War Thunder – The Hellcat Killer, T-34-85e NEW Soviet Tank

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Source: BaronVonGamez

New American Tanks and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
M2a2, 75mm M3 GMC, 8 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine, Jackson, T-28 Tank, T-95 “Doom Turtle”, AD-2 Skyraider, P-51D-10, P-51A 20mm
New Russian Tanks and Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
4M GAZ-AAA, -57, Su-122-54, Т-34-85E, Т-34E STZ, IS-2 Avenger, SU-76М of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps, Yak-9M, Il-2 1943, Yak-9T and Yak-9K (new models), IL-2 (new Cockpit), IL-2M AM-38 1943
New British Planes:
FireFly F.Mk.I, FireFly F.Mk.V, Seafire Mk.XVII, Seafire FR.47, Sea Fury FB.11, Attacker FB.1, Canberra (cockpit), Sea Gladiator Mk1, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ic, Plagis’s Spitfire LF. Mk.IX, Prendergast’s Spitfire FR.MK.XIVe
New German Plans and Tanks:
Ar.234 C3, Hs.129 (cockpit), Bf-109B, StuH 42G
New Japanese Planes: J2M2, Ki-21

Thanks for watching!


  1. This tank is a beast, it kills Hellcats :)

    • +solarix656 I knoooowwwww, They’re on the US plane test map.
      But I mean as an actual playable unit, I don’t think gaijin have plans to
      make infantry playable.

    • +Apple Jack of course not. their competitor is world of tanks, not call of


      You take mach into a tank with such obstacles I am through with
      (ovucuvuzun) t34 tanks

    • +Blox117 Indeed, I know that.
      The comment was to Baron when he goes on about it at 11:00

    • +BaronVonGamez The fencing is to set off HEAT rounds before it hits the
      armor. It’s used today to defeat RPG’s because they are HEAT rounds as well

  2. Menno Scheurwater


  3. Do the Jagdtiger!

  4. So this is what its like to be early

  5. ───────────────███───────────────

  6. Do the hellcat

  7. E (Э) means “Screen” (Экран) in russian. It isn’t actually indicative of
    spaced armor, it’s usually just extra armor plates bolted on top of
    existing armor plates.

    • +[Yoshi] m in Russian means “stronk derpiness”

      I cannot truthfully say any of this is correct. Thx, and ples don’t sue meh

    • Siberian Medved

      +[Yoshi] usually it means модернизированы which means modernized, it
      describes an upgraded version of the original.

    • +TheEpicCrumpet
      Modernized, modified.

    • +BigPapaKaiser damn. i thought id nailed it first time……

    • +BigPapaKaiser
      “E (Э) means “Screen” (Экран) in russian.”
      Romanized being Ekran (for those who don’t understand cyrillic letters)

  8. The spaced armor could be there to help protect against artillery in-game

  9. OnlyYou606 Achmad Faizelga

    Dude you Have lot Eagle Gold

  10. Hey baron Europe is a continent not a country 😛 so what country are you

    • +ferrynator15 Hmmm…common flag and common currency.,..a country

    • +GeekBoy03 Europe is not a country lol get your fact right….

    • +ferrynator15 Oh? Funny , England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are
      referred to as separate countries, which collectively form the sovereign
      state known as the United Kingdom. Isn’t that what all of Europe is doing?

    • Thank you for taking the time of your day for reading my completely unnecessarily long username

      +GeekBoy03 Did you just blow in from stupid town? Europe is NOT a country.
      You trying to prove yourself right with information completely irrelevant
      doesn’t make you smart or correct

    • +Thank you for taking the time of your day for reading my completely
      unnecessarily long username He’s just trolling mate

  11. any tank can kill the hellcat. even a hand grenade.

  12. Luke… use the force! Before… Intercourse!

  13. “I might need to sh*t”

  14. “E” is like “i” on american tanks. It means Improved not spaced.

