War Thunder – The Japanese Low Tier Experience

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Source: Cosmonut

If you read this you’re a champion.

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  1. Ii love playing japan on low tier. I think they have the most funny tanks and totaly great planes

  2. What keyboard do you use! Great video also.

  3. 3:20 Are we not gonna talk about the dozen rolls of toilet paper on this guy’s tank?

  4. Your like Dollar Plays. I like IT!

  5. Japan has a good lineup at 2.3 (Hi-Ni III, Ch-He, Ta-Se) but everything else is overtiered and outmatched.
    I like the Chi-Tos but at 4.7 everything you’re facing is better.

  6. This channel really deserves more subs. Get on it people!

  7. Damn disco isn’t dead

  8. its rare to get defeated at 5.0-6.3 with Japanese planes

  9. Apperently A6M5 is low tier- 4.3 BR. Only late versions have exhaust pipes coming from naca ducts and ailerons going all the way to the end. It’s not otsu version as mgs are synchronised with eachother.

  10. Ive been having so many ghost shells recently, the game is a joke at this point.

    • Those ghost shells, were actually cuz the gun was very damaged, it happens to me a lot, you have tp stop firing and repair

    • Ghost shells is extremely common in the half track SPAA for the japanese, pretty much half the shells don’t register sometimes

    • I’m playing with low tier USA light tanks and sometimes shells just don’t exist. I can fire 5 of them on one target and it’s just not registering. Also my tank was not damaged for the first few shots.

    • Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Long

      @Funny Hell no, its server lag….its happened to me everyday

  11. Are those toilet paper rolls on your tank?

  12. *high quality sh__* 👌

  13. japanese tank: an artillery piece on tracks

  14. As one who arcade grinded from reserve to LG chi-ha. It’s absolutely cancerous bad. I’ve never raged so hard from any other nation’s low tier except swedish tanks. Horrid armor, horrid pen and horrid velocity on the guns of both nations

  15. Look at 4.3 be for america shits a fuckin nightmare

  16. I love every bit of this

  17. As a person who started with Japan, it really taught me to have fun with the game because god knows I wasn’t doing well.

  18. Missing Japanese low tier naval, the best experience ever

  19. Every time I watch these types of videos it makes me want to play War Thunder but inside I know that within 5 minutes of playing I am just gonna rage quit again.

  20. I love running the B-17 because I’m most ARB’s I can usually take down 2 zeros and still drop my bombs before going down or making it back

  21. I like his editing style

  22. A bowl of Sexy spaghetti


  23. im not a champion.

  24. *plane smashes into the carrier’s tower and falls into the water, drowning the pilot*

    “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”

  25. Love your war thunder expirience videos keep it going my man you just earned a loyal sub 👍🏻

  26. 1:30 ya that happens way too often. Mainly in my top tier machines

  27. First time watch your vid, pleasantly suprised by the non obnoxious meme editting.

  28. And there’s me, who kills Japanese tanks on a daily basis

  29. In all these years you’d think they would have fixed the tiny CVs but no


  30. Yet japan is legit the second worst country only bested by Britain

    • Their Navy was good. Oh wait the game don’t have that

    • Aviation really depends on your playstyle to rank any country.

      Germany is good for people that understand energy fighting well and have good aim.

      USSR is good for flexible players that can use strategic positioning well, because they don’t perform as well at high altitude.

      USA really depends on the particular plane, you can’t really summarize it well because playing a P-39 is very different from playing a P-40 is very different than playing a P-47. But in general your firepower is excellent, and except at very low tier you generally get good firepower.

      Japan is good for people that understand both energy fighting and angles fighting, and also have good trigger discipline. In the hands of a good pilot Zeros are positively brutal, but you don’t get second chances if you screw up like you do with the US or USSR (kindof).

      Spacefires are brutal. Not only are they fast, but their high speed maneuverability is excellent. Beaufighters are flexible and hardhitting.

      Don’t know don’t care about Sweden.

      Haven’t played France much, but it reminds me of USSR for some reason.

      China is literally just a mashup of different country’s planes. Same goes for tanks.

    • 101jir I agree and I Primarily play tanks as I find planes not only more toxic but less fun but when I do play japan does have some planes that are really good or at least preform well because I don’t personally play them I just fight them

    • @Luke Fairrington As far as tanks go (I play all three, but have been doing air SB the most lately):

      Britain: lack of APHE hurts if you want to get those fast kills, but the tradeoff is they have excellent reload rates for their solid shot in general, so neutralizing a tank with your first shot should be your priority. Angling your tank in a Churchill can deflect insane amounts of firepower if done well, the Churchill is a potentially game-winning tank if played well. But it is painfully slow, so you better make use of whatever time you have in combat and not die.

      Japan: Your tanks die instantly, and many of your early tanks generally can’t kill instantly. Most tanks are just flat out worse than most other nations, but some tanks are capable of instant kills so if you get the right tanks, it tends to have a very TD-like playstyle.

      USA: Speedy speed boi. ’nuff said.

      Germany: Best AA for use against tanks (in general). High velocity guns often result in point-click scenarios.

      USSR: T-34s are very well rounded. Heavy tanks and some TDs can be a bit tricky to aim, but are positively devastating if you can land them. Held back by slow reload.

      Italy: ? Same as Japan I am guessing? Been forever since I have played Italian tanks.

      France: Maybe it is just a question of get gud, but so far it has just been pushing through the awful tanks to get to the awesome tanks.

      Sweden: Don’t know don’t care.

      China: As mentioned in previous comment, a mashup.

  31. I had a lot of fun playing 1.3 to 3.3 japan, this was before the volumetric shells though. The chi ha kai was my bae 15° gun depression and a decent rapid firing gun, it also tanked a lot of shots somehow.

  32. This might make me start playing Japanese Tank Destroyers now. *might*

  33. I started with American is that ok?

  34. i dont even know who he is and still gez videos from him in my mesager

  35. びんびんごはんケーキー

    It’s like they took a naval gun, strapped it on wheels and called it a day.

  36. Japanese low tier is ultimate fun

  37. 1:09 what the

  38. japan weebs: wait there is no anime?

    Editor: never has been 🔫

    nice video I will consider subscribing.

  39. please upload more often. love your videos.

  40. Beautiful editing, keep going

  41. *i remember the days that i killed 10 tanks with a Ke-Ni*

  42. No matter what I play or who
    It always is the losing side for me

  43. Japanese in War Thunder: 100% firepower 0% armor

  44. You will find reality to be quite disappointing my friend…

  45. What’s the anime in the beginning?

  46. No one

    1:27 The guy using lag as an advantage

  47. Japan used to be so awful to play as tanks (as far as the tanks themselves were concerned, CAS has always been awesome). Between adding China and a few new tanks (newest one is looking pretty nice, haven’t tried it yet though), things have become a lot better.

  48. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    Waifu banzai weebism for the emperor

  49. Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Long

    1:38 server lag, no damage caused…..

  50. Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Long

    0:55 anyone can tell me the key button for a quickly marked enemy position, please ! Thank you very much

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