progression also doesnt make sense. Some M4s anre panzer IVs arent linked together when they should, while in most cases tanks are linked even though they are completely irrelevant to each other.
    The also “6 or ALL TANKS of the tier require research to prgress to the next tier” is also a bullshit rule. 6 tanks required with 12 tanks in the tier is okay but if you have only 6 tanks in the tier and they all require progression since tier 1 is pure bullshit.
    Also you should not increase the cost of early vehicles without increasing their reward rate. It still takes significantly longer to grind per-vehicle in WT for early equivalent vehicles compared to WoT.

  49. The whole reason why I quit playing this game was because of the grind and I put a lot of time into it over three years they’ve just made it ridiculous lately

  50. All great suggestions. Wish they could use 1 of them.

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