  15. fucking age of empire 2????????? U WOT M8???

  16. Daniel “GuudPlay” Ivanov

    The HitlerCat Killer. >:D

  17. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    It looks like it might work similar to slat armor on a lot of vehicles
    these days. Slat armor works against modern RPG’s usually either by making
    the shape charge detonate prematurely so the copper cools down to where it
    can’t penetrate the main armor as well or by actually catching the round in
    between the slats and pinching the warhead in such a way that disrupts it
    from exploding (leaving live round stuck to the side of your vehicle). It
    looks like they put that mesh stuff over weak points like you said to try
    and catch panzerfausts before they hit the hull so the copper doesn’t burn
    through the armor.

  18. those are bed frames

  19. I like War Thunder but the learning curve is so high. Any advice on how I
    can learn more about getting started in the game?

    • It just takes time, watch YouTube videos, and ask in game for any tips on
      what you should do in your aircraft. We were all noobs at some point 🙂

    • +Andrew Mitchell Start on the Russian tanks, they are the easiest to play
      and some would say the most OP.

    • Keep playing. A lot of it is experience and finger memory. If you get
      annoyed with a vehicle – try a different nation. And watch kill cams and
      analyze what led you to being killed.

  20. I’m rooting for the enemies, because I know how hard it is to take out a

  21. 5:53 ” i might need to shit (as he shits out ) their popping out

  22. is every single person playing the hellcat?

  23. Play the M6A1 baron, misunderstood tank… 

  24. Egill Orri Valberg

    what is the “fence” on the tank for??

  25. Where in EU are you going ?

  26. How do u get this tank on PS4. Cannot find the bundle for it

  27. I heard from someone hired by Gaijin that there are no plans to include
    infantery because it would raise the age rating of the game. But I would
    love it as well if they added infantery.

    • Captain “deadman” dead

      Wtf age rating nobody care obaut age rating

    • +Captain dead I agree. The players don’t. But Gaijin seems to care for some
      reason. I don’t understand it either.

    • Captain “deadman” dead

      +TheArmnorn yea im 14 and I play games for 18++ only the guns make the age
      biger . Most of the games with 18 age limit arent so brutal.War thunder
      whit solgers will not be brutal,disturbing.

  28. Rover Van Ooijen

    Hey baron you should team up with phly sherman and the rest to moan for

    • Best idea ever. Petition from War Thunder YouTubers.
      Although knowing Gajin they will be like “No, that’s stupid”

    • +Rover Van Ooijen lolololol Are you serious!? Gaijin ACTUALLY listening to
      the community!? That’s a good one bro!

  29. The King Buffalo

    I need to SHIT -Baron2K15

  30. What are tanks, if there is no infantry? :D

  31. Luca Barendsen-Rossi


  32. Izenz Brownington

    the mesh was used against the panzerfoust but they found it didn’t work but
    some tank commander’s adopted it regardless

  33. Enrique velazquez

    Play the M16 Half Track!!!

  34. Were the Steel screens used to add shrubbery to the tanks in order to
    camouflage them more effectively? That would make sense for them to be on
    there if that was the case? they obviously weren’t to stop grenades.

  35. the fences should work against heat shells too

  36. Hey man I won’t be amazing if u shoot us

  37. you cant counter the hellcat the hellcat counters you all day ery day

  38. Infantry werent the only ones throwing shaped charge warheads at T-34s.
    HEAT rounds were available to german armor since early 1940

    • Against the early pzIVs, the stug A, and the pzIIIM, that spaced armor
      should be helpful, detonating their rapid fire 100mm pen rounds before they
      reach the armor proper

    • Pziii N, i mean

    • +Ronald Thompson in my theory those german heat rounds might pen even more
      armor if they detonate before they hit the armor. I once read a comment
      about how german heat rounds exploded to close to the armor so the
      penetrator didn’t pen as much.

