War Thunder – The KV-2 Show

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I know what you’re thinking, another video of a KV-2 one-shot derping everything in sight, and yeah, that’s in here. But there’s SO much more, too.

All licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com



  1. Just listening to you laugh knowing what’s coming is enjoyable. Let’s play it on a loop and have a 97.82% better day.

  2. I am here cuz I am a big fan of the KV-2! I was also a big fan of that kid with the banjo in “Deliverance”……(that fella could PLAY)

  3. What a masterpiece! True Art in modern digital times! I laughed my ass off 🙂

  4. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. For the algorithm

  6. SO, a KV-2 wrecking absolutely everything, someone gets pushed into the water, and a bunch of idiots getting themselves killed by their own stupidity.
    In other words, a normal day in Warthunder.

  7. Daniel Ryan Valdez

    Oh my God, there was a whole other Chaffee headed for him right as the match ended-

  8. ths amazing fun

  9. and to think that Cheesesniper could’ve had 16 victims as the last enemy tank alive the M24 Chaffe approached to within 50m…

  10. That kv2 is a western spieh

  11. technically WT made Kv-2 stronger with the introduction of overpressure

  12. Wow, a Jingles WT Ground Forces video! Did not think we would see those again… glorious!

  13. fab video Jingles, a damning indictment of the average intellect of the ground forces WT player!

  14. Pretty funny Jingles. Thanks.

  15. The entire end of that video I was “What the hell are you do you idiots?!”

  16. Must be that time of year if Jingles has done a War thunder video.

  17. I couldn’t hear Akizuki because my cat was yelling at the top of his lungs trying to get my attention.

  18. Mr. J. If you want to laugh your ass off watching a tank video; look up Honest Gaming- KV-4 (Or VK) train. That guy tries to have fun every single game and is often Hilarious with how he does it. Also; we live vicariously thru You my friend… any progress on the home purchase?

  19. Holy shitballs!!!

  20. Whenever I see “Jingles” and “KV-2” in the same sentence, I always get anxious for ridiculousness and fun

  21. 1:50
    At least we still have the Tier 6 Japanese super heavy tank, the O-I, and its 150mm AP shells, and the 105mm cannon for dealing with higher tier tanks.

  22. This can only be described as Perfect

  23. I think I’ll get one of those idiot-magnets myself!😅

  24. Well, I suppose they really wanted to wash all that sand off their tanks.

  25. Warning! Cruelty to other tanks

  26. Uncle Jingles – you’re too good to us. Lots of burning tanks to help keep us warm for a cold and snowy Saturday…

  27. `oww man, had a very good laugh at this vid, Sister was confirmed with Rona today and so am I, so sitting sick at home with a few good YT vids 🙂

  28. We need a “Change Of Pants In Aisle 7” shirt ASAP

  29. Jingles: hypes a moment in his vid more than he has ever done before.
    Moment: worth it.

  30. AYYYYYYY war tinder!

  31. 9:17 how is he able to fire if the gun is not fully reloaded?

  32. KV-2 aka the Russia death fridge. If you know you know.

  33. Great video with lots to laugh at but when he turned the turret so you could see the face and mono brow with all the shot damage I had to laugh even more it looked like an it had acme,

  34. I think Wargaming nerfed HE because they got tired of people picking the howitzer guns on some of their tanks because Wargaming want players to grind for the better antitank guns and/or use a bit more skill than shoot HE at everything you see. I also think the HE nerf happened because the kids who wanted to grind through their Tier 4 and 5 tanks were constantly complaining about being one-shot by a KV-2 in a Tier 6 match.

  35. We used to use KV-2 to one shot Maus back in the day. Nowdays it makes for fun Abrams remover (if you are memeing)

  36. LOL that was funny. thanks for the video!

  37. “The Watchmen” is one of my top 10.

  38. wow, they really must have messed up the sub mechanics bad… all these ships are now sailing around on land, and i didn’t see a single torpedoe spread all video.

  39. Don’t know much about WT mechanics. So why does it look like he was shooting with the gun only being 3/4 loaded at several points?

  40. Jingles the thumb nail made me hope you’d played with Devildog and Phly again but in a KV2 platoon not the shitbarn.

  41. Matheus Rondel Leite

    More War Thunder and less World of Tanks videos please 🥺

  42. He firing w/o finishing the reload? Is my picture just delayed?

  43. You know, listening to Jingle’s voice has some soothing power, like listening to old Grandpa’s stories and podcast at once. I enjoy the videos, and wanted to say that you’re doing an awesome work, Jigles, and I always look forward to your next video

  44. Keep posting the absurdity Jingles.
    I used to love watching your wot videos(and playing wot)till the bastards got greedy(er) and the chrysler k debacle and sir foch.ill follow you on over to war thunder.
    Give yakazuki a skritch for me.

  45. What the heck ….. Surely this isnt…. warthunder?????!!!!

  46. Wow that was an Awesome Cluster fuck!!!!! That’s what i looks like when a Monkey fucks a Football

  47. warthunder in a nutshell

  48. Those are some serious bushy eyebrows!

  49. “I have a brilliant idea”
    -an idiot

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