  39. Hi, Baron can u make a new video about best germans planes to use on
    dogfight or which is the best low tier plane. Can u give some tip to. If u
    can make a video comment, if it is ok I’m very glad for it. :)

    • I find the FW 109 series quite pleasant when it comes to dog fighting.

    • +AlbiThePlayer There are two general ways to win a dogfight, turnfighting
      and Boom & Zoom.
      Turnfighting is self explanatory, the best planes for this are nearly all
      japanese, some russian and most british planes. (Generally all planes with
      less than 20 sec turning time)
      Boom and Zoom is where you climb high up than dive down on lower enemies,
      after shooting at them for one pass ( only one ! this is the Boom) you Zoom
      back up to higher altitude and than repeat the process. Good boom & zoom
      planes need to be able to dive and/or climb well. The Germans are the best
      in this, most US planes are made for this but not so good at it and the
      later british spitfires and typhoons are good at it as well. Russians have
      some good planes for this.

      SO pick a style and choose a nation 😀
      Germans are good from start till finish just don’t turn with them ! The MC.
      planes (actually italian) are really good for their tier only guns a bit
      weak, than the BF109s and FW190s are all good at what they do.

    • Nikolaus Sonninen

      +ForeverDoubting​ Thanks for giving him a more thorough heads up 😉

    • +Nikolaus Sonninen Haha 😀 I had a bit of a brain puke there 😛

    • Highly recommend the he-112, a-0 or b-0. A tier 1 plane with 20 mm’s! By
      far the most fun low tier plane to play.

  40. In War thunder.

  41. What size monitor do you play on? you can see planes and tanks move from so
    far away :)

  42. Joakwinters 228

    infantry in war thunder?

  43. I’d imagine the mesh armour on the T-34-85E would be effective at breaking
    up HE and HEAT rounds? Definitely the HE rounds. No clue if War Thunder’s
    physics allows for the heat rounds to break up like that though :/

  44. Leandro Evequoz

    IS SERIES ( IS -2 -3 -4 ) GL 😀

    From Argentina and let your instint guide you 😀 .

  45. Baron the germans had several anti tank rifles including a squeeze bore
    rifle. They were phasing them out by 1943 because of how hard the soviet
    tanks were to knock out with them.

  46. Peter Timowreef

    Wait I thought you were in Germany recently?

  47. Joakwinters 228

    play with SU 100

  48. Bagem n' Tagem Gaming

    Pretty much anything can kill an m18 hellcat
    Just saying. Play Jagdtiger

  49. man, how you have such a lot of golden eagles ? Please answer at this
    question. I don’t know how I made some golden eagles. Teach me.

  50. I killed 2 planes with my shell in one game once driving the pz. 4 f1 and
    some how killed a friendly plane with arty

  51. Csallóközi Bandi

    the tank of victory

  52. please play more realistic battles

  53. and warspite

  54. T34 57

  55. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    at 6:18 how did he kill the crew if the shell didn’t pen?

  56. Great videos Baron, but you have to stop checking stats and getting tunnel
    vision while ur playing. Your minimap’s there for a reason, and if ur
    actually into the battle u would see where the incoming shots are coming
    from. Not trying to dis, just checking ur six. Have a good one!

  57. I hear the beds welded to the sides didnt really stop german heat rounds.
    the rounds where so fast all they did was punch though the mesh then
    exploded like nothing was in the way


    English Drive on the left, Germany and European countries are on the right.
    161 countries drive right, 75 drive left (British colonies). Jagdpanther!
    SsiolisP <

  59. Rice for Africa

    haha the popular youtubers are so bad ín tanks on realistic battles ^^

  60. Geoffrey Tappenden

    Please do t-94 doom turtle again pls

  61. how to counter hellcats? play as russia instead of germany. awesome

  62. Es divertido escucharte tratando de pronunciar bien la palabra “ÁRBOLES”

  63. William Hernandez

    7:15 That’s what she said.

  64. I hate coming against T34’s in my panther D

    I normally try to snap shot a tank when they spot me and I’m rolling just
    to disable him while I can maneuver

    If I can’t one shot em I try to jam the turret and maneuver to the sides

    Also with the M18 I always over pen with my panthers but with my tiger H1
    it just detonates them 

  65. Use the bf 109 50 cal please

  66. Legendofstrength 1234

    play the zis 30

  67. fyrverkeri greier

    Hey Baron Where in Europe are you going ??

  68. I remember this thing from call of duty world at war. Anyone else?

  69. a moment is 90 seconds

  70. Siberian Medved

    Japan and Indonesia also drive on the left, I guess it’s an island nation
    thing for some reason.

  71. These wire screens did jack shit to stop the faust in WW2. Proven during
    the battle of Berlin….

  72. kailib boismier

    Hey actually the tiger is the best of any tank. The only way to take me
    down is in nubers Becouse alone you aren’t killing me

  73. what… at 6 minutes in he knocked a tank out with a bounce…

  74. War thunder should make infantry squads that you can control either off the
    map or by being a of the soldiers in the squad that would be awesome

  75. “I might need to… SHIT” -BaronVonGamez, 2015

  76. That’s what you get for going into the spawn…

  77. Gtfomahcookiez bruh

    Hey Baron, howcome you’re videos dont have the option to go 1080/720p at 60
    fps? Curious.

  78. I gotta say man that’s one ugly ass tank I will just stick to my normal
    T-34-85 .

  79. Counter the hell cat? just look into the far corner of the map and they are
    usually cowering back there sniping.

  80. Those screens are bed frames welded to the hull lol. Ah Soviets, ever

  81. Hey baron you should play the maus

  82. almost the entire fkin world drives on the right side…

  83. RemusKingOfRome5

    Wire mesh screens, like screen doors on a sub

  84. So.. when ya gonna check out Ark: Survival Evolved Baron? Would love to see
    at least 1 video on it (if you do find that you like it)

  85. The_narwhal_gamer

    Hey baron, please play the stalinium snowplow, the is3, the one time I saw
    you play it you were in a battle for 10 seconds and never fired a shot the
    spent 20 minutes discussing the is3 turret, please

  86. Yesterday I was playing RB with my Panzer IV F2 and I was in an ambush spot
    in Jungle when I saw a Hellcat in the distance, he was showing his side to
    me. I ranged him at about 400m and fired the first round and bounced off
    his turret side (just how dafuq did he bounce a 75mm Panzergranaten 39 from
    a Kwk 40?!), then he turned his turret straight at me and fired, his shot
    messed up my hull, I was able to shoot him again and saw my round hitting
    him, but the hit didnt even register (Im always 100ish ping) and he killed
    me. I had some player and AI kills, so I spawned a Hs 129 B-2 with the 30mm
    Mk 103 loaded with HVAPs, I strafed him 3 times, got the hits but no
    damage, then I strafed and killed an M4a1 Sherman and got shot down. I was
    able to spawn a Panzer III J1 and I found him, fired 3 times on his side at
    about 50m, with 2 bounces and 1 hit didnt register and he killed me again.
    Just what the hell is wrong with these Hellcats?!

  87. I forgot you were in Germany, you sold me on the game, so I’m in CBT now
    with my Montana, and she doesn’t take any prisoners. Look for my smoke…

  88. Does he play on steam

  89. Can you record naval action again ???

  90. If they add Infentry, they should add a combined arcade mode/and realistic
    mode, have the tanks cover the Infentry. That would be awsome

  91. I already gave a like because of the Infantry idea, but then you dropped
    that Star Wars Gangsta Rap shout. I unliked this video to like it again.

  92. they practicly just put some fences on it

  93. James Mac Mahon

    “I might need to..SHIT!!!” hahaha

  94. Play the F84-B-26

  95. Nice gameplay! I’m looking forward to wrecking some hellcats.

  96. T 34-85 with the famous bed spring armor 

  97. Cooper “SupaCupa” VW

    I now officially call this tank; The Flyswatter. Because of all of the

  98. Pz3M For the fatherland

  99. Anything is a Hellcat killer. It has no armor to begin with. What’s so
    special about this?

  100. Quintin Baumeister

    A little speculation to the screens on top, with the T-34-85 being used in
    Berlin and other urban areas, the screens on the top could possibly render
    the panzerfausts and panzerschrecks less effective from infantry hidden in
    upper floors of buildings. And as for the grenades, it would keep air space
    in between the grenade and the armor, allowing for the air pressure from
    the blast to be more easily deflected in the available gap. Keep in mind,
    this is some wild speculation

  101. Baron, you need ti use binoculars more in realistic battles, they help a
    lot. Good job on the video :)

  102. Michael Koerner

    Arbalist is a crossbow. Now drive the m3 grant

  103. T-54 OR GULAG!!!!

  104. The T 34 85e was used in
    The battle of Berlin
    Because in the war at Berlin some people use


    T-34 killer

  106. try the t 54

  107. giovanni overbeek

    why do you no history lesson on the tanks and planes. where and when the
    tank / aircraft fought. because it not only WW2 tanks and planes

  108. The M18 hellcat one of Americas most effective tank built during ww2 

  109. t-44 pls

  110. Baron, the spaced armor would have been effective against magnetic AT
    grenades/mines, as they work best when in contact with the armor. They
    contained a hollow charge that would focus a jet of molten copper through
    the contact/focus point and penetrate the armor. The mesh screen would
    largely defeat this type of AT grenade as the focal point would be well
    before the surface of the armor, and would fail to do much of anything. The
    screens on top were largely to protect from infantry in urban environments
    on top of surrounding buildings with a clean view of the top of the tank,
    where the armor is thinnest.

  111. I Love Purple Hazmats

    Wait! Didn’t you say you were in Germany not one or two weeks ago? That is
    in Europe you know..

  112. funny thing was baron the mesh bolted (or rather welded) onto the regular
    armour of the T-34-85 was there to counteract the effects of the
    panzerfaust…. results where that it didn’t help at all but people still
    did this to try and have any chance of survival in the brutal and deadly
    close quarter combat of Berlin.

    • The mesh counters the magnetic at mines and grenades that work best when in
      direct contact with the tank do the mesh makes them not do much of
      anything…. But yes I’ve heard it didn’t help them much besides that

  113. Ivan1:Greetings to you comrade
    Ivan2:So to you, comrade!
    Ivan1:Listen here,we need to put some more stronk armor on our tanks,comrade
    Ivan2:We sure do comrade, lets put some fences on it,that MUST work comrade.
    Ivan1:Sure comrade! Glory to soviet fences!
    Ivan2:Now to the real business comrade, bring some vodka!

  114. Thibault Quelavoine

    Yep Baron mots Europeans drive right but the English drive left.

  115. I would like to see some M16 action

  116. finally some realistic battles!! great gameplay! please no more arcade

  117. america is a former colony xD

    • +Kai McG But countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand got their
      independence peacefully, unlike the US.

  118. I’m so damn sick of phly and baron playing tank realistic battles. I
    already unsubscribed to phly for it and I shit you not if baron makes more
    tank realistic battle videos I will have no one to watch so baron dont play
    this realistic crap just stay to your awesome arcade game plays 

  119. bernardobiritiki

    Baron in europe we all drive on the right side of the road the brits are
    the only ones who dont…those rebels:P

    • Actually …. Left side is the correct way. Before cars all traffic in
      Europe was left sided. Americans kinda invented the right side traffic.
      Don’t remember the details, but an interesting topic to research.

    • +TrueMokael Back in the day the right hand was the sword had and that is
      why you would be on the left hand back then. But due to the introduction of
      firearms it was easier to fire to the left so they inverted the roads

    • +ParkerDai yap, that’s it!

  120. do the premium T28 American super heavy tank!

  121. That shit is not 5mm. Fuckin chicken wire can’t stop shit.

  122. Hi baron, i’m used o watch your vids, i’m kinda new in this tank stuff, i
    wanted to ask you if you could give me an advise of which country is the
    “best” to start with tanks, i mean the more “noob friendly” 🙂 (btw bad
    english tho :c)

  123. Why you put fake HD in your videos?

  124. Baron,

    The screens are based on the same principle RPG cages are built on today.

    Panzerfausts and AT grenades utilized a ‘shaped charge’ warhead which is
    basically a reverse metal cone with explosive behind it.

    When the explosive ignites, it melts the cone and sends it through itself,
    creating a singular, directed point of impact, which breaches the armor.

    The cages initiate the explosion away from the surface of the armor and as
    a result causes the shape charge’s significant pressure and power to direct
    away from the center point of the explosion too early, causing it to become
    significantly less effective.

    Just my 0.02. Great vids, man!

  125. 4:27 you went full derp Baron, never go full derp…

  126. MAUS VS IS4M!!!!!!!

  127. Next drive out Ze Tiger Porsche for Deutschland 

  128. Bacon can you play the p-38 or the mass tank

  129. Sorry I meant baron

  130. Garrett Hepburn

    Getting a Panther D model to put together!!! Maybe you can do the Panther?

  131. Baron I gues these screens were used against the magnetic mines the
    Germanzz used. (watch the “Stalingrad” tank scene)

    • +TrueMokael

      It looks like the Soviets actually liked the results. Then again this is
      the panzerfaust the cheapo variant.
      On the zimmerit. It does nothing to mines other than increase the distance
      between the plate and the charge. It might also stop the mine from
      attaching due to the distance the magnetic field needs to cover. The
      soviets ignored it due to the fact it needs to dry for days and that slows
      down production too much for little gain.

    • +Thund3r0v that’s interesting. I remember reading a Russian article that
      said they proved to be worthless in the long run, but continued to be used
      during drive to Berlin and the assault on Berlin, as they boosted tanker’s
      confidence I’ll see if I can find the article again.

    • +TrueMokael Hmm, I’ll take that back. I can’t find any reference to them
      being worthless. But I did find a lot of references to support that indeed
      these protections proved to be successfull and were in use since 1943 on
      both T34 and T70. Apparently certain configurations were even able to stop
      low caliber (30mm, 50mm) APCR shells, not just HE and hand-held anti-tank
      weapons. A Soviet engineer I.I. Kurchatove was apparently responsible for
      the theory, design, and testing of these, but there is little refence
      availble publicly due to the secret nature of the work.

    • Are you talking about Appliqué plates that were welded onto the tanks as
      extra protection? Cause yes i heard that those worked well but due to the
      lack of tank HEAT and APCR shells it wasn’t that widespread. Its funny
      though that most info i found were about the bad performance of the slat
      armour here. But most of them feel like people just dont get how it works
      or because it is of Russia and stuff do not work in Russia da? Still it
      provides a few laughs.

    • +Thund3r0v It’s hard to tell because in Russian they are not to referred to
      as “mesh screens”. But based on the description – they were taking about
      two rows of intersecting metal grids that were wielded on top of T-34 armor
      at a certain distance from the armor itself.The plates were also designed,
      yes, for the same reason and about the same tiime (like you see on T34
      STZ). And those worked very well too, but the mesh design was preferred due
      to lighter weight.There were also designs to use concrete (pykrete in
      winter) for extra protection, but those deemed a bit ridicilous, even
      though prototypes were made.

  132. Torben Meier-Klodt

    The mesh was mostly used to put camo on, leaves and bushes so that it
    blended in with its surroundings more

  133. I believe the Germans only used the anti tank rifles early war until their
    obsolete nature due to heavier armor designs, they then cut the barrels
    down to use them as grenade launchers.

  134. The beep at 21:03 almost sent me mad

  135. Go for the Coelian in the bomber/aaa game mode ! :p

  136. You might need to SHIT !

  137. Baron I was deleted my war thunder with all skins and stuff and reinstalled
    the game and just realised there is no random simulator mod like in v1.43
    it says u can only play it with certain tanks which ones on list, I’m
    addicted to simulator gameplay other mods are sucks for my personal opinion
    also I cant see enemy tanks on the map I mean none of them did I something
    wrong when I install the game or game is just become so arcade type of s..t

  138. LOL that T34 has as much penetration as the F2 from germany xD

  139. White Christian Heterosexual Cis Gendered Male

    A little info on the screens put up around the tank: During the battle of
    Berlin, (And a bit before,) tankers would put up screens on their T-34s to
    protect from Panzerfaust shots. But instead of preventing panzerfaust
    shots, it made them way more deadly, by splitting the war head, and
    penetrating the armor like a grenade blew inside the tank.

    • JohnTheGreat7822

      +White Christian Heterosexual Cis Gendered Male Panzerfausts and Soviet
      RPG’s are very similar correct? Then it makes no sense why it would be more

    • White Christian Heterosexual Cis Gendered Male

      +JohnTheGreat7822 Wat?

    • +White Christian Heterosexual Cis Gendered Male Panzerfausts and RPG’s are
      effectively HEAT rounds (in War Thunder, it is to defeat the HEAT shells).
      Modern militaries use the screens to defeat RPG’s, so he’s saying that the
      screens actually worked well against Panzerfausts contrary to what you’re

    • White Christian Heterosexual Cis Gendered Male


    • +White Christian Heterosexual Cis Gendered Male Well you’re obviously a
      troll because that has nothing to do with my response, but REAL LIFE
      MILITARIES use slotted armor. Clearly you know more than modern armiers

  140. 3:10
    “He’s died”
    Can see the gunner just chilling.

  141. Isaiah Kinderman

    Ehhe hehehehehhe 

  142. Joseph Richards

    is it just me or do baron’s videos always look a bit fuzzy even in hd?

  143. the m-18 is kinda bad i think

  144. USE BINOCS PLEEEAASSEEEEES! But srsly in realistic binocs are crucial for
    spotting tanks on the move.

  145. 100fps? The fuck, I got an i7 4770k and a gtx 970 and I cant hit no where
    near that,

  146. Trices Mailwind

    Shrapnel absolutely wrecks hellcats.Put one into the turret and you will
    kill everyone in the tank save for possibly the driver.

  147. DavidTheAwesome

    Baron do the ZSU-57-2!!!!… or you can choose to go to gulag… PICK!!

  148. only in english they drive on left , rest of europe right. :)

  149. the spaced mesh armor did nothing to help with panzerfausts or panzershreks

  150. Emil Hildingsson

    We europeans drive on the right side :3

  151. From what I have read, the mesh served more as a moral booster for Russian
    tank crews than it did for the purpose of defeating shaped warheads, as
    Russia got closer to Germany (especially Berlin) the amount of German AT
    rockets increased. It had been found that the shape charge would still
    penetrated the mesh and melt the tank’s armour, thus rendering the tank

  152. Being a primarily vehicle based combat game. I think if infantry were to be
    introduced, they would have to do it in an extremely limited way.
    Battlefield and Arma sort of have the whole super combat experience thing
    under their thumbs. And they honestly do it well. But all the more reason
    to just go play those. Keeping that in mind I have an idea for how they
    could be implemented.
    If we wanted to see infantry. It would make sense to limit them in a way
    that won’t make them an immediately major threat to vehicle gameplay.
    Namely, that players cannot just directly control infantry in first person.
    I feel like potentially creating a minor RTS experience for a limited
    number of commanders (players) with limited numbers of infantry units per
    battle would make the most sense. They could deploy specific squads of
    troops to main objectives like pillboxes, capture points and so forth to
    change the tide of battle. But would have to manuever them manually through
    terrain to make sure they aren’t wiped out by enemy armor and airstrikes.

  153. Yes England and most of its former colonies except Canada drive on the
    left. Japan also drives on the left because when they started building
    their road networks they contracted the design work out to western
    companies, hired a British contractor and they designed their road
    network to drive on the left.

  154. the ‘e’ stands for Ekranirovannyy

  155. Hate to break it to ya Baron but the Reserve tanks are arguably hellcat
    killers. 😐 A kid with a sling shot at this point is a hellcat killer. You
    could probably even kill one with a butter knife. :|

  156. if i remember correctly those nets are for if a granade is thrown they
    brounce off because of those tought wires

  157. That “spaced” armour did not work in real life. It was a failed design.

  158. dude…every tank its a hellcat killer 🙂 i mean shit…look at hellcat’s

  159. Uk on the left

  160. at around 26:00 you say the driver’s hatch is a strong point. it’s actually
    a weak point. Look up ‘edge effects’ and armor weakness.

  161. japs drive on the left too.
    I drive on the middle coz I’m too damn important.

  162. GSG9Satchboogie

    Fairly certain that armour is commonly known as “bedspring armour” 

  163. TheMagicalPonyBrony

    Tiger H1 gun goes straight through the front of every T-34

  164. may i ask why americans tend to say things like reee-pair whereas the
    british and other parts of the world say re-pair?

  165. Lasse Hede Jensen

    plat the hellcat plz

  166. I got two M18 in my first fight with my Tiger H1 🙂 (one shot kills) :)

  167. i would also like to see infantry but also navy

  168. vodka gives me energy

    They usually put spaced armor like this on tanks during the end of the war,
    apparently in street combat in Berlin, the Germans would use a lot of anti
    tank launchers like the panzerfaust, so the Soviets thought that spaced
    armor would stop the rockets. It didn’t, but a lot of tanks kept the spaced
    armor on.

  169. Really dont get how this guy has so many subs…

  170. War Thunder looks like so much more fun than world of tanks

  171. Johnathan Preist

    I think you should be able to deploy infantry like artillery, no one
    controls them but they come into the battle and help out with anti-tank
    weapons, also sometimes have it to where a few squads of infantry are there
    at the start, but you get reinforcements via as I said earlier. Also it
    could be a game mode mission where you have to escort infantry to an area
    to capture it or something.

  172. Britain and Japan drive on the right side that’s it.

  173. Brighton Goulding

    t-34 STZ (Т-34 СТЗ)

  174. Who else thought of the T-34-85s from COD world at war.

  175. I’ve noticed you loose your train of thought and then start talking about
    something else alot

  176. hey BaronVonGamez, just wondering if you could do a video in a derp KV2
    going up against the T95 frontal armor. See if the KV2 stands any chance
    against T95. Even if it doesn’t… still you know, should be entertaining
    watching the derp boss vs the doom turtle =D. Would be really awesome if
    you makes my request come true.

  177. Infantry? No…. SHEEP DOGS.

    Yes I would prefer to see Sheep Dogs in the game. : )

  178. I like it how Baron said I just did a. Pause. SHIT as he got hit lol

  179. konstantin88181

    screens on top of turret and engine meant to protect tank from panzershrek
    grenades fired from upper floors of houses in cities. distant explosions
    make less damage. In real life those screens were actually spring sofas and
    beds =)

  180. oscar de la riva


  181. саша гриц

    Конченый американец

  182. This model of T34 reminds me of a mission in COD world at war: “Iron and
    blood” or somthing like that.

  183. Toasty Roasty Man

    Baron Hellcats actually used heat rounds in ww 2 as their primary tank
    killing ammo I believe. Your t3485e was fit out perfectly to deflect them.
    Good choice of tank.

  184. The Germans had a lot of anti tank rifles baron

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